Have You Told All? Inside My Time with Narconon and Scientology by Lucas Catton

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Ha! OSA tried to cover its tracks and moved the free2believe site, but they just toooo slooow!
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    free to believe?
    first i have heard. thanks. i will lurk there.
  3. I just want to bump this thread because what Lucas is doing is what I would expect from Rathbun and Rinder. Lucas was in a position of authority and possibly caused indirect harm to others. To some that believe that there is a "faction" of critics that would never be happy or satisfied with anything that Rathbun and Rinder do and/or say, I reply with a resounding BULLSHIT. The actions of Mr. Catton are exactly what I would want from Rathbun and Rinder. Unless I'm wrong here, but I doubt, Mr. Catton has no underlying agenda or aims for monetary gain from what he's doing.

    Lucas Catton could have just disappeared into the backdrop and done nothing. He didn't. He spoke out.

    He has said in interviews that he is risking possible legal and criminal actions in order to speak the truth. His efforts in doing so should be recognized and encouraged. He sets the bar for ex-Scientologists to speak out, and others should be held to this example. I hope that others agree with me here. I measure what the Rinderburn show does from this point on after his example.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    You have full agreement from me.

    From an old school perspective, I think that Mr. Rathbun and Mr. Rinder are completely lacking in character.

    Mr Catton and Mr. Tenorio have strength of character, in spades!
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  6. Agreed. Character is important here, and having character is something that Rinderburn can still have but they choose not to have it, regardless of their attestations otherwise (they gained skill in doublespeak, after all). Every human in free countries has the ability and luxury to do a 180 degree change, and I will be the first one posting here (and on other public boards) if they manage this type of change. After years of reading their propaganda, I doubt that it will happen.

    And before I read responses about how Lucas is making money from his book, I say this -

    There is a basic rule of compensation or remuneration that is defined as a monetary exchange for ones' output that involves his/her time, skill and effort. Time is money, and we as the consumer make choices on the relative worth of such effort before trading our money for others' efforts. Catton's book is, in my opinion, worth the exchange.
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    Besides revealing a lot about Narconon, Luke supplies much information about how the cult goes about manipulaiing politicians and the media across all the front groups.

    Like Anne Archer's Artists For Human Rights and their ensnaring Kerry Kennedy into appearing at Anne's soirée de Hollywood on May 1.
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    Lucas Catton exposes the Scientology corporation, and Scientology's Narconon engaging in illegal "fair game" slander.

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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    This Fox 23 News report has probably already been shared in one of the Narconon-related threads, but I decided to add it here as well.

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    Ex-Narconon prez vows to 'tell all'

    By Jeanne LeFlore, May 5, 2013

    A former president of Narconon Arrowhead said four deaths at the facility were “beyond anything imaginable.”


    Lucas Catton, who now lives in Georgia, said he was involved with Narconon Arrowhead and Scientology for more than 12 years before he said he was “excommunicated” for questioning the program and the church.

    He said when he heard about the death of Gabriel Graves, 32, found dead in his bed at Narconon Arrowhead in October 2011, he figured it was an “isolated incident.”

    Finally, when 20-year-old Stacy Murphy was found dead in July, Catton said he had to speak out.


    Catton said he has finally landed on his own two feet and is ready to tell his story.

    “Now I have vowed to indeed tell all,” he said.

    More at
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ex-Narconon Arrowhead president speaks out - McAlester News-Capital

    By Jeanne LeFlore


    On his website, Catton explains the title “Have You Told All?” as a question used in Scientology confessional procedures which he said are supposed to be purely for therapeutic spiritual benefit.

    He said the questions were used against him. He said other types are more punishable, called security checks or sec checks.

    “If you disagree with Scientology, have an upset with something or have done something not deemed favorable in their eyes and are subjected to sec check, you are grilled trying to “find your crimes”.

    “While holding cans at the end of (an) e-meter, you are asked if you have told all, is there anything you failed to reveal, are you withholding anything, and other similar questions to see if there is anything left you might be hiding from them,” Catton said.

    “I went through several sec checks, and was honest every time. One major one occurred when I no longer wanted to be the president of Narconon Arrowhead and requested a transfer.”

    Catton said he was punished for making the request.

    He said “they figured I must have done something wrong ... but there wasn’t anything they could find to use against me and so I was just punished for being honest.”

    He said when he was ready to leave Scientology completely, he submitted to a sec check in his hotel room in Clearwater by a member of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

    He said he was told was only going to be an interview and that he would have his questions answered. He said the interview lasted six hours and he was “100 percent honest” about everything, Catton said.

    “(The information) was used against me and they refused to answer my questions about the organization.”

    Catton said that in retaliation for publicly coming out against the organizations, Scientology and Narconon created website which he said contains written and video testimonials from “back when (I) worked at Narconon and (was) a “True Believer Scientologist, but they also contain outright lies.”

    The website also contains links to Narconon Arrowhead.

    When asked if the Church of Scientology was behind the website Smith said,“Narconon has many supporters and as you know the Church of Scientology is one of our biggest”. “I viewed the web site and see that it has success stories about how the Narconon program saved Luke’s life and other positive public statements he made about Narconon when he was involved with us,” Smith said.

    Meanwhile Catton after his experiences he has finally landed on his own two feet and is ready to tell his story.

    “Now I have vowed to indeed tell all,” he said.

    More at
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    Here's the snapshot of before CoS swept it under the carpet:

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    Using the kid to get him off their trace.

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    Help the guy out. He might continue to tell stuff, like what he did at NN that is not yet written in the book...
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