Green Brief #112 (Feb 22)

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    Green Brief #112

    February 22nd 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    The information in the Brief comes from tweets from people on the ground in Iran and Libya. I've tried to include only information that I could confirm.

    Protest/ General news

    1. The Regime continues to claim that no protests took place on Sunday. They also claimed that only a few dozen protesters have died in the protests since they started in 2009. However, has a list of 108 dead with sources confirming their deaths. The Guardian also has a list from June of 2009 to Early 2010 of over 1200 dead and arrested.

    2. The prosecutor General Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei has made an announcement against the opposition. Warning anyone who supports the leaders of sedition will be looked at as anti-revolutionary and will not be tolerated.

    3. It is now confirmed that Ali Karroubi, Mehdi Karroubi's son was arrested yesterday during a raid on his home. Nafiseh Panahi, Karroubi's wife was also arrested during the raid, but was released later in the day.

    4. Students at Shiraz University have refused to attend class in remembrance of Hamed Nourmohammadi, the protester kill in clashes during Sundays protests.


    1. Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani, has condemned the intensity of the imprisonments under the current regime.

    2. The special Clerical Council has been asked to remove Karroubi's clerical status.

    3. Ahmadinejad made is formal parliament budget proposal today. The $539 billion budget is 46% higher than last year's proposals, despite the claims of the Government that it was limiting spending through subsidy cuts. Ahmadinejad hopes to finance the increase through an oil price of $80 per barrel. The rate of the Iranian toman is set at 1050 to the US dollar, a slightly higher rate for the Iranian currency than the current market figure.


    1. Several students from Yusui University were summoned before the ministry of intelligence and were then detained.

    2. The Following people were arrested today:
    1. Jafar Ganji and Arash Najbaei – supporters of the freedom movement of Iran
    2. Sara Bagheri
    3. Ali Yazdanpanah
    4. Three students at Mashhad University

    1. I planned to write a summary of Gaddafi's speech today, however; in his entire 90 min only about 2 mins made any sense. So here is a brief summary of the six most important points. I did not write this summary it comes from one of the protesters on the ground in Libya.

    1 - all oppositions are high on drugs and pills
    2 - drugs supplied by Tunisian and Egyptian anarchists
    3 - The East part of the country is now run and controlled by Al Qaeda
    4 - Denied any single bullet shot at peaceful protestors
    5 - Accused the liberated cities of massacring blacks
    6 - Demands everyone by tomorrow to give allegiance to him. all who don't are traitors who should die.


    1. For anyone that wants to post the Green Brief anywhere else all I ask is that you keep the line that contains my username and link to my twitter account. And a link back to the original article here.

    2. Also can I ask a favor of those of you who read this. I would like to get the Green Brief popular again, so if your reading this and you have a twitter account. Could you all tweet a link back here, or if you follow me on twitter retweet the link I post.
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    You've really spent some time on this! Will follow you on twitter.
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    PS: Why do you use your real name & pic? Just a question, not trolling.
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    I forgot that I still use my full name and picture on Twitter. I'll make sure I change that later today.
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    Keep up the good work.

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