Gold Base, January 24, report

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Jeff Jacobsen, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Re: Gold Base, January 24, report - VEGAS VIDEO

    720p h.264 ling (140mb):


    Video clips and music until ~2:30
    Graham Channel 3 Interview with Scilon Interruption 2:30 onwards


    Vegas Video finally done.

    filmed by Sporadic
    edited by cameranonymous

    using my HV30 + Rode Videomic combination.

    It's a music-assisted video. I hate music videos, so I try not to make the music be the focus. I also use music that none of you have likely heard before, so...

    My goal was to have a short message in the black spaces. The person who shot the video didn't provide anything, so I didn't get to put anything in. Oh well.
  2. Erra Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    goddamnit spylon, way to fuck shit up

  3. fotoanon Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Cameranonymous just cannot catch a break!
  4. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Uh whoever you are he said nothing like that and was bummed he couldn't go to this one.
  5. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Don't make me "unswirl" your face hombre. I'm a disney artist. I know all about the photoshop "liquify" plugin. It's the only one you can un-swirl!
  6. Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Are you on IMDB, AGP?
  7. Loofa Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    I am GLAD AnonOrange was bummed he couldn't go.
    I was happy to be there without him. You can probably point out positives about the guy, but him not being there was helpful in getting some of the people to go to Gold...myself included.

    I would love to never see that guy again, but he keeps coming to globals so I have little recourse but to ignore him. Would have been nice to ignore him at the Doo Dah parade, but being the egotistical douche that he is, he crashed it and would not leave until police were called.

  8. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Unswirl the pants off!
    Couldn't resist, sorry!

    Ok, about Gold Base,
    Does anyone know if DM actually lives there any more, as BFG said since the sniper was practicing aiming at DM through the telescopic lens due to boredom. I heard DM got too scared after that to live there. So, if so WHERE DOES DM LIVE NOW? Could it be at the Creston Ranch where LRH was killed, ooops, I mean "died".
  9. anonygronph Member

    Re: Meet Danny Dunigan

    Indeed...despite his failure to grok the nature of the intersection between Anonymous and Anti-Scientology that Chanology occupies, his contribution to the cause wont be forgotten anytime soon.
  10. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Meet Danny Dunigan

    i have already forgotten.. and i never even knew to begin with...
  11. BTs2Free Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    And he had a third wife - Kettie Nosis who was the Greek Translations I/C in the Traslations Unit (TU).

    Danny's killer attack dog was a Belgian Shepherd. He also bragged to me when I was an MAA that the dog was trained to attack on command. This is the same dog that Danny would bring around to watch a few of us who were being held at OGH because we wanted to leave. Uwe Stuckenbrock (RIP) would also come guard us (armed with a side-arm and with this dog.) Remember, Uwe could also speak German and this dog responded to German commands.
  12. Spylon Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    He's not the only one bummed he couldn't go. :,(

    Also, glad you made it after all.
  13. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Picture was print-screened 2 times and put into MS Paint, so the original pixel information isn't there. But if you wanna be a show-off, unswirl and mail me the results :p

  14. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    I wish that in response to the question about restricting the protests Graham would have said, "As you can see from our behavior and the massive security including razor wire fencing, some of which points inward, there is no threat to them, and the ordinance was solely designed to stop free speech and criticism of the cult."
    I wish there were more pix of that inward facing barbed wire. That says it all.
    Can we haz?
  15. xenubarb Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    As AGP said after being admonished by Danny Dunagin for wandering up the hill, "It was worth it." Indeed it was, as his pictures of the vicious spines on top of the fence show.

    How could the cult possibly be threatened by us? They can't. They know they're not under physical threat behind their barbs and security. It's all a sham to crush our right to free speech.

    The news reporter showed me the book Jeff Stone had been given. It was slick, well produced, and contained a pack of lies about Anonymous.

    The only threat Gold Base fears is the exposure of its lies and abuses. But, the astonishing amount of support from drivers suggests that those lies are out, and cannot be jammed back into the bag.

    I'm half expecting the geniuses at Gold to burp out another incredibly stupid move before this is all over. Hell, I DEMAND IT!

    In the meantime, has anyone from Riverside gotten ahold of the County Registrar of Voters to ask why an organization that perpetrated the largest domestic espionage case in American history is allowed to host a polling place?
  16. Anon23517 Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    You too, huh? ;)

    E: I'll admit, I was half-afraid this was going to a fake raid. I'm so glad it wasn't! The pics and vids are fantastic and I lol'd at the Danny-Big Foot segue. Does anyone know when/if the piece the press did is going to air?
  17. AngryGayPope1 Member


    Sure right here: Don Myers
  18. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    The piece is going to air in Palm Springs in February (sweeps month).
  19. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Hey, BFG, has Danny ever been RPF'd?
  20. subgenius Member

    Re: AGP IMDB

    Nice resume.
    Looks. Talent. AGP's got it all goin' on.
    Edited to add: and a heart as big as all outdoors.
  21. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    AGP, you still owe us some motion sensors!
  22. xenubarb Member

    Re: AGP IMDB

    "Don we nao our gay apparel..." LMAO! Now I'll be humming that every time I see you in the gold mask and mitre!
  23. xenubarb Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    He's the freakin' pope! All you're gonna get is incense censers! Swing it like you mean it!
    There's a motion censer for you!
  24. auchraw Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Well thanks for the comments gais. I didn't plan to stir up personality conflicts, can see that the topic of ** could be divisive but still feel this latest raid is sufficiently epoch-making to get the facts straight or at least on record.

    Maybe soon we can organise Scientology Heritage Tours to Gold.
  25. auchraw Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    I'm getting very tired of failing to post, or posting twice, or getting stuck in Edit mode. This is probably going to turn up as a double post. I only wanted to thank all the gais and gaiesses who added their comments about the history of this raid and about ** who evidently stirs up contention but has played his part. I see this raid as a water-shed: the enemy within or at least just outside the gates.

    Good luck for the next one.

    Edit: Yup, just as I thought: they both turned up. If there is a MOD around, can they fix the system?
  26. firebug Member

    Re: AGP IMDB

    LOL AGP worked on a tom cruise movie
    The Last Samurai (2003) (CGI animator: Flash Film Works)
  27. Gede Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    We know about the double posting treachery and we're working on it. Please be patient with us.

    If it makes you feel any better, it happens to us, too...
  28. NotBobMinton Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Have you checked the server for body thetans or body theaten clusters?
  29. Anon23517 Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Good to know. I hope someone YouTubes it.
  30. Anonyymous77 Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    awesome pics! wish i could have gone =(
  31. zebrafaced Member

    Re: AGP IMDB

    I lol'd.
  32. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Tom Cruise

    Yeah ... and you know what I did? I shot arrows at him! Literally! I shot Japanese arrows at Tom Cruise! When they are escaping over the little bridge during the rescue and the japanese guy gets all shot up with bullets.

    But at the time I was having labor issues so I stopped that movie after the first week. That's why I'm uncredited. Then the rest of the crew went on to win a VFX society award and met George Lucas onstage. Argghh!

    Usually I'm credited like on DESS and Defiance and upcoming All About Steve w/sandra bullock. I threw bugs at her boobs during the cicada tornado.
  33. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Tom Cruise

    You get all the fun. *POUT*
  34. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Motion sensor

    I was planning on doing a gallery on Angry Gay Pope Home Page but I'm glad you are interested so here's another. There is one of these black things on EVERY panel of the RFP fence in an upper corner. You can see another one in the far distance fence just left of the lighting tower. You can see them in other photos too. The weaterproof wiring going through them snakes all over everything.

  35. subgenius Member

    Re: Tom Cruise

    Hey, someone's gotta do it.
    The glamour of Hollywood.
    Reminds me of when I worked in a circus shovelling up after the elephants. When I would complain my boss would say, "So quit!"
    And I would say, "What, leave show business?"
  36. MaryannMobley Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    Sounds awesome..wish I could have been there!
  37. blownforgood Member

    Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    AGP, those be them! That black box is a "fence shaker". If you attempt to climb over the fence, that thing will set an alarm off in the Main Booth and alert the guards as to what area of the fence has been shaken. At night, if one of those alarms go off, the entire section of the property where the alarm goes off will light up like Yankee stadium.

    So even if you somehow manage to get past the ground microphones, you will get caught with the fence shakers.

    Now at the Castle, There are no ground mics on the inside of the fence as it is all concrete. There are also walls at the Castle and therefore there are no fence shakers there either. They do have a small very thin trip wire that is barely visible that runs across the top of each wall, that if moved sets off an alarm similar to a fence shaker. You can easily step right over those, though.

    In my book, I tell the story of how we managed to break a girl out of the Int Base. You will never guess how we got her out.

    Until next time...
  38. Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    throw her in an electrical vault until the father of memetics creates a distraction by picketing the death of someone run over buy an improperly operated construction equipment?
  39. Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    wow i just finished reading this. and i must say good job, i wasnt aware that Anon was striking at gold base.

    as a long time Hemet Resident and fairly new Anon i have a few recommendations and thoughts.

    one, if you guys though that 30 people was epic then i think we need to work on redefining the term, seriously when is the next time this is going down? someone let me know and i can rally the base of my homeland and see what i can do, because 30 people is kind of lame. i do not mean to discourage though, by all means bravo on your tenacity, keep it up and stick it to them.
    have you considered strategically placing protesters away from Gold pointing people to gold? i know a lot of residents have a strong disliking for Co$ and would be more than happy to detour themselves to honk their horns. seriously like 2-3 Anon's with a big signs like the fat kids that housing developments hire to wave the arrows leading to the housing tracts.

    that if someone lets me know when the next real raid is going to be i can pepper the streets of Hemet with Fliers and pass out pamphlets to a few businesses and what not advertising the raid and encouraging people to come out and show their support.

    also you guys need to bring a measuring tape and measure out exactly 50 ft from the center of the road and stand right on that line just to peeve the guards off.

    also i read in this forum from a concerned poster about Gold base being dangerous and about snipers being mentioned, yes that is true. i will elaborate later but they do have you under surveillance by armed guards and i have personally been approached before by armed guards while working at the Golf Course.

    i would like to hear of any other reports of armed guards and the snipers if anyone has any info on that. because one time a long time ago i was in the area escorting people to the Abandoned Lockheed martin missile base that lies hidden in the hills behind Gold base, (if i ever visit Hemet during a Protest i could take a few Anons back there to see the epic Win) and on the way back along what we who know of the bases secret location call the "frodo trail" i saw a little path leading off of it that had obviously been traveled frequently in the past few days and i was curious, as it was new and i had never seen it before. well long story short i went up it and found two guys dressed in black laying on blankets with binoculars and a range finder watching the road with a rifle next to them. i snuck up on them and kind of yelled out "what y'all hunting?"
    they freaked out and turned around knocking their tripods over and looking at me with shock. they then blubbered out some thing about deer. so i asked what kind of deer? and they said "white tail" and i knew that they weren't hunting, especially because you cant hunt in that area and nothing was in season at the time. so i told them this and informed them that if they were really hunting deer i would have to call the department of fish and game and report them because they were hunting illegally. they quickly changed their tone and their story to me trespassing on Co$ land and that "they" were going to call the cops and have me arrested for trespassing. well i told them they could try because this was not Co$ land and i would be more than happy to report what they were doing. they then informed me to go ahead and to bring the police to Co$ because they were not going to be there and i had no proof. so i told them i was going to and as they scrambled down the hill to try to get back before i did. however just to mock them i took another route down the waterfalls which is much faster and beat them to the canyon entrance and claimed the police were on their way. however i did not call them especially because i did not have a cell phone at the time and i never gave it any more though, but now that i look back i should have filed a report with the police. ohhh well. i do not remember if it was Danny or not it could have been though, it was two white guys.

    the other time was when i was working for a metal fab place (sadly i will have to admit that i probably made some of the fencing around Gold :( while i was working at the shop) i was sent out to install a cage for some water and gas pipes over by the Gold course and i came to the gate i was supposed to go through and it was an electric gate that i assumed would open by motion so i drove up to it and it dident open so i just pushed it open knowing that the model of electric gate opener used had a pressure over ride and it opened and i went to install the cage. well as soon as i got there i started getting the tools ready and two guys on dirt bikes came up to me with pistols asking what i was doing and why i was there and i explained what i was doing and they called it in and confirmed i was supposed to be there and they then watched me finish the work and escorted me off the premises.

    also i would like to bring this to light.

    i started a thread here about a possible problem involving Co$.
    there is a possibility that they will get rights to the road leading through Gold and will effectively seal the area off. and even if they don't end up sealing the whole area off protests will be greatly affected by the fact that there will be no cars what so ever going through. even if they shut down the roads and deny access to everyone i still know a few secret ways into the compound if there were ever to be a real "infiltration" situation. :D
  40. Re: Gold Base, January 24, report

    i still know a few secret ways into the compound if there were ever to be a real "infiltration" situation


    the "real" kind?

    no thanks

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