help me collect 3rd party, "reputable" sources

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  1. help me collect 3rd party, "reputable" sources

    I'm writing up an info pack containing only widely accepted reputable sources. The reason being, outsiders may look at and mistakenly take it for crazy conspiracy theory stuff. They would follow the links and find that the site links to within itself, reinforcing this impression. This applies even moreso to doubtful members of the church. So, I want an info pack full of news articles from the original sites, court cases from government websites, and references to Scientology's own sites, that those people can find if they want it. I think that this would make a good flier to pass around. Since people won't want to type in a bunch of URLs, I'll also mirror the flier online, and put the link to this mirror on the flier, so they only have to type in one URL. And of course, I would also want this list in original or any altered form to be used by anybody who wants it as a reference on their site.

    So, I ask, if anybody has on hand some good, reputable, original sources detailing things like their various "Operations", their lawsuits, their harassment of people, disconnection policy, brainwashing, attempts to infiltrate society, etc, could you post them for me to collect? Here's what I have so far, to give an idea:

    A) Cite court cases, official documents.

    B) News articles/publications. Brief note mentioning that Scientology removed criticism from wikipedia page, ... 87,00.html Scientology infiltrating Britain's public schools

    Big articles ... html?imw=Y - Time Magazine ... cientology - Rolling Stone article

    C) THEIR OWN WEBSITE AND LITERATURE. Exerts from openly available CoS sources like Dianetics, etc, to make the reality of all this more apparent.


    Because of this, the suppressive person seeks to upset,
    continuously undermine, spread bad news about and denigrate betterment
    activities and groups. Thus the antisocial personality is against what
    Scientology is about — helping people become more able and improving
    conditions in society. For the good of the Church and the individuals
    in it, such a person is officially labeled asuppressive person so that
    others will know not to associate with him.


    The first Sea Org members formulated a one-billion-year pledge to
    symbolize their commitment to the religion as immortal spiritual


    If an individual attempting to improve his life through
    Scientology is encountering persistent opposition from a close
    associate, his spiritual advancement is impeded.

    In the vast majority of cases, the antagonism is rooted in false
    information about Scientology and providing the true data ends the
    matter. As a last resort, when all attempts to sort out such
    situations have failed, the Scientologist may decide to disconnect
    from the person until the antagonism ceases.

    D) Youtube links to 60 minutes, BBC, etc, for more info.

    60 Minutes - Operation Freakout. Probably from the 80s.
    Part 1
    Part 2

    BBC - Scientology and Me
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
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  3. Sorry, I've sortof lost interest in this whole thing. I'll dump off the rest of what I have in case anyone wants it. I talked to a webmaster of this site, they might have use for it later.

    News articles A Scientologist owns the Cult Awareness Network ... publi.html Assorted legal problems with the church around the world.

    Big articles,8816,951938,00.html - Time Magazine, re: mysterious fate of of L Ron Hubbard; power struggle at high levels; mentions infiltration of IRS ... cientology - Rolling Stone article

    Assorted pages 29-30. (tax exempt scientology private schools; supposedly Jewish and Christian schools don't get this)
    "US Tax Court Docket for a case in which it was decided that, although Scientology gets tax exempt status for their "schools", 2 Jewish religious schools would not. Admittedly, the legal reasoning makes sense, but pg 29-30 (I think) have some good bits regarding the secret agreement between the IRS and Scientology." ... ogy&st=nyt WORLD BRIEFING | EUROPE; Belgium: Scientology Faces Criminal Charges ... ossed/full - Paulette Cooper, fair game. Assorted things.

    "Scientology's Fanatical Military" ... l-military

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