Has Australia paid people smugglers to return asylum seekers?

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Theflyingdutchman, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. Due to Tony Abbott and the coalition evading the questions. Is it true?
    If so, will the Australian people protest?
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  3. I see yesterday the government declined to release the documentation on the merit it would effect national security.
    I haven't seen the general public protesting about this?
    It's either the Australian people, truly believes their government in all actions.
    Or it has no interest in the going ons of the outside world and only concerned for themselves?
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    "Dox please"means show us more than your opinion- post links to relevant news articles/ blogs/ documents/ videos.
  5. Anonymous Member

    So far, you appear to be operating your brain on rumour and hearsay.

    This forum requires facts and evidence before any serious interest is taken.
  6. And how many times has Shorten avoided questions about his time in the AWU and the ripping off of workers?
    I suggest you avail yourself of some facts about how Labour handled the same situation when they were fucking our country over.
    No, Im not a Liberal supporter. I am a supporter of equality for all and not just for those with vested interests in stuffing their own pockets with money in favour of the few over the many.

    Funny how Triggs did NOTHING about children in detention when Labour were at the helm.
    Go fact check, mmkay
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  7. I think I geddit nao.

    The same day you arrive at WWP, you start BAWWWing about Abbott.
    Seems to me you do not understand the Nony concept of NYPA
    (not your personal army)
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