Got some bandwidth to spare? Help fight back iranian government-controlled websites

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Unregistered, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Here:

    is a link to LongCat flooder, which will exhaust resources on target websites until they are not able to be loaded anymore. Multiple people using the tools increases its effectiveness greatly.

    Make sure you use SYN flooding and HTTP GET flooding. In order to make the program work, extract the .rar into any folder, then open the "binary" folder. Open uf.exe to start the program. In the HTTP GET Flooding section, enter the name of the target url. In the UDP/SYN Flooding section, enter the IP of the website. You can find the IP by going to start>run then type in cmd, hit enter, and then enter ping [website name goes here without the brackets].

    If you think you can handle the extra load, increase the number of HTTP users and TCP users to simulate. I am currently simulating 250 HTTP users and 100 TCP users, directing the flooder to target, IP very much dislikes longcat flooder, and probably very much dislikes me. :D
  2. your doin great on that, but i thought we werent supposed to target any iranian sites?
  3. Do not use this dDoS tool, use Slowloris instead.

    Do not do a conventional ddos attack on Iranian targets, as this wastes bandwith needed by ALL Iranians. Rather, use something like Slowloris which can take down http servers without using much bandwith at all:

    Slowloris HTTP DoS

    This code just hit the wild and should still be quite effective... It was slashdotted earlier today.
  4. Try this one for, it's much better than ones:

    Die Mahmoud, die!!!
  5. this is the only way to really help without hurting the protesters
  6. is there any new targets we could attack with DoS or other ways?
    going to try Slowloris HTTP DoS but is it really safe to use??
  7. Use Slowloris

    Use Slowloris, but only on Linux. Slowloris opens a ton of sockets but Windows has a limit of 130 and thus won't work. Slowloris is an effective yet low-bandwidth attack targeting Apache servers, making it safe to use without hurting bandwidth for the Iranian citizens trying to get information out. Primary target has been for trying to identify protesters.
  8. thank you for the info, I dont have Linux and you say its ineffective with windows hm.. will have to find a way to install linux on a spare computer.
  9. I'm having issues getting the SSL extension installed.

    I use:

    perl -MCPAN -e 'install IO::Socket::SSL'

    but it throws a ton of errors during compile:

    SSLeay.c:3758: error: declaration for parameter XS_Net__SSLeay_RAND_cleanup but no such parameter
    SSLeay.c:3734: error: declaration for parameter XS_Net__SSLeay_RAND_seed but no such parameter
    SSLeay.c:3701: error: declaration for parameter XS_Net__SSLeay_RAND_file_name but no such parameter
    SSLeay.c:3677: error: declaration for parameter XS_Net__SSLeay_RAND_egd_bytes but no such parameter


    any ideas?
  10. slowloris over tor?

    have tor working. have slowloris working.

    don't know how to tunnel slowloris over tor.

    any suggestions?
  11. I run Linux, but I'm not exactly clear on how to use Slowloris and Please post a guide on how to install and configure Slowloris for our purposes. If it helps, I'm running Ubuntu

    For reference, I'm trying to follow the instructions on Project Greenwave - /i/nsurgency w/i/ki but am not sure what the first instruction means
  12. Vee Member

    Tried Proxychains?

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