Greece 2014 - Crisis and Balance.

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What is the opposite word to crisis? (select as many as you want)

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  1. Eagleflier Member

    Written from a Greek, not planning to express opinions of all Greeks, just my own.

    I never believed in the crisis. Despite that it destroyed my personal financial status and pledging me in personal debt, I still believe that the problem was only inside the word itself. The one word that got spammed so much until we finally believed in it's totalic existance. And it's difficult with words with no exact opposite sense. I saw the world around me change over the power of this simple combination of 4 different letters. I ended up believing that the belief in a problem is actually THE problem itself. First that, then all the rest million reasons that the idea found ground to escalate into a devastating tsunami to the Greek economy and becoming worldwide news

    What is the most weird in this political subject though is that there is no where to be found, a valid discussion by reasonable people. We can read all over the news, stories no one cares about. Poor people struggling economically like they always do, others spending all of their pay in thousands of cafe's everyday like they always do. We see others shopping, like they always do. And it's so controversial actually on what exactly happened and what are the true causes and effects of anything economy related. At the end of the day, for the citizen, it's more psycological than anything else. Nobody came out to say that the phenomenon is over. Well the news is that it IS OVER. If nobody else does, I proclaim myself as the first one that got out of it. Because I was never too dependant to wealth and nobody actually is THAT dependant to numbers except twisted people, so I can do just that. Walk out of it, head high..

    What I do care about, always was and always will be the core problem in this country and yes, the rest of the world too. Lack of persuing a high degree of dignity in any role an individual chooses. Not talking about an existing movement. This very ethical matter and the lack of it, let a single word beat us to the breaking of our toughest bones. Don't lose hope, bones can mend again, tougher than before.

    I prefer not saying much and definetely not reading more on the "you-know-what" subject. It seems that only news and politicians spread the word and the rest of the people only use it as an excuse to cover their own lack of dignity in other non related matters, certainly not economical. They only speak of the news because they are used to borrow opinions out of the TV to cover for the lack or their own.

    Greece's biggest problem for anyone's info is that the average greek "half-knows" everything. Everything that he/she is taught is in half. But realizing that can also make one whole. Even the political system has such diversity between it's two wings, "left" and "right" that one cannot really have an honest and original opinion or ask a valid question before immediately getting criticized by the public opinion as a half one. At the end of the day we are all right to the lefts and left to the rights. What is even more crazy, is that with almost 50% (another half there) of political apathy, still, our "apathy" people will critisize anyone that speaks of politics more -and- worse. So "political apathy" really means that one doesn't vote, but still has an opinion for anything other than politics, using that opinion to categorize us "somewhere" that we can be half again to the public opinion of that one's accordance. And getting back into political affairs, Capitalists, Socialists, Conservatives and Liberals are just half words again. Not the matter.

    We can only find essense in creation. And that very essense should give birth to a new common sense for both our goverment and people, together. But it takes a leader to do so. A leader to say the word and ask the question: "What is the opposite word?" Is it calmness? prosperity? That last spamming invention became such a devastating whole, we should start fighting it back with it's opposite that I will let you find out, after you are done reading these paragraphs.

    Under a common goal of recovering, all together, we can actually work and thrive again as one communicating-healthy community. In the past, we all created a "bad word" out of nowhere but how about focusing in creating something new now? Something that can create more than it's self-consuming existance. Balance. The opposite word has to be Balance.
  2. I must say that I wholeheartedly agree. FWIW, I have heart disease and am kinda an expert in this area.
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