Guy Fawks masks.

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by ExpectUs, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. everanonymous Member

  2. swmianon Member

    Up to $23.99 sure likes to increase their profit margin whenever they can.
  3. anmoyunos Member

    Just came to say the same thing. Bloody ridiculous. You might want to try looking around local joke/costume shops. Unfortunately the one I went to last night had practically every other mask in the world, but no Guy Fawkes.
  4. HouseSpider Member

    V + Halloween + Ron Paul's campain + us = increase in demand beyond anything manufacturers expected they'd need to supply.

    Denver only has one store with them in stock as of Feb 9, Disguises on Colfax. They support the cause. I think they charge about $9.

    9797 W Colfax Ave
    Lakewood, CO 80215
    phone: (303) 462-0401
  5. phantom808 Member

  6. Antipathy Member

    My fun is their business.
    I like it.
  7. Slique Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    Does anyone know if Forbidden Planet has the masks actually in stock? My order hasn't seemed to have moved in about 5 days now. :X
  8. Bad_Newbie Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    AUSTINFAGS: I just got back from lucy in disguise. They didn't get any guy fawkes masks in this last shipment and won't have anymore till halloween at the earliest. So it looks like we're going to have to get butthurt looking for them.
  9. anmoyunos Member

  10. saerat Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I just rang them. They are totally out and they say that no one seems to have them and wondered why =F lmao I decided not to tell them but said to look at

    ...anyways long story short they should have them by about the 3/4th March they reckon.
  11. .meow Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I need to get a mask. But I have a darth vader mask but its hard to breath in and to I'm going to get anything....
  12. Anonproto Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    Fiberglass mask $100

    am I a totally rich fuck and ready to put down the cash for it? maybe
  13. Quog Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    Damn! Where?
  14. Anonproto Member

  15. anonamato Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I dunno about online but I bought one yesterday instore (at TCR). They had a lot and they were hanging around in more places than normal and it's clearly because of this movement ^^ My friend asked me if it was and I was like "Yes. It's a lot of people..not just me being weird."
  16. Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I will be there in a suit, guy mask, and possibly a fro.

    Costume Palace in Orange County, CA. 6 bucks.
  17. Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    We almost feel as if there is a run on Guy Fawkes masks... There is a strange dearth of them around where we live at the moment. All shopkeepers with empty hands and meek grins, "We're trying to get a new shipment. Soon. Okay."

    Yet, we will not abandon hope. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.
  18. saerat Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I am told that the UK is all out :confused:
  19. .meow Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I got a :guyfawkes: today. I was really careful when in the store. The computers were slow so I was in the store for awhile during this time the cashier kept on asking me "Are you in a hurry?" or stuff like that....I wasn't followed but all I can say is be careful!!!!
  20. MaskedPenis Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    For cheap bastards like myself or people that can't find shit, here's one with three. ... y_Raid.rar

    Note: Costume dealers must be very happy since they usually don't get much business between holiday seasons. They should join our cause and be like "Guy Fawkes mask--party hard, fuck yeah!"
  21. phantom808 Member

    They're Running-Out

    I spoke to these people today and they said that they are running low on stock. Apparently, they only have one or two left in-stock and can't get more before June.

    Guy Fawkes masks are also in high demand on eBay. I've seen bids running as high as $30 for them.

    Either a) a whole lot of people just saw "V For Vendetta" and suddenly want one; b) people saw the 2/10 raids and want a mask for themselves just out of fanboiness; or c) there's going to be a hell of a lot more people at the Ides of March raids and DM is going to cry like a little baby.
  22. Falco Member

    Re: They're Running-Out

    My money's on option c, I know of a couple of people that have been trying to get one in time for 15/3, and so far, everywhere they've thought of to check has been out of stock.
  23. .meow Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    well if anyone here lives in Vancouver I know where to get them. if that helps...PM me and I'll tell you.
  24. phantom808 Member

  25. ZOOMzoom Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I'm sure the reason why most stores are out of stock is because the original supplier of the V masks haven't been able to keep up with the demand. Think about it. When you run a factory, you make forecasts based on the level of demand you expect over the next year, and you rig your production to meet that demand. On 1/14, the Internet suddenly decides it's going to buy up all the V masks. The factory sees demand picking up in the next few weeks, but doesn't yet know why. Then 2/10 rolls around, the masks are all over the TV, and stores are empty. Imagine being the factory owner that has to ramp up production and call in the transportation to replenish all those shelves, all over the world, to meet this new, unexpected demand.

    The Internet is a fickle mistress. She makes a star of whomsoever she wills, and is the ruin of whomsoever she wishes. :guyfawkes:
  26. Anon E. Moos Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I got a pair of :guyfawkes: as soon as I found some on the web after the 10th. Cheap, local, quick and easy service. The site is by now out of stock.
  27. Permanence Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    Shipping through ForbiddenPlanet is actually quite cheap, 2.50GBP to ship to Australia. Making the grand total around $15AUD, probably around $12US
  28. Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I think it would be a novel idea if some of us wore fake beards in addition to other things. We would have armies of Wise Beard (wo)Men.
  29. aerochocolate Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I managed to get one off of eBay yesterday for under $15, including shipping. When I looked on the seller's actual website, they didn't have any for sale. :( But it is possible to get them for a reasonable price, it just takes patience (or in my case, sheer dumb luck!)

    I am so thinking about buying one of those "instant leprechaun" kits with the beard, vest, hat, etc. to wear with my mask. To look more festive and all. :mrgreen:
  30. Tsu Do Nihm Member


    If you have managed to get yourself a Mask, there are a few things you can do to make it better.

    Remember that the only individual injured on 2/10 was an Anon. He was hit by a bus, and I suspect that if he was wearing a Mask, his vision was limited.

    First: Take your mask and a razor knife ( X-acto) and cut the eyes a bit bigger. Around the eye openings is a brown "mascara" line. Remove any and all yellow that is inside this area. When they make these masks, they pull them off a mold, and the eye openings generally suffer too small a dimension. By removing this excess material your ability to see will be greatly improved. No one will notice this minor change from the outside, but from behind the Mask you will appreciate the results. Just cut slowly and carefully, little by little, until you have removed all of the excess yellow within the "mascara" lines.

    Second: Wearing a mask for long periods of time can get a bit stuffy. Open up the nostrils and mouth area a bit and your mask wont get so steamy inside. You can pretty much cut off all of the horizontal "shelf" area of the upper lip which protrudes into the mask, and leave the vertical portion. You can also trim back a little of the lower lip. The idea is to provide enough space for regular breathing to exit the mask through the mouth.

    Following these simple steps will make wearing your mask for long periods of time far more comfortable and safer. :guyfawkes:
  31. AnonX3nu13 Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I finally got one. I plan on taking my mask off at times... BUT.. I'll be wearing covering under it too.
  32. ANON Dora Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    Now they are at 20.
  33. FelixF'anon Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I managed to snag one off eBay for $15 as well. :guyfawkes: That might be the best option at the moment.
  34. Captain-chan Member

    woodburning pen

    don't forget to customize your mask so you can enjoy DELICIOUS CAKE. You can cut slits along the sides of Guy's mouth and bend it along his moustache so the whole mouth section lifts up like a garage door so you can eat cake. Alternatively you can put a big hole in the center of the mouth for straws to fit through (Anon must stay hydrated FOR GREAT JUSTICE).

    My mask is not a fawkes mask, it's one I made myself for max breathing, as I feel very claustrophobic with any kind of mask on. I used a woodburning tool to burn little holes in the front for a breathing grille. If you're worried about slipping and hurting yourself with an exacto or ruining your mask, get a cheap woodburning pen from the craft store. They have loads of little metal tips that come with just plug the thing in, wait for it to heat up and then melt holes through even the thickest plastic. Looks good, no sharp edges and it's actually much faster than cutting. This is ESPECIALLY good for what Tsu Do Nihm was talking about, making the eyeholes and nostrils bigger. Gently rub the hot metal tip of the woodburning tool around the inside of the eye sockets and it will melt back the edges to make the eyeholes bigger, AND it won't leave sharp edges or slip and cut you like an exacto blade.

    Plus they're super cheap (some are like 8 bucks) and you can use them for a ton of other shit afterwards. ... Num=gc0424 Michaels, like ten bucks. Don't get them at a hardware store, they always charge twice as much. Go to Joann, Michaels or AC Moore.

    remember, taking your mask off, for whatever reason, is not an option. If you absolutely can't eat or drink with your mask on, bring a big umbrella and hide under it while you snack!
  35. anmoyunos Member

    Re: woodburning pen

    Haven't pulled mine out to make the breathing holes larger (I share your displeasure of breathing through masks), but one could also use a soldering iron or heat up a screwdriver over most stovetops.

    Using a knife introduces many problems. The plastic could crack/split if you try to scrape it open too fast. It creates a very abrasive edge, and little bits that even when you think they're gone, can surprise you and get blown into your eye. Had this happen to me last night when I was too lazy to get my soldering iron.
  36. Lightbulb Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    I had an odd encounter buying mine on ebay. The price jumped from $9 to $20 because of some dude who decided to outbid everyone and their grandma. So I bought mine for the rediculously high price of $20 on Amazon, just so the price would be fixed and not move. Really, it's a party/theatre prop. It is a mass-produced plastic face mask. Anonymous may have a part in the price increase, heh.

    Just try to get it cheaply, is all I can say. It's just a plastic mask, a box of them should go for $20, not one.
  37. FelixF'anon Member

    Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    There was one seller cwgift on eBay who has the masks listed at $7 cost, $6 shipping, with the Buy It Now option. There's a couple up for sale (not bid) right now. I find "Vendetta Mask" returns the most results.

    A Dremel might work for modifications as well, though you'd certainly need eye/mouth protection for that task.
  38. cheezymadman Member


    Bus-Chan wasn't wearing a mask, for the record. I happened to be standing next to him, he was wearing glasses. They flew off and hit me.
  39. Bad_Wolf Member

  40. Re: Guy Fawks masks.

    Just ordered mine from the above site; I doubt it'll be here in time for the 15th, but I'll have something to work with soon enough. I'll let you know how it goes.

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