Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. mojo Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    stress can do it. sincere condolences to his friends and family. he was crushed, i can only hope his death will spur some to spil their guts, release his papers or whatever it takes to get a little payback.
  2. themadhair Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    What Bob endured is made all the more staggering when you consider that he had no reason whatsoever to get involved. He put up with the worst the cult could throw at him for years despite not having a dog in this fight.

    The man showed more courage and balls than most. To take the fight to the very core of the cult landscape and land blows is simply fucking staggering. His encounters with the cult read like a ‘this is why’.

    Bob lead. And despite the moralfaggotry here, I would be proud to finish his work.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton


    The amount and degree of stress the Bob Minton was subjected to would not be in the class of "being mean". That is a very dishonest trivialization and mischaracterization.

    People have been convicted of murder when those they assaulted finally died of their wounds. Even if it was years later.

    They died of the wounds caused by someone.

    Sometimes people are wounded and succumb to those wounds years later.

    This can happen through a wound from battle, injuries from a traffic accident, years of SEVERE STRESS, etc.

    The $cilons know the debilitating, damaging and killing effects of stress and use it extensively.

    There is CAUSE. There is EFFECT.

    We are mourning the EFFECT.

    Time to be open and honest about the CAUSE.
  4. Thurs2oClock Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    We wish! Keep in mind that Bob is holding a state-of-the-time video camera in those shots. CoS knew that they could get away with a lot more back then if they were careful. They didn't have to worry about raising the cry of "Cameras! Cameras to me!", instant high quality playback to the police and three separate POV recordings popping up on YouTube.

    Bob did have a confrontational style at protests, and CoS carefully exploited that a few times, including at least one goon taking a dive for CoS's cameras. They used that to build one of those folders on him, which they would use at the next incident to create doubt as to who was at fault, and finally to get that eternally sticky LMT injunction.

    Hard lessons like Bob's were the reason for the strong advice to Anonymous from the start: "Cameras and video, lots!"

    Except for occasional slow learners, fanatics (Gold) or external thugs (Nashville), CoS seems to have realized that the game has changed, and they can't be sure that someone won't be recording ("Pussy"). Too bad...

    I hope that Bob got a chance to see the videos Anonymous has generated, catching CoS trying to play it the old way, and I hope he had a good laugh.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

  7. subgenius Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Bob Minton masks for the next protests....
  8. Anon99 Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    He spent his final years in Ireland, at peace, with the woman he loved.

    L Ron Hubbard spent the final years of his life holed up in a trailer, dirty and unkempt, all alone, and mad as a hatter.

    With any luck David Miscavige will spend his remaining years trapped in a prison cell with some guy who thinks he has a purdy mouth.
  9. ParanoidCT Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    R.I.P Bob Minton! Him and Mark were the first people I saw protesting the cult. I was watching their videos a few years back and they really informed me and got me interested in the cult. Then anonymous decided to protest and the rest is history. I remember seeing the angry picket and it really showed me how crazy scilons could be. He was really brave for picketing at a time when not many people did and the ones who did picket were fair gamed hard. I think we should dedicate our next months raid too Bob Minton.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Just give me one case where someone was convicted of murder because they cased stress 10 years prior to a heart attack.

    If DM dies of a heart attack are you going to blame it on the stress caused by Bob Minton ?

    Do you think that the stress of Scientology being protested and exposed caused Rex Fowler to go off the deep end and kill one of his employees? If you do maybe you should turn yourself in.

    Do you think that because Minton chose to fight Scientology, that he actually committed suicide ?
  11. Legion Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    RIP Bob.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. I have kept the faith"

    2 Timothy 4:7

    YouTube - Angel
  13. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Sadly, I came to regard LMT as a textbook example of an effort optimized for Scientology "handling" - responsible execs and managers, an address for service of legal papers, and so on. Nonetheless, God bless Bob for trying. He brought media attention as well as a certain energy to the counter-Scientology effort that it needed at the time. This was when IRL protests started, and it was obvious that David Miscavige didn't like it one little bit.

  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    How about a life-sized, standup Bob Minton? (Too weird?) Or large poster of him.
  15. TONE 40 Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton


  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    No, I think he has a point. I could see Minton as PTSD from that.
  17. Scatman Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Bob Minton had both the resources and courage to actively oppose the scientology crime syndicate with a very small group of people to assist him. Bob had to wear a large Fair Game bullseye for many years. I have no evidence that you did anything like he did to expose the case of human rights violations (voluntary manslaughter/first degree murder) against Lisa McPherson.
    It appears to me that your personality conflict with him is still part of your mental baggage. I suggest that you accept whatever he did and your responses to it, then move on with your life.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Is this, like, even a failtroll? No one's ever referred to Bob Minton as anything other than Bob.

    Ya know, this is WWP. Troll harder or go home.
  19. grumpus Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    I got the meaning. That Anon is referring to:

    (best one I can find in English)

  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Oh, thank you very much! I get it now. I will lrn2fightclub.
  21. Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Not to derail or diminish, but as a point of historical clarification for the record the first IRL protests in Clearwater were decades before Bob Minton and The LMT. In the late 1970's and in to the early 80's, after the cult first snuck in to Clearwater by purchasing the Fort Harrison under the fraudulent name "United Churches of Florida", there were some grassroots protests by indignant locals when the story made the papers. In one of the earlier protests the cult actually got some protesters arrested, but the ridiculous charges were quickly dropped. If you do some archive searching of The Clearwater Sun and The St. Petersburg Times I suspect you'll likely find some dox in the form of articles and pix.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    PTSD is the $cilon's whole Mind Control stock in trade.

    It's basically all they do.

    They are either conditioning people for the pressure of the trauma, suggesting the trauma, inferring the trauma, causing fear to instill trauma or applying levels of include KILLING LEVELS OF a trauma to force compliance to the CULT's will.

    They do it with all the tricks that Elron and associated scumbags could come up with.

    This is why Elron became a hypnotist.

    If getting what they want means KILLING PEOPLE, it's fine with the CULT 'cause they are a bunch of sociopaths.

    What "religion" has a phrase like "ruin him utterly" in a policy letter.

    How many suicides, cases of alcoholism/drug addiction, divorces, mental breakdowns, severe depressions, cancers, ruined health have the $cilons caused with their hideous pressure techniques?

    The pressured Lisa McPherson until she popped. And that's how they killed her.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton


    which ones are yours ?
  24. muldrake Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    I always preferred this version.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Sid Vicious-My Way[/ame]
  25. Smurf Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    FYI - Deana Holmes (mirele) is an OG & attorney that has long been active in the fight vs. Scientology. Granted, she didn't like Bob or Stacy, and she certainly despised me, but let's not undercut the many years she spent battling the cult. It's also why the cult devoted a hate page on Religious Freedom Watch about her. Scientology has long despised Deana for standing up to their horseshit and speaking out.

    Financially, Bob Minton was in a world of his own and he was a threat to the cult which is why they spent millions to try to destroy him financially & professionally. Bob was also a loving father of two children & an estranged wife who were being targeted with Fair Game by Scientology. Mike Rinder took it on himself to harass & intimidate Therese Minton, his wife.

    Bob's decision to settle with Scientology to bring about some peace in his life and in that of his family pales to the extraordinary & courageous efforts he demonstrated standing up to the cult, not to mention the financial assistance he provided many people.

    Thanks to Mark for putting this video on YT, even though it's personally painful for me to watch. At 2:28, you will see me talking to and protesting with Bob. Unknownst to Bob, I had a tape recorder in my shirt pocket recording his and other protester's conversations:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Scientology: Bob Minton Profile[/ame]
  26. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    I was thinking in the timeframe of Scientology vs. Internet. My bad.

    I didn't know of these earlier protests. Thanks.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    thanks, Mom!
  28. Sissy Lala Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    That's a healthy first step toward recovery
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Hey Smurf, can you give us more background into this report? I thought I'd seen most of these kinds of reports over the last two years -- but this one hasn't got a lot of coverage. Where/when did it air? Seems like something worth being repeated.
  30. Smurf Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Suggest you contact Mark Bunker. It was a German documentary dubbed in English. I don't have any further info. Sorry.

  31. Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    I didn't know the man or much of what he did. I was too wrapped up in my own problems to take an interest. For some reason, his death makes me a bit angry now.

    I went out today and delivered some flyers with Lisa McPherson's name and photo on them. I was going to do that anyway but today it seemed right, proper, and fitting.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. chrisanon Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    That was so beautiful I'm going to see if I can embed it here. The syncing of the pictures was breath-taking. It's like Simon and Garfunkel wrote this song just for Scientology and Bob Minton and this video.

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    German TV channel Sat 1 at some point in the mid to end 90s I think. Unfortunately I can't back that up with any dox. If you know when the events shown in this report took place you'll be able to make a better guess when it aired.
  35. grumpus Member

  36. mojo Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    the sounds of scilons...nice choice
  37. theLastAnon Member

  38. mirele Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    You are a jerk, Mark. This post from you is hardly a eulogy to Bob Minton, but rather a vehicle to continue attacking those of us who were shocked and dismayed when Bob turned towards the dark side, cut a deal with Scientology over his own tax problems, and attempted to sell Lisa McPherson's family down the river.

    As it is, at the behest of his "longtime companion" and the church she belonged to for a far longer time than she'd been with him, Bob perjured himself on the stand to try and scuttle the court case as part of Scientology's legal strategy. (It's also worth noting that Rinder and Rathbun were involved in that affair as well, and, as far as I know, neither of them has apologized for trying to take justice from the McPherson family in the wrongful death of Lisa McPherson.) Additionally, Bob tried his damndest, again, at the behest of Scientology and his "longtime companion" Stacy Brooks, to destroy Ken Dandar, again, through perjury on the stand.

    As for myself, I can't help but remember how Bob and Stacy were the ringleaders in some pretty scurrilous activities towards myself and others. Bob used language towards me and other women opposed to him that is frankly unacceptable in *any* society (not just allegedly "polite" society), but the approval he got from his sycophants, like you and Stacy, was such that he continued doing it.

    I meant what I said when I was there when Bob first met Stacy, and I meant what I said when I wished they'd never met.

    Anyway, Anonymous has done far more to get out the word that Scientology is dangerous for your pocketbook and your life than the LMT did during its short existence. I am very glad you posted the video that got Anonymous turned towards this purpose (and that is not sarcasm; you can ask people, I've said this on numerous occasions over the last two years). However, any good feeling I might have had towards you has been pretty much eliminated by the publication of this dreck.

    Next time you attempt an obituary, you might want to stick to recounting the life of the deceased person, rather than using it as a vehicle to attack your perceived enemies.

    Deana M. Holmes
  39. mirele Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    1. You can type in "Deana Holmes" into Google (without the quotes, even) and see the first page that pops up. Gosh, that'd be the Scientology front "Religious Freedom Watch."

    2. You mention the case of Lisa McPherson. It's interesting to note that Bob ALSO tried to scuttle the case against Scientology after he cut a deal with the cult.

    3. I *have* moved on with my life. Even though I've done little in Scn activism since I moved to Arizona in 2001, the cult continues to keep my pages up on RFW. The cult does not forgive and the cult does not forget (unless forced to do so by court settlement). I--and many, many other people as well--have to live with that, particularly in the Internet era where employers are running Google searches of possible new hires. My hope is that a day will come when Scn figures out that having a hate site against so many people really goes against the idea that it's trying to push, which is that Scn is a "religion."

    Deana Holmes
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Goodnight Sweet Prince: Bob Minton

    Wow. Just found out. He was a great man who I once had the opportunity to meet.

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