Green cd hour long video from Iran

Discussion in 'Videos' started by dochartagh, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. dochartagh Member

    I was able to get the video up on youtube in 9 parts.

    [ame=]YouTube - green cd part 1of 9 from Iran[/ame]

    Green cd is a large mpq file that showed up last night as a torrent file. It was sent anonymously with this message "In order to show all lies from Iranian official media we made this cd wich is based on truth.please help us to show the reality to the world and people inside iran.
    Let the world know the most lying government in the world.
    keep seeding if you download it,For Victory of Green Movement."
    Those of us involved in uploading video's from Iran believe it is a cd that the Iranians have made and are trying to distribute amongst themselves. The video is over 1 hour long I am submitting it in segments will be 9 parts.
  2. dochartagh Member

    green cd part 2

  3. dochartagh Member

    Green cd part 3

  4. dochartagh Member

    Green cd part 4

    [ame=]YouTube - green cd part 4 of 9 from Iran[/ame]
  5. dochartagh Member

    Green cd part 5

  6. dochartagh Member

    Green cd part 6

    [ame=]YouTube - greencd part 6 of 9 from Iran[/ame]
  7. dochartagh Member

    Green cd part 7

  8. dochartagh Member

    Green cd part 8

  9. dochartagh Member

    Green cd part 9

  10. ramin.ger Member

    I would like to thank you very very much, dochartagh!
    Great job !
  11. dochartagh Member

    Part 4 had to be deleted

    Was forced by youtube to delete part 4 due to copyright issues with Reuters I disputed the claim and lost and was threatened with a lawsuit if I continued to infringe on thier rights.
    Reuters is stealing video from youtubers and claiming copyright of anonymous video from Iran and since they have more lawyers than God nothing can be done.

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