Headley vs. CSI [Fair Game Questions

Discussion in 'Marc Headley v. Church of Scientology Internationa' started by leroyjenkins, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. leroyjenkins Member

    This came up in my mind lately regarding fair game and this lawsuit.

    Why would any scientologist fair game attack or think about harming Marc Headley if he is trying to get Scientologists who are working for the "church" a fair wage with benefits?

    Wouldn't people within Scientology be doing something counter-intuitive by trying to fair game him. I know they do put outside PI's do some dirty crap. The pictures dont lie, people are in scientology being overworked for chump change, some times not even getting paid. We heard about the guards at Second Chance not getting paid last month, center shut down.

    If you are not getting paid minimium wage or pay never comes or even not paid at all for doing work of the church - then there should be thousands coming and demanding fairness. Hell hospital workers shut down hospitals on a moments notice based on standard living wages. Scientologists should be doing the same.

    In a related note:
    YouTube - Contractor vs Church of Scientology
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    Re: Headley vs. CSI [Fair Game Questions

    merged, hope you don't mind me editing the first post on you
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    Re: Headley vs. CSI [Fair Game Questions

    Fair Game does not result from individual decisions if I'm not mistaken. If it's a thread to the organisation, the organisation deals with it. This organisation is centralized and authoritarian. People do stuff because they are ordered to do it, not because they decide to harm someone.
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    They will not be told specifically why they are targeting a person (or they will be told something fabricated).
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    Re: Headley vs. CSI [Fair Game Questions

    The answer is that the individuals who are members of the Church of Scientology have absolutely no say in anything. It's the Org itself that makes all the statements and because they do not want to pay their members a living wage ( or any wage for that matter) you get these comments! The Church of Scientology rips off everyone...most of all their members! They also keep them completely in the dark regarding any gains that are being won for them, that's the whole point of the Riverside Ordinance. Who doesn't get to see what Anonymous is doing if we protest away from the Org? Not the public, that's right, the members! How could they possibly keep them working for nothing and putting up with all their crimes and abuses if they knew about them? The anwer is they could not! When I first started to uncover the crimes of the Church of Scientology I just thought they were a bunch of crooks, they are not, they are a criminal oganization that has conned and exploited a bunch of very nice people and one of their primary tools is making sure they never hear the truth. That's what Anons are here for, spreading the truth.
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    Re: Headley vs. CSI [Fair Game Questions

    May I suggest that you look for anti-trade unions tactics ? If it works in the wog world, it can certainly be done within scientology.

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