Green Brief #79 Jan 1st

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    Green Brief #79

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    Since Niteowl has started posting on his own blog, I have asked if I could begin publishing the Green Brief so that everyone on wwp would once again have a summary of the day’s news from Iran. I like Niteowl have gotten all of my information from reliable tweets and no information I could not confirm has been included in this brief.

    January 1, 2010


    1. Mir Hossein Mousavi issued his first statement since the bloody protests on Sunday. In his statement he criticized the brutal confrontation between the pro-government forces and the reformist mourners. Mousavi then offered a five stage resolution to end the conflict.

    2. Mousavi’s stages are 1) the acceptance by the administration, the Parliament, and the judiciary of direct responsibility for recent events, 2) a transparent law for elections that can create public trust, 3) release of political prisoners restoring their dignity and honor, 4) recognition of the freedom of press and media, and 5) confirmation of the people’s right of legal demonstrations.

    3. Later in his speech Mousavi stated that he has no fear in becoming a martyr in the people’s quest for legitimate religious and political freedom. He also said that no order for the imprisonment, execution, or murder of Mehdi Karoubi, Mousavi, or other prominent reformists will solve Iran’s problems.

    4. Police forces and armed militia forces swarmed the streets of Tehran to deter New Year’s Day protests. During the Friday prayer service Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, called the protesters “flagrant examples of the corrupt on Earth”, He then effectively called for their execution as “in the early days of the revolution.”

    5. Protests once again took place at Mashhad University today, with a student strike to take place tomorrow. Students have declared that their protests will continue until all political prisoners are released.


    1. Two more members of the CHRR (committee of human rights reporters) were arrested today after being summoned to the investigative office of the Intelligence Ministry. This brings the total number arrested to seven with more members in danger. The members of the CHRR have been told that they will be released if they agree to take down the CHRR and delete all its content, if they do not all of its members will be arrested.

    2. Update from yesterday, Leily Afshar who was abducted yesterday in Tehran called her mother from Evin. She is fine and according to her prison guard, “not in too much trouble”.


    1. Iran has begun jamming U.S. and British broadcasting sites in an attempt to keep news of opposition protests from most Iranians


    CNN now has a section of its website dedicated to the protests


    1. If you use twitter do not believe anything @iran115 says he is an IR agent that is working to discredit honest twitterers like Niteowl and Austen Heap. He made a blacklist that includes many honest people do not believe him.

    2. There have been rumors being spread by the regime that Mousavi had fled Tehran to northern Iran and was in hiding. However these are nothing but rumors Mousavi has not left, he is still in his home in Tehran. He has not left the city in the last week.

    I still need some translators and someone to go through and proof read the brief before I post it to make sure I don't miss any spelling mistakes. If you’re willing to help email me at

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