Help locating cite re radiation claims

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by musketeerwang, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. musketeerwang Member

    Help locating cite re radiation claims

    Does anyone have a reliable reference for this quote:


    It's variously given as being in Hubbard's "All About Radiation", and on as being in "Fundamentals of Thought".

    But I can't find it in either :?: Even though the almost-as-bogus "Tens of thousands of case histories (reports on patients, individual records) all sworn to (attested before public officials) are in the possession of the organization ...." definitely IS in "Fundamentals".

    I'm guessing they've airbrushed this hilarious quote out of later editions. Can anyone confirm?
  2. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Help locating cite re radiation claims

    Paulette Cooper's references all check out fine, they're accurate and they're in "All About Radiation".
    The most telling are the claims around Dianazene - that it can "run out" radiation is there too (Dianazene being a made-up medication consisting of vitamins". It's clearly implied that other Scientology "tech" constitute cures as well. However, she doesnt' use the quote ("Scientology is the only specific (cure) for radiation (atomic bomb) burns.") and likewise I can't locate it in the version of "All About Radiation" I have.

    I must have the wrong edition (it's an e-book without the frontispiece), but the latest date in it is 1978, so it appears to be the '79 edition.

    Plenty of other choice cuts (besides Paulette's) though;
  3. TsuDhoNimh Member

    "Here is a good example. A man came into the Hubbard Scientology Organization in Phoenix. He had been driving past one of the atomic bomb explosion sites and as he went past the site at some considerable distance away, he saw the flash on the horizon. ***At once his face and eyes swelled and he could hardly drive into Phoenix.*** He was in terrible condition and felt very bad about this. So I just gave him a Scientology assist and the swelling went down immediately."

    Utter rubbish. Phoenix is nowhere NEAR any of the explosion sites! We can rule out Trinity (New Mexico) because it was before Dianetics/Scientology. That leaves Nevada, at Frenchman Flat, some before 1962's last test. It's in a dry lake bed, with some mountain ranges between it and the public highways (93 and 95) on east and west sides. They did above-ground testing there because it's so isolated. There are a few places where you might see the flash from the highway, but at a distance of many miles.

    If this victim's face and eyes swelled so bad he "could hardly drive into Phoenix" ... how did he manage to drive more than 300 miles ... south THROUGH Las Vegas, across Boulder Dam into Arizona, across the desert to Kingman, and then south across more desert (on a really poor excuse of a highway) on 93 into the Phoenix area and all the way into downtown Phoenix to get to the Scientology center?


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