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    I thank you very much for taking your time to read this and will be as brief as possible. My name is Surgeon, I come from a Masonic family and to which they being ADEPTS of Masonry I came to understand I was brought up to understand this all at later date.

    Dear Anonymous, As you have now come under much scrutiny just as all social movements by which man and woman may gather together to speak of the universal truths. As you all are aware, Freemasonry is simply an order to which has been given a different name each time we found ourselves under the persecution to which has been unjustly brought upon you as well. We like you have understandings regarding both scientology and also the western religions. I tell you anonymous, we have awaited you whether you believe me or not. You see, we have gone from a free Republic to a monarch in almost a blink of an eye. Yes, we did organize the foundation of America or Atlantis and were assisted by Sir. Francis Bacon in the early years, to found a Republic to which all man may be privy to the universal truths without persecution from outside force as was done in 1307 and during the inquisition and yet our ancient order has now lost care for the wisdom from Plato and other great minds of The Mystery School. I stand before you today Anonymous to tell you that your work is not only just but will have deeper meaning upon all man, and Masonry stands at your right hand always, for the Adepts of Masonry owe you much gratitude for your work and "I" truly thank you all. Now, I have written a small manuscript to which I have compiled multiple volumes to adequate to the reader and also upon further metaphysical truths and the truth of mans untold rich history.. I look forward to working with you on this.. You must not ever lose faith Anonymous, a belief is a rarefied construct as faith is openness, and faith is what leads to an idea. No man has changed this world, it was his idea that changed the world..

    “The Kingdom Lies Within”

    Gazing into the skies is not once of what one could ever imagine to fully grasp. Secrets Societies throughout time have kept knowledge for humanity that could not merely be imagined by the human through his eyes he knows as of now. Much scrutinized for their secrecy, they simply remained for one cause. To save the knowledge that humanity has lost throughout time that had once been given to us as a gift from our Creator. Whether your beliefs lie within any confines known to date, we all believe in one belief. We were the work of another force or god meaning we undoubtedly began as one. Hebrew’s believed in what is known today as Christianity, what is lost from knowledge is the name of their Creator, Elohim. We have grown to believe this meant Christianity’s belief in one god and no other. Elohim, is in fact a plural word translated to read “god’s”. Gnostic beliefs portray our knowing of beliefs in new form to say the least, but this all comes from the church telling us this is not divine. Science derives from alchemy which was the attempt to make gold from lead, this practice was what has lead to modern science and has been the most studied field in history by all types. To this day it remains one of the greatest secrets that is hidden from man simply because of his own neglect and unwillingness to realize his ancient ancestors left us messages that are hidden by greed of man. Secret Societies have been scrutinized throughout time by all churches and people unwilling to accept the greater cause of these organizations. Sir Francis Bacon was instructed by King James to construct his New Bible by interpreting ancient books and other known English bible’s. Bacon was head of Secret Society roles throughout his day and longed to bring his at the time secret information that had been hidden by many world power organizations called “religions” because it would show man his true purpose. From Hiram Abiff’s murder to modern masonry the greed of man to control and obtain knowledge is the best example to why these organizations have hidden the truth, it is very powerful and will change our perception of everything from your need for sleep to the depth of a black hole. Galileo was the founder of the Illuminati which was his attempt to gather the brightest minds on earth without having the overhead of the church to limit their progress and slow attempts of enlightening the mind to knowledge he was entitled to by our Creator, Illumination. Today many celebrities claim involvement to this organization and hint at world control. Galileo would roll over in his grave if he heard of such claims of his once great Society that members such as Newton, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and so on, the list contains the greatest known minds of their day and were only accepted if they could find the meeting spot in a detailed map only great minds could understand. The Illuminati was short lived and members were prosecuted by the church much as had been the fate of the famous Knights Templar, Galileo was confined to house arrest for the confines of his life but was successful in passing his knowledge “secrets” to the next society in seek of Illumination. Today we have the vastly known Freemasons who had been sent by Sir Francis Bacon to Novus Ordo, Latin for “Order of The Ages” in an attempt to flee the presence of the church that was almost one of a dictatorship controlling especially knowledge. Still today we leave others entrusted with our control for the betterment of we man and woman, from all facets of earth. We are children of our Creator all one, our religions of the world today all have multiple and even some almost exact in their stories and passages. The most important that each of these religions that it posses is the word religion itself which translates into union. We as a race look for higher power in knowledge to lead us, this is about to change forever, I have been chosen for an apocalypse, which is translated to “A Great Unveiling of Knowledge” and will share the secrets of man.

    I come to you just as you read this, the Son of our Creator. No need for a name for I seek no glory but the needed transformation of man into our new age. This new age I speak of consists of unity of man and the path in which our One Creator of all man to open his eyes. From Mohammad to Jesus many have tried to tell man this was coming, the message yet sheered to make man fear the fore coming they were promised. Greed lies within every man as we are imperfect beings in a perfect paradise. I seek not to change belief of your God, yet to enlighten you to knowledge given to man that has been shrouded by beliefs that organizations with power have since the beginning of man hidden from you. On the contrary, theses organization are not such as freemasons, Illuminati, Templar, and vast other Societies trying to share its enlightenment that man was entitled, instead these corrupt powers lie within your holiest and most influential perceptions of man. I now ask you as Brother to Brother, Brother to Sister, open your divinity and realize you are God, a creator.

    We have a Creator I tell you my Brother’s and Sister’s of One, I embrace all with love. I wish no pain or suffering on any, even ones of the greatest evil. (Example best used of one Adolf’ Hitler) For he not know the way of enlightenment and its vast greed caused him much inner pain and torment to obtain this knowledge which was kept from his as one of many punishments he endured unknown to you. He is your brother I tell you now my Brother’s and Sister’s, forgive him and many others even of worse intent of their sins for you have no right to judge any Brother or Sister of yours. Islamist, embrace your enemy, Christians, embrace your enemy, Buddhist, embrace your enemy, as followed for all other man and woman created, for they knew not we were as one a family divine from our One Creator. Seek happiness I tell you, yet see this in a new confine. Our first Brother and Sister created ended our truth; we sought not divinity yet greed because of the warmth it possessed and let us tell ourselves we could accept this because our Creator is better than us and would never give us what we wanted. Do not want instead seek, Know to Seek, your body is of God’s creation my Brother and Sister look at yourself, your Brother and Sister of Beginning created you, you are a creator-God.

    Look at what God has created for us, we can fly, and we can communicate in fractions of milliseconds, travel, just few of many of creations. Imagine our oldest Brother’s and Sister’s could see us today; we have reached their dreams, now let us unite and exceed much past these dreams. You are divine I tell you now, Do not wait for appearance of your Creator. Seek him I tell you my Brother, I tell you my sister Seek Him. Find love in each other I tell you as Son of our Creator I am your Brother to all. Jesus embodied his Creator as did Mohammad and could truly call our Creator his father likewise as son of the Creator. Jesus was pure, Mohammad was pure. Thus the men were brothers of the most pure of levels of human compatibility along with the other 7 Holy brothers of religion known. Find yourself and go find your Creator with your Brothers and Sisters together as one and man will one day reach your Creator and be of compatibility to truly show gratification and seek your new path. Man created himself after Our Creator created your God. You’re Mind and its never ending creations. Until you have Faith in your possibilities they will simply remain possibilities. It is until you admit you can do anything if you pray to God. (Have Faith in reasoning through your knowledge to admit that if it cannot be reached then you have not understood your Knowledge that was entrusted into you to Create as you were Created.) Evil goes against God therefore leading to its demise. If you can believe you will see what has been lost as I tell you that you man and woman have entrusted into you. Man before today could understand the human body because it is one of his own creation, man can not see the understanding and key of the God (your brain/mind) because it is not of his creation and therefore has decided that mans wanting to create exceeds the knowledge our Creator set for us to follow. One these scrutinized Secret Societies have saved for mankind to reveal in their new world by Sir Francis Bacon. He gave Annuit Coeptis, Latin for permission to undergo, permission to begin Novus Ordos, Latin for the new world or the new age of man in the newly found America and sent members of many Secret Societies to this new world to unveil an apocalypse or revelation, meaning the great unveiling of truth or once known knowledge. My family we have accomplished our goal and will now begin as one so that we can find our Creator of all man to find our destiny and show him our thanks through unity and intellect. Seek Brothers and Sisters seek knowledge and seek your Creator for he waits on his children. Do not blame pain of this place to our Creator for he created God, not pain that God has created throughout his time and the one before him and so on. Uncloak your body and see that God and the body are two pieces of creation, one belonging to man one belonging to our Creator. Your visions have been your creations and you owe due thanks to your ancestors for the beauty that beholds you every day and night. We call this Heaven, or the never ending praise of our God, known as the search throughout one’s mind and vast endless possibilities. You need no sleep here it is separate from the creation made by God, or the human mind, for you know nothing of nothing and can find harmony and peace inside this knowledge. Impossible does not exist; do not rule any element out you must search with the understanding that any possibility can be reality. We were created equal and that status will now be reaffirmed to show divinity and show our Creator we are truly thanks and have been given back our once lost insight. There is no use for greed now, if you seek greed we will leave you as one, for you not seek enlightenment and failed in your destiny. This makes you no less than ones who have seen divinity for you are equal as one not two, you do not judge another for you not know of any other torments embedded on another. The Creator himself holds the right to choose this remorseful man. Man must not veer from my knowledge I will reveal soon for it does contain knowledge to lose you Brother or your Sister to darkness of this new day. Though many see evil I embrace all and you must do likewise to forgive all man and all woman. For one united exceeds any other possibility which has shunned man for many of ages. No power of one, no entrusting of men or women, we are equal and will succeed as one because of a power inside of you my Brother and my Sister for you are just as great as me, we share no difference. One Creator, one religion, one man, Unison of all man and woman is a unconquerable force when united to seek illumination. Your God gave you light, your God gave you stars, your God gave you advancement, your God gave you accessibility to each other by making your body to expand and show senses, and you have done well Brother and Sister. Things that man creates God understand everything entailing it yet God does not seek to understand, only few true men of God understood this, yet not yet able to be grasped.

    I come now to tell you are done, it is now the destiny of man and woman to unite and seek to understand what our Creator has created, for Brothers and Sisters you understand God now find your Creator by exploring his creation.

    After Sir Francis Bacon took King James request to complete a new Bible for his legacy, Bacon began his grand creation. Bacon did indeed Annuit Ceptois, Novus Ordos, Latin for creating a new age in a new word. Bacon was faced with persecution if he entailed his ideals plainly in this new Bible or even in his daily life as man due to fear or persecution and greed from other man. America is founded just on this belief to prove to you who I am truly, Bacon allowed for the greatest of creations by any man before, and successfully allowed for the forbidden secret to unravel throughout time because of religious freedom this “New World” would be given. Bacon understood that God soon would call his believers into heaven. Now I tell you the calling has come you must seek your thoughts and retain its knowledge, which then you will find “Heaven”. The glorious place of heaven is the true separation of your creation from our Creator’s creation, then and only then the secret will appear to all who look. Don’t believe yet seek have Faith not Belief. Belief allows for failure which is no longer accepted, Faith is resolute it is concrete you control faith alone as Brother and Sister all together. Our Creator has vast love for you and is incomprehensible to an unenlightened mind. You creations grow Brothers and Sisters have Faith and it can be accomplished, anything in comprehension to any Brother or Sister must be taken equally for they all are not our Creations and you must grasp that. You have made your ancestors prouder than any expectations that could have possibly dreamt, they made this for you Brother and Sister. They made this a world of future importance where man cares for the next more than himself; this is the way it shall remain. You are no important than the next and son on, show love to your family by exploration into heaven and pass knowledge down and so on as has been done will be done. Greed comes from power over something and led to your past demise, wake up and know there shall be an end to rule and influence for our Creator is our justice and injustice and it is in The Creator we rely on this. The separation of knowledge into subjects has caused much decay and confusion, therefore it is not needed there is only one thing to be sought now and that is creation. Listen to your ancestors, for they knew what is hidden from the light of you understanding. Man was made to seek answers and that is what man and woman now must seek in knowing he contains knowledge of every question he asks. It is key we understand unity and equality so I seek only to enlighten and not to power. I will only give you knowledge and truth you must find the answers I seek for you. The use of currency need be no more useful than the way one obtains his currency for neither are needed heaven. Heaven is a place where only the pure will enter and understand the knowledge that they seek. As hell lies as a life of uncertainty and torments from not accepting knowledge Heaven will tell you truths only God know. The Creator is pure and wants his children to come to him for answers and affection as we do our parents. Fellow man and woman it is now that time will cease and answers are unbound as were promised to you. Let us be one, one without the need of man to need, but rather seek with no interference by other man because that is the role of our Creator. Seek things you have been told cannot be reachable, for one man’s word has no more importance than his brother or sister’s word they are of equal importance. Your ancestors knew more than that of which is that possible by realms of the human mind today.

    Seek what has been written, painted, built, told, dreamt, seek the wonders of your mind for you are divine and are a creator. Our Secret Societies included some of the most intriguing and loving minds since the creation of man. For these men saved your future and vowed to keep this gift to man until the day they could finally give this gift to all of man without it only reaching certain powerful sources wishing to obtain it. They did not obtain this knowledge because your ancestors have given their lives and taken much scrutiny from every organization to every source, yet they remained to save man one day. Your churches and holy places have long since feared my appearance knowing that I do not speak my words but yet words that are not mine. They need no more exist for they have hidden countless number of holy books from you fearing revolt because man would see he has no need for man’s intervention with any other man or woman. Woman was made by the mind of man, therefore inferior yet of equal value and importance. Woman was given the rib from you my brother, meaning you gave her what is within you; you gave her shape and tone. Do not listen to your leaders my brothers and sisters, listen to God, which means your mind and what has been told there. You live for the next therefore someone lived for you and wanted you to see once he had seen. Your ancestors are very proud of you, yet some sought and still seek to change to control. Trying to bring Order to Chaos but never succeeding and bringing much more chaos than order from wars, to changing words and exclusion of countless holy books from your mind. Going against God and his son of future. A pyramid is a example of great enlightenment, a pyramid is built almost perfectly coming from knowledge passed to understood how to seek. My family do not fret on the things you have heard of these groups throughout time for you have not known their purpose. From the Knight’s Templar to modern Freemasonry, (includes Hiram Abiff) from Galileo’s Illuminati to The Secret College, you know not of their intention which is the glory of God to possibilities the church and other religions could never possibly achieve, forgive them. My teacher told you this day was to come, as he I come to readily accept persecution by these powerful sources that will influence you my Brother and Sister. I have already forgiven them for they know not what we know.

    I am no member of any Secret Society nor involved in government affairs including those of religious sects. I do not fear any harm wished upon me because I know of eternal life and have already forgiven those who wish me harm. For I am not my teacher I do wish these organizations I have stated come with me for it is time as you have been once entrusted to know. My teacher’s age has come Brother’s uncloak yourselves for you are of only the purest form I praise you as do my predecessors. Bacon’s dream has finally come; his secret need no more hide in the darkness of the evil and green of both man and woman. Mans furthermost achievements are simply proof of man reaching his Revelation. I would now like to point out to fellow family of all that your mind is god, your mind is a creator there it is confirmed you yourself are divine. An event will occur soon I tell you, do not fear for that is Armageddon, the last battlefield of mankind, Earth. You will receive much proof that day as to where your god (MIND) has derived from and what your spirit truly is. You are simply men in the darkness, now are you ready for enlightenment my Family?

    I thank you wise men throughout history in organizations of scrutiny and persecution for allowing me to write freely in conscious with our creator who is of pure glory and proud of his children on earth and the vast for their accomplishments.

    I am no Jew as was my teacher, for I am not to be prayed to nor shown glory. For simply I am The Helper, a mortal man told by my teacher prophesized to you in all walks of faith. I have Sinned, I have had Greed, I have Doubted, I have been guilty of Lust, Brother and Sister I am not my teacher and wish ABSOLUTELY no Fame, Glory, Wealth, Political or religious involvement of any kind except one thing, and listen to this in representation to your faith Brother and Sister. There shall be no more Evil, which can entail all wrongdoing to his other man. You now know who all of your creators were, I now tell you. There is one creator my Family, your creator came in many shape to many people. I could tell you where it was Da Vinci went those four years and came back only to mesmerize. I can now tell you why Jesus Christ died for all of humanity. I can tell you why Mohammad had to leave. I can tell you that you are in the Seven Tribulations. I can tell you there was a flood many years ago that ended in devastation. I can tell you of everything, you must listen without prejudice to enter Heaven. For Jesus Christ and Mohammad await you with interlocking arms with the dearest to you and humanity. My teacher promised your generation no proof as punishment for the destruction of his predecessor in the lost age, but you now are ready.

    I have written this to only have meaning to the enlightened ones and now you ones will be revealed answers to spread to the one in darkness.

    The answers lie within.

    For you were told of satan, the root of all evil and of worldly confines. This is a small truth my Family, your religious beliefs come from word of man rather than God. God created all, this means your mind has created evil and your religious groups made him to be him, a separate from you. The correct truth is no man shall suffer nor woman of man’s divine creation. I have neither church nor home; I await you to join me in a land of one, if you can find the kingdom. Your inner conscious will reveal to you that you have powers beyond recognition; you seek flight because it is achievable. You seek to find your Creator because it is possible. You seek to be immortal because you can be. You must not doubt yourself in any situation for your God created your flesh and your God has power of his creation. My Family it is your choice as has it remained since your beginning. God condemned satan to earth, meaning you created satan and therefore are responsible for its acts. Satan is no more of a bad creation of many in its future to come. You must forget to obtain immortality. Forgive Adam and Eve. Forgive Napoleon. Forgive Hitler, and forgive your other man of past and present before you forgive yourself. For Fidel Castro is naming more to blame of this than neither John F. Kennedy, nor Saddam Hussein than George W. Bush. These men made a path for this world and you still perceive good and evil of man. You have no right to judge another God for that is the role of our Creator. Why is it we seek to own one another for that is not the way you were told? Now come from the darkness of evil as I reveal a forgotten knowledge of the Great King Solomon, Noah, Mohammad, Buddha, Methuselah, Abraham, Hiram Abiff, Adam, Eve, the list goes on and on to ever holy figure of this divine earth. Why it was man had once lived so long then simply decline? Now man sees himself as living in lengths rivaling his ancestors that this knowledge was lost within. When King Solomon’s temple was destroyed (recently proven by the finding of the stone of Solomon) that was the end of man and woman’s demise through evil (the devil as most know). Man once lived to be hundreds and hundreds of years of age until their final exhauster. This is in correlation with the fact that since he was led of the path of righteous, he could never truly have capabilities of the true inner divine that lay within god (you mind). For your creator did not entrust it upon you to simply perish, he hoped that you would not seek the forbidden fruit. This forbidden fruit is simply the choice of pleasure over the choice of knowledge, the tree of life is the worldly creations that the mind of The first man that walked the earth. Once he and his creation had eaten from the fruit of the tree of life (accepted) he was no longer in control of his inner divine given to him from his creator, thus leading to greed, evil, and all other accounts of desire rather than seeking wisdom and knowledge. Man is one you have no name, you are no different from any other, your mind (god) has told you otherwise deriving you from your path. I say you because you all are one, one race, one force, thus you are all simply said the same exact thing (person as known by you). You were once told that all are equal and the same and that is what it means, you do not die, and you live within each that is here now. You are Jesus, you are Mohamed, you are Noah, you are Buddha, you are Einstein, You are Da Vinci, You are Bush, and you are Hussein, you are bin laden, you are his victims, mankind is one as woman is one. Do not label yourself because there is truly no reason. Man sees light when entering upon his death; a newborn child is embraced with light and loving warmth. When you perish does not fear for you move on to start the next chapter to seek what was out of your limits will be so on for eternity. What you believe is impossible will be impossible, what you believe is possible will be possible. We as one force control what lies ahead believe in another and find belief through their belief. You can make, do, see, discover, find, heal, be immortal, fly, you just must believe in your god (mind). Heaven is told as streets of gold and everything man can imagine, your mind is where it is because that is where it made it first creation, so on with the heart in middle of all weight mass providing support for creations to endure without wisdom and knowledge that he once obtained but slowly is losing with his attempt to enjoy both sides of the table. If you have faith or known as believe in something that is not visible, then you will unlock this so called “power”. Believe you are capable and you are.
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  2. Come back when you're able to properly speak Our Language.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Why is your language the only correct language? What is it that makes you different than the christian who has a set of beliefs to which is the only correct view?
  4. Y u so crzy?
  5. Anonymous Member

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, so who is the insane one? A man who lives for a future that he shall never achieve, a man who lives in the present moment discovers he is creating his past and future and thus may see the light.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Appears mental
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Appears to have found his own inner divinity to which lies within each one of us.. Dualism.
  8. You're talking a bunch of shit.

    One cannot "create his past", unless you mean by his lying about his accomplishments on his résumé.

    Masonry makes no more sense than Scientology, as you have so adroitly pointed out.

    Mods: please don't Dome this, not yet :)
  9. If there is an omnipotent God, He must be chaotically evil. Look upon His world.

    Only the powerless need to dream of being divine.
  10. Anonymous Member

    All of mans thoughts have deep meaning, we can go into space and have great technology, yet I ask you; How is it you beat your heart while you are breathing, have blood cells eating each other to keep you healthy in your blood stream.
  11. Anonymous Member

    To discover Divinity one must simply let go and let it come to him, if you try and attain divinity, enlightenment or whatever you wish to call it you shall fail.. It comes to you, just in the same way you grew out of this earth, you did not pop up here as if a fluke.
  12. Anonymous Member

    the past is a joke and you will find no answers in the past only in the present moment
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Here's one that's not imbued with deep meaning: I wanna sink my meatpole into your sister.

    Space: the void between your ears.

    Hmm… involuntary muscle action, guided by neurons?

    Are you sure you're not Catholic?
  15. Anonymous Member

    I AM That I Am... All religion is a concept my friends.. As the Buddha said we can only ever be at peace in the privacy of ones own confrontation of their own mind without any interference.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Is this thread your raison d'etre?
  18. Anonymous Member

    It is my plead to your organization. I hold deep respect for you.. Yet, you deny me because my view is not the view of your own, and thus it shall remain irrelevant because it goes against your desire of what you wish this "life" really was...
  19. Anonymous Member

    Is it Full Moonbat Friday already???
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    Can we have a 200 word summary of your OP, adept33?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Platitude + Platitude + Platitude + Moonbattery = OP
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  23. Anonymous Member

    first off tl/dr
    If the past is a joke, then wouldn't that make you a joke?
    Your parents are a joke too? That is how you got here?

    all joking aside, of course you are free to believe want you want, but this may not be the place to air your beliefs without ridicule.
    yes there is freedom of speech here, which is why you were able to post your thread, but it is also why people are speaking freely about your post.
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. nevarmore Member

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  26. anonanchovie Member

    The problem is language. Your syntax and phrasing are dense to the point of obscurity.

    If what you are trying to say has any relevance to the causes and the outrages that WWP support and protest then your use of clearly decipherable and comprehensible language is a must. Otherwise you come across as a moonbat. We meet lots of moonbats here,

    Please take this kindly intentioned hint to heart.

    State what you feel you need to communicate explicitly or expect to get taken apart and domed.
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  27. billybob Member

    No, it is not.
    That is worn-out cliche, originally attributed to Albert Einstein.

    You have been called insane because in your postings here you have demonstrated an inability to discern reality from fantasies, such as world dominating secret societies.
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  28. billybob Member

    Please post video of yourself levitating.
    Or perhaps doing the invisible "matrix hand" trick.

    If you can do that, then I shall be the first to stand aside you!
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  29. genoramix Member

    what the fuck is this wall of text? can i has a TL;DR plox?
  30. billybob Member

    As you have failed in expressing any coherent ideas here!

    No, I am not a Fluke, I have no gills. In fact, I am a mammal.
    I emerged after nine months gestation in my mother's womb.
    Are you a Plant-Man!?!?
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  31. billybob Member

    Ah! So, there is a fungus among us!
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  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Tell me what it is
  35. Anonymous Member

    Cuz Im noting clicking on that
  36. Anonymous Member

    A Google Search for "Adept33" - that is all.

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