HELP! Names that need confirming for The Big List

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    Okay, call me crazy. [Actually, you may even be right. :) ]

    I just glanced through the first big list thread

    to find posts that MAY help finding new names. I took the liberty to also quote interesting posts so we can think again about decisions we made almost 5 years ago.

    Will go for the second thread tomorrow / when I have the time. I'm sure I've missed some. Any corrections welcome.

    Results in the posts below

    Format: link where they are mentioned, then the big list post copied. Sometimes I edited a little, e.g. to leave out names that are already on.
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    Anybody know Exactly which of these people were actual Scientologists in the film the Bridge?

    Bill Baker
    Nathan Berry
    Adam Craycroft
    Brian Forrest
    Diana Heaton
    Paulette Regan
    Linley Schmidt
    Carole Smith


    I don't think Martin Poulter was ever a member, but I could be wrong. Someone might want to verify this.


    I have also never seen anything about Harry Morgan being a Scientologist.


    Add witnesses giving evidence at The Commision of Inquiry into the Hubbard Scientology Organisation in New Zealand:
    R.J. Horsfall
    G.F. Kennedy
    C.F. Lawrence
    E.F. Lawson
    F.P. O'Donnell
    K. O'Donnell
    P.G. O'Donnell
    S.M. O'Donnell
    G.S. Partridge
    G.H. Whiting
    M.E. Whiting
    P.A. Williams


    Add witnesses giving evidence at the Commission of Enquiry into Scientology:
    G.R. Alcock
    C.R. Anstey
    H.M. Barnard
    H. Bayer
    M. Benjamin
    I.R. Benson
    R.C. Bester
    D.J.L. Bizzell
    J. Boshoff
    W.J. Botha
    H.J. Brown
    A.H. Carter
    J.B. Carter
    E.E.M. Cleenwerck
    E.W.E. Coetzee
    W.A. Cook
    J.M.D.S.F. Correia
    A.B. Daneel
    D.O. Deacon
    P.W.J. Delport
    D.A. De Villiers
    C.E. Dickerson
    J.D. Dodds
    J.H. Du Plessis
    G.V. Durow
    D.F. Elliott
    E.W. Elliott
    M.B. Feldman
    E.L. Fisher
    K.E.S. Freer
    B.C. Geldenhuys
    F.M. du P. Glazer
    L. Goodman
    P.J. Griffiths
    R.W.H. Griffiths
    M. Grobbelaar
    P.J. Hartzenberg
    T.C. Hawley
    A. Henning
    H.G. Herman
    H.W.G. Herman
    A.M. Kirkman
    B. Kruger
    C.F. Kruger
    A.M. Lamont
    N.A. Lawson
    P.G. Lombard
    N.S. Louw
    P. Madathoana
    M. McAll
    M.R. McAll
    J.F. McKendry
    G.P. McNamee
    G. Mellett
    B.A. Michaelides
    I.J. Mills
    D.H. Misplon
    V.H. Moller
    A.K. Morris
    D.L.M. Morris
    I.R. Morris
    A.M. Nel
    G.K. Nelson
    M.J. Nicholson
    J.N. Ollemans
    P.H. Ollemans
    E.F. Paltiel
    A.P. Parkhouse
    S.J. Parkhouse
    T.A.A. Peeters
    W.J. Pelser
    M.G. Perkins
    V.I. Pitcher
    G.A. Rabie
    W.P. Radloff
    A.S. Roos
    E. Schlesinger
    J.O.N. Schofield
    R.S. Selesnick
    D.W.G. Shuttleworth
    G.J. Smit
    S.G.A. Snow
    J. Solomon
    S.D. Starkey
    A. Tannenbaum
    H.E. Teifel
    J.W. Theron
    L.J. Thompson
    E. Van Niekerk
    P. Van Niekerk
    S.C. Van Niekerk
    P.A. Van Zyl
    L. Vitus
    S.H.A. Von Fintel
    S.C. Williams
    S.O.'C. Wilson

    There was also a Mr. Jan Hendrik du Plessis who asked his testimony to be withdrawn afterwards so it wasn't included. Sucked back in by the sounds of it.
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    Need a vote everyone!!
    On the list of witnesses for the Commission of Enquiry... and the New Zealand Commission
    Do you think these names should be added? ALL names have only intitials for their first names.
    and there is no other information on them. position, etc.. Or do you think it doesn't matter?


    I haven't read right through this thread yet, but my suggestion is to have full members, referenced with full name and personal details, and a second pending list for everyone else. Where disconnection causes problems or for people where not enough is yet known.


    Jairus Chegero Godeka:


    [About adding AK Myers, TrevAnon, see also 6]

    There was some talk about adding names with only initials as first names in posts #277 and #304.
    Someone suggested that names with initials as first names may make the list less credible, since they are not using their full name?
    There was also an anonymous post discussing this.
    Someone else suggested to make a seperate appendix fo names that only had initials for their first names, because there are many.
    Do you know was decided, or if it has been decided?


    Need a german speaking fag to translate some of these names.

    Many of these names are already on the list, but there may be some more here.
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    Vote on this one??
    Carlo D'Aubrey - 15- Found crying, told the officer he didn't go to school. He had just quit his job as a maintenance worker for Scientology -- a job in which he worked from 8:30 in the morning to 10 at night for $30 a week.
    He was having trouble getting his last three paychecks.

    EDITED found moar on this person, his parents were in too:

    Carlo's mother, Beverly D'Aubrey, lived in Clearwater, but not with him. He indicated she worked for the church. His father lived in England and had been accused of a high crime within Scientology. Therefore, Mrs. D'Aubrey had to divorce him.
    Carlo said his father would have to get permission from Scientology's international justice chief before the two could see each other again.
    After a call from police, Carlo's mother, who was ill, arranged for a Scientology official to pick up Carlo at the police station.
    Asked if the boy's work schedule would violate child labor laws, Scientology spokesman Richard Haworth said, I would think so, if he actually worked such hours.
    Francisco Rivera, a senior attorney with the Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security, agrees. State law generally prevents 15-year-olds from working more than four hours a day when school is in session.
    Haworth said Carlo has returned to England and that his story is as far from a true picture of Scientology children in Clearwater as you can get.


    This guy was in for only 5 hours!

    Cliff Brodsky- stating: "I only did 5 hours of auditing by the request of an employer that I was working for at the time. They were scientologists and they strongly suggested I do it. I did it and at the end, could tell it was a ... scam and I got my $50 back. The refund process took about 6 hours of me arguing with about ten [Scientologists] and I finally got to the head [guy] and he told me that if I got my money back that I would be blacklisted from them for 1 million lifetimes in the future and the past. I said that would be just fine."

    Vote on this one!


    I can not say for sure if some of these people were all former COS members.
    They are listed as all Freezoners of course
    Some of the names may already be on the list in line to go up , or already on the list, but perhpas you can add the infor next to their names although I doubt the info in their levels and courses are still the same now.


    Christine Allen-SOLO CRS - AA 1

    Ann Aspinall- CLEAR - PURIF R/D

    John Aspinall- CLEAR - ARC S/W - PURIF R/D

    Vincent Barnes-CLEAR - AA 1 & 2

    Joan Beville- AA 5

    Julian Bell-AA 6

    Madeleine Bonnafous- AA 6

    Mohamed Bouderba GRAD IV C/S - SOLO C/S
    AA 5 C/S - AA 7 C/S

    Olivier Delachaux SOLO PART 2 - AA 1 & 2

    Anne Donaldson ARC S/W - GRADES 0-4

    Robert Eden GRADES 0-2 - HRD - ARC S/W

    Cary Hyodo ARC S/W - GRADES 0 - 4

    Christine Hyodo SCN DRG R/D-SOLO CRS-AA 1


    Madge Scott AA 2 & 3

    Robin Scott AA 5 DRG R/D - AA 5 (already on list)

    Terry Scott AA 2 & 3-(already on list)

    Denise Smithers AA 5 DRG (already on list)

    Fred Smithers AA 5 (already on list)

    Peter Webb HRD

    Mike Wray- AA 6 ) (I think slated to go list)

    Harald Zuderell -LEVEL 3

    Ron King, AA 5

    Richard Ragaz, AA 6

    Laura Jonsen- PURIF R/D

    Eva Lewey- SOLO CRS - AA 1

    Mike Oliver-LIFE REPAIR -ARC S/W - GRADE 0

    Hanna Petri-SOLO CRS - AA 1

    Richard Ragaz-AA5-AA6

    Barbara Robertson- SOLO PART 2 - AA 1

    Dave Ross- GRADES 0-2


    Nick Ford -AA 2

    Joyce Barnes-AA 5

    Gary Earle-AA Drug RID

    Irene Mumford -AA 6

    Manuel Rogrigus- AA 5, AA6

    John Stevens- AA 5

    Chris Westby-Exp Grade 0-4, Clear

    Aubrey Gottlieb -AA 6
    I.G. AA 5

    Sue Gittings ARC S/W, Exp Grade 0-4,St Hat, Pro TRs & Admin TRs, Retread

    Patrick Tedman -AA 5 (already slated to go onthe list?)

    Anthony Phillips -AA 5

    FTnica Mpande - Exp Grade 0-3

    Anita Franklyn -Clear

    James Warnell -Scn Drug R/D, ARC S/W

    Barry Tidman -AA 5

    Michelle Brown - AA 6

    Terry Brown AA 6

    Peter Gosbell-AA 6

    Rosemary Williams-ARC S/W, Exp Grade 0

    Balleen Roevink- AA5


    more research needed: Tom Berenger

    there is evidence he has spoken out against scientology (court docs re child rearing/support during a divorce)

    but its only third hand that he was a scientolgist himself rather than just a (?) sci-groupie:

    and also named in the article in this thread:
    "Top 10 Anti-Scientology Celebs" - Why We Protest | Activism Forum

    His given name is Thomas Michael Moore...does anyone have any better evidence he was actually a scientologist?

    [Also the post below this one, TrevAnon]


    [Continuation of discussion adding AK Myers but not the people who testified for the commission of enquiry into Scientology, TrevAnon]
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    Thanks! for all the da help!

    We decided agaisnt using names with initials.
    A.K. Meyers was the exception because people knew who it was.


    Hemi Hill- Canberra Org
    Not sure of this is a real name: Anyone have any further info?


    yay or nay?

    Roger Nind-Staff, Perth Australia. Tried leaving COS several times and asked for a 70.000 refund. He was hit by a car in Clearwater Fla,.Ended up in a coma and died.

    Roger was 49. Roger Nind's family says he tried several times to leave the Church of Scientology and get a refund on the $70,000 he paid for books and courses.
    His brother..William Nind said he could never find out if his brother had been alone or with others when he was hit. His wallet, passport and about $1,000 in cash was never returned to the family, he said. Roger Nind remained in a coma for several days before he died in a hospital. William Nind said Scientologists called him daily in Australia to report on his brother's condition.

    Alan Green- his girlfriend Carrie Slaughterbeck died. They moved to Clearwater and took several COS courses.

    "Green now says Cassano was pressuring the couple to sign up for more expensive Scientology auditing courses and indicated that she encouraged them to move to Clearwater just so they would join the Church of Scientology"


    Can anyone find anything on Deborah Rennard? Paul Haggis's wife.
    Her and Haggis were orderd by the church to disconnect from her parents.
    She obviously has left too. But Ic an't find anything on her speaking out herself.


    Kathryn E. Hirsch,-another former official of the Church of Scientology, held many positions in that organization both in Los Angeles, California, and in the United Kingdom at East Grinstead, Sussex. From December 1972 until March 1973 and from June 1973 until September, 1973, she worked at the World-Wide headquarters of the Guardian's Office of Scientology at St. Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, in Great Britain. During that period she held the position of Finance Actions Director World-Wide and had personal contact with the Guardian World-Wide, Jane Kember. She repeatedly witnessed Ms. Kember sign her name and written memoranda and exchanged handwritten correspondence with her. Furthermore, as Finance Director, World-Wide she was responsible for keeping financial records or all Scientology organizations throughout the world and was also custodian of signatory cards for all bank accounts of these organizations. Each member was one or four persons in the Church of Scientology who was a signatory for each Scientology bank account. As a result of her, position, Ms. Hirsch became intimately familiar with and able to identify Ms. Kember's handwriting. Ms. Hirsch recognizes the handwriting on Government Exhibit No. 2, pages three and four as that of Ms. Kember. She also recognizes the routing in the upper, left-hand corner of page three to be in accordance with the routing procedure required by the Guardian's Office.
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    hey anyone know a Nicki Davidson? Or if this is a psuedo name?
    I see comments left on the on Leaving Scientology website

    Calling Smurf!!! you know dis person?


    anyone know if this name is a pseudo or not?
    Lotus Miyamoto


    But it doesn't mean that they were not in COS. Need more info on them I guess? Any input from anyone on the names below? Deny or confirm?

    Garth V. Cowell
    Monique Carle


    Was John Fashanu ever a scientlogist? I read he was "recruited" and on Rick Ross it said it was believed that he was.

    He did make a confession.

    So....Scio or not? And if he was, should he on the list or not?

    OR can someone clear this up. I got impatient skimming and trying to understand the whole dang thing


    Hotdog, it's Cindy Sandoval. Good name, great person. I wouldn't have remembered her if you hadn't mentioned her name.

    If you can find somewhere she has spoken out, we can add her to the list. :)
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    well I'll be...
    I thought you voted no?
    Well I am glad you changed your mind. :)
    But I am going to request a title change for this thread and add the word Help!
    HELP! Names That Need Confirming For the Big List
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    Ok, I'm halfway the 2nd thread and will be posting my results thus far.


    and 6 more names of ex scientologists. These 6 people sued the church of Scientology. That's the ultimate speaking out in my book. I posted them on my blog. You can use my blog as the link if needed.

    I obtained these 6 from the NYS online court databases. I will continue to add to this list and update here as I locate court cases in my records and from databases across the country so that their names can be added.

    Court: New York Civil Supreme
    Index Number: 007617/1986
    Case Type: Other Torts
    Filed 04/16/1986
    SETTLED $5,250.00 12/03/1986

    Court: New York Civil Supreme
    Index Number: 001133/1989
    Case Type: Other Tort Commercial
    Filed 1989 & 11/26/1990
    Settled 05/25/1992 Supreme Trial Other Final Disp. (Pre-Note)

    Court: Queens Civil Supreme
    Index Number: 017283/1991
    Case Type: Negligence
    Filed 12/03/1991
    Settled 07/14/1994 Supreme Trial Settled Before Trial

    Court: New York County Civil Court
    Index Number: CV-021594-99/NY
    Case Name: GRIECO, JOHN
    Case Type: Civil
    Filed 07/09/1999
    Settled 08/03/1999 09:30 AM Motion Withdrawn

    Court: New York Civil Supreme
    Index Number: 012076/1981
    Case Type: Medical/Podiatric Malpractice
    Track: Unknown
    RJI Filed: 11/19/1985
    Settled 09/17/1991


    Steve Dunning v. Church of Scientology, et al
    Sued for breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing claims, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress

    Benham v. Church of Scientology Celebrity Center of Dallas
    Vicki Benham alleged that she was injured while on the Purification Rundown and that she suffered emotional distress

    Jose Baptista v. Church of Scientology Mission of Cambridge, No. Civ. 81010, Superior Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Sued for fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, unlicensed practice of medicine, invasion of privacy


    Mike Feldman


    checked the list real quick but could find this guy who left a comment in a recent news story on a swedish new site:

    Google isn't showing anything else. I can probably reply to his comment and hope to establish contact or ask him to check this thread.

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    I see Henk van den Dorpel was added to the list, but did anyone confirm if that was a real name or not?
    any other dox? It was only a comment left on a blog or something, as far as I know?


    The following on the list might be a pseudonym:

    Harry Seldon - FREE THETA Journal contributor

    The reason?

    Any votes on this massive co-incidence?


    Anyone know anything about a Dylan Wycliffe?
    pseudo? Can not find anything else on him


    Also anyone have anything on a Peter Sagi or Rory Medford? Can't find anything on them either, although they have posted comments


    Anyone have any other info on Pete Litzenberger ?
    He left a comment on SP Time article as being a former cult member

    Can't find him in completions or anwhere else.
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    ok this is a little weak...
    But there is this entry under Project Owl in the Clearwater Commission Hearings, the name is supposed to be John Wise not Jose Wise, as you can see in the third entry:

    Exhibit 48



    On Feb. 26, 1976 Bsn PC Jos Wise accompanied by attorney John Lynch, his father and two detectives attached to the Suffolk County DA's office came to the Bsn Org demanding a refund and threatening a complaint of larceny, extortion and embezzlement against the Church.

    On March 17, 1976 it was discovered that the Suffolk County DA's offices is conducting an investigation of Scn Bsn for criminal fraud.

    On March 17 it was also discovered that ex. Bsn PC John Wise had been seeing psychiatrist Stanley Cath since about Feb. 16, 1976.

    Since this was entered as an exhibit, would this constitute that John Wise spoke out?
    Since it is open for anyone to see?

    Yay or Nay? Can't find anything else on him.
    Since he asked for a refund, I doubt he is still in?

    If this is a yay, then it would be as follows:

    John Wise- Bsn Org, asked for refund


    Another weak one?

    "In 2006, Grays attended several Scientology courses at the Church of Scientology in New York City with the understanding they would assist him in his job.
    Grays also was "forced against his will'' to purchase a library of Scientology books and its cost also was added to his debt, according to the lawsuit.
    Grays was fired in December 2008 "because of his refusal to become a member of the Church of Scientology,'' the suit alleges."

    Two others in the same lawsuit
    John Knapp and Larry Kolakowski

    BUT..... they were forced to take courses and by books, and asked for more money and to go on the Purification Rundown...
    When he refused he was fired.
    Yay or nay???

    If yay-
    Maurice Grays -took several courses and purchased books through his employment, Borough Council. NY Org, He was pressured to donate more and become a scientologist, he was fired. Filed lawsuit in Supierior court against COS

    Another Scientology Lawsuit : Dispatches from the Culture Wars


    I know his wife Anna [Laws, TrevAnon] is out too, but can't find anything she has said publically


    Can anyone tell me if Felicitas Foster is a pseudo name?


    Another name is Bob Johnson. There are comments on Marty's blog, and there is a Bob Johnson in the COS completions, but being a popular name....... this is kind of weak. There is also a Bob Johnson listed in the Lisa McPherson stuff.

    Also a Chris Johnson in Marty's blog comments, that is not in the COS completions and I can't find anything else.

    Also trying to confirm Peter Jensen. [Redacted, TrevAnon]


    Can anyone translate Russian?
    This guy is in the Freezone, Макс Курбатов OT16!! or Max Kurbatov
    Do not know if there is is anything on his vids.
    there are more on his channel than this

    YouTube - KurbatovMax's Channel
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    Daryl Cyktor Sorrentini- staff, NY org

    this is Jamie sorrentini's Mom. Still waiting for a confirmation of her speaking out PUBLICALLY.


    on the last two names added.
    Gora Lerma- although she said those words to Arnie, did she ever speak out publically?
    I can not find anything on COS completions or anything else on for Naomi Rodgers.


    ok we have a Peter McMahon who has left comments on Marty's blog.
    Can not find him in COS completions, said he was in back in the early 70's, and mention's the NY Org. (see below)
    Do not know if this is a real name or not?
    Does anyone know of this guy or can confirm with other dox?

    "Mike, I hope someday soon your children get out and are reunited with you. I believe that someday that will happen. I admire your determination and your chutzpa. I remember Cathy from the NY Org back in the early 70s when her last name was Neal. Someday even she will see that the midget dwarf has no clothes."

    Mike Rinder’s Open Letter To His Family


    Need halp!
    These two names are in a comment on Marty's blog. says they are both original Class VIs

    Devon McAuley
    Ian McAuley

    Can't find anything else on these two on the net. although there are alot of McAuleys in COS
    Nothing in completions
    Can anyone confirm these two names?


    Can anyone confirm this name?
    Jerry Sanborne
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    More names I have been kicking around for a while that I can't find any dox on
    (please do not add these until we can confirm they are real names)

    Peter McMahon
    Alex Bravermann
    John Boice
    Sara Fox
    Joe Pendleton
    I know all these people are out. Can only find blog comments, no other dox.
    Can anyone confirm these names or know of these peeps?


    There is a mention of an Andrew Dobie in #18 being deporgrammed and the story was carried in the Daily Mail back in 1985.
    But the COS records show an Andrew Dobie, with recent courses taken in 2003.
    Anyone know this person or can confirm he went back? Or if it is the same person


    Pictured is Anne Gollert and Erica Hall (Steve's Hall's wife)
    There is an Erica Hall in the COS data base, but it shows entries from 2010, so it can't the same person.
    Can anyone confirm these two people above?

    EDITED, ok I think Erica met Steve Hall after he was out. But does anyone know if she was ever a sci?


    Another name I noticed in the comments in that second link, as well as comments at

    Dustin Dwinde


    Question - The 1965 Anderson Report (Australia Inquiry) that was webbed & spread far and wide by OG critics, was always lacking the appendices. I just discovered The Ralph Nader Library version has nearly all the appendices & exhibits, including the first appendix - the list of witnesses.

    Anybody know/remember if ^^These names at top of the page have already been mined & sifted thru for possible additions to big list?

    [And a few posts below this one, TrevAnon]
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    Walt Curry blew in 1974 after being ordered to go on a GO mission to Korea and spy for Scientology - told his story to Nan McLean but died before following through with an Affidavit or testifying in court, which he planned to - his story


    Can anyone confrim the name Sharon Laub, Ehsan Falisiri or Mike Brodle?
    all these names are listed as auditors on the Freezone list, but can't fprove they were former members


    now I know Leonard Cohen dabbled in Scientology for a while and even mentioned something about going clear in his song "Blue Raincoat"
    I couldn't find anything on him speaking out until now:

    an interview:
    This interview was originally posted to by Martin Grossman on 31 Oct 1994

    "It was a Scientology reference. I looked into a lot of things. Scientology was one of them. It did not last very long. But it is very interesting, as I continue my studies in these matters, to see how really good Scientology was from the point of view of their data, their information, their actual knowledge, their wisdom writings, so to speak. It wasn't bad at all. It is scorned, and I don't know what the organization is like today, but it seems to have all the political residue of any large and growing organization. Yes, I did look into that and other things. from the Communist Party to the Republican Party, from Scientology to delusions of myself as the High Priest rebuilding the Temple."

    speaking out or not? he does say some good things, but he also says some things that are not favorable.
    yay or nay? thoughts?


    the following I can't find on COS complettions either
    Alessandro Magno
    Silvia Chiari- listed in comments as Calla (Silvia Chiari)
    Frank Wool
    Sofia Peotta
    Andriano Bonfati

    do not know if they are psuedos or not


    Need to confirm any of these names too.
    They are not in COS completions
    All listed as members as the Freezone site
    Christopher J. Parker
    Paul Fairchild
    Hiram N. Collazo
    Terrence James
    Maria Spencer
    Bunny Briley
    Tim Roland
    Sergej Terpenev
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    Need these names confirmed MORE or not?
    They are not in the COS data base (that I can find) but their comments are on an Indie site. They may not be in the data base because maybe they werenot in the US?
    Their comments are also very in depth and seem like they are using their real names, as they are introducing themselves to Mary Jo Levitt

    David Waukeen-

    a snip from his comment: (Good for you Mary Jo. I left the church 3 years ago and find it delightful to do services in the field......)

    Bill Holly -Stuttgart, Germany

    a snip:
    (sent the KR back with large letters written on it OFF POLICY and ENTHETA.
    Never heard anymore about it.I could tell you more about my personal experiences.
    Highest regards,

    Robert or Bob Earle- 18 years on staff, OEC graduate International Training Org, Data series evaluator, KTL/LOC and Flag PR Briefing Course grad,former LRH comm

    a snip: (Firstly let me introduce myself. I am a Scientologist who started in Scientology in early 1972.......)
    ^^^same name also leaves comments on Marty's site


    There is a Fred Krueger on who left after 24 years but I can't find him on the COS Completions database. What other resources can I use to verify it is not a nickname?


    can't find Bettendorf, Waldo anywhere
    do not know if this was a pseudo or not


    I have kicked these names around for years, still have not found anything on them to prove they were in COS
    they are freezone auditors
    Neil Prosser
    Mike Brodle
    Leon Swart or Leo Swart
    Dont' bother looking for Diana Reynolds that is Aida Thomas's pseudo

    anyone confirm any of these names?
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    Can I haz

    1497 Gary York
    1498 Ivro Jackrikon
    1499 Toby Zuckerman


    All of them on 2 independent sites


    Couldn't find the name Frederick Jones here. New Independent coming out under his real name?
    From Marty's blog:


    Ann Howe is not on the list. There is a Beata Ann Howe in the completions.

    Ann speaks out on Marty's blog


    can anyone confirm Meisha Yuri?
    they have a blog, she or he talks about Scientology, and said they have left the Freezone and that auditing does not help them. :)
    Someone who woke up completely! yay!!!!!
    This person also has an entry on the blog about Pyschs not being bad.
    Can not find this person in COS completions and need to confirm this name
    the blog:


    Thomas Franks

    Comment on Marty's blog.


    A Jana Jacobi wrote a German book about her stay in the cult, "Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen".

    However I cannot find her in completions. Maybe a German Anon can help us out?
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    can anyone confirm John Fennessey?
    was he ever in? pseudo?


    Posting on Rathbun's blog is a John P Ralston.

    Cannot find confirmation on the name though.


    [About Meisha Yuri, TrevAnon]

    First name is Michele


    Not sure about this one. Can we add Ann Dillon to the list?
    - Blog comment


    Found these results
    Brenda Adams is on the COS enemies list.

    Rob Fisher There is a Rob FisheL in the completions:

    Ivan Tonder owned a printing facility?

    Harry Thompson found this reference, according to which he is "not a trained Scientologist"

    Pauline Mumby on the SP-list

    Huguette Sifarios there are completions for Huguette Leduc . Could be maiden name of married name. Also

    Angela Fullerton on the enemies list

    Theo Patterson on the enemies list

    Couldn't find anything about
    Pat Breakwell
    Angela Dodeworth
    Robert Eden
    David Falconer
    Cliff Freeman
    Eileen Freeman
    Maureen Jonsen
    Laura Jonsen
    Marina Jordan
    Joe King
    Ralph Krause
    Joanne Lindsey
    Silvana McLean
    Toshen Musgrove
    Mike Oliver
    Mina Salanki
    Martin Tait
    Jonathen Whitaker, shouldn't be hard... :p
  19. TrevAnon Member


    Please post the following list of names on ESMB for confirmtaion
    Also ask them again if there are any new ones that would like to be added!!

    Hopefully someone can confirm
    Some of them I already know were "in", which are bolded.
    But need evidence of them speaking out.

    Tschau Alexandra

    Yvette Gay

    Robin Whitson

    Simon Lloyd - only reference was a letter to Sally Couper

    Peter Shepard

    Joseph Peter

    Kurt Hemningslose

    Carl Kaun- wrote summery on Erlich's case

    John Dorne

    Andreas Kraus Astar -music - Sound of a new civilisation 17 32 94

    Judith Methven- Scn - A Handbook for Use (Review) 10
    there are more Methvens in COS completions, but not a a Judith.

    Leo Faulhaber- got involved with TROM
    (listed at COS impact Sponsor). Need evidence of him speaking out

    Conal Clynch- Polar dynamics 1 (book review) 73 17 05

    Manuel Robalino- helped transcribe TROM for Dennis Stephens (on the list)- need evidence of him speaking out
    in COS completions

    Sehlene LeCornu- Ivy Magazine- Ethics 53 29 01

    Nellis Bosma- Reaction to "Goals and IVy" in IVy 14 16 11 94

    Nina Alikhaman article in Ivy "My relationship with Ken"


    Romann Espiritu uses only his last name...?
    - Blog comment
    - Completions


    to save some work.
    also a Joe Grice left a FB comment too. there is a John Grice in completions. This name is a often used for Joe/John
    but since he posted under Joe and not John, don't know if it's him or if he wants to use his real name

    Aaron Atteberry- blog comment on MArty's and Debbie's FB page
    can't find anything else, not in COS completions
    in or out?
    there is a Mark Atteberry in COS comepletions and a Ryan on Myspace which is 2 years old and listed as a scilon
    and a Kayci and a Jennifer Atteberry on My Space (friends with Eric L. Carter listed as a scilon)
    posts are a year old.
    not too common of a name, maybe they are all related.
    hope they all get out if still in


    if you mouse over "this woman speaking out in the last 4 minutes of a 1968 documentary", the link appears.
    (that's why I usually highlight in blue, and why I don't like this theme). Looked for credits in video, there are none that I could find and looks as if film my have been cropped, so if any names did appear below the person talking, they're not there now.


    can anyone confirm Willet Chambers?
    not in COS completions or anywhere else I can find
    just a blog comment
  20. TrevAnon Member


    can not confirm:
    edited, I have found these names below elsewhere on the net, but I need links to prove they were actually once "in" COS

    Bernd Kerner - listed on indy site
    covadonga jimenez icaza - listed on indis site
    Charise Mongielo- listed on indie site
    Lidia Mokevnina -listed on indie site
    Lacey Brinkley - listed on indie site
    Listed on network site I can't confirm
    Carrie Todd- listed on indie site network site
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  21. RightOn Member

    geez when it is all put together like this, it is so daunting!
    I can't believe how many names I have found over the years that are still in limbo.
    Thanks so much Trev! It's a lot of work!
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  22. TrevAnon Member


    these people are listed on Indie site, but not in completions
    Luciano Pitzu
    Patrick Tridon
    Josh Wilson
    Daniel Edward Herbert
    Lori Karch
    Marissa Cassidy

    listed on Indie Business site:
    Covadonga J. Icaza
    Ari Di Angelo
    Maria Cuervo


    can anyone confrim Melvin Spinoza?
    melvin spinoza on July 12th, 2012

    I asked for comm ev at Flag over 25 times with no reply whatsoever.As soon as they discover,by a fink,that I was audited by Haydn James they give me a comm ev.How far off LRH tech and policy and squirriling was that?For over 40 years I try to get on lines with nothing but suppression and a no comm from them.As soon as I get some case movement by James they start putting out labels on me.How suppressive is that?BASTARDS.


    need to confirm
    Paulo Renato Araujo
    Lou Grebanc
    Pamela Maker


    The following still need to confirmed

    Willet Chambers
    not in COS completions or anywhere else I can find
    just a blog comment

    Carrie Todd- listed on indie site network site

    Bernd Kerner - listed on indy site

    Covadonga jimenez icaza - listed on indis site

    Charese Mongielo- listed on indie site

    Lidia Mokevnina -listed on indie site (says she PAt Krenicks friend)

    David Reynolds
    too common of a name , need anothe source

    Paul Coco

    Bill Dupree FCDC class of 74
    blog comment he says:
    " was in my auditor internship in 1974 and was stopped because they (the org) said I was too PTS not just PTS toward my girlfriend now my wife of 34 years. My wife did not want me to go on staff and the org wanted me for the FBO. "

    Lisa Tighe- comment on Debbie Cook's FB page
    which is now gone?
    FB comment copy -Post #767
    (in COS completions- last course done in 2007
    dont' know why this one isn't confirmed? Seems to be related to Kevin Tighe

    Corey Headden and see if there is anything there on him? (his brother Jamie is on the list I think)
    His mother is still in and his brother is out.
    if anyone has aFB page can you check out

    Aaron Atteberry- blog comment on MArty's and Debbie's FB page (now gone)
    can't find anything else, not in COS completions
    in or out?
    there is a Mark Atteberry in COS comepletions and a Ryan on Myspace which is 2 years old and listed as a scilon
    and a Kayci and a Jennifer Atteberry on My Space (friends with Eric L. Carter listed as a scilon)
    posts are a year old.
    not too common of a name, maybe they are all related.

    Jane White resigned right before New Years and wrote a public resignation on a Face book page
    Do not find her in completions or anywhere else psuedo?

    Richard (Dick) Didcoate, he was FB T/Public Servicing Aide.
    Kathy and Jamie (their son) Didcoate

    "Kathy Didcoate offloaded 10 years ago to my knowledge, so probably same"
    There is an entry on ESM about them "being all out and enjoying the real life" and "routed out together with his wife. Working and living in LA so I heard."
    Also about Jamie in the RPF newsletter:
    "Jamie was very happy to leave the Sea Org and was recently working as a security guard somewhere in LA. He doesn't want to have anything to do with Scientology anymore and had written off any ideas of ever paying ANYTHING of his freeloader debt. Maybe finally this family can get together now and have a real family experience for the remaining years of their lives"

    their story and all their names also appear in a RPF newsletter 2004

    Lauri Webster out?
    last thing she did in COS completions was in 2006.
    I skimmed the article, don't have time. it never said she left?
    if so, the link above for her name too.

    Alexis Ward
    she left a comment on Marty's blog. I know ther is another Ward on the ex list. Anyone know this person?

    Earl Sim
    not in completions and left blog comments

    Leslie Farrow
    listed as having a Sci site that boosts COS google stats
    do not know if this is the same person.
    that post was from 2004
    so she still may be in, or went back in?

    Jill Mitchell Almblad - related to Robert?
    edited: his story Village Voice article
    there used to be comments, they are gone? I think her name was once in the comments.
  23. TrevAnon Member


    2nd batch
    I did not run these names against the list, so some may be already on.
    Sorry I dont' have the time right now, maybe later today
    again, these were taken from ealier posts
    Need to prove both that they were once " in" and speaking out.

    Madde Tunedal
    Jerry Tunedal
    these two were pictured on an Indy site with other Indies.
    I think Madde and Jerry may be the kids of Stephan Tunedal's?
    Do not know if they were ever in COS?

    Andrew Robertson

    John Fennessey

    Some of them I already know were "in", <----- edited, this line was included in one of the posts
    But need evidence of them speaking out.

    Tschau Alexandra

    Yvette Gay

    Robin Whitson

    Simon Lloyd - only reference was a letter to Sally Couper

    Peter Shepard

    Joseph Peter

    Kurt Hemningslose

    Carl Kaun- wrote summery on Erlich's case

    John Dorne

    Andreas Kraus Astar -music - Sound of a new civilisation 17 32 94

    Judith Methven- Scn - A Handbook for Use (Review) 10
    there are more Methvens in COS completions, but not a a Judith.

    Leo Faulhaber- got involved with TROM
    (listed at COS impact Sponsor). Need evidence of him speaking out

    Conal Clynch- Polar dynamics 1 (book review) 73 17 05

    Manuel Robalino- helped transcribe TROM for Dennis Stephens (on the list)- need evidence of him speaking out
    in COS completions


    next batch of names pulled from the threads.
    Again a rminder, some may already be on the list and some links will not work.
    Some entries may be mispelled, there may be doubles and these names and notes are pulled form this thread pages back
    We need proof that these people spoke out and where once in.
    Some may just need a vote!
    anything I bolded I just added

    Sehlene LeCornu- Ivy Magazine- Ethics 53 29 01

    Nellie Bosma- Reaction to "Goals and IVy" in IVy 14 16 11 94

    Nina Alikhaman article in Ivy "My relationship with Ken"

    Ok there is a Joe Warren listed as an auditor on ESK

    also listed at

    TECH outside COS: Grade 0 after NOTs.

    There is also a Frank Gordon listed several times in Ivy Magazine

    prodcution team ivy
    Production Team: Lars Peter Schultz, Birthe Skou, Morten Lütken, Sigrun Lone, Terry E. Scott, Susan Barkley-Schultz, Palle. P. Pedersen, Tron Enger, Joergen Haas, Ewa Manias
    all need confirmations that they were once in

    Lars Peter Schultz. There is a Peter Schultz in the completions.

    Ewa Manias "Eva" with v is here:

    Found nothing on the others: Birthe Skou, Morten Lütken, Sigrun Lone , Terry E. Scott, Susan Barkley-Schultz, Palle. P. Pedersen, Tron Enger, Joergen Haas

    The following names need confirmation, they are listed in Clear Centre Sunderland (ISIS) completions
    Brenda Adams
    Angela Dodeworth
    Joanne Lindsey
    The mission statement on the magazine should be enough, but we have to confirm that they were once in
    completions ACC Scotland

    Huguette Sifarios
    Jonathen Whitaker
    Maureen Jonsen
    Madge Scott

    Robert Eden
    Cliff Freeman
    Eileen Freeman
    Angela Fullerton

    Onup Barman-Roy- looking for Diantetics Seminar in London

    Laura Jonsen
    Maureen Jonsen
    Marina Jordan
    Silvana McLean Madge Scott
    Christine Allan
    John Breakwell
    Mike Oliver
    Theo Patterson
    Mina Salanki
    Madge Scott
    Martin Tait

    Couldn't find anything about - this was the results of looking before
    Angela Dodeworth
    Robert Eden
    Cliff Freeman
    Eileen Freeman
    Maureen Jonsen
    Laura Jonsen
    Marina Jordan
    Ralph Krause
    Joanne Lindsey
    Silvana McLean
    Mike Oliver
    Mina Salanki
    Martin Tait
    Jonathen Whitaker

    listed under wins:
    Silvana McLean

    link for all names above


    anyone can confirm Jennifer Wentworth?
    blog comment

    or Fernando Hidalgo, blog comment


    found a Hiram N. Collazo on an Indie site, he talks about senior Scientologsits
    not in COS completions tho
    does show his picture. VOTE?

    This was the same forum in which Naomi Davis was listed? but I can't find her now on that site.

    also a few others found there, I couldn't find elsewhere
    Robin Brown
    Glenn Vice


    have some names to confirm here
    found these names on the "wayback" and also current Freezone site.
    I was looking on the "way back" for broken links and got side tracked
    these names need confirming. where they ever in

    freezone site june 23rd 2010
    Heiko Sieling

    Dana Franks

    Ray Diamond

    nov 3rd 2010
    Terence James

    William Moore

    ran these names and they are not in COS completions or anywhere else

    Sergey Terpenev-
    this guy may only be a former alcoholic who did the Purif, not in COS completions and doesn't talk about the church either, but is listed on the freszone site
    in russian
  24. TrevAnon Member


    more names from Freezone site, not in COS completions or anywhere else.
    do not know if they were ever in or what

    Aleksandr Liznenkov
    Bunny Briley

    Steve Lindzy - listed as Field Auditor listed for Midwest Tech Center

    also a Steve Frazer listed at Midwest Tech Center

    Irvin Scott
    only link listed for Irvin Scott


    need to confirm
    Paul Dugas-

    "When i left CCDAL (Dir Com – Full Hat) in the mid 90′s, it was with the realization that KSW is not a “Scientology” (3-D) action, it’s a Scientologist (1-D) action. Its kind of ironic really. "


    anyone confirm Bayne Holley?
    only in a short time in 1974, LA Org
    or John Hayman

    can't find them anywhere else


    ok this is another bumper crop of Freezone auditors who are listed on a Freezone site for services. many of them have addresses, phone numbers ect..
    I KNOW they were once in, but I can't find their names anywhere else ont he net.
    May of thse names will not be in COs completions either
    Please cross post on ESMB, so they can possibley be confirmed as once in?

    Eduardo Freitas

    David Lindsey (listed as Scientologist)

    Anton Bayanov

    Frank Riha
    "It was actually the 1st level I am
    attesting to in 35 years without reservation- -for real!"!topic/alt.religion.scientology/gAaBN632-uY[1-25]
    This guy has a lot on him, especially the tech wins letter. He says "ok to Publish

    melvin spinoza

    Geraldine Davis

    I say out of this list tha Frank Riha and Chris Parker are a go!


    need confirmation on
    Brian C Henderson

    also Steven Jenson
  25. TrevAnon Member


    can anyone confirm Tara Pelton?

    or Gail Donnelly
    #RE: Statutory rape of Alexander Jentzsch — Gail Donnelly 2012-07-20 10:24
    Disgusting!! I was molested by a Scientologist in 1963, and he is now top management in Scientology. They protect child molesters."


    can anyone confirm Linda Fluekiger
    listed as a freezoner


    Can anyone confirm that this guy is out?

    Steve Bos aka Steve Fabos, blog comment, COS completions, New OTVIII

    "Kay, Your honesty and sense of truth and justice is so apparent here. LRH would be very proud of you, and I am as well. You’re an amazing OT and I would love to see the COS be a place of peace and growth, but if they cannot see the wisdom as you have laid forth, all your great abilities will be appreciated to advance Scientology in the independent field. Steve Bos"

    Mary Beth Longdon (listed on clear list)
    Haven’t seen this for a while. Good reminder of what we are doing, thanks!"
    blog comment on newly out Kaye Rowe's site

    or Sally Nutter?
    "This is totally awesome, Kay! We all need to apply this more – and more, and more, and more!!

    Sally Nutter"


    can anyone confirm Genny Gray speaking out? Billy Gray is already on as well as others listed below.

    "I have also learned of the other ANZO terminals I admired who were on staff, such as David Graham, Billy and Genny Gray, Carmel Underwood, all out over the years. People who could really produce good products. People that any group cannot afford to loose…"


    two names I don't have time to look up
    left comments on Italian Indie site
    Frank Wool

    Nathan Hesse
  26. TrevAnon Member


    trying to confirm Davide Golia
    it is shown here as a typo? (there shouldn't be a "&" in the listing?) and it reads currently on NOTS
    Or is it Davide & Golio?
    he blog name is Davide Golia

    he also has several blog comment on Italian Indie site
    can't find him anywhere else.


    still trying to confirm these names, they may just be psuedos. not in completions
    Lori Karch- joined Indie site
    John Wulf
    Josh Wilson


    ok these name have been kicking around for EVER
    they are old timers, they are the List of the original 8 LRH trained Class XII, they were all declared in the '80's and I know they are prollly some where else in this thread
    any chance they spoke out somewhere?
    looked a bit, but I have a splitting headache right now, must eat food!

    Liese Klingsvall
    Tommy Klingsvall
    Mike Mauerer
    Alex Sibersky- someone mentions this guy on ESMB in 2012, but no sauce!
    Brian Livingston


    ok one more, this guy too:
    Karl Riehl
    not in completions or anywhere else, except another blog post, here is one of them:

    "Like you, I feel a debt of gratitude to Friends of LRH. That website did more to open my eyes back in around 2007 than any other single source. (I found it a little before Marty started his site, and I didn’t find the Scientology-Cult site till later). I couldn’t believe that a group of obviously highly-trained Scientologists had laid out almost every major tech and policy alteration currently happening in the church.

    I STRONGLY recommend that everyone read or re-read this wonderful site– all 3 articles. And re-look at the stats they publish. Even though most of the outpoints they originally wrote about are now old news to us veteran readers of Marty’s site, it’s still BRAND NEW data to all the current Kool-aid drinkers out there. And when it comes to reaching THEM, I’ve never found a better tool.
    Here’s the link:
    Thanks again Ronnie for a brilliant write-up and for being a great example of what LRH expects of a Scientologist.
    Karl Riehl
    (aka Pass the Scotch)


    can anyone confrim mike moran?
  27. TrevAnon Member


    can anyone confirm Donald Knapp?


    ok so back to biz
    thanks to everyone who made the list what it is today and thanks to all for all the congrats!

    So... was Rosemarie Keller a no or a go?


    can anyone confirm Alessandro Russo?
    There is an Alexandria Russo in completions and since the comment was originally italian, xould be the same person?

    also listed as Alex russo


    can anyone confirm:
    Dan Starr?
    There are Starrs listed in completions and a Dana Starr also. but no Dan Starr

    their position held while in the COS:
    "When I was PES of Los Angeles Foundation Org in the early 80's I had cause to interact with several of the "top brass." They were, to a person, assholes of the highest caliber. Also, their command intention percolated down the org board until all of us were screaming at each other and anger was the "tone that got things done."

    also A Ron Wialee?


    can anyone confirm:
    Link Raymond
    John Huss ?
  28. TrevAnon Member


    Can anyone confirm
    Sara Black?
    prolly a pseudo


    Can anyone comfirm Hubert Scheer?

    and other blog posts


    Can anyone confirm John S. Christen?
    claims he is a Scintoogist and also has comment on Marty's blog.
    Did a quicky search, can't find any evidence of him ever being in
    John S. Christen

    "I am an Atheist, I do not believe in God. I am, however, a Scientologist. I believe in the spirit, and that life continues after death"


    Does anyone have proof Leonardo van Goens was ever in?

    Speaking out on iScientology:

    This guy is lists his email on Free and Able as Rolston Oddhammer
    Can't find anything on that name either that he was in


    Does anyone have proof Tim Roland was in?
    - Freezone
    - Blog comment
  29. TrevAnon Member


    Laura Susanne Yochelson likes Rathbun article: . Her last name is found on gravatar profile used to like the article

    There are some Yochelsons in completions, but she is not. Anyone have proof she was ever in?


    Anyone has evidence Catina Alacorn was ever in?

    Blog comment

    There are some Alacorns in completions, but not her.


    Can anyone confirm Linda Fluekiger?
    listed on Freezone as Disseminator Diredtor membership officer.

    or Warren Hudson Class IV , offers these services on Freezone site:
    Up to Grade IV including
    Book 1, Life Repair, PTS Handling

    or Sharon Laub (have asked before about this one) none of these names are in completions


    can anyone confirm:
    Oscar Avila as being once in?

    not in COS completions
    There is a Oscar Avila Buitrago listed on tne net and there are other Buitragos in COS completions

    Massimo Verati

    Dustin Perkins

    Jermaine Muhammad

    Brooks Robinson

    Will Robbins

    Samara Hamilton-
    she has a comment on Dexter Gelfands site
    didn't like seeing this:
    "I am an abstract artist and the sole proprietor of On the Way Up Humanitarian Outreach which provides free copies of The Way to Happienss as well as The Truth About Drugs booklets and some basic hygiene items to residents of a treatment facility. I live ....".
    confused about this ^^^
    how can she hand this stuff out if she is an Indie?

    Clayton Feldman

    David Walsh


    Lisa Bladh is, by her own admission, a Scientologist, though she is "in doubt". Her site [AFAIK NOT a COS-list] is

    She also posted a comment on Rinder's blog:

    No real proof that she is/was in. Anyone?
  30. TrevAnon Member


    I think we need a little more than "the truth shall set you free" I know he is commenting on an Indie blog, but he also can mean it both ways. Need a little bit more than this comment and proof that he is out


    can anyone confirm
    Silvano Vigitello

    Italian Indy blog comment: (translated)
    "eheeheh ... recognize Facchinetti to be gone to see teEEEmpo ago in his AAC. Those were the days when I was out of the Sea Org ... Then I ground my bell'auditing, in the meantime I went back to my old love, Taoist alchemy. In my spare time I continue to do the work of Ron fleas and look at how and why the results are crumbs ... All in fifty years of life, not a bad speed eh?? Hats off to everyone. (All you do not say you do not say ..."

    not in completions
    but says he is on Face book, I don't do Face Book. But I think the above name is a winner?

    also Giordano Bruno - this may be a pseudo? Was this an Italian mathematician?


    ok there is a list on ESMB of Aussie scientologists
    one of the members put a line through the names that they know are "out"
    I checked completions and some of these people's last entries were from a LONG time ago.

    However, I can't find evidence of them speaking out.
    Does anyone know any of these people? or can you show any evidence of them speaking out?
    OR ask if they want to be added to the list.
    Steve Lovrinovic
    Max Beniamini
    Cass Bennett
    Ian Bennett
    Jan Bennett
    Greg Dunsmore
    John Franzi
    Roslyn Franzi
    Trish Ciuffetelli

    the list of all the other Aussie scilons is here


    can anyone confirm
    Christopher Joseph Barnes?
    "The Old Man told us in 1983 to FLOURISH and PROSPER. He was referring to individuals not just the organisation. He also predicted that the orgs would be the limiting factor to the spiritual growth. He told me personally in 1982 that we had to operate exterior to them if we were to ever find our feet and promote The Tech. Pat has a proper debrief to offer us."


    There is a Mickey Edwards listed in the Milestone2 Indie Group.
    Is this Michael Edwards?

    Can anyone confirm? Can someone post this on ESMB?
  31. TrevAnon Member


    ok and another one from the Milestone2 Indie Group.
    Sue Henson not in completions or anyone else. Can anyone confirm her?


    need the names below posted on ESMB for confirmations

    need to know if Terrence James is Terry Siler James?
    COS completions
    and Free and Able Site

    Also these names on Free and Able site:
    Julia Rachels
    Clayton Feldman
    Carlos Cabanillas
    Catherine Tucker
    Jermaine Mohammad
    Massimo Verati
    Can anyone confirm/find anything else on these people? they are not in completions


    a new one on the Milestone 2 list
    Bruce Smith
    not in completions or anywhere else
    Confirm on ESMB?


    moar maybe
    John DiSanza

    Rita Westley

    but need more sauce. not in completions

    also: These may fake names of course
    Hallie Jane " In my 10 years CL IV org staff, I did not experience a lot of this. "
    Daniel O'Connell
    Michael Doyle - "After I left $cientology, I began to investigate the Eastern philosophies and have experienced for myself that mantra recitation can be very effective at reminding the mind that sensory perception is impermanent, limited and incomplete."
    he also has many blog comments. NOT IN COS completions :(

    Gus Cox

    Daniel Victor


    There is also a Mandy Neff in completions WITH Justin Neff, can't find her speaking out.
  32. TrevAnon Member


    Brian Thomas Lambert- blog comment
    "Thank you Monte for your response and vid. I will watch it later. I remember in my days as a Scientologist that the idea of oneness was associated with old school doctrines and possibly implants."


    can anyone confirm? this is a name of a composer. Either it is a pseudo or he is a composer
    There is also a Brian Lambert on the COS enemies' list- don't know if it is the same person

    and also Marianne Toth
    Good point! Different reality (experience on OT8) can cause communication problems with the realities of “others”. So there is an ARCx.
    there is a Marian Toth in completions


    The only thing I can find on Joan Mongiello actually speaking out is the fact that she belongs to the Zoners group. And her ex husband is moonbat Bob. She is on the COS enemies list as mentioned before.
    she is not in completions,(prolly her last name was dif back then?)

    so if anyone finds anything else. post it


    can anyone confirm a Gus Cox ?
    "I know this for fact. I stopped identifying myself as a Scientologist around new people I met starting maybe 5 or 6 years ago, although I still considered myself one. I was curious"

    maybe post on ESMB


    Can anyone confirm
    Alex de Valera


    Anyone have proof Victor Smith was ever in? Or is the detail he uses enough?
  33. TrevAnon Member


    Anyone have proof John Knoefler was ever in?


    Can anyone confirm these names and or cross post on ESMB?
    All listed in Free and Able site, not in COS completions
    Stephan Hatting
    Julio Moya
    Susanne Hermle
    Regine Kelly
    Clayton Feldman
    Dustin Perkins
    Massimo Verati


    Once upon a time we were searching for information on the class action RICO suit filed during the OG era by a group of exes/FZrs who called themselves "FAIR" in order to extract the names for the Big List.

    Did we ever find that info? If not, I found a lead from JeffJ commentary on a portion of the IRS agreement where CoS had to disclose all their court cases here:

    Stansfield, Manfred and Valerie, Franklin Freedman et al. v Norman Starkey et al. No. CA 001012 Superior court for county of Los Angeles {the Stanfields were part of FAIR, a group that filed an unsuccessful RICO suit against CoS. Starkey was the executor of LRH's will}

    Now that we know Norm Starkey's name was the front runner and that it was in LA Superior Court, dox may be obtainable to figure out the "et al" if we still need it?


    can anyone confirm Lawrence De'Roe?
    Please cross post on ESMB

    Is Gus Cox a pseudo? he posts on ESMB as "Gus" and he has several blog comments.
    "I speak fluent Scientologese. I had to work at coming up with normal English phrases for quite some time after I left.
    Can't find him in completions


    need to confirm
    Kerry James
    Julio Moya
  34. TrevAnon Member


    can anyone confirm a Kris Steele? psuedo?

    Kris Steele | February 16, 2012 at 2:08 pm | Reply
    "I didn’t even go through a fraction of a percent of what Debbie went through, and I was willing to sign anything to leave the Sea Org and get on with my life, I’m not sure what mine said, but I do remember it contained a bunch of data, that wasn’t necessarily true, but I didn’t care, the only thing keeping me from getting my car keys so I could leave and get on my life was signing those forms. It’s appalling how the church is treating Debbie, and all she tried to do is get their members to do their bridge instead of donating themselves into insurmountable debt which is not covered in any policy. I am glad KABC has reported on this, as more people are going to get her story now, and hopefully more public Scientologists wake up, and realize the church is in a serious danger condition, and they need to apply the correct formula for that condition."


    Doug Mossing
    - ESMB post
    - Completions:


    Mike Leopold

    No proof he was in though. :(


    can anyone confirm a Richard Roberts?
    there is a Meet a Scientologist with the same name, but didn't click it on
    nothing in completions
    he made a comment on Rinders blog, he would be from South Africa too


    can anyone confirm Debra Decker? there is a Debbie Decker in completions, but I can't be sure if that is her or not
    Also Dianne Garcia, James Bovay all listed in Free and Able
  35. TrevAnon Member


    Frankie Greene?

    ESMB coming out thread:!/

    I can't find him in The List of Service Completions. I'm not sure that is his real name. I doubt he qualifies for the list now, but the ESMB thread may bear watching. I thought I'd just refer the matter to the experts here and let you sort it out.


    can anyone confirm Dianne Garcia, or a James Bovay took a looky loo around, not in completions either
    listed on Free and Able


    how about Tim Tore?


    can anyone confirm Jim Vanus or John Huss?


    ok the following list of people of association members from the Dror Center Indy site
    May be a bumper crop?
    Need to check them out
    We all know how these names are translated differently
    Hopefulyl there are a few new names?

    Michael Genin
    Igal Golan
    Ori Livni
    Nataly Mishal

    Moti Morel - found this

    Ouri Ravia
    Ofer Schahaf

    Ronit Schaul - is married to Ady Schaul

    Alex Surov
  36. TrevAnon Member


    Josef Therling? needs confirming

    German Blog


    still looking for comfirmation on these
    Michael Genin
    Igal Golan
    Ori Livni
    Nataly Mishal
    Ouri Ravia
    Ofer Schahaf
    Alex Surov


    need comfirmation on Daniel Wentzel blog comments
    "I too was guilty of allowing this off-tech behaviour to perpetuate and so was duped. But NO MORE! "

    also Andre Blignaut
    "Andre Blignaut on March 1, 2014 at 7:31 pm said:
    How do I get myself declared? I am very tired of all the scientollogy junk mail and hope that being declared might put a stop to it as it is an awful waste of paper. Also Bare faced messiah seems like a far more credible account of events than the official party line to me."


    needs confirming
    lorenzoe giorgio - shows his pic

    edited ok wait he signs hss name as Francesco and Luana (there is a pic of the both of them)

    Me andCamilaarereallyproudof youforthework you havedone andfor people who havedone thatwas possible.
    I have a terriblerespect forall those whoare doingsomething about it,I have a great joytoall those whocontact mebecause'readin the Blogposts andall commentsand giveconfidenceto ourgood faithrather thanto the structure ofDM.
    AScientologyfreedomoutsideofmonopoly,thiswas andis the purposefor whichthe front deskcame to life.
    A big hug.

    Who is Camilla?

    ok apparently that is his blog

    also Billy Cage same link


    need to confirm Maria Spencer, not in completions, but several posts on different blogs
    She knows the Freemans
    "I was a representative from AOSHDK and for Flag at the time.I had been in the church
    for 30 years /worked at St Hill with Ron and Mary Sue and their children and many many
    old timers there "
  37. TrevAnon Member


    Patrick Edward Brown? anyone


    Morris Adams needs confirming. comments on several Indie blogs


    Anni Doré formerly Anna Magnusson
    needs confirming maybe cross post on ESMB
    "I found a way out for myself,my husband and my two small children,in the early 80s.
    LOVE is the answer,from your families and amoungst yourselves.
    My first message as a Human Being who escaped……

    thereis only a Johanna Magnusson in compltions. and the years don't match the story unless she went back in


    Need confirmation Felicia Picard was in

    FB comment

    This post


    can we have a vote on Werner Lossau? 50 year COS veteran, now deceased.
    He was quoted several times and he left COS and never returned.
    "Werner had his last Solo session and phoned his Flag DofP, pronouncing himself complete and uninterested in OT8"

    "He never returned to Flag for any handling, but delighted in long email correspondence with anyone at Flag willing to endure being called a robot and an idiot, or anyone elsewilling to receive his endless barrage of questions"

    "In contrast to that view, Werner described Debbie Cook’s notorious email as “the most theta communication I have ever read”


    There are some new names that are not in completions that need confirming:
    Ran out of time today

    Chris Attig

    Reuven Bekermus- found some blog comments on Indy sites in German, but needs more sauce, he or she didn't say much of anything

    William Jones- in completions, but too common of a name

    jose pinzon

    Eleanor Lebrecht - found one comment on an Indie Milestone 2 blog needs more sauce

    Andrew Stafford
  38. TrevAnon Member

    So there you go. I have read / glanced through 4939 + 1683 = 6622 posts in the two big list threads to find unconfirmed names, and the above 156 posts [2,4 %] are what I found. Looks like a big list data project to me.

    I will be able to work more on this from April 22nd and onward.
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  39. RightOn Member

    I bow to you Sir
  40. TrevAnon Member

    Unexpected day off. Well, I have good use for that. :)

    Step 2 is in progress. I have put the names in a convenient spreadsheet so I can easily sort etc.

    First however: I did NOT get names from the following numbers [referring to the above posts] for the following reason.

    Numbers: 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 15, 16, 50: Discussion about adding the aussie list. The vote was no to adding people with only initials and no first name, but AK Myers had to be an exception

    Number 41: Daryl Sorrentini already on

    Number 63, 68: Meisha Yuri is a pseudo.

    Number 74: No mention of a name? What did I miss?

    Number 108: John S. Christen already on

    Number 133: Comment about FAIR class action suit.
  41. TrevAnon Member

    Step 3. Get rid of the people who are already on using an exact search by name on the big list.

    This is a list of 43 people which I won't paste here to avoid confusion.
  42. TrevAnon Member

    Step 4: Find out how many unique names we have.

    422-83=339. :)

    Now I have to delete the double entries while not losing information about the post in which they were found. This will take more time.
  43. RightOn Member

  44. TrevAnon Member

  45. RightOn Member

    this may be a duplicate name?
    need confirming on Maria Schweizer. not in completions, she has blog comments on the German Indie blog. She seems to be running the Accedemia 8008 in Germany?
    "Just as we can say little that the indi scene not alive and well all over the world, because our information to more Scientologists in the indi go scene the bridge high in the last 5 years in Germany. The Accademia 8008, we know has made more clears only this year, and we have Berlin March as the ideal org in the past 7 years. And forget not the opening of the new independent training centre "The doctrine of knowledge" by Klaus Weigel and Maria Schweizer."

    ran out of time today
  46. TrevAnon Member

    Then there is a list of 174 people for whom we have evidence of speaking out, but no evidence of ever being in.

    PLEASE NOTE I did not check against actual completions by this date!

    First the name, then one or more numbers referring to above posts, then a link to evidence of speaking out.

    If the link does not give satisfying evidence please use the number to go to above post and find your way to the original post in the big list thread and/or other evidence.

    Should you also find evidence of being in, then these people can be posted in the big list thread to be added.

    Brenda Adams 70, 82 ,
    Catina Alacorn 112
    Nina Alikhaman 71, 82
    Oscar Avila 114
    Jose Baptista 28
    Susan Barkley-Schultz 82 production team ivy ,
    Christopher Joseph Barnes 119
    Anton Bayanov 89
    Vicki Benham 28
    Max Beniamini 118
    Cass Bennett 118
    Ian Bennett 118
    Jan Bennett 118
    Sara Black 106
    Lisa Bladh 115
    Andre Blignaut 148
    Nellie Bosma 71, 82
    Bunny Briley 55, 86 ,
    Lacey Brinkley 76
    Patrick Edward Brown 151
    Giordano Bruno 117
    Billy Cage 149
    Marissa Cassidy 77
    Willet Chambers 75, 80
    Trish Ciuffetelli 118
    Leonard Cohen 53
    Hiram N. Collazo 55, 84 ,
    Gus Cox 24,128 ,
    Walt Curry 51
    Geraldine Davis 89
    Ray Diamond 85
    Dick Didcoate 80
    Jamie Didcoate 80
    Kathy Didcoate 80
    Richard Didcoate 80
    Ann Dillon 69 ,
    John DiSanza 124
    Angela Dodeworth 82, 70
    Gail Donnelly 91
    Anni Doré 153 Aka Anna Magnusson
    Michael Doyle 124
    Ruth Josianne Dridi 10
    Greg Dunsmore 118
    Bob Earle 56
    Robert Eden '13, 70, 82
    Tron Enger 82 production team ivy ,
    Paul Fairchild 55
    John Fashanu 24
    Mike Feldman 29
    Clayton Feldman '114, 122, 132
    Thomas Franks 64
    Dana Franks 85
    John Franzi 118
    Roslyn Franzi 118
    Steve Frazer 86
    Cliff Freeman 70, 82
    Eileen Freeman 70, 82
    Eduardo Freitas 89
    Angela Fullerton 70, 82
    Michael Genin 145, 147
    lorenzoe giorgio 149
    Jairus Chegero Godeka 8
    Leonardo van Goens 109, ,
    Igal Golan 145, 147
    Davide Golia 96 ,
    Frank Gordon 82
    Maurice Grays 36
    Alan Green 18
    Frankie Greene 141!/
    Joergen Haas 82 production team ivy ,
    Samara Hamilton 114
    John Hayman 88
    Brian C Henderson 90
    Daniel Edward Herbert 77
    Nathan Hesse 95
    Fernando Hidalgo 83 http://aidathomas.wordpress.con/spanish-class-vii-auditor-speaks-4/
    Kathryn E. Hirsch 20
    Bayne Holley 88
    Covadonga Jimenez Icaza 76, 77
    Jana Jacobi 65
    Terry Siler James 122
    Hallie Jane 124
    Albert Jaquier 10
    Steven Jenson 90
    Laura Jonsen '13, 70, 82
    Maureen Jonsen 70, 82
    Marina Jordan 70, 82
    Lori Karch 77, 97
    Carl Kaun 71, 81
    Bernd Kerner 76, 80
    John Knapp 36
    Donald Knapp 101
    John Knoefler 131
    Larry Kolakowski 36
    Lucia Krähenbühl 10
    Ralph Krause 70, 82
    Fred Krueger 57
    Max Kurbatov 40
    Brian Thomas Lambert 126 ,
    Sehlene LeCornu 71, 82
    Mike Leopold 138
    Joanne Lindsey 70, 82
    David Lindsey 89 (listed as Scientologist) ,
    Steve Lindzy 86
    Pete Litzenberger 35
    Ori Livni 145, 147
    Aleksandr Liznenkov 86
    Simon Lloyd 71, 81
    Sigrun Lone 82 production team ivy ,
    Werner Lossau 155
    Steve Lovrinovic 118
    Morten Lütken 82 production team ivy ,
    Ewa Manias 82 production team ivy ,
    Devon McAuley 44
    Ian McAuley 44
    Silvana McLean 70, 82
    Peter McMahon 43
    Nataly Mishal 145, 147
    Jill Mitchell Almblad 80
    Lidia Mokevnina 76, 80
    Charise Mongielo 76
    William Moore 85
    Thomas Michael Moore 14 Tom Berenger ,
    mike moran 100
    Deo Morto 26
    Doug Mossing 137
    Jermaine Muhammad 114
    Roger Nind 18
    Sally Nutter 93
    Daniel O'Connell 124
    Mike Oliver '13, 70, 82
    Theo Patterson 70, 82
    Palle. P. Pedersen 82 production team ivy ,
    Tara Pelton 91
    Dustin Perkins 114, 132
    Felicia Picard 154
    Luciano Pitzu 77
    John P Ralston 67
    Ouri Ravia 145, 147
    Karl Riehl 99
    Will Robbins 114
    Richard Roberts 139
    Brooks Robinson 114
    Tim Roland 55, 110 ,
    Mina Salanki 70, 82
    Ofer Schahaf 145, 147
    Lars Peter Schultz 82 production team ivy ,
    Irvin Scott 86
    Terry E. Scott 82 production team ivy ,
    Heiko Sieling 85
    Huguette Sifarios 70, 82
    Birthe Skou 82 production team ivy ,
    Maria Spencer 55, 150
    melvin spinoza 78, 89
    Kris Steele 136
    Alex Surov 145, 147
    Martin Tait 70, 82
    Greg Tennison 116
    Sergej Terpenev 55, 85
    Ivan Tonder 70
    Tim Tore 143
    Patrick Tridon 77
    Jerry Tunedal 81
    Madde Tunedal 81
    Massimo Verati '114, 122, 132
    Daniel Victor 124
    Joe Warren 82 ,
    Daniel Wentzel 148
    Rita Westley 124
    Jonathen Whitaker 70, 82
    Josh Wilson 77, 97
    John Wise 36
    Frank Wool 54, 95
    John Wulf 97
    Laura Susanne Yochelson 111 ,
  47. TrevAnon Member

    For the following names there was NO link to evidence of speaking out in the above posts, but there was evidence of them being in using completions.

    First the name, then one or more numbers referring to above posts, then the link to completions

    Please use the number to go to above post and find your way to the original post in the big list thread and/or other evidence.

    Should you find evidence of them speaking out then they may be added to the big list thread to get checked.

    Name Number post Was in
    Cliff Brodsky 12
    Mickey Edwards 120
    Joe Grice 73
    Manuel Robalino '13, 71, 81
    Lauri Webster 80
  48. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, last list.

    These are names that have NO evidence of speaking out USING A LINK in the post which you can find by the number(s) behind the name. There are also NO completion [though again I did not check against completions as they are now].

    You may find your way to the original post using the number behind the name to go find LINKS to evidence of speaking out. In case you find anything, these people can be put in the list in . If you ALSO find evidence of them being in you can make a post in the big list thread so they can get checked.

    Name Number post
    Morris Adams 152
    Christine Allen 13
    Paulo Renato Araujo 79
    Ann Aspinall 13
    John Aspinall 13
    Aaron Atteberry 73, 80
    Chris Attig 156
    Bill Baker 1
    Vincent Barnes 13
    Reuven Bekermus 156
    Nathan Berry 1
    Waldo Bettendorf 58
    Joan Beville 13
    John Boice 46
    Andriano Bonfati 54
    Madeleine Bonnafous 13
    James Bovay 140, 142
    Alex Bravermann 46
    Mike Brodle 52, 59
    Michelle Brown 13
    Robin Brown 84
    Carlos Cabanillas 122
    Conal Clynch 71, 81
    Garth V. Cowell 23
    Adam Craycroft 1
    Carlo D'Aubrey 11
    Nicki Davidson 21
    Lawrence De'Roe 134
    Debra Decker 140
    Olivier Delachaux 13
    Ari Di Angelo 77
    Andrew Dobie 47
    Anne Donaldson 13
    John Dorne 71, 81
    Dustin Dwinde 49
    Ehsan Falisiri 52
    Leslie Farrow 80
    Leo Faulhaber 71, 81
    John Fennessey 66, 81
    Linda Fluekiger 92, 113
    Nick Ford 13
    Brian Forrest 1
    Felicitas Foster 38
    Sara Fox 46
    Anita Franklyn 13
    Dianne Garcia 140, 142
    Yvette Gay 71, 81
    Sue Gittings 13
    Peter Gosbell 13
    Aubrey Gottlieb 13
    Genny Gray 94
    Lou Grebanc 79
    Erica Hall 48
    Stephan Hatting 132
    Corey Headden 80
    Diana Heaton 1
    Kurt Hemningslose 71, 81
    Sue Henson 121
    Susanne Hermle 132
    Ann Howe 62
    Warren Hudson 113
    John Huss 105, 144
    Cary Hyodo 13
    Ivro Jackrikon 60
    Kerry James 135
    Bob Johnson 39
    Frederick Jones 61
    William Jones 156
    Rosemarie Keller 102
    Regine Kelly 132
    Ron King 13
    Liese Klingsvall 98
    Tommy Klingsvall 98
    Andreas Kraus Astar 71, 81
    Dietmar Dh Kröhnert 30
    Sharon Laub 52, 113
    Anna Laws 37
    Eleanor Lebrecht 156
    Gora Lerma 42
    Eva Lewey 13
    Brian Livingston 98
    Alessandro Magno 54
    Pamela Maker 79
    Mike Mauerer 98
    Rory Medford 34
    Judith Methven 71, 81
    Lotus Miyamoto 22
    Jermaine Mohammad 122
    Joan Mongiello 127
    Charese Mongielo 80
    Harry Morgan 3
    Julio Moya 132, 135
    FTnica Mpande 13
    Irene Mumford 13
    Mandy Neff 125
    Joe Pendleton 46
    Sofia Peotta 54
    Joseph Peter 71, 81
    Hanna Petri 13
    Anthony Phillips 13
    jose pinzon 156
    Martin Poulter 2
    Neil Prosser 59
    Julia Rachels 122
    Richard Ragaz 13
    Link Raymond 105
    Paulette Regan 1
    David Reynolds 80
    Barbara Robertson 13
    Balleen Roevink 13
    Dave Ross 13
    Jerry Sanborne 45
    Cindy Sandoval 25
    Linley Schmidt 1
    James Scott 13
    Peter Shepard 71, 81
    Alex Sibersky 98
    Earl Sim 80
    Bruce Smith 123
    Carole Smith 1
    Victor Smith 130
    Andrew Stafford 156
    Dan Starr 104
    Barry Tidman 13
    Catherine Tucker 122
    Alex de Valera 129
    Jim Vanus 144
    Glenn Vice 84
    Alexis Ward 80
    James Warnell 13
    Peter Webb 13
    Jennifer Wentworth 83
    Chris Westby 13
    Robin Whitson 71, 81
    Ron Wialee 104
    Rosemary Williams 13
    Dylan Wycliffe 33
    Toby Zuckerman 60
    Harald Zuderell 13
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  49. TrevAnon Member

    As I guess this thread will be helpful for future use and reference I'll self report this post for a sticky,
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  50. RightOn Member

    fucking gorgeous work TREV!!
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  51. RightOn Member

    One of the names Oscar Avila
    Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
    SAN JACINTO - A Moreno Valley man died today in a head-on crash outside a Church of Scientology compound in San Jacinto.
    Oscar Avila, 31
    do not if this is the same guy? The free and Able site says he is from Mexico.
  52. Incredulicide Member

    " is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site." :(

    The 2 wayback machine snapshots of that feed page don't have Steve's comment on them.
    If someone has the time you can wade through the 75 pages of that site (that the wayback machine did get) for his name:*/*

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  53. TrevAnon Member

    Found one. Ruth Dridi is AKA Ruth Josianne Dridi who is already on. Will make a post.
  54. firebug Member

  55. TrevAnon Member

  56. RightOn Member

    ok we have a Jon Hunter- tells his story in a blog commnet, not in COScompletions, but has a youtube channel that posted many anti sci vids by other people

    " was home schooled by my scientology parents. I also had to take classes at the local mission. The problem was I am gifted at mathematics. At age 14 I had to make a clay figure of an advanced quadratic equation. Despite all the indoctrination, something in me just felt it was crazy. Luckily my parents allowed me to read non-scientology books (as long as it wasn't communist, psych related or fiction) - which turned out to be their biggest mistake. Aged 17 I read Orwell, Dawkins, Darwin (which I secretly found clashed profoundly with L Ron's History of Man) amongst others. I was petrified they would find out about my doubts via usual methods (rock slamming etc.) but again I was lucky. I found my dads old emeter and played around with it. Soon I discovered I could keep a floating needle by practising the way I held the cans and applied pressure. I was pressured to join Staff at the closest Org which was over two hundred miles away but I left home instead. Thankfully I grew up far away from the closest Org and our local mission was rubbish at everything (it eventually folded). My parents escaped ten years later (they were useless at scientology anyway). We're on speaking terms today. My point is that there is no doubt Study Tech is a terrible way to educate a child and I am very pleased New Village Academy closed its doors. I think its sad though that there must be hundreds of children out there subject to Study Tech who are not as fortunate as I was."
    needs more sauce that his name is not a pseudo.
    will post in other thread too
  57. RightOn Member

  58. I already did that back then, but I never got a reply.
  59. firebug Member

    There are a couple of articles saying he was briefly a member
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  60. TrevAnon Member

  61. firebug Member
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  62. TrevAnon Member

    Saving this from

    Alseba, S.L.
    Anstey, C.R.
    Badenhorst, M.J. - Mrs.
    Banfield, K.J.
    Bannerman, T.C.
    Barnard, H.M. - Mrs.
    Benjamin, D.A.E. - Mrs.
    Benson, L.R.
    Bester, R.
    Bokelman, M. - Mrs.
    Borgelt, K.W.
    Botha, A. - Mrs.
    Botha, W.J.
    Bristow, J. - Miss
    Carey, R.H.
    Carter, A. - Mrs.
    Carter, J.B.
    Carter, S.A.B.
    Catesby, E.A.
    Chapman, M. - Miss
    Cheesman, J. - Miss
    Cleenwerck, E. - Mrs.
    Codd, A. - Mrs.
    Coetzee, B.
    Coetzee, W. - Mrs.
    Cohen, J.M.
    Colenbrander, G.E.
    Colenbrander, V.E. - Mrs.
    Cook, W.A.
    Cowen, H.
    d'Abbadie, A.P.
    d'Abbadie, J.D. - Mrs.
    Davis, A.M. - Mrs.
    Davis, N.W.
    Davis, R.V.
    Davis, V.
    Day, E.J. - Mrs.
    Deacon, D.O. - Mrs.
    De Villiers, J. - Mrs.
    Dirmerk, H.
    Dirmerk, S.
    Drummond, E.A. - Mrs.
    Du Plessis, J.H.
    Durow, G.V.
    Feldman, M. - Dr.
    Ferreira, G. - Miss
    Field, D.M.B. -(East Grinstead, England.)
    Fisher, E.L. - Dr. - M.P.
    Galpin, G.
    Gentry, K.R.
    Grobbelaar, M.
    Hanekom, O.E. - Miss
    Hansen, D. - Mrs.
    Harlem, J. - Mrs. (Chicago).
    Herbst, W.J.
    Hermann, C.W.G.
    Hermann, H.G. - Mrs.
    Horner, M. - Mrs. (Los Angeles).
    Huthwaite, S. - Mrs.
    Ipser, C.W.
    Jammine, E.J. - Dr.
    Jones, B. - Miss
    Jourdan, P.D. - Rev.
    Kay, J. - Miss
    Kember, J. - Mrs. (East Grinstead, England).
    Kleynhans, E.
    Kleynhans, G.C.J. - Mrs.
    Knowler, K.
    Druger, B.
    Lawson, N.A. - Miss
    Lewis, J.S. - Dr.
    Louw, K. - Mrs.
    Louw, L.B.
    Louw, N.S.
    Low, N. - Mrs.
    Lundie, J.M.
    McAll, M.
    McAll, M.R. - Mrs.
    McMaster, J. -(Los Angeles).
    McMaster, P. - Mrs.
    Mcnamee, G.
    McQuaide, T.J.
    Main, R.
    Mellett, G.M. - Mrs.
    Middleton, A. - Miss
    Miller, I. - Mrs.
    Milne, E.A. - Miss
    Moffatt, M.J. - Mrs.
    Moffatt, R.
    Moller, V. - Mrs.
    Morris, A.G. - Mrs.
    Morris, D.L.N. - Mrs.
    Morrison, I.R.
    Nell, K.O.
    Ochs, V. - Miss
    Ollemans, P.H.
    Paltiel, E.F. - Mrs.
    Parkhouse, A. - Mrs.
    Parkhouse, J.
    Parvin, B. - Mrs.
    Patterson, R.
    Perkins, M.G. - Mrs.
    Pitchers, V.I.
    Ross, A.
    Schofield, J.O.
    Scholtz, T.L.
    Sebba, J.J.
    Selesnick, S. - Mrs.
    Shueier[?], II. - Mrs.
    Simpson, J.R.A.
    Smith, C.R.
    Solomon, N.
    Sparks, S. - Mrs.
    Sparks, S.A.
    Starkey, S.D. - Mrs.
    Stewart, T.J. - Mrs.
    Stirton, B. - Miss
    Stretton, L.
    Te Groen, J. - Miss
    Truscott, M.I. - Mrs.
    Van Amstel, A. - Mrs.
    Van den Berg, H. (Jnr.)
    Van der Merwe, H.S. - Mrs.
    Van Rooyen, V.C.
    Viljoen, A.F.
    Vom Dorp, P.
    Wall, M. - Mrs.
    Wall, W.R.P.
    Wilby, A.F.
    Wispton, D.H.
    Woodhead, G.L.
    Zabow, A.A. - Dr.

    Alcock, G.R.
    Anstey, C.R.
    Barnard, H.M. - Mrs.
    Bayer, H.
    Benjamin, M. - Mrs.
    Benson, I.R.
    Bester, R.C.
    Bizzell, D.J.L.
    Boshoff, J.
    Botha, W.J.
    Brown, H.J.
    Carter, A.H. - Mrs.
    Carter, J.B.
    Cleenwerck, E.E.M. - Mrs.
    Coetzee, E.W.E. - Mrs.
    Cook, W.A.
    Correia, J.M.D.S.F.
    Daneel, A.B. - Dr.
    Deacon, D.O. - Mrs.
    Delport, P.W.J.
    De Villiers, D.A. - Mrs.
    Dickerson, C.E. - Mrs.
    Dodds, J.D.
    Du Plessis, J.H.
    Durow, G.V.
    Elliott, D.F.
    Elliott, E.W. - Mrs.
    Feldman, M.B. - Dr.
    Fisher, E.L. - Dr. - M.P.
    Freer, K.E.S. - Mrs.
    Geldenhuys, B.C.
    Hartzenberg, P.J.
    Hawley, T.C.
    Henning, A.
    Herman, H.G. - Mrs.
    Herman, H.W.G.
    Kirkman, A.M.
    Kruger, B.
    Kruger, C.F. - Dr.
    Lamont, A.M. - Dr.
    Lawson, N.A. - Miss
    Lombard, P.G.
    Louw, N.S.
    Madathoana, P.
    McAll, M.
    McAll, M.R. - Mrs.
    McKendry, J.F.
    McNamee, G.P.
    Mellett, G. - Mrs.
    Michaelides, B.A. - Dr.
    Mills, I.J.
    Misplon, D.H.
    Moller, V.H. - Mrs.
    Morris, A.K. - Mrs.
    Morris, D.L.M. - Mrs.
    Morris, I.R.
    Nel, A.M.
    Nelson, G.K.
    Nicholson, M.J. - Mrs.
    Ollemans, J.N. - Mrs.
    Ollemans, P.H.
    Paltiel, E.F. - Mrs.
    Parkhouse, A.P. - Mrs.
    Parkhouse, S.J.
    Peeters, T.A.A.
    Pelser, W.J.
    Perkins, M.G. - Mrs.
    Pitcher, V.I.
    Rabie, G.A.
    Radloff, W.P. - Professor.
    Roos, A.S.
    Schlesinger, E. - Mrs.
    Schofield, J.O.N.
    Selesnick, R.S. - Mrs.
    Shuttleworth, D.W.G.
    Smit, G.J. - Mrs.
    Snow, S.G.A. - Mrs.
    Solomon, J. - Mrs.
    Starkey, S.D. - Mrs.
    Tannenbaum, A.
    Teifel, H.E.
    Theron, J.W.
    Thompson, L.J.
    Van Niekerk, E.
    Van Niekerk, P.
    Van Niekerk, S.C. - Mrs.
    Van Zyl, P.A.
    Vitus, L.
    Von Fintel, S.H.A.
    Williams, S.C.
    Wilson, S.O.'C.
  63. Incredulicide Member

    The list at is from the names that were:
    which doesn't automatically mean they are former members. They could be expert witnesses that the commission called, so we're relying on other former CoS members to know their first names or their full names showing up from Martin Ottman archives, etc.
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  64. RightOn Member

    yes and I am going to run some of the more "stranger" last name (names that you know there are not a lot of) later today to see if there are any matchey-poos with first initials and all.
  65. firebug Member

    From the South African Inquiry
    Ollemans, J.N. - Mrs.
    Ollemans, P.H.

    From Auditor #19
    Clear No. 103 JOY OLLEMANS, Port Elizabeth Staff
    Clear No. 131 PIERRE OLLEMANS, Port Elizabeth Staff.

    The problem with the SA list is we don't know what was said.
    Jane Kember is also on the list and I assume she was speaking in defense on Scientology
    Others on the list may also have supported scientology
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  66. Incredulicide Member

    This is why I didn't include that part of the list on the wiki talk page, and why we can know explicitly who spoke in support of Scientology.
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  67. Incredulicide Member

    Joy Noel Ollemans rejoined Scientology after the 1972 enquiry according to her completion dates

    Is Pierre a woman's name? Because the P.H. Ollemans that testified was referred to as:
    "Miss Ollemans, P.H."
    "Mrs. Ollemans, P.H."

    One piece of evidence entered says:
    "b) Photo-copy of letter of 25.2.1963 from P.J. Ollemans to Mr. John Kennedy, Bulawayo."

    So Pierre Ollemans is more likely to be P.J. Ollemans who doesn't look to have testified, and is reported as deceased so that may be why he doesn't have later entries in the completions database.
  68. TrevAnon Member

    In the Netherlands Pierre is a man's name. It may however be an old-fashioned way of referring to a married woman.
  69. TrevAnon Member

    Michael DiMartino commented on Rinder's blog for the first time

    No completions though.
  70. RightOn Member

  71. RightOn Member

    Marianne Hopgood
    Her name is listed in the COMMENTS of the Indie 500 list, but there is no comment left by her.
    There is a Susana and Skip Hopgood in completions but no Marianne
  72. RightOn Member

    john reguerra - comments on ESMB, looks like he was banned, he also has a comment on an indie blog.
    not in completions
  73. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, so my idea was to use the list of people who signed the petition to get COS tax exempt status revoked to find new people for the list. The list of those who signed can be found at .

    Here's what I did.

    First I used some good old copy and paste and Microsoft Excel LibreOffice Calc wizardry to get all the names - regardless of being believable - in a convenient spreadsheet. I wanted a simple list using the format

    number signing the petition , name

    You will find it in this post. Again, all 8851 names are included.

    Attached Files:

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  74. TrevAnon Member

    Second step. Get rid of all the names that for sure are not full names.

    a. This meant deleting all the names without a space, so "TrevAnon" was deleted while "Trev Anon" could stay. 2207 names were deleted.

    b. Delete all the names where the second character is a space or dot, or where the last character is a dot, or where the one but last character is a space. This meant that "T. Anon" or "Trev A." had to go. 126 + 154 + 248 + 236 = 764 names were deleted.

    c. Remaining names were sorted by length. This allowed to delete names like "Scientology sucks butt". (I wonder what Google Spider will do with that. :p ). Some 100 names were deleted (I didn't do an exact count. Sorry. :p )

    So now I have 5887 names that more or less looked like names. See file.

    I didn't bother to go through this list to delete some more like "Don't do it!". Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels were still on the list. I guess they could have been Scientologists too (look at me, Google Spider). :)

    Attached Files:

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  75. RightOn Member

    ha ! this is awesome Trev! I admire your tech savvy
  76. TrevAnon Member

  77. TrevAnon Member

    Fourth step.

    And now for the big one. :)

    I still have a file with the completions downloaded from Kristi's site. It is from September 2013.

    I will now check the names I have left from the petition-site against this file. This is going to take a while.
  78. TrevAnon Member

    Just a quick sidenote. There are approx. 5850 names on the petition list that I haven't deleted, and the file mentioned above has >100,000 lines. So LibreOffice Calc has to go through these names 5850 times, and I am doing this on an 11 year old computer with Lubuntu. :p I guess I must be am crazy
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  79. TrevAnon Member

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  80. TrevAnon Member

    For the following people there is a through the door interview.

    Probably these are pseudos.

    tom travolta
    Mike de Wolf
    mike javits
    Ryan McLean
    lenny lopez
    Waldo Bettendorf
    Samuel Whiskers
    Crystal Jordan
    Phineas Fogg
    Bethany Brighthouse
  81. TrevAnon Member

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  82. TrevAnon Member

    Great idea! Leah seems to have a special page for celebs or something where there is no (published) friends list. Angelo though has a friends page with >1,200 friends. :)

    Here's what I did:
    - Scroll down Pagan's Friends page until all names are visible.
    - Save webpage as text
    - Open text file in LibreOffice calc and get rid of all lines that are not names
    - check these names against a slightly older completions databse (2011 I think)
    - check these names against current big list entries

    Name checking as always on an exact search basis.

    Angelo seems to have 61 friends who were in but are not on the big list. :p

    They are:

    Adam Beason
    Alex Pagan
    Angelica Martinez
    Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Price
    Antonio Martinez
    Archie Drury
    Ashleigh Prince
    Ben Knapple
    Bruce Weide
    Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez
    Cindy Plahuta
    Dan Jablons
    Dan-Viggo Bergtun
    David L. Kerr
    David Romero
    Elena Lyons
    Emanuel Simonian
    Enrique Fernandez
    Eric Alvarez
    Frank Cordero
    Gabriel Gonzalez
    Holly Palmer
    Jann Wagner
    Jasmin Espada
    Jeff Byrd
    Jeff Myers
    Jocelyn Jones
    John Griffin
    Jose Munoz
    Juan Gonzales
    Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Rodriguez
    Karen Merritt Randall
    Kevin Sizemore
    Laura Mulhearn
    Lucy Hernandez
    Mario Gonzales
    Maritza Rodriguez
    Mary Francis
    Michael Laws
    Michael Lopez
    Michael Myers
    Michael Pena
    Mike Rinder
    Monica Eaton Cardone
    Natalie Sutherland
    Raymond Korns
    Richard Rivera
    Rick Siegel
    Scott Bradberry
    Sergei Yurov
    Shawn May
    Simon Simonian
    Sofia Milos
    Stephanie Brown
    Steve Drabin
    Teresa Fernandez
    Tom Little
    Willman Morcillo

    I'd say however them being friends with Angelo is not enough proof. If they are found elsewhere speaking out I'd say the can be put on the list.

    By the way: Angelo is also friends with

    Chantal Dodson
    Lucas Catton
    Scott Campbell
    Sinar Parman
    Andrea Lombard
    Angelo Pagan
    George Marshall
    Joy Graysen
    Karen De La Carriere
    Karry Campbell
    Melissa Paris
    Michelle Visage
    Shannon Farrara
    Vicki Marshall
    William Kilmartin

    who are all already on. :)
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  83. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, now did the same for George Marshall

    He is friends with the following names that are in completions but NOT on the big list:

    Bruce Wiseman
    Charles Vickers
    Gary Knutson
    Helyn Dunn
    Jane Houlihan
    John Griffin
    Mark Peters
    Michael Laws
    Natalie Avital
    Susan Hanasab
    Tom Burpee
    Whitney Kieser

    He is also friends with the following names who are on the big list

    Angelo Pagan
    Gerhard Waterkamp
    Karry Campbell
    Luis Garcia
    Nicci Lotz
    Sabine Waterkamp
    Scott Campbell
    Shannon Farrara
    Tim Swanson
    Trey Lotz
    Vicki Marshall
    William Kilmartin

    The others (Vicki, Nicole etc.) have unpublished friends lists.
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  84. TrevAnon Member

    Now did the same for Karen de la Carriere

    Using exact search: the following people are in completions and on Karen's friends list, but not on the big list

    Aaron Mathias
    Aaron Smith-Levin
    Adam Donshik
    Agnes Wouters
    Aida de Thomas
    Angela Marie LeMay
    Barry Johnson
    Bart Baggett
    Bob Campbell
    Bob Smith
    Bob Young
    Byron Dawson
    Carla Miller
    Chris Shugart
    Cindy Plahuta
    Conrad Romo
    Cooper Kessel
    Craig Wilson
    Dallas T. Hill
    Danny Ramsey
    Dave Griffin
    David Fennick
    David James
    David Jones
    David Reynolds
    Dawn Armando
    Dee McMurdie
    Donald Cramer
    Doreen Kaplan
    Dorthe Mai
    Dusan Djukich
    Edward Owen Terino
    Eitan Sonnenberg
    Emily Johnson
    Fred Crivello
    Garth Lombard
    Gary Smith
    Ginger Boyd
    Glenn Dieckman
    Glenn Vice
    Greg Tennison
    Italo Alberti
    Jackie Duncan
    James Cundiff
    Jean Helpert
    Jeff Myers
    Jeffrey Levine
    Jenni Silberstein
    Jennie Dailey
    Jess Pierce
    John Haggerty
    John Martin
    John Smith
    Jorgen Jensen
    Jose Dominguez
    Joy Westrum
    Kat Brady
    Katerina Karadima
    Kay Rowe
    Kelly Weber
    Ken Robinson
    Lisa Wright
    Lucy James
    Mark Jefferson
    Mark Plummer
    Marta Willson
    Mary Kahn
    Michael Laws
    Michael Peterson
    Michael Roiger
    Mike Horton
    Mike Rinder
    Mimi Smith-Danielson
    Nadia Talbi
    Natalie Webster
    Nick Wright
    Pamela Mattioli-Tucker
    Patricia Curtis
    Paul Ingram
    Paul Sweeney
    Phil Jones
    Placido Domingo
    Rafael Lozano
    Randall Wise
    Rita Corica
    Robert Burns
    Robert Collins
    Robin Steely
    Ron Czerepak
    Russell Williams
    Sarah Brown
    Sean Codd
    Shelley Ashurst
    Silvia Llorens
    Silvio de Boni
    Skip Press
    Stephen Price
    Steve Edison
    Susan Walker
    Tiziana Lugli
    Tom Provenzano
    Udana Power
    Valerie Hastings
    Victoria Collins
    Wayne Gerald
    Wayne Wilson

    Also using exact search: Karen is friends with 422 names who are ALL on the big list.
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  85. TrevAnon Member

    Now did the same for Marty Rathbun

    Aaron Mathias
    Aaron Smith-Levin
    Adam Donshik
    Alberto Goffy
    Alison Andrus
    Angela Marie LeMay
    Bonnie Kittelson
    Brian Dawson
    Carla Miller
    Cindy Plahuta
    Cooper Kessel
    Craig Wilson
    Danny Ramsey
    Dave Griffin
    David Reynolds
    Dawn Armando
    Dee McMurdie
    Donald Cramer
    Doreen Kaplan
    Eitan Sonnenberg
    Elliott Snow
    Emily Dieckman
    Emily Johnson
    Glenn Dieckman
    Italo Alberti
    Jackie Duncan
    Jason Blair
    Jeff Brown
    Jeffrey Levine
    Jenni Silberstein
    Jennie Dailey
    Jimmy Samuelsen
    John Frere
    Kat Brady
    Kay Rowe
    Kitty James
    Leticia Atayde
    Lucy James
    Makis Rallatos
    Mark Plummer
    Marta Willson
    Mary Kahn
    Mike Rinder
    Miri Sonnenberg
    Moshe Miller
    Nancy Pearce McKenna
    Natalie Webster
    Nick Wright
    Noeleen Foster
    Norma Garcia
    Pam Brown
    Patricia Curtis
    Placido Domingo
    Rachel Smith
    Rafael Lozano
    Randall Wise
    Robert Burns
    Robert Patterson
    Rodney Higgins
    Rowena Kaleopa
    Russell Williams
    Sandra Simmons
    Shelley Ashurst
    Silvia Llorens
    Silvio de Boni
    Steve Bode
    Steve Bos
    Steve Culp
    Steve Williams
    Sylvia Machado
    Tiziano Fracassetti
    Tom Provenzano
    Valerie Hastings
    Victoria Collins

    It's clear lots of names are already on with slight spelling differences. Marty has 307 friends who are on the big list.

    Any requests for other well known SP's to check?

    In b4 all exes hide their FB friends list. :)
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  86. RightOn Member

    holy crap Trev, you have been busy.
    I guess the best thing to do would be just to ask if these people want to be added to the Big List and what the Big List consists of and power in numbers and all that? We may just get lucky. As far as how you are going to ask them that is a different story. But I have faith in you! ;)
  87. TrevAnon Member

    Won't do that as I use my real name on FB and would like to stay anonymous in the fight against COS. :)

    So I guess it will be the hard way: check if a name is on the big list with another spelling, and if not, search for anything critical of the COS.
  88. TrevAnon Member

    Just did this for the Angelo Pagan's friends list, but no luck. Lots of people in showbizz though, so keeping a low profile about being out may be a business decision.

    Oh, and inb4 COS saying "See? There is no such thing as disconnection! TrevAnon proved it!"
  89. RightOn Member

    Please keep me update on what list you are working on, so here is not double work
    I won't do Angelo's list now.

    and understood, but I didn't mean that way. There has to be another way. Maybe someone who has a twitter account ? Or try to contact the person directly through email or snail mail
  90. TrevAnon Member

    Just checked Marshall's list, no luck either.
  91. TrevAnon Member

  92. TrevAnon Member

    Rathbun list finished.
  93. RightOn Member

    Adam Beason used to be with star Catherine Bell who is now with a woman according to ESMB
  94. RightOn Member

    Elena Lyons is Cardone's wife.
  95. TrevAnon Member

    That's what I mean. Disconnection doesn't exist. :D
  96. RightOn Member

    Michael Roiger already on Big List as Mike
    Cindy Plahuta already on under Cindy Bernot Plahuta
    Mike Laws already on
    if you can still edit your post, maybe cross these out?
  97. TrevAnon Member

    Tried Jefferson Hawkins' friends list. No luck. :(

    Also Tom DeVocht, found 2.
  98. TrevAnon Member

    Just checked the names on this petition

    against completions and the big list. The following names were in completions but not on the big list using exact name comparison:

    bill johnson
    Charles Nelson
    Chris Cooper
    Christopher Smith
    David Alexander
    David Bowen
    David Wood
    Edward Estrada
    Eric Chen
    Ian Johnson
    James Henry
    Jason Lewis
    John Anderson
    John Barber
    Joseph O'Donovan
    Josh Miller
    Kevin Grant
    Liana Stevens
    Martin Smith
    Michael Lin
    Michael Turner
    mike smith
    Paul Turnbull
    Paul Williams
    Phil Anderson
    Sandy Wise
    Steve Jackson
    Steve Moore
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  99. Incredulicide Member

  100. TrevAnon Member

  101. Incredulicide Member

  102. RightOn Member

    Need more sauce on Guy Vogel.
    Or Trev, can someone one EXMB confirm his name?
    Not in completions :( . There is an Anton Vogel and a Silvio Marcus Vogel (years don't match) or whatever and a few others I found on the net, but no Guy Vogel.
    but just posted a rant about the Warrens in WWP in the thread. So he was or is still is in some sort of Freezone.
    I guess he hates the Warrens now. LOL
    Don't know if that is his actual name, he has other comments on one of Marty's post's too.

    He posted this comment back in 2011.
    Comment in Freezone site:
    I just attested to the “Int Rundown” after being slammed into my head thirty seven years ago right after completing a “Life Repair Program.” When I attested to “Life Repair” in 1974, I was truly blown out. However, about twenty five minutes after that, I slammed right back into my head. This incident never, ever came up again–but I knew it was a big concern. Even after several auditing programs afterwards, those auditors didn’t pick up on it. It was a big silent PTP. Today, I feel that this concern has finally been addressed. Les Warren has helped me repair this concern with the Int Rundown program. I feel relieved with what was–at one time–a major concern. I now feel that I can move forward. Thanks, Les. Also, thanks to myself for carrying this unwanted key in for so many years and having the courage to work through it with Les. Guy Vogel
    Another post 2015:
    partial snip:
    At least Mark Rathbun looks as if he knows that he is making a mistake in what he is doing. He does show some remorse mixed with some arrogance. Anyone would have his arrogance if they had his experience in the sea org and under DM. Anyway my last words are please look before you leap if you really want to help keep the tech standard. The tech works when delivered standard-ly and mixed with lots of ARC.
  103. RightOn Member

    Joseph Le Sanglier
    posts as Le Sanglier Joseph
    Blog comments on many Indie sites
  104. RightOn Member

    Gideon Rosenblatt - Free an Able business listing .

    maybe cross post to ESMB to see if they can confirm
    not in completions.
    Only Martin Rosenblatt in completions
    actually the listing on free an able may be spam looks like some Ireland gambling site
  105. Incredulicide Member

  106. RightOn Member

    Can anyone hear this persons name at 58:43?
    It is Judy something. Was Judy Manning while she was in.
    Said she worked for the Guardians Office n LA

    Also name tag at 1:15. Can anyone make it out?
  107. RightOn Member

    Elijah Louis listed on FZ site- link is dead
    Brian Dario -listed as auditor on FZ site
    Vlad Kaydakov
    Mike Moran
    Kim Anthony
    Omar Lalani
    Korneev Sergey
  108. Incredulicide Member

    Two names that testified at the Victorian Board of Inquiry were quoted by Steve Cannane in his book Fair Game, confirming they were Scientologists, but what's missing in the book is whether they are testifying as former members or current members being cross-examined. This detail would be revealed in the full transcripts if we got hold of them, until then not knowing if they had left before the inquiry or not means we can't add the names:

    George Maltby, a picture framer from Olinda and one of Melbourne's pioneering Scientologists, was not sure why Farrell was portraying himself as part of a religious movement [in 1955]. (Fair Game, page 58)
    "Farrell seemed to have got the idea firmly into his head. I don't think anybody else was greatly impressed with it." - page 4657, Anderson Inquiry transcript, 1964.

    Peter Crundall, one of the first staff members at Spring Street, a company director and father of four, wrote to Scientology's international headquarters asking that the local church's debts be cleared. (Fair Game, page 70)
    "I got quite upset, quite emotional," Crundall later testified. 'Dr Hubbard said,"Well, now look, my fellow, you are temporarily suspended until you get yourself some retraining and some processing and let us see that you are handling things in a more rational manner."' page 854, Anderson Inquiry transcript, 1964.
  109. RightOn Member

    As far as Peter Crundall Goes? He is in completions. There are two.
    But also says he was eliminated as a mission holder in 1982 and mentioned in the Freezone.
    Wonder if he left and came back in or, those are different Crundalls in completions
    Also listed a Leigh Crundall who hung themselves on the COS Suicide Wiki

    Completions has one under Peter Crundall entries up to 2007 and one under Peter R. Crundall and entries up to 2008
    Also asked about on Rinder's blog n 2013:
    &quot;What ever happened to the Westwood Mission, Peter &amp; Lisa Crundall?&quot;
    With no reply.
    Westowodd Mission info:
    Church Of Scientology, Mission Of Wilshire/Westwood is a California Domestic Corporation filed on May 21, 1973 . The company's filing status is listed as Suspended and its File Number is C0681178.

    The Registered Agent on file for this company is Donella Frost and is located at 12617 Mitchell Ave #4, Los Angeles, CA 90066. The company's principal address is 12617 Mitchell Ave #4, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

    The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Donella Frost from Los Angeles CA.
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  110. Incredulicide Member

    Randomly came across a name on wikipedia: James Skelton
    This seems to be from Black Magic in Tangier by Mark Walker (with the additional info that John's affliction was Polio), but it is contradicted by a couple things. From One Nation, Under Gods: A New American History by Peter Manseau:
    Another book, And Then It Was Winter: Went Away a Boy and Returned a Man, Volume Two by Loy VanNatter, mentions the same story without saying whether James Skelton remained a Scientologist.

    Page 23 of Ability magazine #158 in February 1964 lists James Skelton as the person to contact at "Scientology Mexico" for Training, Processing and Information, so he was still a Scientologist at least 8 years after failing to cure John Cooke of Polio.

    There are no completions to confirm Lucky Jim remained a Scientologist between 1964 and when he died in 1994, but without evidence of him speaking out in that time, we shouldn't add him.
  111. DeathHamster Member

    Scientology's un-invite list for WUS events, 2010. It includes a lot of Scientolgists who were members at that time, but were definitely on the Ethics shitlist and who are probably out now. Some interesting family names, probably with disconnection family fractures.

    Not enough to be added to the Big List, but a good place to look.
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  112. TrevAnon Member

  113. Incredulicide Member

    Helena Ulintz, aka Helena Cristina Nunes Henriques, Helen Henriques
    No completions found under any of those variants :(

    Age: Unknown
    Location: New York
    Years in: 2004-2006, 2014-2016
    The About button on G+ has an email address and P.O. Box number, along with this intro text:
    She has published a book of poetry under the pen name Romy Erikson, and is currently writing an autobiographical book.
  114. Incredulicide Member

    Second and apparently final video. She hints at a lot of views. Was it shared elsewhere, like Facebook? Is anyone commenting about knowing her from an Org?

  115. TrevAnon Member

    The first part got 4400 views, which I think is quite a lot for such a video.

    Haven't found it elsewhere.

    Maybe it got picked up in the FB-groups for Leah's show.
  116. TrevAnon Member

  117. Incredulicide Member

    Bobette Riales
  118. TrevAnon Member

  119. Incredulicide Member

    He replied to this book review by Brad Halsey, already on the list, remembering him from the DC Org:
    The specificity of the detail, ie. Brad giving him a guitar, in combination with no reply from Brad denying it, leads me to say this is a confirmation he was in.
    Brad or others from that time/location can always disprove it, but until then I vote we add Frank.
  120. TrevAnon Member

    yay for adding :)
  121. Incredulicide Member

    The yay votes have it, added! :D
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  122. TrevAnon Member

    So I went through the names in this thread for whom we have evidence of speaking out, but no evidence of having been in. Only 1 name to add.

    Oh well. At least I tried. :p
  123. TrevAnon Member

  124. TrevAnon Member

  125. TrevAnon Member

  126. TrevAnon Member

    Third video

    Also a google page with a long rant I didn't take the time to read

    And a book using Romy Erikson as a pen name

    If you have FB (Helena) (Romy)

    From what I understand quite a troubled soul. I wish her well. :(

    Maybe not legit:
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  127. TrevAnon Member

    Part IV is up

  128. TrevAnon Member

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  129. TrevAnon Member

    Laura Carreno liked a comment I made on the ban Aftermath show.

    Could well be that she only saw my first sentence. Over there you have to click to see the full comment. :p

    I can't find evidence she was in. So until further notice...

    like laura.JPG

    comment laura liked.JPG
  130. TrevAnon Member

  131. TrevAnon Member

  132. TrevAnon Member

  133. TrevAnon Member

  134. Incredulicide Member

  135. TrevAnon Member

  136. TrevAnon Member

  137. TrevAnon Member

  138. TrevAnon Member

  139. TrevAnon Member

  140. Incredulicide Member

    From wikipedia:
    "In the 1999 book, The Complete Guide to the Music of Leonard Cohen, the authors comment that Cohen's question, "Did you ever go clear?", in the song, is a reference to the Scientology state of "Clear".

    From the book Leonard Cohen: Prophet of the Heart:
  141. Incredulicide Member

  142. Incredulicide Member

    Not much more info, was in the last 3 months of 1979 in the "A" Building, didn't name any Scientologists in at that time with him. Had a car he drove others to/from the Org.Painted the inside walls of one floor of PAC sky blue overnight. Took his mother for a tour of the place saying they were having a couple days off in DIsneyland. Had keys to the teletype room so announced he was blowing on a typed note he left in that room.
  143. Incredulicide Member

    Can someone translate from Italian?

    Google translation of the video title/channel name/description:

    My HORRIBLE experience with Scientology
    My Giocoloso world
    I still shudder to think about it, but I wanted to tell this experience to make known something like that. Keep away from this sect, they just want your money.

    Other vids:
  144. TrevAnon Member

    ^ Asked at the Bunker and FB

    ETA tx Graham at the bunker

    you can get youtube to do a crude translation.
    Press the small cc symbol bottom right to turn on subtitles.
    Then bring up a menu by clicking the adjacent 'gear wheel' symbol.
    Click on subtitles > autotranslate > English.

    ETA 2 Riccardo Pagnin

    google translate

    Hello everyone, I'm Riccardo Pagnin, and my mission is to be able to spread my biggest passion, juggling. I hope to convey my passion well, and I apologize in advance if I'm not good at making videos, I accept advice. What to say, follow me and you will learn how to use your body, because I will teach you to play not only with your hands, but with your body. Welcome to the fantastic world of juggling.
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  145. Incredulicide Member

    Well that was a fun ride. It was so hard to catch the drift of what he was saying, I had to slow the video down to a quarter of the speed to re-read lines.

    So basically he left at 6am for a job interview without knowing it was to become a Scientology staff member, and returned at 9pm after being made to watch all the usual Scientology drek and then being pressured for hours to sign a contract, in the end getting his phone back and calling the cops because they wouldn't let him leave without signing, at which point they shoved him outside?
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  147. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  149. TrevAnon Member

    Copied Nathan's list, cleaned up a bit for people for whom he e.g. has only a first name, and then checked if they were in completions.

    The following people...

    Andy Nelson
    Atlanta Irons
    Brandon Faust
    Brandon Merritt
    Brian LeBarton
    Carly Sarkovich
    Carol Kingsley
    Cindy Blakeslee
    Darcy Angus
    David Crew
    David Silva
    Debbie Mace
    Derek Faust
    Devin Angus
    Dharmafree Wright
    Dino Harb
    Emma Rundle
    Garnet Ambrose
    Gillian Hollander
    Hannah Holmes
    James Dries
    Jazz Springer
    Jenny Supak
    Jesus Gimenez
    Jim Thomson
    Jorel Decker
    Judith Ambrose
    Karen Bernath
    Karen Hadley
    Kuryn Feshbach
    Kuryn Mitchell
    Lance Davis
    Larissa Decker
    Liberty Houston
    Mark Gale
    Matt Eckhart
    Matt Shepard
    Megan Demosthenes
    Mike Miller
    Miles Decker
    Molly Baxter
    Molly Ragan
    Nathan Camp
    Pam Angus
    Quentin Dallaserra
    Randy Baxter
    Ryan Murphy
    Scott Hulett
    Scott Simmons
    Shane Kenney
    Sherry Faust
    Shirley Young
    Stephen Ambrose
    Tao Haber
    Tip Evans
    Tony Grom
    Trevor Kowitz

    ... are also in completions

    The following people have Nathan's page as (for now) their only reference of having been in

    Adam Kasaki
    Aaron Debusk
    Adam Springer
    Alex Faust
    Alexia Pellegrini
    Allen Hodge
    Ashlie Wheeler
    Brian Meuse
    Caitlin Ellery
    Carmel Wordie
    Cecile Kinzl
    Charlie Brand
    CJ Suter
    Devin Carly
    Donavan Debusk
    Elizabeth Garrott
    Eric Young
    Erin Armondo
    Erin Hoolahan
    Esther Minkler
    Garrett Hadley
    Hugo Gervais
    James Baltes
    Jarred Shermerhorn
    Jason Crew
    Jason McClain
    Jennifer Kerezi?JK
    Jerry Reed
    Jan Gimenez
    John Hoffman
    John Swenson
    John Waring
    Jon Hoffman
    Josh Curtis
    Juro Davis
    Justin Camp
    Justin Isbel
    Kate Pawluskiewicz
    Kavon Smith
    Kelly Chapman
    Keri Debusk
    Kigen Davis
    Lita Baxter
    Marty Hulce
    Matt Butterworth
    Matt Dugan
    Matt Glockson
    Matt Redington
    Matt Renicks
    Matt Shepherd
    Michel Zelman
    Mike Schauer
    Nathan Rich
    Nicole Oxman
    Elizabeth Stewart
    Olavo Minkler
    Patricia Minkler
    Trish Cook
    Paul Gilet
    Paul Gilett
    Quincy Jones
    Richard Kim
    Richie Santangelo
    Rigel Records
    Rocky Smith
    Ross Hulett
    Ruthanne Crew
    Ryan Dixon
    Sam Finkelstein
    Sayyadina Wright
    Shane Drake
    Shannon Cruz
    Shauna Hanks
    Tamar Levi
    Terri Ragan
    Veronica Chan
    Wynn Parham
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  150. TrevAnon Member

    Michelle Reed posts at esmb telling she's out for 6 years

    Can't find confirmation she was in. According to her profile over at ESMB (click username) she's 24 which would mean she was 18 when she left. Maybe born in?
  151. TrevAnon Member

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  152. TrevAnon Member

  153. TrevAnon Member

  154. TrevAnon Member

  155. Incredulicide Member

    Noel Rod (might be a stage name, he's a stand up comic) grew up around PAC Base and was on the EPF for about a year when he was 10 (not in completions obviously):

    Says his mother was OT II. Anyone remember him?
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  157. TrevAnon Member

  158. TrevAnon Member

  159. TrevAnon Member

  160. TrevAnon Member


    Hi MAK. It's been YEARS since I've posted on these blogs. I used to post heavily under the handle MsBustaMove, regrding my days at Delphi. I think that was still scared of....well, what was I to be afraid of? I'm not sure. So, I used the name MsBustaMove. Now I'm 53. So who gives a shit? My name is Marc Mursell (now spell my last name Myrsell, but that's a whole 'nother story). I entered Delphi, just turning 11 years of age in June, 1977. I spent most of the next 6 & 1/2 years there until the fall of 1983. I was one of the first non-scietology students there at the time and, without a doubt was in the minority during my tenure there. Of course, we had to do "scientology-lite", like the BSM and the Comm course and stuff. I was certainly offered auditing, but turned it down. I think that I was too much of a fire-brand, PTS to be ever offered a serious lead in to the church. I feel that for most of my time there, I was on the "cat-bird seat", being a non-scientologist. They could throw the book at me and make me do conditions for rule-breaking. But not quite "all the way" as if I were a scientology kid. I don't need to tell you that I saw a fair amount of friends convert and heard that friends converted later. Nor do I need to tell you of all the goings on during the period. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you keeping this thread going. Marc. ....p.s. I so looked forward to on-campus suspension so as to be able to split wood and feed it in to the boiler room fire-box. BAD ASS!
  161. TrevAnon Member

    Did a quick search for the names at (an Indie Italian Scientology group) but couldn't find proof they were once in the COS.

    Alessandro Doglio
    Anders Bloom
    Anicka Jelinkova
    Annamaria Bertoli
    Dario Albanese
    Elena Cominotti
    Emma Santoro
    Flavio Florian
    Francesca Paola D’asdia
    Giada Agosti
    Giada Russo
    Giorgio Ragusa
    Giulia Oliva
    Giuseppe Bonali
    Ifigenia Rinaldi
    Ingrid Ferrero
    Ivan Marsiglia
    Jana Silovska
    Lorenzo Cipriani
    Lucia Christina Florens
    Lucia Cristina Florens
    Lukas Malek
    Roberto Riganelli
    Roger Lombardi
    Rosa Cremonesi
    Rosalba Bianchi
    Rossella Gavardini
    Samantha Resgan
    Sara Black
    Stefano Vairani
    Valentina Riganelli
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  163. TrevAnon Member

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  164. Incredulicide Member

    Mariah Springstead, youtube comment. No evidence from elsewhere of her being in..
  165. Incredulicide Member

  166. Incredulicide Member

    Is Katy Dudley a real name or pseudonym?
    Found no evidence of her being in. Mentions being in Texas in another comment, and there is a Katy, Texas location.
  167. TrevAnon Member

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  168. Incredulicide Member

    I just put "David and Raphael Franchi" into google translate from English to Italian and got "David e Raphael Franchi" so that's good enough for me to add Raphael :)

    Raphael deciding to use a directly cropped version of their Facebook picture for his Discus profile picture helps confirm it too LOL.
  169. TrevAnon Member

    Interesting video

  170. Incredulicide Member

    Interesting response

    In this Q&A video she claims to have never gotten an IAS membership card while on the EPF. Convenient lack of evidence of being in, hmm...
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  171. Incredulicide Member

    Probably should note that she has now interviewed another person claiming to have visited an Org, Austin Huntsman. Neither Kiska Sokolov nor Kayla Steward are in completions, though that doesn't mean much having only been in 4 months. To be added she'll need to be interviewed by reputable or vouched for by someone already on the list.
  172. LaFleurNoire Member

    Hi! Please check out my recorded call with current Scientologists that clearly state they remember me.

    If anyone has questions, please ask me directly instead of making a video. I'm sure it's to discredit and embarrass me, but that's ok, bc none of you really know me. My boyfriend at the time and I did receive a freeloader debt, but since it isn't legally enforceable we did nothing. Also, talking to ex Sea Org members, they said it shouldn't have taken me as long as it did on the EPF. The interview I did with the guy named Austin Huntsman turned out to be bullshit, and so I removed both videos of him. I'm new to vetting people and what not, but I'm connecting with others to help me in the future. Thanks for posting my video here. I'm trying my best. Also, I dont know what this big list is about. I dont want popularity or fame, I just hoped my story would maybe help someone, and I wanted to try to do something to help in any way I can. That's all.
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  173. Incredulicide Member

    Hi Kayla! I definitely agree that the call has two current Scientologists vouching for you being in. We hardly ever get to talk directly with people we add to the list and rely on what else is online, so it's not that fame inducing. It's only big in number of names on it, not popularity.

    I'll use this video series playlist as the link to your story on the list.

    Thanks for replying here, and I'm sure your videos are helping others and the more you do the better! To me you're the genuine one, and I'm wondering if that guy fawkes mask video response is somebody related to your ex-boyfriend overreacting to how he was depicted or something, and rewatching it I'm now inclined to ignore it more as a self-discrediting video than anything.

    Regarding the IAS membership card, it occurs to me that is more for Public scientologists for ID purposes whenever they attend events, etc. versus EPF/Sea Org/staff who see each other every day at an Org so don't need to rely on cards when already familiar with faces.
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  174. Incredulicide Member

    Mirrors: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

    Ability 2 Minor (1955) page 8
    Houston - Advanced Clinical Course (ACC) graduate:
    Ann Sharpe

    Ability 5 Major (1955) page 18
    London - Bachelor of Scientology graduates:
    (name - original location)
    Bernard Green - Dublin, Eire
    Gerald Antony Gordon Young - Bovingden, Herts, England
    Herbert George Parkhouse - Exeter, Devon, England
    James Richard Skelton - London
    William Tindale Crossley - London
    Anton De Waal - Johannesburg, South Africa
    Douglas William Mynett - London
    Alfred William McConnochie - London
    Richard Frank Devereux - London
    Leonard William Bosworth - Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England
    Evelyn Marie Wiegand - London
    Lancelot Allan Harrison - Bournemouth, Herts, England

    Ability 38 (1956) page 5-6
    15th ACC graduates:
    Jack Harness
    Linc Burstein
    Roy Justin
    Dick Ferg
    Marilynn Routsong
    John Galusha
    Jan Halpern
    Dick Halpern
    Inez Graf

    Ability 53 (1957) pages 5-6
    Phoenix, Arizona - 3rd ACC graduate (February 12th, 1954):
    Peggy Conway

    Ability 56 (1957) pages 12-14
    18th ACC graduates:
    (name - original location)
    Maxine Farnum - Tucson, Arizona
    Toni Savant - Tucson, Arizona
    Alan Adler - Beverly Hills, California
    Walula M. Exleton - Garden Grove, California
    Audrey Mallaber Robbins - California
    Ruth L. Knudsen - El Cajon, California
    John McCormick - San Diego, California
    Margee McCormick - San Diego, California
    Joyce I. Barret - San Francisco, California
    Jack Spears - San Francisco, California
    John W. Galusha - Pueblo, Colorado
    Burke Belknap - Washington, D.C.
    J. M. Brand (aka Smokey Brand) - Washington, D.C.
    Don Breeding - Washington, D.C.
    Bab Cantwell - Washington, D.C.
    Marcia Carroll - Washington, D.C.
    William J. Fisk - Washington, D.C.
    Alfred Kozak - Washington, D.C.
    John Lapp - Washington, D.C.
    Will Lapp - Washington, D.C.
    Julia Lewis Salmen - Washington, D.C.
    Ken Salmen - Washington, D.C.
    John Sanborn - Washington, D.C.
    Ann Sherman - Washington, D.C.
    Kathy L. Talent - Washington, D.C.
    Philip Talent - Washington, D.C.
    Laura Christy Webster - Washington, D.C.
    Laurel M. J. Whiteford - Washington, D.C.
    Wynne N. Whiteford - Washington, D.C.
    Ralph Swanson - Orlando, Florida
    Ralph Ojeda - Chicago, Illinois
    Katherine Miner - Glencoe, Illinois
    William Phillip Johnson - Worth, Illinois
    Ann Gonzales - Shreveport, Louisiana
    Skippy Helling - Valley Lee, Maryland
    James P. Gillespie - Northfield, Massechusetts
    Refa Postel - Berkley, Michigan
    Luzette Oostdyke Sparin - Detroit, Michigan
    Laura D. Walsh - Muskegon, Michegan
    Vern Cressler - Brentwood, Missouri
    Mary H. Adams - Kansas City, Missouri
    Woodward R. McPheeters (aka Woody McPheeters) - Webster Groves, Missouri
    Dick Ferg - Camden, New Jersey
    John Farrell - Camden, New Jersey
    Irving Garfield - Camden, New Jersey
    Bruce D. Raymond - Princeton, New Jersey
    Joe Belotte - Troy, New York
    Neil R. Brown - Albany, New York
    William V. Joel - Yonkers, New York
    Al Michel - Bronx, New York
    Mae J. Paquette - New York, New York
    Carmen Reid - Long Island, New York
    Tom Reid - Long Island, New York
    Bob Ross - New York, New York
    Constance W. Godfrey - Cleveland, Ohio
    Mary V. Gray - Dayton, Ohio
    Mae E. Gehringer - Allen Town, Pennsylvania
    Ann Sharpe - Houston, Texas
    Larry Lehman - Weslaco, Texas
    Vern Johnson - East Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jean Townley - Madison, Wisconsin
    Rosina Mann - Sideup, Kent, England
    Frank E. Turnbull - Auckland, New Zealand
    Pedro Gotay - Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
    J.F. Van Staden - Bloemfontein, South Africa
    U. Keith Gerry - Johannesburg, South Africa

    Ability 68 (1958) page 6
    19th ACC graduates:
    (name - original location)
    John Anderson - Auckland, New Zealand
    Pat Arnold - Vashon, Washington
    Ron Arnold - Vashon, Washington
    Burke Belknap - Washington, D.C.
    Phil Bennet - Millville, New Jersey
    Charles Berner - Highgrove, California
    Herman Budzilek - Bridgeport, Conneticut
    Nancy Crum - Costa Mesa, California
    Richard Foster - Merritt Island, Florida
    Adele Frederick - Washington, D.C.
    Mike Furse - Gloustershire, England
    Esta Gluck - Washington, D.C.
    Connie Godfrey - Washington, D.C.
    Inez Graf - Oak Park, Illinois
    Louise Greene - Durban, South Africa
    Peter Greene - Durban, South Africa
    Jack Harness - Washington, D.C.
    Carl Jardine - Encino, California
    LaVerne Jardine - Sherman Oaks, California
    Ray Kemp - London, England
    Jonathan Kenworthy - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    John Lapp - Washington, D.C.
    William A. Lapp - Washington, D.C.
    Margeret von Mach - New York, New York
    Esther Mathews - Malvern, Pennsylvania
    Al Michel - Washington, D.C.
    George Montgomery - Phoenix, Arizona
    Bruce Raymond - Princeton, New Jersey
    Ferdinand Reich - New York, New York
    Don Robinson - Millville, New Jersey
    Marilynn Routsong - Washington, D.C.
    George Seidler - Peoria, Illinois
    Franklin Sullivan - Farmington, Michigan
    Joe Wallace - Pheonix, Arizona
    Pauline Ward - Highland Park, Michigan

    Ability 72 (1958) page 9
    Kenneth Salmen - Los Angeles
    Peter Mayer - Chicago
    Nina West - London

    Ability 73 (1958) pages 11-12
    Julia Lewis Salmen
    Ron Arnold
    Pat Arnold

    Ability 74 (1958) page 11
    Alison Parkhouse - South Africa
    Jack Parkhouse - South Africa
    Harriet Yeller - South Africa
    Rhona Swinburne - London
    John Fudge - London
    Joan DeVille - London
    Dick Devereux - London
    Michael Pernatta - London
    Bob Harvey - Washington, D.C.
    Rebecca Jones - Washington, D.C.
    Nate Gordon - Washington, D.C.
    Elaine Nichols - Washington, D.C.
    Paul Nickel - Washington, D.C.
    Wayne Rohrer - Washington, D.C.
    Charles Winkel - Venezuala

    Ability 82 (1958) pages 10-11
    20th ACC graduates:
    Miriam St. Georges
    Tony Dunleavy
    Mark Roberts
    Ted Dunn
    Andy Parlogean
    Jack Horner
    Oswald Swallow
    Margaret Watson
    Phyllis Fletcher
    Edla Ilger
    Connie Godfrey
    Elanore Eddy
    John Roberts
    Helen Sandfuchs
    Melody Horner
    Kay Miner
    Max Clay
    Hal Ingraham
    Jack Parkhouse
    Alison Parkhouse
    Burke Belknap
    Robert Wingate
    Ralph Swanson
    Inger Hermann
    Esta Gluck
    Len Hamilton
    Jae Hawks
    Mary Gray
    Frank Herren
    Bill Lowrance
    Rick Walker
    Louis Jordan
    Stan Stromfeld
    Harold Ladas
    Peter Crundall
    Ruth Lovejoy
    Bruce Raymond
    Claire Stones
    Dawn Crundall
    Betty Halliday
    John Wolfe
    Reggie Farnum
    George Montgomery
    Elise Mielke
    Arie Klopp
    L.J. Clifford
    Maida Johnston
    Bill Stewart
    Rick Maurer
    Ann Sharpe
    Joseph Breeden
    Mary Bell Shepherd
    Frank Dake
    Dale Kathary
    Joyce Barrett
    Ray Kinney
    Adele Frederick

    Ability 91 (1959) page 11
    5th London ACC graduate:
    John Fudge (29th November, 1958)

    Ability 92 (1959) page 11
    21st American ACC graduates
    Alan J. Adler
    Peter Allcroft
    Charles Allen
    Barbara Austin
    Andrew J. Bagley
    Frank Bannister
    Joyce Barrett
    Joan F. Beak
    Burke Belknap
    Louis Bellucci
    Joseph Belotte
    Philip Bennett
    Harry Boas
    Josepth Breeden
    Donald G. Breeding
    Dudley Brooks
    Carolynann Brown
    A. Lincoln Burstein
    Ellen M. Carder
    Adelia K. Case
    Harry W. Case
    Fred M. Connell
    Vern Cressler
    Philip H. Delano
    Fernando Estrada
    John R. Farrell
    Ann Fish
    Donna Fisk
    William John Fisk
    Phyllis M. Fletcher
    Adele M. Frederick
    George Gallifant
    John W. Galusha
    Mildred D. Galusha
    Inez Graf
    Reggie Grant
    Mary N. Gray
    Nell Greene
    Jessie Hampton
    Jack Harness
    Jae Hawks
    Pedro Hernandez
    Jack Horner
    Melody Horner
    Clarence Humphrey
    Harry Ingraham
    William V. Joel
    Vern Johnson
    Vonne Kathary
    John Kenworthy
    Ray Kinney
    Maxine Kozak
    John A. Lapp
    William A. Lapp
    Duane Leazenby
    John Leonard
    Marjorie Leslie
    Thomas C. Lovejoy
    Jonell McDonald
    Teri McPheeters
    Rosina Mann
    Esther B. Mathews
    Anne Mauch
    Rick Mauerer
    Frank Maury
    Helen Meadmore
    Roger Meadmore
    Katharine Miner
    George H. Montgomery
    Frederick Mueller
    Mae J. Paquette
    James H. Parker
    Alison Parkhouse
    Harold Penny
    Gabriel Petroski
    Oscar Pons
    William S. Ransom
    Carmen Reid
    Thomas A. Reid
    Charles Reisdorf
    Mark Roberts
    Alvin E. Robinson
    Robert B. Ross
    Marilyn Routsong
    Jacqueline Sainte Anne
    Ken Salmen
    George Seidler
    Harriett Senogles
    Ron Sheridan
    Glenn F. Sisson
    George D. Smith
    Luzette Oostdyke Sparin
    Phyll Stevens
    Steve Stevens
    Richard Steves
    William M. Stewart
    Manfred Stansfield
    Sylvan Stein
    Donald Stewart
    Lyle Sudrow
    Franklin S. Sullivan
    Kathy Talent
    Robert L. Taylor
    J. Harold Thibodeau
    Jean Townley
    Margaret von Mach
    Jim Watson
    John Hugh Winters

    Ability 113 (March 1960) page 6
    The following listed auditors successfully completed the
    Special HCS Course conducted in Washington, D.C. from
    January 4 to February 13, 1960:
    Jeanne P. Antill
    Victor T. Foster
    Pedro A. Gotay
    David Hacker
    Evelyn Hacker
    Stephen Hacker
    Robert A. Harvey
    John J. Imburgia
    Stella M. King
    Maurice A. Lerud
    Marjorie Leslie
    Marvelle Murphy
    Refa Postel
    Karl Reinke
    Vicki M. Selzer
    Paul Spikes
    Barbara Steven
    Peter Thrasher
    Howard O. Tiller
    Doris Wright
    Laurabeth Wright (aka Rusty Wright)

    Ability 121 (October 1960) page 15
    1st Saint Hill A.C.C. (Advanced Cinical Course):
    Gilbert Black
    Evelyn Bircher
    Alan Burton
    Marietta Burton
    Demetri Chronis
    Julian Cooper
    John Cronin
    Joan Davis
    Jean Jacques Delance
    Peter J. Davis
    Harry Dorfman
    Lucile Duncan
    Edward Fuller
    Marigold Brierly
    Mario Feninger
    Michael Furse
    Sheila Gaiman
    David Gaiman
    Jean Gill
    Eileen Hibberson
    Rita Metz
    Fred Meuller
    Valerie Obin
    Jennifer O'Connor
    Jenny Parkhouse
    Jim Pembry
    Anthony Phillips
    Des Popham
    Adrian Potts
    Bevan Preece
    Sally Reder
    Eileen Russell
    Raymond Saunders
    Vick Selzer
    Arthur Shutte
    Darrell Sykes
    Murray Tait
    Harry Thomson
    Victor Valente
    Edgar Watson

    Ability 128 (May 1961) page 13
    Australia - Clear:
    Brenda Scott

    Ability 132 (September 1961) page 5
    Johannesburg South Africa - HGC Clear:
    Hal Roland

    Ability 139 (May-June 1962) page 11
    The following Saint Hill graduates are Class III auditors:
    (name - original location)
    Virginia Berner - California
    Pon Bull - South Africa
    John Galusha - Colorado
    Pam Kemp - California
    Ron Senogles - South Africa
    Doris Lambright - New York
    Maxine Kozak - Pennsylvania
    Jenny Edmonds - England

    Ability 140 (July-August 1962) page 9
    Recent Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Departures:
    Wing Angell Class III Honours (6 July 1962)
    Smokey Angell Class II Honours (6 July 1962)
    Dorothy Broaded Class III (22 June 1962)
    Ann Chapman Class III (15 June 1962) Australia
    Jan Halpern Class III (14 June 1962)
    Dick Halpern Class III (14 June 1962)
    Charles Berner Class III (14 June 1962)
    John Fudge Class III Honours (8 June 1962)
    (4 extra names had "Course Incomplete" next to their names)

    Ability 145 (January 1963) page 11
    The following U.S. Scientologists have recently graduated:
    Donna Fisk Class IV Provisional
    Bill Fisk Class III Provisional
    Frank Leard Class IV Provisional
    Esta Gluck Class III
    Lucy Duncan Class III
    John Imburgia Class IV Provisional
    Katherine Miner Class III Provisional
    Essie Shaffer Class III
    Tom Reid Class III
    Dorothy Holcombe Class III
    Denise Seeley Class III
    Bill Simmons Class IV
    Cliff Clifford Class III
    Robert Romeo Class III
    Red Shea Class IV Provisional
    Wayne Rohrer Class IV

    Ability 152 (August 1963) page 12
    Saint Hill Graduate Class IV with Honors:
    Pedro Doria (June 7th, 1963)

    Ability 153 (September 1963) page 15
    HGA Class III:
    Joe Breeden

    Ability 156 (December 1963) page 10
    Froedel C. Bagley
    Esther J. Mangold
    Jean Karen Fredericks
    Allen A. Kapuler
    Stella King
    David Hacker
    Carolie Jean Lambright
    Raymond Tridente
    Kay Harriman
    Werner Behnke
    Paul Milton Breeden
    Eunice Ford
    Heidi Lockwood
    Michael J. Moran
    Robert Howard Thomas
    Ivan Jankovsky
    Rula Deanne Satterfield
    Mel Lachs
    Diana Watson
    Ernest Joseph Martin
    Stanley W. Standal
    Floy J. Smith
    John P. Wooten
    David Hancock
    Maureen Adkin
    Ellen D. Arnold
    David Hunter
    Elsa M. Vickery
    Calvin Drennen
    Eleanor Voight Hacker
    Mary A. Vonie
    Ruth Minshull
    Edward Michael Lefson
    Paulette Schieringa
    Paul K. Schieringa

    Ability 162 (August 1964)
    Washington D.C. - Class VI (page 3):
    Joseph Breeden
    Washington D.C. - Class VI (page 15):
    David Aldrich
    New York - Class VI (page 14):
    Stanley Stromfeld
    Canada - Class VI (page 14):
    Jack Horner

    Ability 175 Major (October 1965) page 8
    Wahington D.C. - HGA Class VII:
    Carolie Jean Lambright (aka Candy Lambright)
    Esther Mangold

    Ability 176A Minor (November 1965) page 4
    Washington D.C. - Release levels 0-IV inclusive:
    Karolyn Y. Kellogg
    Goldie Barris
    J. Harvey Creecy
    Janet Field
    Ruth M. Fairchild
    Thomas S. Mertes
    Charity Roberts
    Nina Imbergia

    Ability 192 (April 1967) page 10
    Charlotte North Carolina - Hubbard Executive Course graduate:
    Herb Sutphin
  175. Incredulicide Member

    When I get more time I'm going to check these full names against the "first initials" ones from the South African enquiry and New Zealand inquiry listed at

    EDIT: No matches from the last names listed for those two countries.
    Helen and Roger Meadmore (21st American ACC graduates, 1959) and Laurel M. J. Whiteford (18th ACC graduate, 1958) are on the Victorian inquiry witness list, but of course that's the list we don't know if names on it are testifying for or against Scientology without the full transcript of the inquiry half a decade after they graduated.
  176. Incredulicide Member

    Candice Sumera
    Left after ~10 years (verify in part 2 video yet to come) - student of Gloria Gifford at the Beverly Hills Playhouse - her story (skip to 29:45)

    Cannot find her in completions under her current last name.
  177. Incredulicide Member

    Bob, no last name revealed. In for 5 years in the 70s in New Zealand, skip to 2 minutes 50 seconds:
  178. TrevAnon Member

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  179. TrevAnon Member

  180. Incredulicide Member

    Lucy Boryer posted this on her own channel, being an actress I think this is her just doing some acting?

    Not in completions, it's her birthname according to IMDB bio:
    A clip of her from Star Trek TNG:
  181. TrevAnon Member

  182. TrevAnon Member

    A google search led me to this Auditor magazine, issue 110.

    In completions there's a Pat Boryer who did the minister's course.

    Could be related, or could not be. When I google someone's name these days, such a thing happens a lot. People tried it in the 80s of 90s, then moved on. And now they have kids who were never in themselves but heard of their parents about the COS - or through media in the last decade.

    Attached Files:

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  183. TrevAnon Member

    Follow up

  184. TrevAnon Member

  185. TrevAnon Member

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