Hate Speech or Faggotry

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xenubarb, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    Went to Occupy meeting yesterday. Discussed their use of Facebook in lieu of a real forum and how it was fail.

    Censorship, some of them bawwed about hate speech because someone, probably me, used the term 'leaderfag' in discussion.

    Some of these ppl are hypersensitive. Probably not gay, just bawwing on their behalf.

    So, censorship, this free speech movement tried it. Anon took over their FB page, replaced their logo with the anon suit / chain border image. Lulz. Then Anon closed the account, and they lost several thousand contacts.

    At the assembly yesterday, one spokesfag from downtown said, "I think Anonymous is on our side..."

    The fact that we're everywhere and everyone suggests that she's wrong. SOME anons are on their side, but hey. Nobody here tolerates censorship.

    So, what some of these asshats want to do is control the words people use. Only the internet culture uses words differently. Like 'fag.' Am I calling you a gay leader when I say 'leaderfag?'
    No. But these people have chosen to be butthurt by this issue. And they seem to want to dictate to anon how they should speak and write. To suit their old, sensitive leaderfag activist sensibilities, they want to give a whole new generation that grew up online and that they don't understand at all...etiquette lessons!

    This cannot end well. Your thoughts, my /b/rothers?
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  2. Mutante Member

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  3. the anti Member

    some people are just far to uptight
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  4. BLiP Member

    No one owns the language and, so long as we understand each other, it doesn't matter what words are used. Context is king. If you know what I mean when I use "leaderfag" it is just as acceptable a term as any other. I doubt that you would perceive any hate in my use of the term "leaderfag" unless, of course, you were stuck on an MU. In that case, tough shit.

    And, anyway . . .

  5. Custom-made, self-inflicted butt-hurt. Could be a new fashion statement.
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  6. Malory Member

    I gave Occupy Belfast a chance but you couldn't persuade me to take part for love or money, partly because of their lefty love of censorship.
  7. CatLaugh.jpg
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  8. moarxenu Member

    Anonymous stands and salutes you, good sir. +10 internets.

    The thing that most drew me into Chanology is that the Anonymous culture of /b/ and of Chanology hates Political Correctness and every form of suppression of free speech. Occupy is now occupied by the PC Brigade, and complete fail.

    While the issues are critical Occupy is becoming just another hypocritical betrayal of fundamental Anon values: lulz, free speech, and egalitarianism. Increasingly we see in Occupy leaderfagging of an egalitarian movement, creation of elite councils who control the money, and PC suppression of free speech.

    You are so right - some anons are on their side. Destroy free speech of anons and occupiers? WTF? That's why we are taking down Scientology.

    When I see the "human microphone" I see RPFers chanting Keep Scientology Working, and I shudder.

    This cannot end well.
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  9. PodPeople Member

    Is this not a Worldwide issue? The economic disasters were brought about by criminal acts heaped on all around the world.
    That means language/culture/word differences are going to always come up. Maybe some kind of tag or something, educational. I remember when I first came across the term "fag". It was just as offensive to me as many others, and it took me awhile to figure out this new meaning. So maybe an up front explanation would circument.

    On the other side of this coin, this kind of juvenile reaction to a language problem you described has to go. There are people hurting and dying everywhere right now and doesn't seem to me like there's any time to waste on this kind of thing. Those bawwing need to grow up. my 2 cents
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  10. xenubarb Member

    I did go to the trouble of explaining how the internet culture defangs loaded language by stripping it of its ability to hurt. There may be a class war in the US, but on a smaller scale, the class war is brewing between old skewl fags who activist in old ways, and us. We will win, or the movement will slowly die of its own intolerance for others.
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  11. moarxenu Member

    Keep Chanology Working. You are on a roll. Continue for great justice. Your Kos article Occupy This is brilliant:

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  12. xenubarb Member

    LOL, you found that! I didn't link to it because I figured it'd make somebody all butthurt.

    I will ALWAYS side with Anonymous. When they came along, we OG already had one foot in. We knew u liek cheezburger.
    But to me, Anonymous embodies a whole new and effective way of doing things. From our communication tools to our attitude about censorship (yelling cocksucker in a public space doesn't count, roflcptr!) and our tendency to avoid srs bsns grumps, we've damn near completed our goal of bringing down Scientology. Huge progress was made in the past three years.

    Anon's information war skills are epic. Occupy be failin. I want the Occupation to continue, to grow, to become effective. But, ya don't always get what you want. We might have to go around the Occupation and just leave them behind. They're still obsessing about putting tents around here. Fuckin time to start effecting real change, like Kirsten Christian's Move Your Money Day.

    I'm tired of listening to hippies baww about hate speech, scheming to expand the occupation into areas where gangbangers will steal all their shit and laugh at them, like Mariner's Point. I'm not seeing interest in discussing how to attract new people, or developing communication tools.

    We now have a new forum.

    I noticed that there are already 2 other fora for OSD, neither of which is used. I'm pretty sure it's due to all the butthurt faggots who don't want people using words they don't approve of. Maybe this one will be The One. I'm shooting for Admin. I'm a mod, but I want all the power so this forum doesn't wind up in the round file with the other two.
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  13. Kaile Member

    My 2 bits:
    "Conform" is the worst thing you can say to an Anon.
    Muggles have a hard time staying focused on the main job.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Ah, remember the great successes of the identity politics of the nineties? Me neither, unless you count a decade and more of right wing domination of US politics crowned by George W. Bush's two terms as president. You can't be the 99% without being at least the 51%.
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  15. LocalSP Member

    Barb your article in the KOS was excellent. One thing that I hate worse than the 1% is the whiny passive/aggressive pompous ass hippies that are wanna-be leader fags. I too am one of those who feel that people give far to much weight to certain words. Also I am positive that if Anonymous had control of the Occupy movement from the start they would be much further along in obtaining their goals.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't have used "faggot" in context of people likely to misunderstand,
    and outside of context of people likely to understand.

    It's a highly charged, loaded expression for many people.
    Those people do need to get over it, but as the outsider you're not in much position to give etiquette lessons.

    Noobs who join WWP and complain about our allegedly abusive language are treated with derision.
    As an OWS-noob, bitching about their alleged intolerance of your language won't help much either.

    Lurk moar.
    If after lurking you still don't liek them, GTFO.

    The internet is bigger than Anonymous.
    We may be the "final boss" but trying to control other subcultures and force them to accept our own peculiar fucked up lingo only makes us a "bad boss".

    Most/all of the reports you've given of your experiences with OSD suggest you came in there with some strong grudges and opinions,
    and were less interested in learning than you were with shoving your interpretation of Anon culture down their throats.

    Your not that much of a raving fuckwad, so I'll have to imagine its the reports that are distorted,
    and that you engaged with them seriously and sympathetically until you'd reached your limit.

    In Chanology, you're a Superstar SP; the record speaks for itself.
    You got where you are through adaptability and willingness to learn.

    But in OWS, you're just another nutcase among many.
    Unranked, and you only level up by repeatedly being useful in a way they recognize.
    You have more guts than me (not sure I'd even try in the first place)
    but if you can't drink their firewater - it's not going to happen.
    They won't magically wake up and become the anarcho-nihilist army overnight.

    a nudge, a wink, and slip "You Found The Faggot" cards into their manifestos
    be the better troll.

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  17. Anonymous Member

    WWP =/= OWS. Anybody who goes around claiming to represent the 99% owns nothing, not land and not language. Not nowt.
  18. PodPeople Member

    hahahaha. Now see, I could get butthurt of the bad image positioning of the word "hippies". Factually, I never was one because I was too busy working my ass off, but for a few hours on the weekend, I could dress like one and party. You could label me a hippie too. Some days I'd like that. Others, not so much.

    Now, there's a whole lot of us that are labeled in the "baby boomer" category. Here's the thing I've learned and it's just my personal thing. All these "identifiers" usually don't help one hoot.

    If there's individuals who are causing a problem, even after Xenubarb went out of the way to explain, then their problem isn't because they are or might be "hippie". It's because of their mental makeup, cultural upbringing, or some combination. To hell with them. There are literally millions who are behind this movement.
    I hope there's an easy way around these types. Good luck.
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  19. I think that the article for KOS is wonderful, Barb! Bravo! <3 it!
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  20. xenubarb Member

    Don't tell anyone, but I used to have a fringed leather jacket like Easy Rider and I wore it on motorcycle rides and thought I was teh kewl.
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  21. xenubarb Member

    There's some growing dissatisfaction with the core activists who run things here. I've talked to people in other cities who feel the same way about how the socialist type activists (some of whom are hippies) are shifting the movement away from issues like corporate personhood and towards their pet issues.

    There is an easy way around them. They think Facebook is an adequate substitute for a forum. I'm no longer that intrigued by the tents, I think they've served their purpose. I mean, you can keep fighting with cities about the right to squat for years, but what good does that really do?

    I think Occupy 2.0 is gonna leave those dinosaur activists in the dust, wondering how the movement got away from them.
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  22. PodPeople Member

    Sounds like an organic, natural evolution within the evolution. Good riddance to anyone not helpful.
    Anyone, anything, any (legal) way to move the tracks to avoid a disaster. I really don't know many people outside U.S. anymore. But in the U.S. those I know, friends, family, business associates, pretty much span a wide range. Most I know are barely hanging on this year, some have slipped away, and most I know say they don't know how it's possible they will surive another full year, the way things are.

    These are mostly middle class I'm speaking of and so I get a little anxious when I hear about petty stuff on the "front lines" occurring. Maybe it would help if people like me and all I know could get a big-ass message out there on the streets that we are all doing what we can from here, and are counting on you all out there to do your best. You have literally millions behind you. And yes, physical tents, all the logistics, at this point doesn't seem to be the best. However, there needs to be some kind of Physical Sign out there, for the 1% to see, everyday. Don't know what that is, but something, along with the social media, etc.

    It sure would be nice if some media in each major city could do a feature story every day , or at least a photo with a headline and name, of one person from the 99%. Just one photo, headline, name and short byline. But everyday. In every major city. Minor cities would be good too. Best would be a synopsis of their income, type of work, detailed budget, expenses. That is usually a story in itself and revealing of what is so wrong in this country.
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  23. A bump now...


    ... and a brief report that I think this very interesting &amp; important thread belongs in the Occupy Initiatives Forum.

    I can't do it myself because I'd be taking a thread from OT to OWS and when I cross that border, I lose all my s00per p0werz.

    So after I post this bump, I'm gonna report this thread to the proper authorities. ;)
  24. xenubarb Member

    If you read that DailyKOS thing, you'd see I included a lot of quotes from the derps and herps as they try to maintain their awesome position as leaderfags. Note that a lot of their rhetoric reviles the white middle class.

    I feel that these are the people who need to be gently brought in and given a role. Some folks I've talked to from the 'hood don't want to go downtown, or they're put off by the strained and insistent humorlessness of the hard core Occupiers.

    You can't tell me there's not a place for regular folks who can get together, call their representatives, write letters and spread the word, but the people downtown apparently can.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    My favorite saying in this circumstance xenubarb is 'Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.'
    Just do your thang, you're terrific at it. Work with whatever like-minded people you can find.
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  26. xenubarb Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    If the fall of the Berlin Wall and all that followed isn't enough to teach these people that their world view is totally obsolete I'm not sure what it's gonna take. If you live in the US in the 20th century and your collar is blue it's because you work in a fast food restaurant, not on an assembly line. There are 3 classes now: those who work for a living, those who don't have to, and those who can't.

    Anyhow, I'm with this guy:
  28. Anonymous Member

    Excellent work Barb, your integrity and understanding of what works (ANON) and what doesn't (Butthurtery) is outstanding.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    I hear cocks are high in protein.
  31. lulzgasm Member

    The "human microphone" idea was a good runaround to the OWS crowd not being permitted to use a loudspeaker in NYC. It was a good idea. But in places where they can use loudspeakers, the "human mic" gets a bit...irksome.
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  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Copied just for you xenubarb, occupiers taking a page out the of the anon book of lulzfaggotry

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  34. xenubarb Member

    This was FABULOUS! Melbourne, doin eet rite! <3
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  35. Anonymous Member

    People hating on the use of the human megaphone = people hating the use of the term "X-fag"
  36. Enturbulette Member

    /|/|/|/|/| is what they spend their meeting time moaning about?

    Complete fail
  37. xenubarb Member

    So far, it's been like listening to stoners come up with Big Plans. Things that are getting done are being done by peripheral groups, like this group of Professional Women Supporting the 99%. They organized their own rally, bypassing the core activists who would have hijacked it into spreading their message which seems to be some sort of lefty shit like FEED THE HOMELESS FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL SOCIAL JUSTICE etc.

    And they talk and talk about how they want to spread the tents to all parks in San Diego, which ain't gonna happen so it's just a waste of time.
  38. Enturbulette Member

    I'm all for Lefty Shit, just not Self Righteous Lefty Shit.
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  39. xenubarb Member

    Yeah. They have their agenda, so it seems all that gets discussed is "what if we put tents out on Mariners' Point?"

    I can tell you what would happen. Mariners' Point is a small park on the Mission Bay channel. One road in and out. Gangbangers have taken it over, so there is a heavy police presence on weekends. They check your car before they let you in. Even if you're loaded down with fishing tackle.
  40. DeathHamster Member

    Stuff that's been protested for decades with little effect should be willing to wait on the sidelines.

    Bank bailouts, corporate money in politics, vanishing middle class, destruction of middle class savings, mortgage fraud seem like the kind of things that will get the actual 99% involved.
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