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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by savehk, Jul 1, 2014.

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    The crackdown doesn't necessarily have to be tanks shooting civilians in the streets. It can be people disappearing suddenly by the thousands in the middle of the night. People in Hong Kong are wealthy and have much to lose and little to gain. They're not desperate enough to die by the hundreds of thousands to see this thing through. When the government puts mortal fear into the population, the protests will quickly vanish.
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    I dont know, in a society where there is little in the way of true anonymity some 800 000 people were willing to vote for their right to have truly democratic representation through election. I suspect you underestimate the passion of these people. The truth is we will watch and see. I do not want to see the worst of Chinese dictatorship perpetrated upon the people of Hong Kong forced to staddle the divide of a western life under Chinese rule.
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    They should rename it to Hong Cunt.

    Then they could censor everything.
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    The failure of mainstream media to pick this up as a tinderbox about to blow, is disgusting to me.
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    Hong Kong is a blistering boil on China's arse, lets see this situation get due attention puleese.
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    Fuck China.

    They should get some aircraft carriers.
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    So it's an annual event but it exploded this time
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    Underlying tensions and. fears will always rise to the surface.
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    This is pretty funny. This is mainstream China media saying the protests are violent because the protesters say mean things.
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  12. - See more at:
    Has good insights into the backstory
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    Thanks for all of you posting pictures for us and concerning about HK's issue.
    My internet connection were controlled by the gov't and i was unable to access wwp.
    However, today, the situation has got more serious.
    Secondary School and University Students striked out today for universal sufferage in HK.
    They are now being blocked in the gov't headquarters.
    Live broadcasting:

    Pictures will be posted below. For photo updates, please refer to
    The word "下一頁" means next page.

    A student trying to climb through the fence of the gov't headquarters.

    Police displaying the banner showing "Stop Charging Or We Use Force"

    The situation outside gov't headquarters. The Chinese words means "Surrounded the gov't headquarters. Regain Civil Square"

    Please refer to the link above for more updates. More photos will be posted soon.
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    Bump for bravery
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    Please go to another post!!
    If u know anonymous, call to shut down and
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