Hacker Group Takes On Fed, IMF, "Global Banking Cartel"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Posted: 03-14-2011 12:57 PM

    Twitter hashtag: #OpESR

    planning group:
    fun facts:
    WHO: YOU
    WHEN: MARCH 28+
    These protests are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the UK and all those fighting for their economic and physical freedom in the world. The United States is need of a vocal and physical front. A demonstration that is too broad will fall short. Target the Federal Reserve. Organize protests at the 12 Federal Reserve banks. Our goal is to picket the Fed so that there is no movement into the building. We are under siege by the banks and their cohorts; we are entrapped in moats of debt, and they have turned our government against us. Democracy and liberty erode in the face of their choleric assault. Thus it seems that there is no way to break the insidious monster that slowly strangles our economy, throwing millions into poverty and desperation. Class and money are irrelevant in the eyes of eternity. Stand up for your brothers and sisters who have no voice. Stand up for those who are being silenced. On March 28 we will place the great instrument of those who assault liberty, the Federal Reserve, under siege. We will not back down, and the longer we hold out, the more our ranks will swell, and the more effective we will become. You are inspired, now be the inspiration.
    Gather all the support you can. Reach out to friends. Spread the word. Are you Federally Disturbed by the Federal Reserve?
    The Goal: multi-day protest beginning on March 24 (6 AM) that will shut down the Federal Reserve
    The Means: Place the 12 banks under siege. Allow no one into the banks. Peaceful disobedience. Begin the siege on Monday, March 28. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.
    Locations (courtesy of the Federal Reserve):
    Demonstrations will take place at each of the 12 district banks and the Board of Governors in Washington, DC:
    District 1: Boston: 600 Atlantic Avenue
    District 2: New York: 33 Liberty Street
    District 3: Philadelphia: Ten Independence Mall
    District 4: Cleveland: 1455 East Sixth Street
    District 5: Richmond, VA: 701 East Byrd Street
    District 6: Atlanta: 1000 Peachtree Street NE
    Distrcit 7: Chicago: 230 South LaSalle Street
    District 8: St Louis: One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza
    Broadway and Locust Streets
    District 9: Minneapolis:90 Hennepin Avenue
    District 10: Kansas City, MO: 1 Memorial Drive
    District 11: Dallas: 2200 North Pearl Street
    District 12: San Fransisco: 101 Market Street
    Board of Governors:
    20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20551
    If these locations are inaccessible to you, please look here for fed branches that may be closer: Branch locations: Cincy, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Charlotte, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Detroit, Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis, Helena, Denver, Oklahoma City, Omaha, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, LA, Portland ORE, Salt Lake City, Seattle
  4. DeathHamster Member

    Meh. This is just some existing fringe group that's using the Anonymous label and leaderfagging for cannon fodder to go for a ride in the party van. (Blocking people from entering or leaving building, yeah, that'll go down real well.)
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  5. fallingspider Member

    I don't see this ending well, still this is relevant to my interests. I'm wondering if the people who are trying to start this are taking student lending institutions into consideration. I can get a number of articles that discuss the fiancial aid scam, and the potential for that bubble to burst even worse then the housing market.
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I tend to agree with both of you, although I hope that it is at least a harbinger of real action, regardless of what happens with this particular effort.

    If nothing else, it's terrific to see more attention being paid to the Fed and what's wrong with it.
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    True, the financial sectors have been able to operate and influence society quietly for years. How much has the usage of credit increased over the past 100 years, also consider how much we now rely on consumerism for our basic needs. In years past many people maintain gardens, or livestock to balance out what they made, how many people do that today? Also consider how we are constantly bombarded with emotionally driven advertisments about things we "need". Most of these items cost more then the normal person could afford on a regular basis, which puts an emphesis on getting more and more credit. The american dream is about finding happiness but it doesn't define what is truely going to make you happy. (I hope I'm making sense, I've been trying for months to vocalize some of these thoughts)
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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    All true. "Pursuit of happiness" refers to more than spending money, and:

    "All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, nor from want of honor or virtue, so much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation."
    --John Adams

    ...though honor and virtue seem to have taken a few hits since then, IMO.
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  10. Zak McKracken Member

    I see "Civil Disobedience" tossed around a lot.
    Do people know what that is?
  11. eddieVroom Member

    I advise investing agressively in buds and beer.

  12. N.A.T.E Member

    Since you're not smart enough to mask your personal insecurity without resorting to insults on my intelligence, I will rebutt your clarification with a quick newsflash: I've been around here long enough to remember when you were Darr's personal herb in marblecake, trying to help herd anonymous. I remember you when enturb went down and you decided you could recentralize and save everything on a new site; this one; yours. I remember you when you called the media (yes, YOU called THEM, not the other way around) to announce that our group would be raiding/protesting Katie Holmes' All My Sons production on opening night without even consulting us. I remember you when our original NYC cell forums (epicanon), were going down because we were destroying them and with them all of our leaderfag(DeMiNe0)'s ability control and censor our activities - and you were doing everything in your power to negociate that away, because you'd have a harder time getting us to cooperate with you directly because we already knew what kind of a dickstain you are. This isn't even counting every phone call you made to presumed leaders of other cells to persuade them to join the FoI campaign, which is floundering, and resulting in all kinds of other spin-off moonbat weekly-fad causes like this shit on the fed. And didn't a good (former) friend of yours just print up a news article of an interview you did, saying that anonymous needs to be led by the hand, and that nothing gets done without it? ( It's no wonder Anonymous doesn't want to be associated with you - you're like that friend who follows his guests to the bathroom, and tells them how to piss if he can get away with it. Aaaand, if you're not really involved in this sort of shit at all, how come you knew enough to tell sethd00d that the info in the gawker article is a month old and they got all of the names of the hackers wrong? I'd sarcastically compliment you on your good management skills and call you chief, but that's already been done to death over the last three years, and not without reason.

    Suck my balls, sir.
  13. xenulondon Member


    I think you should watch:

  14. Anonymous Member

    Know how to tell this some troll boolshit? No fucking way any of us lazy fucks are getting up in time to protest at 6AM.

    Seriously, they could give out $100 bills with an invitation to watch DM felate LRH's meatbag corpse in front of the Clearwater org and, if it were 6AM, not a single fuck would be given.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Rima Laibow, founding member of the CCHR and her husband Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, director of the NSA during the era when it climbed into bed with Scientology (see "remote viewing" and "the men who stare at goats") run the health freedom movement.

    It's no surprise when Scientology rabble-rouses against our Federal institutions. It hopes to replace them.

    I do wonder why the Koch's support this anti-Federal moonbat nonsense though.
  16. Anonymous Member

    The FEDERAL reserve is NOT a FEDERAL insitution but a PRIVATE bank
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    It is a bank [IMG]
  19. Anonymous Member

    ^It is a bank established for and regulated by the Federal government. Link.
  20. JohnnyRUClear Member

    While much of Scientology's world view is well beyond bizarre and straight into crazytown, not everything Hubbard said/thought was wrong. One of the reasons people are attracted to an iconoclast is that the iconoclast taps into -- and, in the case of a con man, misdirects -- genuine dissatisfaction with the established status quo. That dissatisfaction can come from mental illness or from observations of real corruption. Blindly ascribing all opposition against your gummint to the mental illness category is as mistaken as blindly ascribing all protesting against your "church" to hatred/bigotry.

    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."

    Checking for dox is a good practice where these kinds of issues are concerned. The Fed really is the product of a conspiracy, as admitted later by some of those who were part of that conspiracy. Does that alone make it evil? Well, not necessarily, but it should at least make us curious. ;-) After looking into it to my own satisfaction, I'm persuaded that it is evil. That Scientologists agree with me on that point does not alter my assessment, since Hubbard and his lunacy played no role in the evaluation.

    Good point about replacing institutions, BTW. They are the authorities, be sure the orgs say what's legal and what's illegal, yadda yadda.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    This anti-fed conspiracy is so retarded. Yes, just end the fed, devalue the dollar as a currency and thereby destroy the whole economy, you morons.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    one self-honest, civil and peaceful means to confront this matter is to seriously live within your own budget, and not rely on credit and status to define your worth and/or value.
    (using credit to buy ridiculously expensive materialistic items which an individual knows that they cannot reasonably afford, and then to blame an institution when the bill comes due is kinda silly) but of course, things are also more complex and simple in that mind-bending-ly way all at the same time.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    The Federal Reserve overprinting the currency IS what's devaluing the dollar moron.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    That's not the fault of the fed but of the government overspending.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Isn't that being a little unfair to Gregg? Only thing he can do is to kick and ban people that don't agree with what is considered the "hive mind." This is the unfortunate fatal flaw of this communications paradigm. ARS had no moderators.

    But the real dangerous thing is, when the authorities start to raid, they are going to get a treasure trove of IP addresses and e-mail addresses there are stored on the server. Anyway, that's what I worry about.

    It is a conundrum. Anyone can be anonymous, and nobody can be anonymous. Anybody can speak for this group. But the media, and the authorities don't understand that nobody speaks for this group, so they will go after Gregg and the other ostensible identities… Basically because they kick and ban people, which indicates that there is a group agenda.

    My personal feeling is that this thread makes people who are posting here look little more than 7th graders. It takes away the grandiosity that we used to have of setting people free in Iran, Egypt, Libya and Wisconsin. I'm amazed that some people here have actually "postulated" such.
  27. lulzgasm Member

    Yeah. It means they're planning to do something that, while peacefull, almost insures that their asses will get put in jail. But then again, if you don't go to jail when engaging in civil disobedience, then you're doing it wrong. ;)
  28. Anonymous Member

    Instead of weeping and flinging shit around why don't you describe your vision of what should be happening now and detail your plan for making it happen?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    This is what happens to libertarian idiots, who want to take down the fed:
  30. lulzgasm Member

  31. lulzgasm Member

    And this from PBS.
  32. Mark Cabian Member

    I actually blame you for crap posts.
  33. Anonymous Member

    let's all fight some more so that the "make-up" sex will be better. k?
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  35. Anonymous Member

    ^^that song is really awful.
    autotune could not even rescue that song. at least it is pretty tame and innocent.
  36. AnonymousNow Member

    Community Reinvestment Act?? Sub prime fraud, largest pyramid scheme (i.e. fraud) in the history of humanity was caused by regulation, so thus, we should unregulate everything? Right?

    This is the Republican party taking point, but it is also nonsense. When a bank provides a $500,000 loan to an unemployed migrant worker or meth addict, repackages the bunk loan into a security to hide it, the Community Reinvestment Act may provide it thin cover, but the true motivation is fraud profits. They made a killing.

    Knowledge and intent are well documented, I recommend Rolling Stone Taibbi. Even the official Congressional Investigation report is clear as to improper conduct. When the misconduct is intentional, the argument is that intentional fraud was caused by a regulation, which is a failed argument. People caused the fraud, and they are still in power. This Republican talking point seeks to do harm to the pursuit of justice, which is why it was made.
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  37. Avro Arrow Member

    But wouldn't you yanks be in bread lines now without it? Like in the great depression?
  38. Anonymous Member

    Stop weaboos from doing cute strawberry nails!

  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Devalue the dollar as a currency... you mean like this?

    Who is actually "undermining the legitimate currency of this country"? See above chart.

    Von Nothaus is guilty of, at worst, putting too many familiar markings on NORFED's medallions, which gave cover to the feds to shut the operation down under the pretense that they had to in order to fight the terrists protect the existing "dollar". Had he designed them to be very obviously not US gummint coins, they would have had even less excuse to attack him than they did -- and it's a feeble cover as it is, IMO. See above chart again. When did NORFED start? 1913? No, that's when the Fed was created.

    Out of curiosity, if you like that press release, do you also enjoy reading Religious Freedom Watch?

    Lolwut... Why would that be the case? We weren't in bread lines for over a century while using money for currency. The Depression wasn't caused by the market or by honest money.
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  40. phoxx Member

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