Government approved method to destroy engines

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  1. Mechanics ensure trade-ins will never hit the road again | Portland Press Herald


    Hutter and fellow mechanic Mike Rickards were decommissioning more than 100 old cars that had been traded in at Prime. The lot was filled with obvious candidates, such as the faded red 1987 Chevy Silverado pickup that had to be pushed into place, and the not-so-obvious, such as another Silverado – a spotless green 1997 model that Rickards said is a lot nicer than what he drives.

    Hutter and Rickards drain the oil from each vehicle, then pour a sodium-silicate solution into the engine, the government-approved method of making sure no one will ever be able to drive it again. They drive each vehicle to its final resting spot on the lot and rev up the engine to work the solution into the crankshaft bearings.

    Some vehicles go quietly, with a small puff of smoke, while others rattle, shake and shudder before emitting a metallic shriek. "It's kind of fun," said Hutter.


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