Hang Gliding Gold Base

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by xenubarb, Oct 28, 2008.

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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    What AO was referring to is Castile Canyon Road which led to Happy Valley, former site of Gold Base's RPF. A link here that has some photos of the area before the Soboda Tribe closed the road to the public.

    TOUR: Castile Canyon School and RPF, Happy Valley, CA -- near San Jacinto, CA - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    Last time I was out there, I informed Bruce Hines & Stephanie (German film crew) of the road closure, but they tried to enter anyways & were refused by Tribal Police (there is a guard shack and gate that has to be opened), saying that you have to have a reservation at the Oaks to go there.

    The Oaks Retreat
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    AAAges ago, I tried to find the person who posted it. I emailed one or two email addresses I found on the net, but got no response.
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    The whole thing?
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Yes, accidentally.
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    There's an important reason (best not explained here) for this: Can I ask posters (or else, a moderator) to voluntarily interrupt the inquiry on this thread (for the next 1-2 days)?
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    No, you do not have permission to try hang gliding over Gold.
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    I will buy a ticket and got to the Soboda Tribe myself, even though I am a thousand miles away, unless a local steps up.

    There is a shitload of win in that sector. Let me know if I shall address the issue. I am serious. And I will Kick Ass. I have public speaking skills.
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    No, you must present a good reason or argument
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Good Luck with that. Many have tried over the last 3 decades, but the Soboba's choose to remain peaceful, if uneasy, neighbors of the cult. The Indians are not ignorant to the horror stories emanating from Gold Base & the former Happy Valley location.

    They have to live next to them, so I suspect you can kick ass with all the public speaking skills in the world, but you're not going to encourage the Indians to take any actions vs. the cult.

    There is ample evidence that individual Soboba's helped Scilons escape RPF and other incidents where they were being pursued by Scilon guards.

    Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Bumping, just 'cos, well, FFS the thread is a year old already - and I'm feeling contrary.

    -- Anneliese Lilje
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Lrn2 PeptoBismol.
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    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Here's some sky writing that you can do from the ground.

    [ame=]Making clouds of soap, helium and water on Vimeo[/ame]

    This just shows how to float soap and helium. However there are ways to shape the clouds of bubbles.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kirby Clouds[/ame]

    Flying epic fail guys and xenu heads anyone?


    Look at the vid between 10 and 20 seconds. I think I know how they do this. There is a chamber under the wooden cutout of kirby with a compressor blowing a mix of soap and helium into it. When the helium and soap mixture are blown in there, they start to rise up through the cut out and when enough comes out, the guy uses that cutter to free a slice of Kirby. Big masks and xenu heads should be fairly easy to do. Some kind of dye to make green xenu heads may be easy to add as well... food coloring maybe? For the masks white will do using negative space in the bubble to make the moustache, nose holes, mouth slit and eyes.

    It's just a matter of building the machine and finding the right kinds of soap that will be environmentally safe and last 30-60 minutes in the air.
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  16. Dylar Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    That would be a day of anons dancing in the street but not at a protest or raid.
  17. Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Just a heads-up to locals: Seems representatives may be (i'd assume) present at the next supervisors meeting [see 3.61] if you wanted a chance to smooze with indians without having to approach their res. Who knows. Maybe Nathan (if he's there also) interested too? in old ghost story?
    from thread post: Sheriff's Report on Ordinance 884 (page2)
    tanX for da' scan Resistance Is Futile

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