Good video from the Christian front

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Anonymous55, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Good video from the Christian front

    As a Christian myself, I found this to be a good video:

    For bonus win, the guy is also a Clearwater resident, and provides good info about what to expect.

  2. The guy who looks like Unkle phil makes a good point in this video.

    Seems like we did our job guys. We didn't just contaminate the pool, we closed it!!!
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  5. Good video! brave man! It's probably hard to talk to scientologist about Christianity. Christianity is about helping and loving people. At least most religions have that as a foundation. Scientology is about glorifying and loving yourself. That's the main reason I consider it a cult aside all other obvious reasons.
  6. I'm a Christian, but not a churchgoer at the moment. I know an extremely anti-Scientology Catholic who might be interested in talking about this with priests, though.

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