Have we got the whole truth with Libya

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    TL;DR: *Wild Pompom waving, generic cheering, no actual contribution*
  2. greebly Member

    srsly this thread is heading towards further tinfoilness

    If you want real answers talk to the people in these countries and then provide real, practical solutions.
  3. Eiglr Member

    I have been to Libya twice about a year ago. I stayed a week in Tripoli and 15 days in Sirte. My impressions are cool about Libya. People live their lives in peacefully, and I havent seen any repression from Gaddafi. I saw that people really love Gaddafi. I have been told that, to realise these incidents in Libya, you have to know the history of Libya. It is all about the revolution.

    I'll try to explain in shortly. The revolution was quite because of US and UK bases and killing the locals with jets close to desert. While Gaddafi was preparing revolution, only the city of Banghazi residents were against him. One year after revolution he closed the Us and English bases. In 1986 USA bombed the Tripoli and Banghazi. Gaddafi rescued from the raid, his wife and 2 children injured but his adopted daughter were killed. And now, one of his child and 3 grandsons are dead too.

    In libya I have been told, as a result of Banghazi city residents being aginst him, he didnt made any developing moves for Banghazi. They said why they are aginst Gaddafi. The whole incident started in Banghazi. Actually, not even in Libya.

    All the media says different things but I only know this truth because I have been there. Maybe it is an underdeveloped country, maybe Gaddafi wasn't equal for everyone, but these can not be the reason to attack a country. Did he killed civilian after revolt, sure he did. But there are hundreds of examples worst than this all over the world. Is it because of the %2 of the worlds oil ? Might be I guess. But dont forget the incident between Pelistine and Israil about a year ago. Where were the human rights defenders, where were the US soldiers, where was NATO when Israil blockade and bomb the city for days. If you come forward to dispense justice, you should be fare. Otherwise people always look for other reasons, am I not right.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Member since yesterday?

    No repression from Gaddafi? WTF!

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