Green Brief #102

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    Green Brief #102

    February 2nd 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    You may notice that this Green Brief is not pertaining to Iran. After watching the events unfold in Egypt over the last few days, I got the urge to write again. This information comes from people on the ground in Egypt.

    Protest/ General news

    1. Today began with pro-Mubarak protesters clashing on with pro-democracy protesters in Tahrir square. The pro-democracy protesters held the pro-Mubarak attackers out of the square with a 200 person human chain.

    2. State run media warned their views today against attending protests. Warning about intense violence and claiming that “foreign elements” were behind the protests.

    3. The internet and SMS services were restored in Egypt today. The Army used this restoration of SMS service to send a message to the people saying “Protect your country.” The army also reaffirmed today that it will not crack down on the demonstrators instead that it will “let the protests wear themselves out.”

    4. Opposition leaders said today that they will be open to a dialogue with vice president Omar Suliman, once President Mubarak has stepped down.

    5. Tahrir Square was the site of bloody clashes today between pro-democracy demonstrators and pro-Mubarak thugs. Pro-democracy with help from the army attempted to keep pro-Mubarak groups from entering the square. The pro-democracy protesters managed to hold tahrir square beating back the pro-Mubarak thugs every time. The day played out as a large stalemate with each side barricading their lines , throwing rock or Molotov cocktails, and charging each others lines. Pro-Mubarak supporters charged the pro-democracy protesters lines on horse and camel back, these rides were pulled of their horses and beaten. The army continued to fire shots into the air to ward off more violence from both sides.

    6. The National Museum was another site of violent protests between pro-democracy and pro-Mubarak demonstrators. Each side set up barricades on each side of the square and threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at each others. After 8 hours of attacking and retreating the pro-democracy protesters ,behind a line of men wielding metal shields, pushed the pro-Mubarak supporters out of the square.

    7. Alexandria was the site of violence between protesters. Clashes erupted at the Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque, however the army supported the pro-democracy protesters asking the pro-Mubarak protesters to leave the area.

    8. We've heard of the religious harmony being displayed during the protests in Cairo. But now we have images showing the chivalry displayed by Christians of Egypt, during this time of crisis: @nevinezaki has this photograph, showing Christians, forming a human chain around their Muslim countrymen to protect them while they pray in Tahrir Square, Cairo:

    View attachment christians.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=12966942


    1. Leading Islamic scholar Yusuf Al Qaradawi, who has called for the Egyptian President to step down, saying, "My final words are to Mubarak: Haram (sinful) on you to kill your people. The shepherd has become a wolf."

    2. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs reiterated the need for a speedy transition to democracy. He also restated the need for restrained from both side saying “It is imperative that the violence we are seeing stop."


    1. If you want to get an accurate picture of what is going on Egypt I would suggest that you watch Al Jazeera. They have an have been reporting none stop since the protest began. for a live stream in English go to Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English

    2. I know I'm still calling it the Green Brief even though it doesn't pertain to Iran. So tell me what you think, should this still be called the Green Brief or should it be called something that makes you think of Egypt? tell me in the comments or on twitter.
  2. iraniam Member

    Good job my friend, you are doing awesome. Keep up the good work.
  3. حمید Member

    Despite the rooted feelings of solidarity which had been planted to reshape the historical tensions between Iran and Egypt the existent national feelings are somehow still too strong to over win an effort to cover-up the movements with an impression which will possibly understood as questionable. However if they are directly to face the question, it may perhaps create a moment giving time to the thoughts to be reviewed by their honestly, understanding it individually without being regarded as have been violated.
  4. spaz926 Member

    Great job on this, again, Codeman177.
    One thing I'm concerned about, since this is not related to Iran, maybe we should get a different URL... maybe If somebody would like to contact the administrators of WWP or I can do so.
    If somebody doesn't wish to do this, please voice your concerns.

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