Have info on how to disable anti-riot trucks; need translator

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  1. Have info on how to disable anti-riot trucks; need translation

    We urgently need English to Farsi translation of the following so that we can distribute it by twitter. Please leave the English title so that we know which text it is. Thank you.
  2. Paint/glue against anti-riot tanks; face shields, windshields of security forces

    The regime just bought these anti-riot tanks from the Chinese: They are armoured above, below, and all around. They have long-range water cannons which shoot boiling water or teargas. This video shows them in action: YouTube - Clash between police and Kurdish hundreds arrested and injured in Turkey 14/12/2009

    How to stop them? Throw paint/blue balloon bombs against their windshields, side windows. Here is a slow motion video of a balloon bomb using water instead of paint/glue. You will use paint/glue. YouTube - slow mo water bomb

    Supplies needed:

    childrens paint:
    or acrylic paint:
    kitchen funnel:
    or cake decorator:
    or cut whole in corner of plastic bag:
    small waterbomb balloon kits for children:

    How to make:

    Thin some construction glue by adding water. Just enough to make it run easily into the balloon necks. Add green tempera-paint powder (the kind they use for teaching art to children in schools). Or, for extra horribleness, use acrylic paint. Mix up well.

    To get it into the balloons: pour through a kitchen funnel -- or squeeze through a plastic cake decorator or sandwich bag with the corner cut off. The balloons need to have enough mixture inside so that the rubber is tight and easy to break. Tie off balloons.

    How to use:

    Throw balloons at face shields, windshields. HARD so the rubber breaks on impact!

    Additional info:

    If you want something smaller than a balloon, easier to conceal, easier to break on impact: then try eggs. Fill them using a syringe and needle. Tape over the needle hole. Eggs are even easier to hide than balloons.

    Against face shields, paint/glue balloons will work one-on-one.

    Against vehicle windshields -- including police cars, police vans, anti-riot tanks -- you will need a large group of people throwing the balloons at the same time.

    Against anti-riot tanks, you want to keep as far away as you can. Using moving cars to throw the balloons keeps the boiling water off you and allows a quick getaway.

    Now the paint/glue wont dry immediately. But this is a bonus.

    Why? Because the person whose face shield or windshield is hit will try to wipe it off. He will then rub his hands on his clothes to get it off and everything will get sticky. Once it does dry, it will take a jackhammer to get it off.
  3. Homemade caltrops to flatten tires on anti-riot trucks

    You will need someone who knows how to work with metal and who can get the necessary equipment. Maybe a plumber? A welder? A tool-and-die maker?

    ...the tires... are filled with a thick liquid [so they can be driven even though they have been punctured]. But [the liquid] will only... block SMALL holes and gashes...

    We are going to give them BIG holes and a way to drain the liquid out of the tires.

    This is what we are making: But a much bigger, stronger version.

    Make the spikes out of metal plumbing pipe or nipples with 1/2 inch thick walls.

    Use a torch to bend them and weld them into the tri pattern.

    Sharpen each end with a grinder or file to a sharp angle -- not a point... just take one side and make a sharp flat spot. Think along the lines of sharpening a CHISEL, but cutting a way more aggressive angle.

    Now you have a half-inch hole to DRAIN the fluid out of tires.

    But careful! You also now have something that -- if a protester falls on it -- will stab him just like it stabs the tire.

    To protect protesters take a Styrofoam block about a foot square and two or three inches taller than the spike.

    Slowly push the spike in, pull it back out, clean out the spike tubes, then push it back in.

    If the block cracks, throw it away and use a new one, hollow it out just a bit but make sure it fits the spike tightly. You don't want to just make a box in the bottom or they may give way when protesters falls on them. A tight fit is a must.

    Wrap the whole thing in duct tape tightly.

    If a protester falls on one, the Styrofoam will hold up. Test it by dropping sand bags or anything of that nature on the first few till you have the proper sized block.

    It's not much work and once you have the prototype that takes a five foot drop of a 50lb sandbag: start duplicating them.

    A 200 lb person can fall on them with minimal harm.

    However run a multi-ton truck with a huge heavy full water-tank over them and the Styrofoam flattens and breaks to bits, leaving a half-inch drain tube in the tire.

    Result: an anti-riot truck with a flat tire!
  4. Kruge Moderator

    just thinking aloud - to me it seems that with the styrofoam blocks around it all you need is a simple, sharpened piece of pipe.

    |+++++++++| |+++++++++++|
    |+++++++++| |+++++++++++|
    |+++++++++ \|+++++++++++|
    |-------------------------- --|

    Get it? Sharpen both ends of the piece of pipe, place it into a piece of styrofoam that's wide enough to make it always lie on the bottom or top.

    I *think* the styrofoam might give the pipe enough stability until it's wedged between a tire and the ground - probably best to test it somehow (car with an old tire or something) to be sure before going into mass production ^^
  5. michael: the styrofoam is to prevent people from impaling themselves.

    Also this thread is to request translation, not to discuss methodology. If you want to discuss how to disable these trucksl, there is a thread on the News forum.
  6. Kruge Moderator

    It could serve both functions - at least I think it could, that's why I wrote "better test it". But you're right - wrong thread for this here, so I'll shut up about it. (here). ^^
  7. Alias-IRAN Member

    Lightbulbs or christmasballs (glass) filled with a mixture of paint and oil can also be used. Aim at the helmets and windows...

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