Graham Berry Fundraiser

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by eddieVroom, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Its not a case of putting him down. He is invaluable. AO however is a cock mongling retard, that is nothing but a drain on graham. Either make AO pay Graham, or make him donate a shit ton of money if graham doesnt want to be 'paid'.

    Why do you suppose Graham is in this position? If he was helping out, giving advice etc, sorting out the police a bit, then he would be ok. Ever since AO came along though, it takes up a lot of Grahams time - time that could be spent on paid cases for paying clients. Im not telling Graham what to do - just pointing out that AO is the reason he is in this pickle
  2. basil Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Personally, I trust GB's judgement.

    If AO was really that big an issue, isn't he well within his rights to say he will no longer be representing him?

    I'm resting on there being something in the big master plan that they can't talk about, because it would tip off OSA and enable them to prepare some sort of smear/defense that would put a hole in the case.

    If you can't look at the bigger picture and instead focus on one individual that you seem to think is the cause of all the problems, perhaps you should just donate to the server fund instead?
  3. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    If you are concerned about that...


    With POSTAL MONEY ORDERS, you can buy Anonymously.

    You can even send Anonymously by making sure that the Sending and Receiving address are both GB's address.

    If you are really paranoid...

    When you buy POSTAL MONEY ORDERS, supply the Postal Clerk with a folder to put it in. Don't touch the inside of the folder. Your fingerprints & DNA are only on the outside of the folder and not on the POSTAL MONEY ORDERS.

    Now, when you get home, put on some previously unhandled surgical gloves. (Don't touch the outside of the gloves.)

    Then...print the addresses on the actual envelope in which you will send the POSTAL MONEY ORDERS by printer...not by hand.

    Lastly, with surgical gloves on, seal the envelope with unhandled tape and use self adhering stamps. Do not lick the envelope or stamps.

    So...for the truly paranoid, there you go. Fingerprint and DNA free.

    For the UltraMegaSuperInterPlanetary paranoid...

    There is the issue of any surveillance/security cameras that may be present at the point of purchase of the POSTAL MONEY ORDERS.

    That is no problem either. But...belongs on another post.

    Besides...if you really are UltraMegaSuperInterPlanetary paranoid, you've figured this out already. LOL!

    Anyway, whatever level of concern for security you may have had, it has been addressed.

    You may now..."FUND AWAY!"
  4. AuntAnonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Very nice.
    There are many heroes here today.
  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    You got that right.

    Anonawesomeness is epic win.
  6. 33755 Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Again, your hatred of AO shouldn't cloud your judgment.

    No one knows what money transpires between AO and GB. GB is a lawyer and all lawyers are pretty damn tightlipped about their other clients - as well they should be. So don't make any assumptions about (a) how much AO has or has not paid GB, and (b) how much of GB's time is taken up by that one case.

    You are also grossly underestimating the value of the AO case to the cause. Regardless of AO's personality, the COS v AO case(s) are part of the greater battles of being able to protest at Gold Base in Riverside County California and exposing the human rights abuses that go on there daily (and have been for decades). Sometimes it takes someone with guts (crazy or sane, but guts all the same) to push the envelope and cause the crazy COS to make a really bad move that will hurt its case in the long run.

    AO did the pushing. GB will help wipe up COS with it.
  7. Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I snail-mailed an Office Depot gift card this morning. Seemed the most expeditious way to help Berry without having to alert him, register the mail, or dicker with Western Union or Pay Pal. Hope to send more next week.
  8. Forseti Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    To those worried about the GB/AO connection. You need to put this into perspective.

    Whether you like AO or not, he was a victim at gold base. He was a victim of false arrest, excessive use of force, and assault under color or authority. That is the fact. Just because AO is not popular among this community, doesn't mean that he should be thrown under the bus, expecially since CoS is at the root of this. Because some people do not trust or like AO, does that mean that CoS should get away with that crap they pulled?

    During some communication with GB he made it clear to me that no matter what people think about AO, he desrves to be defended in the gold base trespassing case. I fully agree with GB and it is no secret that I have been very critical of AO.

    GB is a good man and strikes me as someone who is honest. GB believes in justice and he is passionate and driven about it. Over the many years in my career I have become very cynical and learned, through my experiences, not to trust people. I became distrustful of lawyers too, but I trust GB 100%.

    If I was wealthy I would do much much more to help Graham.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    another gift card snail mailed today
  10. attackgypsy Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I concur.

    And anybody who would wear fishnets and make them look THAT good deserves to be defended.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Far better looking SoCalfag legs have regularly sported fishnets. I can think of at least two femanons, at the moment.
  12. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Spray Cheese: Truly a shining diamond on the crown of Western Civilization!
  13. The Shadow Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I'm planning on making a donation to Graham once I'm working again. I wouldn't risk donating to WWP after all the shit that's gone on, but in my opinion Graham is definitely worth a contribution.
  14. pwnon Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    If anyone is looking to donate before friday, PM me. I have an idea (not really an idea, but I know of something you can do) but I don't want to post it here because I would rather not turn this over to any OSA. Or can an administrator PM me and clear this up for me? Either/or.
  15. pwnon Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Okay, thanks 752.

    Here's the idea guys.

    I talked to GB earlier today. I had an epiphany whilst in a grocery store today. I saw Sprint Prepaid International Cards. I asked GB. He said he could use those for working with some liasons in other countries. So, 10 bucks is 100 minutes and it'd be very useful. Any takers? I can't do this until Friday, but I'll be picking a couple up, if anyone wants to hit that with me, that'd be great guys.


    They look like that, some say "$10 = 100 minutes".


    I called Sprint on this earlier. They're for land lines. That shouldn't deter, just don't be looking for it to be a pre-paid cell phone card.


    Like all Prepaid cards of any type, once you scan it, it's activated. No refunds on that. Mail it to Graham. It's totally a Business Expense, so the Scilons in the crowd can go ahead and suck my dick on that.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Bless you and your words...
  17. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I'll take any victory over Scientology as a good thing. Agree with you, I do.
  18. Hartman5555 Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Those security guards slammed AO to the ground. There was no legitimate discussion, they did not give AO any chance to leave. The force applied was grossly more than what was called for. Reminds me of cops tazering someone four times in a row, then the guy dying. Well now some police forces no longer can use tazers. Applying that kind of force risks injuring a shoulder. You better have justification when you apply that kind of force. Its not like he was walking off with $2,000 worth of merchandise. I am a Canadian and I was appalled when I saw that shit. Scientology is acting like they are the law, like they somehow get to play by different laws than you or I.
  19. Son Of Xenu Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I just paypaled 100$ into the GB Office Supply Fund. Keep fighting Graham.
  20. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    The problem is, AO was told to leave by the guy in the truck.(if my memory is correct) Could Danny have heard it? I doubt it. Danny immediately dogpiles.

    After being told to leave AO says FUCK YOU. The challenge is...was the FUCK YOU a "No, I am not leaving" Or was the FUCK YOU...Yeah, I am leaving but FUCK YOU AND YOUR MESSING WITH OUR CARS AND YOUR IMPRISONING OF VULNERABLE PEOPLE AND YOUR SLAVE LABOR ETC.

    AO was moving as he was dogpiled. GB can argue he was attempting to leave.

    He messed up his case by saying FUCK YOU..and GB will have to counter that.

    There is also the property line issue and was he really trespassing. The trespassing signs are farther back. We don't know where the property line is.

    Even if he was trespassing..and even if he wasn't was still excessive force. Scientology will likely counter that the FUCK YOU was aggressive and they felt like they would be harmed and so dogpiling was necessary for their protection. But DANNY COULDN'T HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THE FUCK YOU. HE WAS IN THE TRUCK RACING TO THE SCENE AND STARTS YELLING AND RUNNING AS SOON AS HE GOT OUT OF THE TRUCK.

    Btw, notice that they haven't pulled that stunt since..and where is Danny now when you protest? Also, you are noticing that they are having people in authority watching over what is happening..versus just letting Danny run wild.

    As far as trying to get around Scientology and their hold on GB..I wonder why he doesn't just bankrupt it out and get rid of the mess...and start all over again.
  21. subgenius Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    It all was obviously staged, planned and rehearsed.
    Hmmmmm, no cops that day.
    Same thing happened to us now that I think of it. The very first time in nearly a year the $cilons didn't hire the cops to sit in their lot, a guy (supposedly a random passerby) attacked us.
  22. pwnon Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Just a guess, but I'd think that maybe he's keeping on because bankrupting would be a victory to Moxon and Co. I think not bankrupting frustrates them more than anything ever could.
  23. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Oh, might be. .... Me, I would bankrupt the mess and get them off my back and start over in the clients could actually pay me...but everyone has their own personal agenda and way to handle things. Perhaps not bankrupting it gives him more leverage in a fight (and damages) against them once he takes it up.
  24. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I'm guessing too, but, that sounds plausible.

    One thing that has to been shown to all bullies is that, no matter what they do, doesn't change anything.

    Laugh at the flaccid $cilons flailing about with their limp d***s.
  25. pwnon Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Not to mention (again, just my guess), but how bad to the Scilons look now? Multi-million dollar lawyers facing a man who has, what, 30 bucks to his name? And he's still winning? Come on, that's got to be more humiliating than anything. I'm surprised that DM hasn't tried to hire BG yet.
  26. restim Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    If GB did declare bankruptcy, the criminal nut cult would tie him up in bankruptcy court challenging every detail of the bankruptcy declaration. They've been doing exactly that with Keith Henson for over a decade.

    Remember, the purpose of the law is to harass...
  27. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser


    If Bankruptcy were an "easy way out" that would have afforded GB measurable relief- while still managing to leave the rest of his life and career intact, it seems reasonable he would have taken it.

    Ego, pride, etc (the usual) could be why he's not declared a bankruptcy, but I suspect he's smarter than that. If he hasn't done so perhaps its because he recognizes that he wouldn't gain any relief (due to continued harassment).
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Good Point

    GB's been in this for the long haul and there's a glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel... a smear of blood in their foul water...

    WE are on the side of Right and Good and they are losing ground.

    This Evil Cult is going down and it won't be pretty.

    Ready Umbrellas for Sprinkler Tech and brewing shitstorm.

    We run this...
  29. AuntAnonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    You are so right! Thanks for re-calibrating us.

    In the meanwhile, you guys supporting Graham? I hope he has lots of flowers, gift cards, donations, money orders going his way.
  30. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Well, I wish GB all the flowers in the world.

    But...I think you can buy more food, rent, gas & supplies with gift cards, donations and money orders.

  31. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    NOTE: This is exactly what happened.
    GB and I were both bankrupted by the cult in 1998-99 so that I would have to drop my lawsuit against the cult due to lack of funds. I had my bankruptcy challenged by Moxon but it went through. It still crashes my credit rating, but my bankruptcy was discharged.
    GB is a different story.
    With GB's bankruptcy Moxon has been a total douchebag in tying up the whole issue in excess complexity so Graham cannot get out of the mess Moxon caused. They have been ruthless in tying GB up in court actions, claims, abuses of process and still want him to be broke so he can't fight them.
    GB has to rely on charity/expenses money received to live at all, and he does it so the cult does not win. His chosen poverty is a middle finger to Moxon and DM as they can't seize an absence of income. If he earned anything they would seize it immediately.
    He won't post this info online as he has his pride, but I am letting you guys know.
    He still keeps fighting right through the flying bullets fired at him by OSA.
    Epic win lawyer GB deserves epic expenses jewgolds sent to him.
    That's the trufax.
  32. basil Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Let's hope that when the cult is gone, Moxon gets dragged through the courts and sweet revenge served on that pathetic excuse for a human.

    I'd love 15 minutes one-on-one in a locked room with Moxon.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Thanks for sharing that.
    I suspected as much but good to see it.

    Just makes more

    We run this...

    I intend to help with Graham's expenses to beat this cult, but may need the gentle monthly reminder...
  34. Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I was going to send him a Subway gift card, but I went with Costco instead:)

    Mailed it this morning.
  35. Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    I applaud Graham Berry's performance today. He really fought valiantly up there to battle the interruptions of corrupt supervisor Stone. That 3 minutes seemed like it went on for almost 9!

    Thank you Graham.

    Also, everyone who spoke today was amazing! Thank you!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    It was very obvious who the "good guys" were.

    Great job...
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    This we can do.
  38. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    Sounds like a plan...
  39. eddieVroom Member

  40. Olrik Member

    Re: Graham Berry Fundraiser

    $cientology deserves Anonymous no doubt.

    Must stay calm but RAGE, yes.

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