HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by AmandaT21, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. AmandaT21 Member

    HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    A small but deviously placed Narcanon center has recently opened in the suburb of Ringwood (outer east part of Melbourne) Australia. I say deviously because it happens to be situated a literal stones throw away from three schools. Two High School, one Primary (or Elementary as you yanks call it). It is also surrounded by block after block of residential housing.

    Any advice or info recommended by fellow anons? I've already cross-posted this to Melbanon Forums and suggested poons to the principals and a flyer raid to inform the families. Scientology's wrong-doings need to be exposed a little more down here. I have no doubt that they chose this particular area because it's far enough away from the city that people are more likely to be ignorant of what's been going on with them here recently, but close enough that the population is not too sparse.

    One of the high schools is Catholic, the other public and I'm not sure about the Primary school. I'm sure Narcanon will be wasting no time in handing out their propaganda to the students and asking the principals for permission to speak at an assembly.

    Melbanons! assemble!
  2. Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    I would assume deviously meant like.. in a high drug area... but now I can see how they're gonna try to be like another D.A.R.E to the elementary school
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    They are not evil, like child kidnappers. Mostly they prey upon rich parents that think their kid is getting treatment for drugs or alcohol, but instead they are getting overdoses of vitamins, poor care, cult indoctrination, and untrained staff. Also most patients are heavily recruited for either scientology courses afterwards, or to join staff at narconon.

    The success rate is pretty poor, and may not even be tracked. There may or may not be proper medical staff and drugs for things like withdrawl. The patient may be kicked out and all the money is never refunded, as is reported often in the states.

    I would first check out with any state/local licensing agency that might oversee rehab clinics. Look for paperwork, what their claims are, what they are allowed to do, number of beds, outpatient only, etc.

    I would look if they are worming their way into local help call numbers or referrals to try and get business from more official sources, like counselors, hospitals, govt websites/rehab lists.

    First, find out who they are targeting, then educate.
  4. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    We have yet to properly establish exactly what it is this particular branch is doing there. It's a tiny one floor building wedged between a milk bar and a hair salon. For a business with the outer image they try to project it is a real fucking poor place to put a Narcanon. It's not like there weren't other places in the area, 5 minutes from where it sits is the main street of Ringwood, which is bustling with businesses and other charity organizations that have set up shop there, including the biggest shopping complex for that area. Where it is now, only teenagers and their parents will even be aware of its existence.

    Either they got screwed over with the location by whatever estate agent they went through, or they picked it precisely just for the close proximity to schools and families.
    I made a point of saying on the Melbanon forums to be rational about this and not go all 'BAAAAWW CULT' over this. The employees there may not even be scientologists exactly (though it's almost definite at least one is). But Narcanon likes to spread stuff to teens about drugs that isn't factual and misinformation about drugs is dangerous. There needs to be some warnings sent out so that people at least are informed about their connections with Scientology.
  5. ryangiggs Member

    Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    By your size description of the place it doesn't sound much like a treatment facility.
    Big enough for that?
    Any pics in the pipeline?

    Google street view location? (even though its just opened).
  6. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    You can find the building on Google street view, though the narcanon label wasnt there when the picture was taken. It's itty bitty, there is no way it could be a treatment facility. At this stage I would guess it's some sort of info centre? Like an oversized booth.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    If it's itty bitty it could just be a Narconon recruiting office, which gets a recruiting bonus for sending people to an actual Narconon. Some countries/states which don't have a Narconon of their own have such a recruiting office.
  8. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne


    Figured out how to upload pics, here's the building on google street view, I have taken the liberty of putting an arrow pointing to where it is since without it you could easily skip over it.
  9. xenubarb Member

    Re: HALP Small Narcanon in outer eastern Melbourne

    I would present the following to school administrators in the area:

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