Growing up Scientology: From Cradle to Slave

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  1. Porkins Policy Radio episode 48 Aaron Smith Levin on growing up in Scientology.

    Porkins Policy Radio episode 48 Aaron Smith Levin on growing up in Scientology

    Porkins Policy Radio

    Published on Apr 7, 2016

    Today we are joined by former second-generation Scientologist Aaron Smith-Levin. Aaron became a member of the Church of Scientology at around the age of 4, after his mother joined up in Philadelphia. Aaron details his life within Scientology, from joining staff at age 12, to signing his billion year Sea Org contract in his 20's, to eventually leaving the cult along with his wife and children. We discuss what it was like as a child growing up knowing nothing other than Scientology. We discuss how Scientology is often contradictory and at odds with its own belief system, along with the posthumous influence of L Ron Hubbard, regarded by Scientologists as both god and man.

    Later Aaron relates the fascinating story of how Patt and Annie Broeker were ousted by David Miscavige in the course of his quest to gain control of the group. We also discuss Scientology's dangerous and barbaric views about disabled people; Aaron describes the "superman" mentality of Scientologists and how they blame disabled people for their handicaps. Aaron explains that Scientology doesn't regard them as worthy of help, and explains the Scientological concept of "making the able more able." We round off the podcast with a discussion of the current state of Scientology -- Aaron and I talk about the involvement of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam with Scientology, and what this means for the future. We briefly consider the rumors of OJ Simpson being a Scientologist, and Aaron notes some other interesting celebrities who dabbled in Scientology.

    For show notes and Mp3 download please visit:
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    Scientology, Sexuality and Suicide with Former Scientologist Nora Crest

    Published by TheLipTV on April 7, 2016

    Scientology’s problem with sexuality, gays, and gender fluidity is discussed with ex-Scientologist Nora Crest. Crest details growing up within the walls of the church, entering Sea Org and the dangers and consequences of sexual exploration under the watchful eye of the church. L. Ron Hubbard’s decidedly anti-gay positions, and how pressure within Scientology drove her to a harrowing suicide attempt is all exposed in this episode of Media Mayhem hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.


    Nora Crest is a survivor of the Cult of Scientology. Born in. Worked for, as clergy for them for 5 years at the Celebrity Centre International, got sent to their Concentration/ReConditioning Camp called the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) for almost 3 years and escaped. I am a realist. I know that a lot of that crazy rubbed off on me and I am still working on scrubbing it off.
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    Desperation recruitment | Mike Rinder

    Recently I shared some of the recruitment promo sent to Super SP Paul Schofield by the Auckland Org. And Paul explains the emails just keep coming.

    And then this one was forwarded to me.

    By Aaron Smith-Levin. Aaron is another Super SP — we have done a series of videos together discussing growing up in scientology. “Friends” and some family have disconnected from him. He is truly one of the evilest beings on earth.

    So, why on earth is Buffalo Org trying to recruit him for staff? Regularly.

    He lives in Florida. He has NEVER been to Buffalo Org.

    These guys are REALLY this desperate? Or is it just that the administrative systems in this FIRST “ideal org” are so bad and so incompetent that they have no clue who they are trying to recruit?

    I think it is probably the latter. But that doesn’t mean they are not desperate. Buffalo has been a failure since the ribbon was first yanked. It is actually the poster child for “ideal orgs” – along with Jobur

    Such fine examples of why so much time, money, blood sweat and tears should be poured into the “ideal org strategy.”

    Continued here:
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    Aaron Smith Levin and Mike Rinder - Part 5 | Growing Up In Scientology

    In Part 5 of this interview Mike Rinder and Aaron Smith-Levin take turns discussing how they were taught to think about various subjects while growing up in Scientology.

    Growing up in Scientology topics discussed:

    What were you taught to believe about LRH's history that explained why he, and only he, was able to develop Dianetics and Scientology?

    Are Scientologists, as they move up the Bridge, simply being conditioned to be more like LRH?

    Did you grow up believing LRH could exteriorize from his body at will, and how did this affect your view of Scientology?

    What was your understanding of "Clearing the Planet" and how such a thing was supposed to happen?

    Standalone topics discussed:

    What were you taught to believe about homosexuality and what Scientology could do about it?

    Why has no one ever been expelled from Scientology for "ethical lapses"?

    What reforms have occurred as a result of former members speaking out about abuses?

    How does Scientology cover up sexual abuse of minors within the organization?

    Does the Church have a legal obligation to report sexual abuse of minors when such abuse is "confessed" in an auditing session?
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    Nora Crest’s powerful new video: Why you can’t be gay in Scientology

    By Tony Ortega, December 14, 2016


    Nora Crest is back with a new video, and this one is timed to take off.

    Since the last time she brought us a video message, she’s had a major profile at the Daily Mail, which helped to get word out about her experience in Scientology. As a young Sea Org member who worked at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, she got into trouble because she kissed her female roommate — and liked it.

    For that “crime,” Nora was interrogated and then assigned to the Sea Org’s notorious prison program, the “Rehabilitation Project Force.” Conditions in the RPF were so degrading, after two years in the program, Nora became so desperate to leave, she drank bleach and was hospitalized.

    We’ve written numerous times about Scientology and its deep-seated homophobia. (See our stories about a man named Keith Relkin and our profile of Derek Bloch.) And Nora is the latest to come out of the organization to reveal how hellish Scientology can be about sexual orientation. With Leah Remini’s A&E series now introducing a whole new audience to Scientology watching, Nora wanted to explain some of the basic reasons why Scientology is as homophobic as it is.

    “As you know I have been speaking out for a few years now about Scientology and its rampant homophobia. I have even made a couple of videos about it in the past,” Nora says. “And I worked with Leah Remini to get this video done because the truth about the repercussions of Scientology processing need to be known. In this video I cut right to the heart of why you can not be gay in Scientology, as dictated by the technology itself. This video is the most personal and raw video that I have made, and making it has been a life changing experience for me. I hope that it will speak to anyone out there who is LGBT and let them know that it is all right to be you.”

    We asked Leah Remini for her thoughts on the video.

    “I want to thank Nora for her bravery and honesty. This is one of the many things I had a hard time with in Scientology. It’s this kind of discrimination that needs to be known. Every Scientologist knows this to be true. No one should feel ashamed of who they are. No one should feel that there is something innately ‘wrong’ with them that needs to be fixed because of who they love. Other belief systems at least admit their bigotry, this organization hides its beliefs.”

    In the video, after reviewing some of reasons Scientology inherits its homophobia from founder L. Ron Hubbard, Nora speaks powerfully and emotionally about how Scientology’s interrogations made her feel about who she was. We think you’ll find this video to be a moving testament. Please, share it far and wide.

    Source and comments:
  6. Leah Remini has tweeted the link to Tony Ortega's article about Nora Crest's video.

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    Porkins Policy Radio episode 80 Aaron Smith-Levin - Scientology The Aftermath | Porkins Policy Radio

    Ex-Scientologist Aaron Smith Levin joins us once again to discuss the latest news regarding Scientology. Aaron begins by discussing his experiences on Leah Remini's groundbreaking television series Scientology: The Aftermath. Aaron explains what it was like being interviewed and opening up about a dark chapter in his life and the trauma that Scientology brought down on him. Aaron also talks about the response from Scientology against Aaron, which has been in the form of his very own Scientology hate site. Aaron and I also discuss the significance of this new television series. Aaron explains how this is making a much bigger impact on the public; more so than recent documentaries like Going Clear. Aaron and I also explore the untold story of sexual abuse with the Church of Scientology. We delve into how the Church has covered this up time and time again. Aaron talk about several Scientology run schools, Cadet Orgs, and other related organizations where sexual abuse was going on and was covered up by Scientology. We also talk about the Office of Special Affairs practice of putting people “off lines” (barring you from doing services for the Church, but not kicking you out) after confessing to having sex with minors in auditing sessions.

    In the second hour Aaron and I talk about what is currently going on in the upper management levels of Scientology. Aaron talk about David Miscavige's latest power grab in his unending fight to control every single aspect of Scientology. We also talk about the strange case of David Miscavige's wife Shelly, who has not been publicly seen for several years. Aaron offers his own theories as to where she is and her role with in Scientology, as well as why Miscavige may be using her as a distraction operation for people like Leah Remini and others. We address the rumors that Miscavige is sick, why he is never seen in public, and why Scientologists don't get plastic surgery. We finish off by talking about where Scientology is headed and how the group can sustain itself given all the negative publicity it has garnered in the past few years. Aaron also tells an amazing story about driving next to David Miscavige recently down in Florida and Miscavige's aggressive driving style.
  8. RightOn Member

    Thanks for appearing on the pod cast Aaron.
    I don't agree with you on a few things.
    You say "if the church would just ease up on Sea Org members a bit and stop with disconnection etc.."
    I am confused by this statement.
    If they eased up, wouldn't the COS start to lose a lot of control over them? People they visit may try to sway them otherwise and they would also have more access to the outside world. The COS would also lose a HUGE bargaining chip. And besides the fact it wouldn't be per Hubbard's policy or KSW? Or am I crazy?
    So to ease up on them would take away a lot of the power they have over their sea org members.
    And that would make the church fall apart since it it run by the Sea Org. I don't think it would increase membership AT ALL.
    No mention of RPF?
    Also I don't think Shelly has a "sweet fucking job". I know you meant this as in comparison to other sea org positions, but I kinda cringed when I heard this.
    Anyone who is constantly being guarded and not allowed to go out without escorts is not a sweet job period. Sorry! And I know you were brought up this way, but yes I do believe it is horrifying.
    I tend to agree with Leah more. I think there is something very wrong about not seeing DM's wife all these years and how he was seen so close with Laurisse. Or however you spell her name. He still wears his wedding band. I wonder if he EVER visits Shelly.
    Just my 2 cents.
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Aaron Smith-Levin: Scientology Q&A - Part 1 | Growing Up In Scientology

    -- What is the "correct" way to leave the Sea Org and why don't more people do that?

    -- If Disconnection were cancelled would people rejoin Scientology?

    -- How do former Sea Org members restart their lives at an advanced age without friends/family, money, real-world job experience, or credit history?

    -- Why is the Sea Org base in Hemet surrounded by razor wire yet Sea Org members in Clearwater walk freely down the street?

    -- Why does Scientology hire Monique Yingling, a non-Scientologist attorney, to be their spokesperson?

    -- How can a freeloader debt be legally enforceable on someone who joined staff as a minor?

    -- Can the Sea Org exist in countries where Scientology is not recognized as a religion?

    -- How do you deal with people who think you have to be crazy to have joined Scientology?

    -- Did your neighbor have to disconnect from you dog?

    -- Why does Scientology declare people Suppressive and kick them out of Scientology instead of using Scientology to help them no longer be suppressive?

    -- Do you think we'll ever learn the fates of Heber Jentzsch and Shelly Miscavige?

    -- Does Scientology pay for retirement homes/communities for faithful Sea Org members who are too old / ill to continue working?

    Scientology Wants Grandma to Die? | Growing Up In Scientology

    I discuss how Scientology feels it's more "prosurvival" for old people to simply die when they start to become a burden to the organization or begin taking up Scientologists' time and money that could be going to the Church.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    How to Speak Scientologese: Part 1 | Growing Up In Scientology

    Let's say you want to engage a Scientologist friend, family member or acquaintance in a conversation about Scientology in order to (hopefully) open their eyes to things they are likely not aware of. If you want to be taken seriously by the Scientologist, it's important that any Scientology-speak words one attempts to use are used correctly, i.e., used the same way a Scientologist would use them.

    This video is the first of a series I'll be doing on how to use certain terms the same way a Scientologist would use them.
  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Nick Lister asks for a helping hand

    By Tony Ortega, October 26, 2017


    One of the things that made Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright’s movie Going Clear so strong was the story of Sara Goldberg, the Florida woman who was forced to make a decision by the Church of Scientology between her son and her daughter.

    Her son, Nick Lister, who had been raised in Scientology, refused to give up his friendship with a former Scientologist who was working with former church spokesman Mike Rinder. That proximity to Rinder was close enough to get Lister “declared” a “Suppressive Person” — labeling him an enemy of the church. Sara was ordered to disconnect from her own son or risk being declared herself and thereby losing contact to her daughter Ashley, who was a dedicated church member. But Sara couldn’t abandon Nick, and that meant her daughter cut off all ties to her, and Sara also lost any access to her granddaughter.

    It’s an emotional way to end the movie, and even though Nick doesn’t appear in the film, it made viewers very curious about him. He then told some amazing tales of his own on YouTube, including a story about the punishment of a niece of Tom Cruise that we featured.

    What we didn’t know was that Nick Lister has been going through some difficult times lately, which he spells out at a GoFundMe page that he has put up, seeking some financial assistance.

    We hope he can get things back on track. He’s only 30, and with his good looks he ought to be ripping things up. We’re rooting for him.

  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mike Laws: Helping People Out of Scientology & the Sea Org | Growing Up In Scientology

    Mike Laws and I discuss what it takes to help people in their transition of leaving the Sea Org & Scientology.
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hilarious "David Miscavige Giving a Blowjob" Story | Growing Up In Scientology

    Excerpt from an interview where Marc and Aaron discuss why some people have to escape the Sea Org while others are able to just leave.
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