Halp! Tor

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by yuiop, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. yuiop Member

    Halp! Tor

    Hai guise.

    I installed tor. And every time i activate it in firefox using torbutton, i cant click any links or really go anywhere on tha interwebz.

    Did i fail at configuring?
  2. Anon9666 Member

    Re: Halp! Tor

    Did you install the actual program or just the firefox plugin?

    If you installed just the plugin, that's what happens when you activate it.
  3. NotMike Member

    Re: Halp! Tor

    Download the main stable module for your operating system & install.

    Tor: Download
  4. Mutante Member

    Re: Halp! Tor

    When you've installed it properly, enjoy discovering than many Tor IP addresses are now apparently banned on WWP.
  5. themadhair Member

    Re: Halp! Tor

    Wot? Since when?
  6. Mutante Member

    Re: Halp! Tor

    Within the last 24 hours.

  7. yuiop Member

    Re: Halp! Tor

    it works now

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