Hacker Group Takes On Fed, IMF, "Global Banking Cartel"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Mar 15, 2011.

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    this is off topic but are we doing anything near seattle soon?
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    All in favor of an Anon civil war?

    Or at least a PR video explaining there are differences between Chanology and every other faction??.......

    I do NOT want to be associated with the moonbattery.......
  6. Google the CRA? There's your problem right there. Here's what really happened:

    George W. Bush blew into office with an agenda to socially engineer what he termed an "ownership society". This was a cornerstone of his economic philosophy. His primary strategy was to aggressively push homeownership. He detailed this specifically in his 2002 state of the union address. He explains it in this speech:

    To summarize:
    1) increase minority homeownership by 5.5 million
    2) have taxpayers pay down payments for those who couldn't pay their own
    3) have banks find work-arounds for buyers with bad credit.

    He made this speech over and over from sea to shining sea while dragging the heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac around with him. If you'll listen, you'll hear that he has forced them to commit to an increase of $440 BILLION in loans to underserved communities. Eventually, he threatened them with loss of their charters if they didn't meet these goals.

    Mean while, he took this same dog and pony show to the private sector calling it the "American Home Ownership Challenge". Banks and lenders responded by pledging to make $1.1 TRILLION in low-income loans. In exchange, Bush set about deregulating banking. Here is a sickening picture of the Bush administration's bank regulators literally waving a chainsaw over regulations enacted to protect Americans from bank fraud and insolvency:

    If that weren't enough, he pushed through tax credits for builders to construct "affordable" housing thereby creating a financial incentive which led to over-development.

    The private sector responded quickly and 2002 broke all historical records for 1st time home buyers. Not surprisingly, predatory lending practices became widespread.

    In 2003, the Republican congress officially passed the American Dream Downpayment Act. When George Bush glowingly signed it into law, we taxpayers were on the hook for funding downpayents for 40,000 families a year, who couldn't afford them on their own. Here's a pic:

    The 1st time homebuyer record set in 2002 was broken right away in 2003.

    You'd think this would be enough , but no. In 2004, George Bush immediately set forth pushing zero down payment loans. Here's an administration press release bragging about it:

    This kind of thing led to buyers being able to borrow 103% of their home's value which means they were underwater from the start.

    And, it wasn't just George Bush. The entire republican party was so in favor of zero downpayment loans they made it part of the official 2004 Republican Party Platform! Here's the quote:

    "The most significant barrier to home ownership is the downpayment. We support efforts to reduce that barrier like the American Dream Downpayment Act and Zero Downpayment Mortgages."

    By 2004 the FBI was warning of rampant bank fraud:

    All the while, the Fed Res was helping everything along by continually lowering interest rates.

    Legislators from states - both red and blue - began to implement measures to protect their citizens from predatory lenders. Attorneys General from states - both red and blue - began to move against the banks. The Bush administration, using an obscure law from the 1860's, fought all the way to the Supreme Court and stopped them all cold.

    And then our economy collapsed.

    TL;DL: The Republicans and the bankers did it on purpose.
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    admittedly, i am not entirely well-versed on this matter. Having witnessed a lot of mortgage brokering during that big bust, I think that the responsiblilty/blame lies upon the shoulders of the predatory, misleading lenders more than that of the shoulders of president bush.
    maybe it was another one of those "good intentions gone awry" type of situations, but i sincerely think that bush was trying to create opportunity for more americans to become self-empowered economically via home ownership.
    unfortunately, there were a lot of greedy, opportunistic folks on both ends of that spectrum, both lenders and buyers.
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    i spoke with a friend here in the US who is about to go visit his family in Egypt. He's no fan of Mubarak's corruption. But he's even less of a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood. "When Obama called for Mubarak to step down, I just couldn't believe it," he said. "Once Mubarak is out, the Brotherhood will take over and things will get a lot worse."

    My friend says the Red Sea has the clearest water and the best diving on the planet. The way he described the fish and the corals, it sounds amazing.

    Generally I view Anonymous --meaning a forum like this where ideas are expressed frankly-- as a good thing. But it's not "magical." Anonymous isns't going to postulate away the world's problems with a few epic threads. Some issues are complicated and require years of study to fully grasp.

    Don't celebrate your awesomeness too frequently, Anons. Sweets will rot your teeth and give you the diabetus.

    Seeing as there's already a fair amount of cancer in this thread, I figured mah off topic comment would not disrupt too much.

    *ambivalent side hug* G'nite, mates.
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  9. /r/ Mod lock of this epic fail thread.

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  12. Perhaps Wikileaks will finally drop dox on BOA or these anons will be competent. If so, a light can shine on the bad guys; and, the public will be informed.

    Didn't mean to add to cancer.

    /reactivate lurker cloak
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    Sure. Vision: Bankrupt and destroy organized Scientology, uninterrupted by the efforts of non-anons who would piggy-back on us for their own self-glorification and public notoriety, two things which directly contradict the concept of doing things anonymously and hinder our ability to be effective.

    Step 1) Find/create and support a different forum that is much more creative and much less restrictive on thoughts and opinions, to whereas open disagreement/opposition with moderators/admins do not automatically (if ever) result in bans/infractions. (enter: Not perfect but works for me a helluva lot better than WWP. Any other cells sick of this crap, ask for a sub-section of that board and private threads for ops. Though most other cells should have their own alternative solution by now, there's one for those that don't.)
    Step 2) Use said forum tool, instead of becoming a forum tool. Propose and brainstorm ops and raid ideas in public or non-public threads at your discretion, widely enriching the chanology/anti-scientology experience as well as providing the public & media with interesting non-WWP things to look at. How do you think this happened?: If asked, remind the public/media that WWP is not Anonymous and does not practice the sort of free expression it says it supports.
    Step 3) Return to WWP only to tell Gregg & Co. to go fuck himself.

    As you can see, I'm already 2 steps ahead of you.
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    sweetheart, if i could write a "message" to all of these once shiny, spritely friendly spirited friends of mine, of some time off - long ago, now.... located in mysteriously hidden treehouses somewhere in the ethers, i would just like to say that outer chanology politics aside, in my heart, i really wish that we could find a way to get along and have some fun again. a lot has happened, as you know, and i dunno how to chart a course forward. it's true that ego has come into the picture of our little world here, and it has caused lots of turmoil. i miss the lulz.
    (btw, i noticed the advert on your website with the ole mastercard and visa emblems soliciting for monies. i have never been paid a dime for anything, and was neither motivated by money nor fame in this pursuit of i dunno what it is anymore.)
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    That's all fair enough, and I share your disgust with it (and I'm a Republican). However, it doesn't change anything w/r to the Fed, fundamentally. The destruction of our currency began before GWB was born and continues now.

    Put into visual context:

    It may be worth mentioning -- again -- that I am rather skeptical toward the particular action(s) called for ITT. I don't want to throw a wet blanket on anything going in the right direction; I'm just not sure that this effort really is going in the right direction, despite having a deserving target. I'll be quite happily surprised, if I'm wrong.

    Decrying the anti-Fed efforts ITT as wrongheadedly working toward the destruction of the "dollar" isn't entirely off-base, either. Everybody is accustomed to the status quo as it has been in place for many decades. Changing it won't be easy and trying to do so by forming human rings around official buildings does seem essentially Quixotic and -- for lack of a better term -- bare-knuckled. But, what are we supposed to do? Nothing? I eagerly await a better plan, and maintain support for auditing the Fed as a good next step.
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    May I suggest a step 4: quit posting in the very threads that you so passionately despise thus helping to suckle them along way past their expiration dates. I think I'll take my own advice now, kthxbaibai!
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    If you miss it so much, then you remember it. If you remember it, then you should remember your arrival or departure has nothing to do with decisions of individuals in our company, and the decision is entirely up to you.

    Anyone who wants to know where the money goes can simply ask and will be answered. Except that there is no money right now, so it's pretty clear that what we don't have hasn't gone anywhere. I don't get paid either. Nobody does.
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    This is very much my quandry right now. There are very serious problems with this country, but I don't claim to have the wisdom to know how to fix them.(most of my ideas are extremely idealistic) Nor do I trust that our elected failers or the rest of the population have that wisdom either. I have been weighing the pros and cons of the known evil vs an unknown element, and I can only say I think the probability of screwing things up more is quite large with the unkown but we won't know unless we explore that element.
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    if i were gonna be kind of a dick like you right now, i might cynically fold my shoulders and think to myself, "why the hell should i give away more milk for free?" if people are going to be selfish pricks, what is the point? that is not the Anonymous that I do, in fact remember.
    and even in the midst of this, i think that it something upon which we may agree.
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    You don't sound very dumb. (Are you lost?)
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    ^ugh, i fucked up that post, and included my statement in that tards quote.
    fuck it.
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    Kucinich did a speach in WI, and during it he mentions the Fed, the ned for it to be nationalized, and the need for the end of debt-based money and fractional reserve lending.
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    wait this isn't the repub's page?
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    ITT: people that couldn't pass an Econ 101 class if their fucking lives depended on it wax rhapsodic about systems so complicated no real economist would even act like they understood them.
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    the better way to wax

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    Established by, perhaps, but it funds itself, which means Congress has no effective control over the Fed's actions.
    But several national banks were created and uncreated in our past. This would just be one more.
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    And yet it is the Fed that is destroying the currency through inflation. So destroying the Fed would actually make real money appear. We haven't seen real money since 1964.
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    Which Econ 101? Keynesianism 101? Austrian School 101? Roman Empire Currency Debasement 101? British Tally Stick 101?

    She Sold Sea Shells By The Sea Shore.....
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    I know less about the Fed than the IMF/WB, but Inside Job made me want to see it reformed and Bernanke indicted. But watching the IMF go right back to meddling with every developing or struggling country's economic infrastructure and social programs after the 2008 has made me want to crush that organization more than ever. Absolutely ridiculous that when the US economy collapsed, we gave them a spare $500 billion we had lying around so they could go back to imposing structural adjustment nonsense and onerous conditionalities around the globe.

    I'm currently fighting Chevron's massive, illegal gas flaring in the Niger Delta right and the World Bank wants to pay Chevron millions of $$ to only partially end what they are currently doing illegally. This is pretty typical of how the Bretton Woods institutions give out corporate welfare to the firms that need it least, while doing everything it can to increase poverty and marginalization for those at the bottom of the economic food chain. The flaring is so bad there that most crops, rivers and people are covered in a fine, oily film from it and the greenhouse gasses from the region are equal to all the rest of sub-Saharan Africa combined. But trust the WB to support gradual, voluntary flaring reductions with carbon credits to Shell and Chevron.

    I'll try and make it out for one of the protests.
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  34. Shell is british and mostly dutch, if you can get their balls in the dutch courts go at it

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    That's American Politics in a nutshell.
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    You mean like the way we get along and cooperate now, without knowing or caring about whose tits yours are?
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    go in peace
    and may the farts forcefully be with you.
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    Mommy, is this thread the reason the judge says Daddy has to pick us up from McDonald's instead of coming to the house?
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    Son, just remember what Mommy said about being careful when talking to strangers. And yes, Daddy has some serious anger management issues that you can talk over with our therapist later this week. You're a good kid, son.

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