Halfway House?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Nihao.Mofo, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Nihao.Mofo Member

    Halfway House?

    I realize this would be _way_ expensive and a have a great big target painted on it, but is there any talk or any way that a halfway house could be set up for those who want to blow? I keep reading about how a lot of the higher people and kids have no money, no outside job experience, no place to go, etc., and it sounds very similar to the situation for abused wives and children. Nowadays they have places to escape to, but the scienos who want out _don't_. Is it possible some of the namefagged can discuss this and come up with some way for those who want out to get out?

    If this has been discussed before or is in the wrong place, go ahead and delete it, I'm a newfag here.
  2. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Halfway House?

    There are women's shelters for abused women and children. Thats really the only thing I can think of. Their locations are well hidden with only a contact number. They are no strangers to harrassement and abuse. I imagine if something like that is needed, they would be an option. I don't know if they would take a man, though.
  3. Re: Halfway House?

    Again, a lot of these problems aren't unique to Scientology. Really, the only unique things about Scientology are the existence of such an extensive intelligence/military branch, and the sheer scope of the organization. Let me go off and research cult survivor resources for awhile, see if I can come up with something.
  4. Nihao.Mofo Member

    Re: Halfway House?

    Thanks, I'd love it if we could do something. The hard part would actually be getting the word out, unless there was one across the street from any org or something. I want the people who WANT to blow but have nowhere to go to have an option...
  5. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Halfway House?

    I don't know how feasible this idea is but I know the catholic church does alot of work to help people in trouble. "Catholic Charities" does stuff for the homeless, pregnant teens etc. they might not want to touch this with a 10 foot foot pole but maybe they would. We've got a delegation going to talk with the archdiocese soon about the scientology, maybe we can ask something related to this too. If I get any info, I'll post.
  6. AnonymIceland Member

    Re: Halfway House?

    On the topic of getting the word out, how about signs at the next protest that might go something like this:

    Do you have doubts?

    Do you want to Blow Scientology but don't know where to go?

    Been in your whole life?

    Don't be afraid, there's an entire community waiting for you!!!

    We WILL assist you in any way possible.

    Go to etc....
  7. Nihao.Mofo Member

    Re: Halfway House?

    I like it, but it's a little long to be large enough for people in the org to be able to read, isn't it? Maybe something more like "WANT TO BLOW? EXSCIENTOLOGYKIDS.COM WILL HELP"

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