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  1. I need someone to translate this to Farsi, this is the tl;dr, layman's version written by a Doc.

    General principles of first aid for bullet wounds

    Steps, warnings and tips are only for your consideration. Although the specifics of treating a gunshot wound will vary somewhat depending upon the part of the body where it occurs, these steps can be applied to all gunshot wounds.

    1. Act quickly. Time is your enemy in treating the victim. Victims who reach medical facilities during the "Golden Hour" have a much better likelihood of surviving.

    2. Check the A, B, C, D, E's. Assess these five critical factors:

    A (Airway) - If the person is unconscious, check to make sure that his airway is not obstructed. The tongue can be a common cause of airway obstruction, and simply turning his head can solve the problem.

    B (Breathing) - Is the victim taking regular breaths? Can you see his chest rising and falling? If the patient is not breathing, start rescue breathing immediately.

    C (Circulation) - Does the victim have a discernible pulse? If the victim does not have a pulse, begin CPR.

    D (Disability) - This refers to damage to the spinal cord or neck. Check to see if the victim can move hands and feet. If not, there may be an injury to the spinal cord that can be worsened by moving him.

    E (Exposure) - Make sure that you fully expose the patient so that you do not miss wounds to the armpit, buttocks or other difficult-to-see areas.

    3. Control bleeding. Controlling bleeding is most important thing you can do to save a gunshot victim's life.

    Applying direct pressure to most wounds is the best way to control most wounds. Use a pad over the wound and apply pressure directly to the wound. If you have nothing available, even your hand or fingers can be used to control bleeding.

    Use pressure points in the arm (between the elbow and armpit), groin (along the bikini line), or behind the knee to control bleeding in the arm, thigh, or lower leg.

    There is little that can be done in the field to control serious bleeding from the chest, abdomen, or pelvic region. Your best course of action with these sorts of injuries may be to get the person to an emergency room as soon as possible; however, bleeding of this sort frequently leads to death.

    4. Be prepared to treat the victim for shock. Gunshot wounds frequently lead to shock, a condition caused by trauma or loss of blood that leads to reduced blood flow throughout the body. Expect that a gunshot victim will show signs of shock and treat him accordingly. However, do not elevate the legs if the gunshot wound is to the torso, as this will increase bleeding and make it more difficult for the victim to breathe.

    Avoid moving the victim unless you must.

    Special instructions for regions of the body
    Head - Gunshot wounds to the head are frequently fatal. Your best option is to keep the head elevated and get the victim to a trauma center as soon as possible.
    Face and neck - These wounds typically bleed severely. Use direct pressure to control bleeding and keep the victim upright. Be careful not to obstruct breathing while controlling bleeding. With injuries to the neck, be careful that blood flow to the carotid arteries isn't disrupted, as this can reduce blood flow to the brain.
    Chest and back - Apply direct pressure to control bleeding; understand that it may be difficult to control chest bleeding because the ribs make it difficult to compress the structures that are bleeding. Gunshots to the chest can cause what is known as a "sucking chest wound". These happen when air travels in and out of the wound with each breath. Treat these as follows:

    Seal wound with hand or airtight material (e.g., plastic film).

    Apply an airtight bandage on three sides of the wound. Do not close the bandage on the fourth side.

    Lift the unsealed side of the bandage as the victim exhales to allow air to escape.

    Abdomen - Use direct pressure to the injury site. As with the chest, controlling bleeding in these cases can be quite difficult.

    Arm or leg - Use direct pressure to control bleeding. Arm and leg injuries from gunshots can be elevated above the heart to help control bleeding. Use pressure points in the arm, groin, or behind the knee if direct pressure does not control bleeding.

    Never use a tourniquet except to:
    save a life when excessive bleeding cannot be stopped by pressure or to go get help if you are alone, then apply to the arm or leg only and always above the injury (never on any other part of the body.)!
    o Never use wire, string or similar narrow material that may cause new cutting or bursting injury and new bleeding injuries when tightened.

    It is very difficult to accurately assess the severity of a gunshot wound based upon what is visible on the victim; internal damage may be severe even in circumstances where the entrance and exit wounds are small.
    Gunshot wounds are a common cause of spinal cord injury. If the victim appears to have a spinal cord injury, do not move him unless you absolutely must. If you must move the victim, be sure to keep the head, neck and back aligned.
    When applying bandages to stop bleeding, add new bandages over the old; do not remove bandages when they become soaked.
  2. hi there

    sorry my translation is fingilish (Farsi written in English Alphabet)
    don't have any Farsi font in windows, and if i had to type Farsi it would take ages
    i thought it would be better than nothing
    here we go:

    Komak hayeh avalieh barayeh zakhm hayeh tirkhordeh

    Marahel, tazakorat va nokteha faghat barayeh barkhordari danesh ast va ravesheh daghigh moalegeh tirkhordeghi basteghi be makan zakhm darad, beharhall in marahel barayeh tamamieh zakhmha sadeghi ast

    1. Sari amal konid, zaman doshman shom va masdom ast. Masdomani ke dar zaman tallayee moredeh moalejeh gharar migirand shans behtari barayeh zendeh mondan darand

    2. Mavaredeh A, B, C, D, E ra hamisheh check konid va be anjam shodaneshan komak konid

    A. (rah tanafos) agar masdom bihoosh ast, motmaeen shaved ke rah tanafosash basteh nashodeh
    zaboon yeki az avameleh basteghi rah tanafos ast, ke ba charkhandan sar masdoom mitavan as moshkel saz shodan on jologiri kard

    B. (tanafos) aya masdoom nafas mikeshad? Aya sinehyeh masdom bala va payeen miravad?
    agar na foraan be masdom tanafos massnoee bedahid

    C. (charkhesh khon) aya masdoom nabz darad ? agar na amaliyat CPR ra shoro konid
    ezafeh: CPR hamoon gozashtan dast royeh ghalb va feshardadan ast ke dar ketab “defaee” 2th dabirestan pesaran vojod darad

    D. (natavani) natavani ke rabt be ASAB “NOKHA” masdoom darad, agar masdoom bihosh nist, az Oo bekhahid dastanash vaya pahayash ra tekan dahad , agar natavanest, shayad nokhay Oo sadameh dideh pas behtar as Oo ra be jayee montaghel nakardeh chera ke moshkeleh asab Oo badtar mishavad

    E. (Didan) motmaeen shaved ke kolleh badaneh masdom ra bazresi kardeh ta zakhmi ehtemali nadideh namanad, masalan zakhmhayee ke dar jahayeh dor az did ast : zir baghal, basan, …

    3. Control khonrizi. Mohemtarin marhaleh ke mitavan anjam bedahid ta joon masdom tirekhrodera nejat dahid control khonrizi ast,

    Feshardadan mostaghim be zakhm behtarin raheh jologiri az khonrizist dar bishtar zakhmha,
    dasmali ra royeh zakhm gozashteh va mostaghiman feshar dahid,

    hata agar dastmalli nadarid ba angoshtanetoon ya kaf dast royeh zakhm feshar dahid
    estefadeh az noghat feshar dar bazo (bain arenj va zirbaghal), keshaneh ran (dar imtedad khat beykity) va ya posht zanoo barayeh control khonrizi dar bazo ran va paeen pa pishnahad mishavad

    barayeh control khonrizi shadid dar noghati hamchon ghafaseh sineh, shekam, lagan kareh zyadi nemitavan anjam dad

    leza behtarast dar in mavared foran masdoom ra be orjans bebarid, darharhal injor khonrizi aghlab mojebeh marg mishavad!

    4. Amadeh bashed ke masdom ra barayeh SHOOK (ghashkardan) moalejeh konid, mamolan afraid ke tirmikhorand bad az daghigheyee ghashmikonand, vazeeyati ke az dast dadan khon baees oft feshar shodeh va ya tars be behoshi myanjamad, khodeh shoma bayad amadeh bashed va bedoonid ke imkan ghashkardan vojod darad

    addition to translation: (Kholaseh : agar mariz ghash kard khodet ghash nakoni  , long story short : DON NOT PANIC )

    Hargez pahayeh masdom tirkhordeh da ghesmat balayeh badan ro Bala nagirid, in baees khonrizi bishtar shodeh va mariz be sakhti nafas mikeshad

    Az montaghel kardan va ya tekoon dadan mariz khodari konid magar anke:
    Barayeh bazdid az koleh badan bashad

    � Sar – tirkhordegi be sar masdom mamolan koshandeh ast – behtarin kar balagereftan sar va montaghel kardan masdom be orjans hast

    �sorat va garden – khonrizi dar in ghesmatha besyar shadid ast, az feshar zyadi barayeh control khonrizi zakhm estefadeh konid va sar ra bala begirid,

    dar eyn hal movazeb bashid rah tanafos ra ba feshar zakhm nabasteh va motmaeen shaved khon az rag garden be maghz miresad cherake naresidan khon be maghz baeeseh bihoshi shodeh va khatarnak ast

    �sineh va kamar – be zakhm feshar zyadi vared konid; dar nazar dashteh bashid doshvar ast control injor khonrizi be dalil vojod dandeha hata ba bishtarin feshar ham nemitavanad organ hayeh dakheli badan ra ke dar zireh dandeha hast ra feshordeh konid va joloyeh khonrizi ra begirid

    tirkhordeghi dar sineh mitavanad halati ke “zakhm makandeh sineh” namdarad ra ijad konad ke dar in halat hava dar har nafas vardeh zakhm shodeh va kharej mishavad ke shoma bayad ba (pelastick, moshamah ya hata Dast) zakhm ra az seal conid ke hava vared va kharej nashavad

    agar chasb zakhm zedeh hava dar dastres hast dar 3 taraf zakhm chasb zadeh va 1 taraf ra baz bezarid

    Taraf bazmandeh zakhm ra baz bezarid va az tarafi dighar feshar dahid ke havayeh dakhel kharej shaved

    *Shekam – ba feshar mostaghim ziad zakhm ra begirid, control khonrizi dar shekam ham mesleh sineh doshvar ast

    *Dast va pa – kamelan mesleh shekam, tirkhordegi dar dast va pa ra mitavanid bala bordeh tori ke ertefayeh dast va pa az ghalb balatar bashad ke khonrizi kahesh yabad
    Agar feshar royeh zakhm jologiri nemikard noghat feshar dar dast va pa va posht zanoo ra peyda kardeh va feshar dahid ke jaryan khon kam shaved

    Hargez jaryan khon ra ba jaryan band (Sim, parcheh, nakh, kabl, tasmeh, .... doreh dast ya pa bastan) magar anke :
    barayeh nejat jan Oo bashad va khonrizi dar dast o pa Band nayamad , ya inkeh 1 lahzeh bekhayed berid komak biyarid agar tanhaeed
    agar ham khastid az jaryan band estefadeh konid hargez az (SIM, Nakh, Tar,) ya chizeh digari ke nazook bashad ke mojebeh khonrizi digari shaved ya kabood konad estefadeh nakonid
    va mogheh bastan faghat kami az zakhm balatar ra bebandind hich jayeh digariro nabandid

    �keyli sakht ast hads zad sadameh dakheli masdom ra az royeh zahereh zakhm, bazi oghat sadameh dakheli kheyli zyad ast va shekleh zaheri vorod va khoroj gololeh kehyli kochak
    �mavaredeh zyadi ke tirkhordeghi ijad mikonad sadameh be NOKHA ast va dar insorat Hargez masdoom ra tekon nadahid magar inkeh majboor shavid, agar ham majbor bodid masdom ra integhal dahid motmaeen shavid halat gardan va kamar sabet bemanad
  3. oops i missed a line
    � When applying bandages to stop bleeding, add new bandages over the old; do not remove bandages when they become soaked.

    � dar zaman zadan bandages barayeh jologiri az khonrizi, bandage jadid ro royeh bandage ghadimi bezani; Hargez bandage ghadimiyo vaz nakonid zamani ke khiseh khon shod.
  4. Re:

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