Hang Gliding Gold Base

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by xenubarb, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. xenubarb Member

    Hang Gliding Gold Base

    This was posted in a hang gliding forum in 2001: I don't know when it was originally written.

    This is all pretty funny in a way. At the moment I am completing a
    Ph.D. in Geology at the University of California, Riverside. My field
    area is the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County...just east of
    Riverside California. `Ron Hubbard' has a `compound' smack in the middle of my
    field area. Perhaps you will find what I know about this compound to
    be interesting.

    The compound has a very `nice' sounding name like `Golden Studios' or
    something like that....I'll catch the offical sign next time I am down
    there. It is heavily gated and the guards are armed (semi-automatic
    rifles). It is also heavily barbed in places. Additionally there are
    signs extending for a couple of miles around the compound that say STAY OUT!
    etc. etc.. Now this is no big deal because there are a lot of places
    with no tresspassing signs...but wait til you hear this...
    The compound is flanked to the norteast by very high and steep

    Actually the compound is located smack on top of the San Jacinto
    Fault (another story, another time). To the southwest the
    compound opens into the San Jacinto Basin. The mountains to the
    northeast also include public such hang gliders use this area as
    a launch to some pretty spectacular rides over the valley. My brother
    lived in Hemet for a while and a friend of his was up on the mountains
    to catch a draft. The lines for the Hubbard compound are not marked
    in many of the most trecherous areas (were talking STEEP terrain). My
    brothers friend apparently stepped over the line a few 10's of yards.

    There is one small road (accessable by 4x4) which these people use to haul
    their gear to the summit. Within a few minutes 2 Hubbard `cops' and a truck
    drove to the top (semi automatics and everything) and told my brothers
    friend that he was tresspassing. My brother's friend (half clad in hang
    gliding gear) apologized and told the guards he would immediately leave
    the area. Rather than escorting him off the property, theyu told him he
    would be comming with them and that he would ride in the 3x3 foot tin `box'
    mounted in the back of their truck. To say the least my brothers friend
    refused and started to walk away from the compound...leaving his glider
    and everything. They fired in the air once and told him not to move or
    they would shoot him. He got in the truck. They kept him over night in
    the box.

    In the morning the sheriff came looking for my brothers friend as
    two of his gliding companions reported him missing (fearing he ditched
    somewhere and was hurt). The Sheriff then got a call from the compound
    and said they had my brothers friend. He was released to the Sheriff. He
    filed a complaint (I don't know the outcome) and he was told by the Sheriff's
    department to be careful in that area as `they have reason to believe
    hikers have been murdered behind the compound'. This is all too scary
    for me. To say the least I give a wide bearth to the compound. THese
    Scientologists are crazy screwed up people.

    Oh, the reason they knew my brothers friend was up their...They said
    that he tripped their `alarms'?????
  2. 043 Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

  3. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    ... more likely than you think etc
  4. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Oh thank God, I thought this was one of AnonOrange's wacky plans.
  5. relinquish Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    "Reason to believe" they murdered hikers? And they're not investigating this... WHY?

  6. amaX Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Because a few years ago, someone stuffed into a fucking box and held at Gold Base by a bunch of fanatic and insane $cifags and then released the next day would just kiss the fucking ground and be happier than a red pig in mud that they were alive to tell the godamned story over a beer. That's why.
  7. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    iRL lolled
  8. mrfyde Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Murdered hikers ? Metal box ? Semi-automatic weapons ?

    Move over Waco here comes Helmet !

    How hard is it to find a complaint made to the sheriff in Riverside County ?
  9. Etain Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Okay, now I'm more than a little freaked out...

    If that part about the hikers is true, than wouldn't there be missing persons reports? Maybe find some truth to this before Anon's go all apeshit? I'm in no way denying this guy's story (If possible, maybe we can locate him and persuade him to talk to feds?)

    BUT it would help to back up the claims if there were reports of hikers who went missing in that area and were never found/ later found dead.
  10. The Shadow Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Anonymous will never truly win until Gold Base falls. And sadly it will take a full government or military assault to bring Gold Base down.
  11. amaX Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Here's a story of a missing hiker that was found dead. They're awaiting the autopsy. Nope, I cannot prove it was the $cifags. It just popped up on the old google machine.

    Missing Encinitas Hiker's Body Found Near Hemet - San Diego 6

    Here's the story of how Jesse Prince escaped from Gold Base and then rescued Vicki Aznaran from Happy Valley. The Soboba Indians helped them. One of the Native Americans who helped Jesse told him that it was well known in their community that people had died and the bodies were "hidden at Happy Valley." Ida Camburn also writes on this page that she has heard of the Soboba's helping many people escape and that the citizens of Hemet also have helped escapees.

    Escapes from Scientology's Gold Base through Soboba Indian Reservation, by Jesse Prince

    Doesn't it just make your skin crawl and piss you off to think that people are running for their lives from this cult with OSA-thugs chasing after them on 4-wheelers and motorcycles?

    I do highly recommend that anyone trying to escape from Gold head for the Soboba's land. It's federal and not bound by the city, country or state laws. Since native American land is usually patrolled quite frequently, you at least have a chance to be picked up by the Soboba's before the $cifag's catch you and drag you back.

    The Morongo Tribal lands are actually across the mountain from Gold, but the terrain and the fact that there are gun bunkers dug out of the side of the mountain.

    I hate this cult.
  12. tazor Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    I can't believe they weren't prosecuted for at least false imprisonment. Unreal. But I believe it.
  13. blank Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    I don't believe it. Pix or it didn't happen.
  14. Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    From inside the box:

  15. the anti Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    so everyone knows scilons are insane. maybe we can use this to help get more people to join in raids, but i'm not sure this will help take some peoples fear away if they learn about it.
  16. Anonxmous Member

  17. number 6 Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Murdered hikers? Holy moly. Next time any of you raid Gold, be sure to hold up a warning sign for hikers saying "Beware of Cult-They Might Kill You".
  18. the_cloak Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    You know, I was re-reading this and I noted the guy's detailed description about how rugged the land is up on those mountains above Hemet. I've also heard they have sensors up on land that IS NOT THEIRS in those mountains. It is possible he wasn't even on their property. Why would they go to this length to kidnap him?

    My guess is that there have been more deaths at Hemet than even we know about, and maybe there have been some hikers who were killed by their crazy guards. Those mountains would be a perfect place to hide their bodies. That might explain why they are so gung ho about capturing anyone who is up there. They might be afraid that the person has stumbled upon one of their little secrets rotting in a ravine or cave or crevice on the mountain.

    Think about it. How many of these people are not only disconnected from family, but from foreign lands and have their passports withheld by the cult? They could die or get murdered and be tossed in the bush up there and no one would ever come looking for them. I know it's just conjecture right now, but I think that maybe we should gather what evidence we can, and any stories we can from ex-scis about what is up on that mountain on the scilon side and compile it for the FBI.
  19. xenubarb Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    the Soboba tribe issues hunting permits. I bet the cult doesn't fuck with people armed with deer rifles...
  20. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    This was last updated in April, 24th to be precise. Autopsy should have been done by now.
  21. Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Speaking of the tribe...I wonder how receptive they would be to a meeting with some ANON about the issues. ...wonder if they'd tell what they know? Are they involved in ANY way? Do they take payments from the cult to return runaways? What's the real story there? THAT would be interesting to know.
  22. FunNomAnon Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Some people I know have been approached by armed scilon centurions while they were on their own property up in those hills. That approach didn't do the scilons any good though. Even though they have no plans for it, they now refuse to sell the land to the scilons out of principal.

    Speaking of hang gliders, I do see paragliders floating along the foothills in that area every once in a while. If there was a way to find out who they were it would be worthwhile to see if they'd be willing to fly over/next to the base and snap a few pics...

    Article on paragliding in the area... Hang gliders, paragliders enjoy annual San Jacinto Valley event | Hemet-San Jacinto | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California In the picture for the article you can see gold base in the distance as the strip of trees on the right edge, about halfway up
  23. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    The stories I hear form Gold are absolutely amazing. I believe every one of them and you would if you would get a feel for the place by going there.

    I head another story just yesterday, but I have to get it corroborated with someone else. It's about a guy that ran out of Gold about 8 years ago.
  24. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    You can't get into the reservation anymore. It's all locked up with a guard at the entrance. We tried.

    You really need to know someone and have an official meeting. I would advise extreme caution, with law enforcement backup only. When you are in a reservation, you're in a different sovereign nation and it's THEIR laws. They have a lot of contacts with scilons.
  25. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Maybe a sign.

  26. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Can't you talk to the guard about the procedures for meeting anyone inside?
  27. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    The guard said we have to have someone on the inside request our presence.
  28. Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    All tribes have chiefs I know, mine does, and it's not that hard to meet up and have a the gate ask the guard how best to go about getting a meeting with the chief..the contacts they have with the would be good to have them explained clearly. WILL the tribe return escapees to GOLD under contract with the SCILONS? WILL the tribe AID escapees...where do they stand?

    Those issue would be good to clear up. Yes, the reservation is a law unto itself, but in general us Injuns aren't evil...:D I think it might be worth a try just to see where they stand...if they have a stand at all...they aren't going to eat you for trying to talk to them ya know. (those are old baseless rumors!)
  29. FunNomAnon Member

  30. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    Funny that such an uncommon name should also pop-up on Frederick L. Rice's web site:

    Authors: Chris Stassen (stassen@netcom.uucp), jwm@sun4.uucp (James W. Meritt), Anneliese L

    (on a totally different topic). I'd call that a pretty weird "coincidence."
  31. Anonxmous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    No guard and no lock. Stop making stuff up; I hope that is why you were banned. I ate breakfast at the Soboba Maze Stone restaurant (nice view of the soon-to-be PGA golf course) on Saturday morning. It is located four miles into the reservation. I saw a tribal police car in the parkinf lot. Oh no! The tribe has a tribal research center and staff that is welcoming to all.

    If you are still nervour, you might bump into the Soboba leadership at the local Stater Bros. Grocery store and then be on safe U.S. soil... Then you don't have to worry about being locked-up abroad.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. xenubarb Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    AO's info is old, that's all. For a while, the mountain was closed to the public, and nobody could hang glide off the mountain any more. But I heard last year that the mountain is open again, and if the winds were right and there are any Riverside anons with a could soar that hillside east of Gold Base. That would be most delicious!
  35. timthephoto Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    does they have internets in the reservation?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    They have Powwows that are open to the public:

    Welcome to the 13th Annual Soboba Pow Wow. The Pow Wow Committee would like to extend a warm welcome to all dancers, singers, vendors and spectators.
    We hope that this year is memorable. Thank You to all that worked hard to help make this weekend a success.

    September 18-19,2009.
    Open to the public!!
    Free Admission, Food and Crafts.
    Download Full Flyer

    Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    No, they all live in huts and communicate with smoke signals.

    <rolls eyes>
  38. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    I would think that we should at least get a link to the forum post where this story supposedly came from.
  39. TomVorm Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base

    For procedural concerns, I suggest not acting on the glider story for a day or two.
  40. Django Member

    Re: Hang Gliding Gold Base


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