Help in translating a few words to Farsi

Discussion in 'Translations' started by mugenjohncel, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. mugenjohncel Member

    Hello everyone... I am mugenjohncel, nice to meet you all and apologies for my bad english. I am currently working on a VN (Visual Novel) and wanted to test if Farsi can be integrated without problems in Ren'py and I am now humbly asking assistance for anyone with knowledge on how to translate the following lines that are highlighted in bold letters...

    - Heavy Metal Girl

    - Madonna

    - Episode 1 - Humble Origins

    - Start (Start a new game)

    - Load (Load a saved game)

    - Options (Configurations)

    - Extras (Extra mode)

    - Quit

    Here are a couple of screenshots...




    More info regarding this project can be found on this page...

    Thank you...
  2. padfoot-IRAN Member

    Hi mugenjohncel,
    Madonna is a name and should not be translated.
    In Persian, Madonna is written like: مدونا

    Heavy Metal Girl Madonna:
    مدونا، دختر هوی متال

    Episode 1 - Humble Origins
    بخش نخست - آغاز تواضع




    اضافه ها


    If you want any extra info about pronunciation just leave a comment!

  3. mugenjohncel Member

    Thank You

    Thank You very much padfoot.

    This is very great help. Initial reason is to test if Farsi can be displayed properly in Ren'py. Sir Padfoot are you a busy person?... I have this far fetched idea but is it possible to work with you in translating this VN project into Farsi?... Unfortunatelly, this is a free project so I can't pay you but I will credit you properly... and sorry for my bad english...

    Another unrelated question... how is Visual Novel received in the middle east? (I am assuming you are currently living there)... Are there active projects for translating VN's into Farsi or active groups in the middle east creating VN's...

    Thank you...

  4. padfoot-IRAN Member

    Hi Johan,
    I'll help you, but yes, I am a little busy!
    I don't know about middle east, but unfortunately in Iran, VNs are not mellow yet!
    But hope your idea will help this!
    You can contact me with my email address, because these conversations are not allowed in forum rules!
    my email address is: iR.iRan.iRan.iR[at]gmail
    I'll w8 for your response.

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