Hartford/West Hartford, CT

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Meganova, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Meganova Member

    Hartford/West Hartford, CT

    I never realized it, but there's a small Hubbard Dianetics Foundation center close to where I live in Hartford CT (779 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT). Once the weather warms up, I will definitely demonstrate and hand out fliers out front of it. I'd appreciate any help.
  2. Valley Anon Member

    Re: Hartford/West Hartford, CT

    I'll see if I can cook up a team to head down there.
  3. Meganova Member

    Re: Hartford/West Hartford, CT

    I know 2 other people who'll join me. It's on the Hartford/West Hartford border on Farmington Ave. It's a pretty busy road with a sidewalk. I'm calling West Hartford City Hall tomorrow morning to see if I can secure a permit.
  4. Gigazz Member

    Re: Hartford/West Hartford, CT

    I didn't know there was anywhere closer than the Scientology Center in New Haven to where I live. This is very good news!
  5. Gigazz Member

    Re: Hartford/West Hartford, CT

    Miniraid on the 20th?

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