Haystack: New proxy system (AustinHeap hits a grand slam!!)

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Nedasites, Slowloris, Squid, Tor, and now Haystack. The hits just keep on coming. Nobody controls the internet.

  2. Geraldanthro Member

    truly awesome

    Congrads and kudos.

  3. Vee Member

    Awesome work Austin
  4. This is good news. Squid is a powerful tool no doubt, but with too many arcane configuration options to screw up and it's hard as fuck to see whether it's doing exactly what you want.
  5. Srpska Member

    OK, we have a little while before it becomes available, so let's review methods of distribution.

    1. Torrents.

    There are fucking bajillions of trackers out there, but basically I'd go with these: The 5 Most Popular BitTorrent Trackers | TorrentFreak

    2. Digg and similar.

    Digg, Slashdot, Fark, Delicious - I would also include Facebook and Twitter among these. Get the link out there as widely as possible. Might also be worth sending a press release to El Reg - this would be right up their alley.

    3. YouTube

    It might be worth someone making a brief video recapping why a secure set of pipes for the Iranian people is so badly needed, and introducing Haystack. I'm not sure what YouTube's current status is in Iran.

    4. /i/

    As well as telling the Iranians, we need to tell the rest of the Internet Hate Machine - in particular, /iran/ - Project Greenwave. The more of *us* know about it, the easier it will be to spread the word.

    5. Anything else I've forgotten?

    Frankly I would dearly love to send in the Red Arrows to write "" in red, white and blue smoke on the sky over Tehran, but that might not be practical SADFACE
  6. gr88iran Member

    Hi Dude!
    Thanks for the great job :) I advertised our program (Nedasites) through Twitter and Facebook. It was quite good. Especially if you can promote it on Mousavi's page, it would be great because it has so many users from all around the world (Iranians and non-Iranians). I was going to develop a Twitter app with Java so that it sends a message whenever someone talks about, but didn't find the time. However another team member sent messages by hand, and it absorbed many people (and many more RT's)

    Just like the commercial market, advertisement is a key to popularity of your work.

    BTW, if you need a Java GUI developer, count on 3 of us! ;) Apart from working on Nedasites, we are still active in some other security sectors. ;)
  7. echo-IRAN Member

    I would think the quickest way is to fund the Freegate people in the mean time. I would think they would offer a reasonable deal because they did and still do offer the service to Iranians for free. The problem is enough server capacity. If you can do it cheaper by all means, as long as it come on line fast.

    The other issues are trust, of the software reliability and the people having all the logs. Freegate, etc, are there for years, though it is a private company.

    To be better than Freegate, open source will be great. And if many small donors are needed, a non-profit organization with open finance is desirable.
  8. Srpska Member

    Offering the service to Iranians as a gesture is very noble, but servers aren't free; if people want Freegate (or indeed Haystack) to be better, sooner or later money has got to materialise. Open source can cut through shameful profiteering, but it can't generate physical equipment out of thin air.

    EDIT: Also, regarding the new, clearer thread title: Thanks, admins. Thadmins.
  9. TedETGbiz Member

    Stress Testing & Hacks on Haystack

    Mr. Heap,

    As you must realize, the Chinese govt. has a lot to lose if Haystack succeeds, particularly if it is easy to donate server bandwidth. I can't tell from your blog if you plan to open source the code, but if you are considering some other choice, I urge great caution. I'm sure you know that the Freegate principle admins have been forced underground for their own safety-- at this point, you may no longer have that option. Obviously, when the code is free, going after you is no longer effective.

    Stress testing is essential-- glad to hear about that. However, as you also know, Iranian lives will depend on the security of the client and data transport system, and that's where Russian hackers (and others like them) come in. In an open source environment, hacking/revising can take place rapidly, and can build confidence in the code's security. As the US Defense Dept. has discovered, Chinese govt. cyberops are some of the best in the world-- Haystack will need the very best to beat them.

    I don't know if you pray. Whether you believe it or not, many are praying for your success.

  10. It's up and running!

    here are some updates via austinheap's twitter, looks like its a go:

    # The screenshots are from command line, but you can use any browser you want, we happen to like 'lynx' ;-) @oddeyedabout 5 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to oddeyed

    Haystack: The Moment of Truth Austin Heap Blog Archive Moment of Truth #Iran #iranelectionabout 5 hours ago from Tweetie

    Want to make a logo for Haystack? E-mail me your ideas! #Iran #iranelectionabout 5 hours ago from Tweetie

    Just tested Haystack in #Iran ... IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D #iranelectionabout 8 hours ago from Tweetie
  11. Twister Member

    I'm in

    Count me in.

    Got an old server collecting dust and a lot of bandwidth doing nothing 20 hrs a day. I will run a server and seed via BitTorrent as well. Have link to Haystack homepage on FaceBook and encouraged all to 'read, consider.. act'.

    Feels good to be able to do something.

    Great work! Thank you Austin!
  12. Pleae help! is online again with new picturea!please help!

    Pleae help! is online again with new picturea!please help!
  13. FintanDunne Member

    Their Answer to Haystack?

    This is War.

    And Haystack's usability is pointless if they take down the
    social networking capabilities of Iranians by attacking Twitter:

  14. Urgent help .needed! is still working!!!help close it!!!


    Most important is Ahmadienjad's IR cyber intelligence ministry's website, This site publishes pictures of the protesters and asks government informants to report them if they recognise the faces from the pictures, which ultimately leads to the protesters being arrested.
    PAGE REBOOT : automatically refresh any given URL
  15. Twister Member

  16. Nobody owns the internet

    If only that were true. Unfortunately those who control the networks still mostly control the internet. For this reason, it's really important that those who are risking their lives are aware of their own vulnerabilities.

    Proxies make it possible for suppressed people to reach restricted websites, but deep packet inspection can reveal what they are doing.

    A Tor relay can circumvent deep packet inspection, but then it's fairly easy to detect if someone is using one. This alone could be grounds for imprisonment and torture.

    We still don't know enough about Haystack to know its weak points. You can argue whether or not we should.
  17. Please DO NOT use this! All Iranian internet traffic flows through a single slow pipe, so DDOS attacks sap precious bandwidth. Hackers are currently looking for other ways to take down
  18. Haystack vs Virtual Machine

    I have an idee. But first I want to know if Haystack already works in Iran. Does anyone know this? If yes it is wonderfull! But if NO please contact me at MK_NED@YAHOO.COM

    Thanks a lot. Please spread this as I am not sure I am in the right place.
  19. MK_NED

    i saw ur post on twitter.

    there are very serious question bout haystack. i think u to look at the haystack pinned thread in the "Keeping your Anonymity in Iran" forum

    quote from one of the post:

    -Who is the Haystack team?
    -Who sponsors them?
    -Where are they getting the money to write software to circumvent one of the most sophisticated filtering systems in the world in just a few weeks?
    -What is their background or expertise in cryptography, steganography, networking, etc.?
    -How do we even know this is the most competent team as opposed to simply the team that has garnered the most press and came up with the idea?

    the ppl who make haystack dont let anyone see it or know how it work , not even security proffesional. do your research remember real ppl could be impact by this if haystack dont work, so unregistered say in that thread:

    with friend & family in iran it must be safe for them. ppl already take enough risk in street. no need for computer to be more risk. who know what this haystack really do if nobody see it.

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