Hamburg, Germany

Discussion in 'Europe' started by anon0004, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. anon0004 Member

    Hamburg, Germany

    Hai guise

    The RAID was full of lulz, we mainly created ourselfes.
    We met only little resistance, one OTVIII Scilon tried to handle us,
    but She was not prepared for the knowledge we had about her cult, so she was speechless after we explained her her tech and why it is failing....

    No Scilon showed up after that, and there was no counter protest this time.

    despite the very cold weather and the strong wind, we were a lot of ppls, 70% regulars 30% newfags.

    As Always we passed out lots of flyers, hat some pressfags there, and had lots of fun.

    We had
    - Lantern Tech
    - Pyramid Head
    - Extremly huge Flag tech
    - Miscavige sized x-mas trees
    - kung foo

    see for yourselfes

    JewTube (Feel free to comment)
    [ame=""]YouTube - OP Snow White Christmas - Hamburg - Anonymous vs Scientology[/ame]

    Vimeo (Feel free to watch it in superior quality)
    [ame=""]OP Snow White Christmas - Hamburg - Anonymous vs Scientology on Vimeo[/ame]

    pics here:
    Operation Snow White Christmas : Anonymous vs Scientology - a set on Flickr

    See highlights:

    we were like many

    Pyramid Head


    In contrast to Tom Cruise, Anonymous can fly

    This is how we roll

    The Legion Marches on

    Santas little helper

    is dis pro or wat?


    Some Moar for the lulz

  2. Vir Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    So much win.
  3. tofuman Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    The big blanket is epic.
  4. anon0004 Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany


    Juli Spy s Sci Edition:

    December Snow White Christmal Edition


  5. Apotheker Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Many people, but we have also much fun in Düsselfag. Sometimes I come to visit hamburg.
  6. An0nand0n Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Bloody brilliant. Way to go, Hamburgfags!
  7. Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Winrarz, as usual.

    I <3 you guise (small homo) :)
  8. John Bonzo Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Hi anons,

    was really great and an epic piece of lulz! Thousand loveley embraces to anon with the "glow wine" ^^ And very nice Silent Hill was very amusing to see a pink pyramid head *gg*

  9. anon0004 Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    looks like
    black red and white are the Anonymous colors of the winter season

  10. Silent Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    German anons rawk!

    If you can rally this many ppl in the murkiest of the cold german winter, then imagine howmany you'll get, and how epic it will be when the weather gets good again! :D
  11. Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Once again HamburgAnons deliver the LULZ in a big way.

    Very inspiring guise!

    /tips santa cap
  12. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Hamburg anons always deliver!

    That is an amazing raid guys!!

    Your photos are fantastic and I feel your spirit of lulz.

    Was there torte?
  13. Re: Hamburg, Germany

    A spectacular event. Pink Pyramid Head is completely baffling, which is why I love it so much.

    Hamburg, you do a great job of creating a positive public image for the Anonymous anti-Scientology movement. This is really excellent stuff. And kudos to the photographer(s). That's half the win.
  14. anon0004 Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Thanks to all who gave us kudos,

    and since you like the pic´s I´ll give you a few moar

    first Protest and meet-up location in the middle of town
    Notice the Miscavidge-sized Christmas trees in front of the infamous SS-Longcat



    Marching to the Scilon Hive



    russian dance tech


    lantern tech

    Shadow Kung fu

    Real Kung fu

    Public transport background fail
  15. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Bloody brilliant guys. Keep up the good work :D
  16. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    I liked the idea of this Anon to put his sign on his backpack so his hands were free to give out flyers. :3 (The other side of the sign said &quot;Against Scientology&quot;.)


    Oh, and this thread neads moar Pyramidhead!

  17. themadhair Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Fucking win as usual.

    Even tho ye were wearing masks and wrapped up and stuff I can still recognise most of the folks I met in Hamburg. Maybe identifying people isn't as hard for OSA as we suspected?
  18. AnonymaFemina Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    It has been a privilege to kept you warm ;) Moarrr warm stuff next time.

    greetz mulled-wine-Anon :D
  19. webkilla Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    anon pyramid head!?!!? FUCCK!!! win!
  20. xenudu Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Hamburganon are my favourites.
  21. ZORRO Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    in paris it seems so empty and noiseless
    hope the return of ANONYMOUS
    scientologist filmed us and was flipping out
    that's funny how they can be sacared seeing one guy ij mask or covering his face
    but saturday I was there with one ANONYMOUS

    still there
    and no fear
  22. anon0004 Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Can´t wait for pix ´n vids ZORRO ;-)

    Maybe I´ll contact you shortly after christmas for a Where the hell is Anonymous shooting and Paris Raid.
    I´ll be in the Area during that time
  23. Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Epischer Gewinn
  24. Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Holy crap, you guys win this month. Fucking impressive!
  25. anony.max Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Alle Achtung, Anonymus Hamburg.
    IsraAnons bewundern Euch!

    Die lange Katze ist laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!
  26. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    OT: Me luvs ur avatar... <3
  27. Isoma Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Wie immer, epic Win ;)

    Weiter so, gruß aus Hannover
  28. Re: Hamburg, Germany

    O RLY?


    0004, remember what we were discussing in Hamburg about 'Internationals'? I think this sounds like the idea-germ of just such an op.

    I'm sure some SAS (Spartans Against Scientology) volunteers would be up for cross-CHANnel raiding...
  29. anon0004 Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Okay I´ll check out the possible dates, then ìll contact you and zorro for coordination
  30. Rheinländer Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Ich muß gestehen, ich bin ein ganz klein wenig neidisch... ;)
  31. Maddin Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    nice nice...
    Vati..rauchen ist doch in deinem Alter nicht mehr gut..
    aber echt klasse Aktion..
    nice Picture..
  32. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Sounds like a great idea. :D Count me in!

    (Haven't been in Paris for quite some time. ^^ Might be able to get some inactive Anon supporters to be Anon for that day. XD)
  33. moarxenu Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    If you guise do international raiding, bring flags!
  34. Zhopa Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Also ich bin zwar wie immer zu spät dran, jedoch, EPIC WIN.

    You all do a great job!
    Just great!
  35. Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Hamburganons = FUCKING EPIC ALL TEH TIEM!

    This makes me want to come ovah and join in the lulz/enturbulation

  36. Mumble Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    hamburg ist hamburg ist hamburg!!!

    ihr seid genial, inspirierend, motivierend.
    bitte hört niemals damit auf ^_^
  37. anon0004 Member

  38. anon0004 Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Okay guise,

    Heres our post game video from this Operation

    Says somtimes it is not availabe... Click on it, and watch it on the youtibe site, then it´ll work
    [ame=]YouTube - OP Snow White Christmas - Hamburg - Anonymous vs Scientology[/ame]

    Vimeo to be posted soon
  39. anon0004 Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    Here haep Vimeo version

    [ame=]OP Snow White Christmas - Hamburg - Anonymous vs Scientology on Vimeo[/ame]
  40. Rihan Member

    Re: Hamburg, Germany

    i luv it, as good as usual. lady you are ma hero!

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