Google launching Farsi/English translation service tomorrow

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Huge news. Google launching Farsi/English translation service tomorrow morning/
  2. grokitt2 Member

    Is there a source on this? I've seen nothing about it on Google news.

    Huge props to Google if true.
  3. Not seeing anything at the Google blog, so . . . sources?
  4. What convenient timing. No doubt they've been working on this for weeks or months, and it just so happened that it became usable days after Iran explodes and the Internet collectively decides to pitch in.

  5. I saw that, but, where did they get that news from? From someone at Google?
  6. Google Translate Persian Alpha is UP
  7. Google translator 2 Farsi soft alpha now

    newish f*g here......... would running cut and paste phrases from phrase web pages and using the suggestion function " teach" it to translate more fluidly b4 it's needed tomorrow ? Worthy task for anons at this time ?
  8. sina12345 Member

    I doubt it, what you CAN do, is read the original article in Farsi (if you can), and translate it to English. You can click on the sentences then and 'contribute' to the translation. That's what I've been doing on the articles I've read. Although my farsi is rusty, so someone who reads it more fluently would be more helpful.
  9. According to huffpost, Facebook is going to have a translator as well.
  10. Testing

    تست ، من مکیدن آلت تناسلی مرد ، تست
  11. ^ it is a bit spotty on the translation back to English
  12. It is a little rough. If you can 'contribute a better translation' do so. Maybe we can work some kinks out.
  13. the easiest way to defeat smart filter is to use google translate, it won't block the link. this is good news

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