Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

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  1. basil Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Tomorrow is staturday over there.

    I wonder how many points being told to fuck off at the border counts as?
  2. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    If the status quo goes as regularly scheduled, we should start seeing a flood of false PR flowing from them.

    As for their stats, they're not losing points if Davey thinks they are in Haiti. Acceptable truths and all that ya know :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    That is a joke PR, but they are almost indistinguishable from the real ones.
  4. lostinspace Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Here is Scientology spokesbabblemouth Tommy Davis release. Co$ agenda can be very plainy seen. This is one of their PR machines I absolutely loathe. People are suffering and they are what ? Giving touch assists. Volunteer Vultures is an apporopriate term. They are preying on victims period to further their own agenda.

    Read another critics response on some of the statements made.
    Link Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Erupting News: VMs Take Lead Role in Haiti Relief Effort

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    Posts: 1204
    Location: Canada

    PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:08 pm Post subject: [Oooh !] Erupting News: VMs Take Lead Role in Haiti Relief Effort
    Subject description: Man the Lampoons! Reply with quote
    Scientology takes lead role in Haiti relief effort wrote:
    Scientology takes lead role in Haiti relief effort

    Tommy Davis

    Wed, Jan 20, 2010 17:17:51 IST

    THE SCIENTOLOGY Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Team has taken the lead role in relief efforts after Haiti's devastating 7.0 earthquake. Flying in from Clearwater, Florida to the hideous rubble of Port au Prince, capital of Haiti, the Response Team hit the ground running and immediately took charge.

    The Volunteer Ministers' big yellow tent has become known as the place to visit for help with handling trauma, getting supplies, or just to find someone to talk to after grueling hours of arduous work in the disaster zone. The Volunteer Ministers are working closely in Haiti with the US Military, the United Nations, and many other agencies such as the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF, who are amazed by their calm expertise in the disaster zone. They are intensively training these agencies and organisations in ‘Touch Assists’. This technology, discovered by humanitarian L Ron Hubbard, provides a gentle massage when someone is in the midst of a crisis.

    In addition to Touch Assists, the Volunteer Ministers have been offering free stress tests to rescue personnel and citizens alike.

    When disaster strikes, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are always somewhere nearby. Trained to respond to emergency situations, they provide Touch Assists to immediately alleviate suffering and bring order quickly. And because the technology they apply is simple and affective, they quickly train others so they too can provide help. As the world's largest volunteer relief agency, over 230,000 strong and spanning every continent of this planet, there are more than twenty times as many Scientology Volunteer Ministers as there are people in the US Peace Corps; more than four times as many as are in the US Coast Guard; and about the same number as are in the US Marine Corps. Scientology Volunteer Ministers work hand-in-hand with the Red Cross, the Girl Scouts of America, the Fire Department of New York and other key agencies, to provide assistance where it is needed. Volunteer Ministers bring order and ensure maximum help in times of disaster, including earthquakes, tsunamis and especially volcano eruptions. In point of fact, Scientology Volunteer Ministers are the only people on the planet who can provide true assistance when disaster strikes.

    The Scientology religion is the only major religion to have emerged in the 20th century. It is the world's fastest growing religion, found in over 264 countries, with tens of thousands of new people becoming Scientologists every day. Scientology was accepted as a religion by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 1993. Scientology has also been declared a bona-fide religion by Frank Flinn, adjunct professor of Sociology at the Washington University of St Louis. A Catholic priest named Urbano Alonso Galan agrees with him. Scientologists in the United States enjoy tremendous tax advantages, not available to members of other religions. Many celebrities are Scientologists and ordinary public Scientologists sometimes get to meet them. As members of a minority religion, Scientologists deserve to be treated fairly, which means that we should be allowed to do things that other groups may not do. In this way, we are just a little bit compensated for all of our humanitarian efforts and our sharing of L Ron Hubbard's extremely workable technology.
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    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    I fell for that joke PR release as well, but in my defense, it does take quite a while to get to the eventual spoof elements. I have to wonder how effective it is to bury a couple over-the-top references in an otherwise typical pro-Scientology wall of text.

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    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    It isn't, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to see through it. But it is pathetic to me they actually go places and prey on people who have already suffered. And just use the machine to tell everyone they are just want to help, and how wonderful they are while they are preying , riping off and recruiting (well trying to).

    sorry for the ranting and spammy post but, this one just makes me grit my teeth.
  7. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Wait... "especially volcano eruptions"???


    omg I can't breathe....


    They put that in a press release. At what point is their official "jump the shark" moment announced?
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    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    It's because it's pretty much exactly the kind of PRs they feed their members, on the inside. But when it's for wog consumption, they show a bit more restraint.
  9. WMAnon Member

  10. subrosa Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    From that release it appears that they are giving 'help' to the actual volunteers (those who have money) instead of the VICTIMS (low on tone scale). LRH would be so proud
  11. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Just in case anyone had any doubts, ^ that says it all.
  12. Herro Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Alright, let's try big red letters.

  13. lostinspace Member

  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    from the New York Daily News

    Haiti earthquake roundup: Mayor Bloomberg plans to launch program to help undocumented Haitians
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  17. AnonOne Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    They got hit by another, this time 6.0, today.
  18. rof Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Loosing your nerves ?
  20. Herro Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Not at all but I appreciate your concern. I'm just trying to help the slow people here.
  21. AnonOne Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    What slow people? Damn d00d, this is Anon, we're all fucking geniuses.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    "parasitic ghosts "

  23. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Hello Peter,

    As you know just several days ago there was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti.

    As a direct result of this catastrophe tens of thousands of people have died and an entire nation has gone into total chaos.

    The Church of Scientology has started to ship out dozens of Volunteer Ministers to give aid to the tens of thousands that need it. Similar to the situation when 911 hit the USA, we need to get as much Scientology technology into the hands of the Haitian people.

    As we steadily increase the number of VMs being sent, so must we also increase the amount of Scientology tech into the hands of people.

    Right now we (Bridge Publications Inc.) are requesting that every single Scientologist lend a hand in this. We will be shipping thousands upon thousands of Scientology Handbook booklets and other various basic Scientology tools to the VMs on site. They in turn will distribute these to the public on the ground while hatting them on how to use the tech.

    All donations for fully tax deductible.

    I am asking you for a donation to this cause. The minimum donation being asked is $500. Any one making a donation of $3,000 or more will receive a very special commendation that will go directly into their ethics file.

    To make a donation, call directly to (323) 899-1034, or email me back your information.

    You can also make your $500 donation on-line here:

    Thank you in advance for your support!

    Patrick Howson
    Mail Order Manager
    Bridge Publications Inc.
    (323) 899-1034

    I wonder will they wipe out my SP declare if I send them $500?
  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    I am not concerned. It is funny when you loose your "serious" side and let the troll in you take control.
  25. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Yep, all the money goes to providing scilon tech which is supplied by Bridge Publications at retail cost to donor so most money goes back to scientology. Wonderful.
  26. basil Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    If you don't make the minimum donation of $500, you'll also get an entry in your Ethics file, of course, but not in a good way...
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    What the Scientology VMs do is the same as if The Red Cross started collecting money to purchase First Aid books from themselves at full retail price to hand out in Haiti, except that while it would still be a cynical money maker it would be *slightly* useful.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Oh my, Srlsy? Is that a real cult email? They actually want their members to pay them to use their own printing house to publish more useless garbage? (of which John snake-on-a-plane Travolta will likely have it cargoed in for free). The cult must be so poor after all those expensive rennovations to the luxury Fort Harrison, the Idle orgs, The Feewinds death ship, private investigators, pointless lawsuits, Davey's toys and crates of Scotch Whisky.

    All they'd have to do is stop sending out junk mail to the rest of the world for a day or two and it wouldn't make the slightest difference to divert the time on a couple of their printing machines to stock up with useless shit for the poor victims (who I'm sure will really appreciate a nice "Way to Happiness" leaflet to protect their skull from falling masonry or to make a tasty soup from).
    Judging by the amount of general tat that they produce anyway, they probably don't even need to print much extra since they'll likely have a ton of outdated/unsaleable dead stock destined for the pulping factory which they could divert to this "cause". The cause being to get as many photo ops as possible of yellow-shirted VMs transporting huuge boxes marked "SUPPLIES" against a devasting backdrop and of victims with a "piece of scientology" in their hands.

  29. Sponge Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    The Way to Happiness: It's a cracking good booklet!....when used as kindling.
  30. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    I don't know about the Scientology Handbook booklets, but when the TWTH booklets are printed in bulk, a third of the money goes directly up the pyramid to Author Services International (CST).

    And that's assuming that all the booklets donated for are ever printed and handed out. It's not like anyone can double-check that.
  31. Kashlov Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Listen, somebody gave me this lady who is working under this guy who call himself dr. Joseph Pierre Paul Cadet. He kept telling me that they are with the VM, or the UN, or working with Love-A-Child, and other groups. He is to me those low class, dim-witted people who study and pass the board so he can be part of the society otherwise he’d be nothing. He has to be rude in other to feel good about himself.

    He's arranging Doctors, Nurses to fly to Haiti to volunteer. I have been provided him with so many Drs and Rns; and not to forget I worked 20hrs a day volunteering to get the staffs to Haiti., and I’m gladly doing it to save Haiti. This dim-witted prick named paul cadet never answer my questions and get so upset and arrogant when I ask question about what VM’s stands for, his company, and his unorganized way of working. He would give me 1 or 2 hours of notice to send the volunteers staff to the Miami or Ft Lauderdale Airport with no contact number, He would change the airport at the last minute, the staffs have no clue where to go once they reach to the airport, no gate #, no contact #, no flight name, no meeting point, etc.. He got upset when I ask meaningful questions that my staffs want to know; and not to forget most of my staffs are coming from another State and never been to South Florida before. Please read his rude reply to my below message and tell me what you think…..

    ---------- Original Message ----------
    Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 08:22:45 -0800 (PST)

    I understand, I just have to ask for clarification. I will do my best to help as much as I can. I think after the group that I provide, its best for me to focus on local nurses and doctors unless we can get a place for them to stay in Miami or fort Lauderdale. For the out of town people, where can they stand by at? I think all they need is a contact number, especially when they get to the airport then what! Would somebody call them and tell them where to report at? If so, then who?

    Cadet replied to me To: ">
    Don't forget that: what you are doing is for HAITI. It is not for me. You, haitians, need to get out your comfort zone. It is a mission to help, not a trip to visit HAITI at leisure time. Your wording let me perplexe. MOST NON-HAITIANS, JUST LOOK AT THE EMERGENCY PART, NOT THE COMFORT.
  32. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    This e-mail with full headers, if you don't mind ID'ing yourself to the media, should be forwarded to all media outlets reporting on Johnny Dogooder's "relief mission" so they know there is more to the scientology volunteer ministers than meets the eye. In particular, send it to the NYDN.

    The "volunteer ministers" were most likely named as such so they could get into places under the guise of being a real religion. "Oh they're ministers, let them in." It looks as if someone in Haiti has a clue and is keeping the nutters away from people actually helping. Good.
  33. pooks Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    I'm going to drop all the emails I get on the VM's in Haiti in this thread.

    Subject: Everywhere -- HAITI UPDATE! from VM I/C WUS
    Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010

    To all scientologists:

    The Volunteer Minister relief efforts for Haiti have


    We have a chartered plane that is leaving the east
    coast Saturday and on board will be all VMs
    that are ready to go and a large group of medically
    trained people - they are flying in as a large

    Right now there are some 3 million people that are
    injured and/or homeless and they need help.

    Once the VMs land and get started and as the data
    comes in you will be briefed on what is being done and
    progress made but we are nowhere near having adequate help
    to give them yet! More VMs are needed and more donations
    to get them there.

    If you want to go yourself, or know someone that does,
    we need VMs ready to go in the next 48 hours to get on the
    next flight - just call in. If you want to contribute by
    doing a donation, or know someone that wants to,
    contact myself directly, Cheryl Kruchko VM I/C WUS at

    Or Pamela Lancaster Field Control Secretary CC

    International 323-960-3100
  34. pooks Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010


    I’m sure you’ve heard about the devastating earthquake that happened in Haiti last Thursday.

    To help handle the disaster, the IAS is sponsoring a grant to help provide the means necessary to save lives. With the support of the IAS, the Volunteer Minister Disaster Response Unit is moving at full speed to mobilize a large team of VM’s and medical professionals to the earthquake zone in Haiti. There is a lot that needs to be done to handle the situation. We sent out one plane on Saturday with about 40 medical doctors, 200 VMs and 1200 pounds worth of rescue supplies including food and clean water.

    In light of all this and to keep it moving forward, on Thursday January 21st, at 6:30pm at CC in the Pavilion, IAS members are uniting for the first ever IAS benefit concert with Edgar Winter and his band and Mark Isham and Holly Palmer. Anne Archer will be the MC as well as other special celebrity speakers including Michael Roberts and Greg Capazorio!

    Your help is urgently needed. Tell your family, friends and fellow students and bring them with you! If you have any questions or would like to confirm please call:

    Melissa Dale, Membership Officer (323) 960-3292
  35. pooks Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Email from Wendy Honnor:

    Hello Everyone

    I have received a briefing from the IAS regarding Haiti.

    We urgently need a team of Australian VMs to travel to Haiti from Australia especially VMs who had experience during the Tsunami. There is a grant from the IAS to cover the cost of our team going to Haiti.

    If you want to be part of this team, then email me back or phone me and I can brief you. We really need you. No matter what your training level or experience. But you need to be fit and healthy.

    On Sunday night I will be holding a meeting in the AO in the Event Space at 8pm for all Australian Auditors and Scientologists who have decided to go to Haiti OR who are interested in going or helping here in Australia with me, to get people briefed, hatted and going. I need many people to help me. This is the usual Auditors Guild Meeting time. At this meeting you will be fully briefed and updated.

    Sunday 8pm
    Event Space

    Here is the report:

    "There are 3 million people homeless and in desperate need of food, water and medical attention. Estimates of the death toll have now risen to 200,000. While the UN are feeding an increasing number of people daily (was 40,000 but has risen to 100,000) it's still a fraction of what it need to be. The area the VMs are in (with other NGOs) is secure and has military/security.

    The Puerto Rican government just paid to ship the VMs large 120-foot tent to Haiti to help with the disaster response efforts. That should arrive there on Tuesday.

    Another charter plane of VMs and medical personnel is expected to leave around Thursday (tomorrow) from Los Angeles and Miami.

    As it's slow to get people in and out of the country, the VMs that go should be prepared to be there for a while, not just a week or so. Don't promise them that they can go and be back on an exact date. Obviously the VM Disaster Response Unit will do it's very best to make that happen but it's a disaster zone and getting people out is as tricky as getting them in, so it they know they need to be a little flexible, they will be fine."

    If you want to go, then we want you. We do not want to talk anybody into going. But if you have questions then contact me. Email is best and then I can direct you on to the person you need to be in comm with. But if you want to talk to me on the phone, for sure, we can do that. 04211 98786


    Wendy Honnor
    IAS Freedom Medal Winner
    Wendy Honnor :: Bringing Understanding Through Communication

    Telephone: +61 4211 98786
  36. rof Member

    I'm listening, feel free to speak another language if it's easier for you.

    I don't understand but someone will.
  37. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    1200lbs? Twelve-fucking-hundred pounds?!?! The water they need for a couple of days would amount to probably double that, wtf are they intending on eating? The UN's and Red Cross supplies? "Lets go get a burger!"
    VM's will quickly become the pariahs of any disasters world-wide, and rightly so.

    Good frikken' fried greasy toads onna stick!
  38. PodPeople Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    From PRNewswire: (my bold)

    Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers Sends Emergency Relief to Haiti Earthquake Victims - Interview with Haitian Volunteer Minister

    Haitian Jude Falaise will join the Scientology Volunteer Ministers on their disaster relief mission to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which has suffered a devastating 7.0 earthquake, to help survivors after losing 11 family members to the natural disaster

    "I want to go to Haiti with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to help my people." - Jude Falaise
    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- When a flight chartered by the Church of Scientology leaves Los Angeles for Port-au-Prince on January 21, Haitian Jude Falaise and her 16-year-old son will be on board. Falaise lost 11 family members -- brothers, sisters and cousins -- in the 7.0 earthquake January 12 and says she wants to help those who did survive.

    While receiving grief counseling last week at a Los Angeles Church of Scientology, Falaise learned that the Church was organizing a flight to Haiti for doctors, nurses, EMTs and Volunteer Ministers. She contacted the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief Coordinator to offer her family's homes in Port-au-Prince as housing for volunteers, and when she learned of their work, she decided to join the volunteer team herself.

    "I'm leaving the comfort of my home and I'm taking my teenage son with me to go volunteer. What if it was me there with my family, my husband, my children? I feel it is my duty to go," Falaise says.

    She has also contacted doctors in Port-au-Prince to encourage them to work with the Volunteer Ministers.

    More than 100, including Scientology Volunteer Ministers and medical personnel, will be on Thursday's flight to Port-au-Prince to join teams already there, including 126 Haitian doctors, nurses, EMTs and Volunteer Ministers who arrived on a January 16 charter flight from New York organized by the Church of Scientology. The Volunteer Ministers are stationed in Port-au-Prince Airport, where they are helping allocating medical personnel, distributing water and food and giving spiritual first aid to relieve shock, stress, exhaustion and trauma.

    The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps is an embracive program of the Church of Scientology to provide community service, disaster relief and emergency response. Created more than 30 years ago by Church of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, the program has expanded to 203,000 Volunteer Ministers worldwide who have served at 145 worst-case disaster sites, including Ground Zero after 9/11, the Southeast Asia tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

    For more information on the Haiti disaster relief effort visit the Scientology Volunteer Ministers blog.

    Karin Pouw
    Church Of Scientology International
    (323) 960-3500
  39. PodPeople Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    From Miami Herald:

    Church of Scientology to send ministers, doctors to Haiti
    The Church of Scientology is chartering a plane Thursday evening from Miami International Airport to Port-au-Prince carrying Scientology ministers, Mormon medics and Haitian-American doctors to join relief efforts in Port-au-Prince.

    The 168-seat aircraft is the second the church is sending to Haiti. A crew of 126 volunteers flew from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Haiti Sunday to provide water, food and medical supplies to earthquake victims.

    Thursday's group will arrive on a plane from Los Angeles before picking up supplies and more passengers in South Florida and departing for Port-au-Prince. About half of the passengers will be ``volunteer ministers'' who will use Scientology techniques to assist the injured, said Mercedes Alvarez, a South Florida Church of Scientology member.

    Those techniques, applied after medical assistance, include partial reenactments of trauma and the ``touch assist,'' in which a Scientologist repeatedly touches a person near the injury and calls attention to the touch. Techniques also include the ``nerve assist,'' which involves stroking parts of the upper body and legs and arms with two index fingers to release ``standing waves in the nerve channels of the body, improving communication with the body and bringing the being relief,'' according to Scientology literature.

    Scientologists believe that individuals are foremost spirits, or thetans, and that Scientology methods will better help the body communicate with the spirit and remove mental blocks to bring relief.

    Alvarez, who attends the church's center in Coral Gables, said there is no formal Church of Scientology in Haiti, but there are organized members in the Dominican Republic. The team flying Thursday includes members from across the United States.
  40. PodPeople Member

    Re: Haiti Relief - Urgent IAS Announcement!

    Just a side note: Was working with a client last few days who was a nurse in World War II ! Asked her secret. She said: "Don't give up when you're sure you've lost because of all the noise of naysayer's around you. That's exactly when you know you have won. And also this little gem: "Invest early on in a sense of humor so it will grow. It's your best suit of armour." Then she giggled and confided "Of course, when you need it most, it'll run low. So also keep some damn good whiskey in reserves too."

    Bring on the noise!

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