Greensboro, NC April postgame

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anoncaek, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. anoncaek Member

    Greensboro, NC April postgame

    We had much better weather than we did in march.
    We had 8 anons.
    OT III was chalked on the sidewalk.
    Over 9000 flyers were handed out, and even a few DVD's
    The green anon flag made its premier in NC.
    Two groups of four took turns catching traffic at the other end of the block.

    When we arrived, the dianetics van was in the parking lot with the hood propped up, and a few scis appeared to be working on it. They were enturbed, heavily. The van had the "DIANETICS" stripped off, but the volcano remained. While one group of anons was at the other end of the block, a sci slapped a "for sale" sign on it. Sure enough, a man showed up and we eventually found out that he bought it. After the scis managed to get the fail van running, the guy who bought the van and robert heybrock drove around a little bit, and when they came back, they tried hiding by parking it on the other side of the org. We went over there and asked the guy if he knew what the volcano was on the side of van, and then i asked robert if he would explain it. Robert just laughed and I had to explain OT III to the dude, but "he's just painting over the volcano".

    Two scis came out and started looking at all our equipment and took notes. They eventually warmed up and started talking to us, we found out that they were taking the Marriage course, and were still on the basics (they did take a good look at OTIII on the sidewalk tho). They also took a flyer and the faith4finance DVD.

    pics and vids to come later
  2. Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Oh Nom Nom, Seeds of doubt taste like Delicious Cake. Very nice work.
  3. anoncaek Member

    yes, and sadly, we didnt have caek this time :O
    there were cupcakes, buttttttt i dont think anybody ate any

    bump for pictures
  4. pwnon Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Pictures coming as soon as possible, but I have like 250 to go through.

    Also, Caek, you missed the best part.

    We got handled by two Public Scis who were in for a "marriage perfection" course. Lulzy vid to come when I get done editing that tonight.

    And to add to the Volcano story (dunno if Caek was there at the end...)
    We yelled to the guy if he knew about the story of the volcano. He said he was just painting over it. We asked him to ask Robert Heybrock about it. The man leans down and goes "Hey, what's up with the volcano's story?" Robert got this shit eating grin on his face, looked at us, and just gave the guy the keys and walked off. Winrar is us.
  5. CoastalAnon Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Flickr: NCanon's Photostream
    for first round of pics

    Yes I ate one. I was too lazy to bake something.

    Flyers are made of win. Anybody want one- hit me up.

    NOTE NOTE NOTE! NC is a state with a lot of migrant workers and while they all don't have tons of money NOW, as they tend to work in landscaping/janitorial/farming jobs off the record and/or for low pay, they can STILL BE TARGETED through their KIDS and if they become citizens, and then begin to be affluent. All that tl;dr to say TRANSLATE YOUR STUFF. I am working on a Spanish flyer.
  6. Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

  7. tofuman Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    That van looks pretty cool with just the volcano on it. Wish I could know how much it was sold for. Probably way to much.
  8. pooks Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Nice job, great pix. Thanks
  9. pwnon Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    The Flikr link is now changed to: Greensboro April 2009 Protest.

    I have to run to work, but when I get back, I'll do a better update here and edit and throw up some vids.
  10. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Yay, NCAnons. Looks like lovely weather. Were the couple in burgundy the ones you were talking about on the basics? They haven't been drilled into being afraid of us yet. Hope they are saved!

    Your pics are so clear!
  11. anoncaek Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    yes, thats them

    also, i wander who that could be in the picture :O
  12. pwnon Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    It's Guy Fawkes, stupid. <__<

    Anyways, to follow this is a large update of pics and rundown. Sorry about last night, guys. Pwnon has bad back and driving (with a car on fire <__< ) was hell. Came home, popped some pink and greys while downing rum (owate that's L. Ron, I just took muscle relaxers) put me right out. Anyways, brace for pics and rundown.

    Also, I have videos. It's a Samsung digital camcorder that records files to .mp4. Anyone have any clue how to convert that and edit it? I need a program (free, dur) to do that with, because I have anons who have to have their faces edited out. Thanks. <3
  13. CoastalAnon Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    OH is that what that noise meant it was going to do?
    Should have fed it some CAEK.
    Not our anoncaek tho.

    Anybody want to tell me how i can gets the flyer on the Web so you can has flyer, too?
  14. pwnon Member

    Okay, as promised, here is an xbox hueg overview/postgame of the April Protest.

    Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
    Time:1:30 - 5:00
    Anons: 8

    TL:DR coming! But it's worth it! Conflicted?

    [SPOILER]Okay. We arrived in Greensboro and met up at our predesignated location point at 1:30. A beautiful day, 78 degrees, and (thanks to CoastalAnon for bringing water and saving our dicks) nobody was dehydrated (too badly :p )

    Us en route to the Org.


    The Org (Official Name: The Church of Scientology of North Carolina Greensboro


    When we got there, we noticed something strange. The Dianetics Van we had reported last time:


    Looked different. It was stripped of it's wording, had the hood popped, and had a &quot;For Sale&quot; sign on it. All that was left was the Volcano.


    After lol'ing heartily at the fail sign tech (parking it far from the road, but using small font so you can't read the sign...) and making jokes about the tough economy striking the Org, we continued on with the protest.

    While picketing the entrance, a car seen last time pulled into the Org, going right beside (and reading the signs of) Gypsy and Brain.


    What followed was a brief meeting between some members of the Cult. They had tried to hide around at us, talking constantly on the phone, behind their building. The problem is, the org is located with a sidewalk on every side, so they can't hide outside.


    We decided, over the past few weeks, that our Org is located in a bad foot traffic area. It's a one way road on both sides, small lanes, so we get honks, but not much handouts. We decided to split the group in half if we had enough anons (which we did) and get some handouts while enturbing. We took shifts of like 20 minutes a piece and rotated, keeping the Camfag (yours truly :D) and the Camerafag away from each other, so there would be constant coverage. What ensued was the best coverage we could have imagined. We gave out, easily, over 100 fliers (big ups to CoastalAnon again, his fliers were fucking golden) and (rough estimate) 10 of the Anonymous &quot;Faith4Finance&quot; DVDs. Most of our handouts came from the stoplight down the road, people would stop, roll their windows down, and take our fliers/dvd.

    Note: I was kinda worried about Brain's disguise. The Epic Beard covers....a lot of his face. I made sure to stay near him with the correspondence between our police contact and us's emails printed out, in case of trouble. About that time, a cop hits it's blues and pulls over. By the time I got over there, Brain and the cop were already talking. Brain tells me that the Cop told Gypsy to take off her mask, because wearing it at all is illegal. He told her it was okay on the back of the head, and the cop was still persistent otherwise. I got there and she told me that the masks weren't allowed. I told her I had spoken to Detective [name redacted, known as AwesomeCopGuy] and she could call him to verify, but he gave us permission to wear the masks on the back of our heads/arms/etc, as long as it doesn't cover the face. She began backtracking and said 'Oh, no, I want you to know you can't cover your face, not that you can't wear it'. &gt;_&lt; AnnoyingCopGirl then literally fucking floored it out of there. We lol'd at it and continued on our merry way.


    A few pictures of the Dianetics Van on it's fateful test drive by the eventual purchaser.



    Note: You can see that the letters had been removed but the shadows are still there. :(

    This next picture is something AnonCaek and I had discussed almost immediately after the last protest. We are allowed to chalk sidewalks in Greensboro, so we wanted to do something. I wanted to chalk the entire OTIII on the sidewalk. Caek, rightfully so, voiced the concern that that shit would take too long. He was oh-so-right. Instead, we settled on a summary of OTIII. It was fucking epic.


    Blurry picture is blurry, but this picture is of Robert Heybrock, our Div6, and the buyer of the Dianetics van. Robert provided much lulz yesterday. We hadn't previously said his name (which we found through WISE and Facebook), so Caek yells out (something to the tune of) &quot;Hey Robert, how much is the Van?&quot;. Heybrock stops what he's doing and just glares at Caek with the biggest fucking smile on his face I've ever seen. (Robert is the Picfag from last time, the one who took our pictures) Earlier than that, Robert and the Buyer were standing around and Caek yells out &quot;L. Ron Hubbard was a racist!&quot; and the Buyer turns to Robert and goes &quot;Who is L. Ron Hubbard?&quot; lulz again. Eventually, we're watching them take the tags off, and Buyer is just chitchatting and having a good time. We asked him if he knew the story of the Volcano. He said he was just painting over the Volcano anyways. We asked him to ask Robert the story about the Volcano. Buyer leans down close to Robert and goes &quot;So, what's the story behind the Volcano?&quot;. Robert, very enturbed now, gets up, hands the man the keys, slams the side door, and walks off. We informed the guy about the story of the Volcano (OTIII) and he looked hilariously amused. &lt;3 Buyer


    I have a strange fascination with upclose pics of the mask, leave me alone.


    One of our Sexy Anons ( &lt;__&lt; ) holding out our new Anon flag that an unnamed source bought for us. &lt;3


    Group photo time. Two things.

    1- I was dehydrated at this point, so I was a little shaky. Sorry. :(
    2- Some of our anons requested to not be edited in the photos. While I would not exactly recommend it (although I chose the same option), I'm not going to go against their wishes. Their decisions and I'll accept it.


    And now, the best part of the day.

    The two Scis who locked their keys in the car. Earlier in the day, they had walked by Caek. Caek shouts &quot;Sea Org Forces Abortions.&quot; The man laughs and asked what Caek said. Caek repeats it. The man responds with &quot;I'll be back for you in a minute.&quot;

    Out comes Marriagefags.


    As you can see, they are taking notes. They took notes on EVERYTHING. They were out there for quite some time before they ever spoke to us. Each one read the OTIII summary (win!) and noted it. They also noted our ning link (which was written beside the OTIII summary, and then moved on to us. They'd look at each of us, note everything, whisper between each other, etc. The hilarious thing is, the Staff was behind them, hiding on the porch, observing everything. Then they came up to us. We greeted them and they did the same for us. (Nice couple too, I liked them)

    While they were taking notes (I'm a curious person, so I had a thousand questions), I asked the man if he was staff. He said no. I said &quot;Oh, you're public?&quot; He said yes. I then said &quot;Oh, good, then you aren't going to get beat by David Miscavige&quot;. (I'm also a dick).

    The man said that they were not Staff, but they were doing a &quot;Starting a Perfect Marriage&quot; (something like that) Course. Said it cost them about $160. And they were both doing Basic training. We asked how he came about Scientology and he told us &quot;through free choice&quot;. I asked why he joined Scientology and he said 'It helps ABLE people be more ABLE&quot;. While we're talking (and the guy was VERY talkative), the woman gets called by the people on the porch.

    She returns with &quot;Why do you people wear masks? Why hide yourselves?&quot; (It's now obvious that she's being fed questions because WE CAN'T WEAR FUCKING MASKS! NOBODY IS WEARING A MASK!), so we told her about Fair Game. She then looks at Maxamas and says &quot;Are you filming me without my permission?&quot;

    He goes &quot;Yup&quot;. lulz

    Here's how the convo went:
    Her: I don't give you my permission to film me.
    Anon: You're on public property, we don't need your permission.
    Her: I'm not giving you my permission.
    Anon: ....IF you'd like, we could give you...
    Her: Okay
    Anon:....A copy of the laws and you'll see we don't need your permission.
    Her: I'm not on public property.
    *to be fair, she wasn't. She was standing in a private property parking lot*
    Anon: Does that property belong to the Church of Scientology?
    Her: ...No.
    Anon: So you're admitting to trespassing on private property?
    Man: *laughs* You have my permission, I don't care if you film me.

    The man actually accepted a flier from us, in which he read, and then accepted a copy of our DVD. I told him he was going to get a Sec Check for that and they were going to charge him for it. He goes &quot;What? They're not charging me for anything.&quot; We responded by telling him about it and that he is going to get a sec check.

    After ten minutes of talking, they get called back. We thank them and are really cordial. I told him to enjoy the DVD and the Flier. And then, immediately, said &quot;Oh wait, nevermind. They're going to take it from you as soon as you walk back in there.&quot;

    Hopefully, since he hasn't even started any OTs, when they took his stuff from him, he'll know that we weren't lying. Nice couple (well, he was, she was a bit of a bitch), hate to see them get suckered in.

    Well, there you have it. Anything I left off, feel free to fill in, NCfags. Thanks. Now, back to the video.

    Noise: The noise was the sound of....well, we don't fucking know what that was. Like, no clue. Just started doing it. But the Jeep was pouring smoke out of the bottom when we arrived. I have to replace the Catylitic converter. Trying to find a way to do that without it making NashMash impossible. :(

    Flier: What's it saved as? You could upload it to tinypic (if it's an image now) and copy the URL for layouts (its one of the boxes it gives you after the upload is done), then post it here using the IMG tags ([IMG]). Or upload it to megaupload, then post the dl link.
  15. Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    One need only compare pictures of the Scilon parking lot from April raid vs. May:

    April picture of scilon's mobile Dianetics advertisement unit:

    Now the May photo, the van has been stripped of all Dianetics wording leaving only the volcano, and a for sale sign:

    I guess the mobile advertisement was just a wee bit less than a roaring success..
  16. Buttons Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Excellent raid report.
  17. pwnon Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

  18. CoastalAnon Member

  19. pwnon Member

    Video on the way. Lots of editing to save those who can't afford facefagging. Give me less than half an hour and I'll give you ten minutes of side splitting, cock rising*, mouth watering footage.

    *Viagra not included.


    lol maybe not so quick.....

    Enjoy, faggots. Comment, add, love, enjoy.

    Final Video Update:

    And final Photo update. The man who stopped us after the protest because he wanted to get our picture for his little brother emailed me back a bit ago. Attached were these two photos. I thought they turned out fucking epic.

    *Note: We're standing in front of the Self-Help building in Greensboro. Anonymous works. And it helps people.


  20. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Well done y'all, I like that you were able to engage a couple of early victims, hopefully they will see the light. Hope you told them that you believe the staff are mostly victims too, just that they are so in to it they can't see it because they are programmed to never question what the cult tells them.
  21. pwnon Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    We didn't, but what we did do is probably more effective.

    *hands them DVD and Flier*
    *Tells them to enjoy DVD and Flier*
    *Retracts statement, saying 'eh, They're gonna take that away from you and question you about it*

    So now, when they go in, two things can happen:

    A- Staff immediately takes the Flier and DVD (most likely scenario). MarriageCouple wonders why they would take it and remembers Anonymous told them this would happen. Seed of doubt is planted.

    B- Staff doesn't take flier or DVD and the couple is not questioned (doubtful!). MarriageCouple reads flier and/or watches DVD. Seed of doubt is planted.
  22. Ramona Member

    Re: Greensboro, NC April postgame

    Good success!!!

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