Global response to the Simon Wiesenthal Center Award

Discussion in 'Canada' started by anonakatie, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. anonakatie Member

    Hai Canadians!

    You no doubt have read the SWC/Tom Cruise thread.
    Obviously he is getting the award on May 5 in LA. But there is a branch of the SWC in Toronto on Yonge Street.

    Would any of you be interested in a coordinated protest with other cells where there are SWC branches? I'm in New York, where there is another one.

    Oh noesss, proposing global!
  2. Anonymous Member

    good for you!!
    wishing you much success.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Not in Toronto anonakatie, or anywhere near. However being canuck, I can poon from here.

    Too bad the CDN site can't be pooned with comments, like US of A site. We done a blitz on that site.

    Picked this up off the site you posted:

    Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies
    5075 Yonge Street #902
    Toronto, Ontario
    M2N 6C6
    Tel: (416) 864-9735
    Fax: 416-864-1083
    Avi Benlolo
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  4. Bah, there's enough down here for us canucks to picket. Even picketing a normal church gets their attention. Having another co-ordianated protest (a la 2008) would certainly wake the world a little bit more.
  5. Anonymous Member

    you know, the SWC is far from being the "end all be all" of jewish human rights organizations.
    i suppose if you were really ambitious, one thought would be to talk to something like the Psychology department of a predominantly Jewish university, like the University of Judaism.?? There's always the JTS - Jewish Theological Seminary - some serious heavy thinkers there who don't buy into the glitz and glamour of hollywierd, and who wouldn't hesitate to challenge Rabbi Hier. lol
  6. Anonymous Member

    Anonymized version of my poon:

    For the attention of:
    Avi Benlolo
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies

    Dear Mr. Benlolo,

    It has come to my attention that the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles is honouring Tom Cruise at an upcoming dinner. I appreciate that you are not likely in a position to affect this but as a Canadian I felt it appropriate to communicate with you, as head of the local SWC organization, how I feel this reflects poorly on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and its mission.

    Tom Cruise has frequently acted as a spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, whose sole purpose appears to be to attack the psychiatric profession.

    Tom Cruise has taken prominent media people to visit their "museum" in Los Angeles.

    One of the exhibits at this museum features graphic images of Nazi concentration camp victims along with the claim that psychiatry was behind the shoah. There are various youtube videos depicting this, but this claim can also be found at CCHR's own website:

    I'm sure neither yourself nor the Simon Wiesenthal Centre endorses this attempt to shift the blame for these crimes onto the psychiatric profession.

    As you are likely aware, Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychiatry, was forced to flee Austria after the Anschluss.

    On a personal level, my grandfather, [redacted], was a Jewish psychiatrist who was practicing in the emergency ward of [redacted] Hospital during the London Blitz.

    Therefore, I find the Citizens Commission on Human Rights claims personally quite offensive and I feel that in acting as a spokesperson for CCHR, Tom Cruise is promoting views that are highly damaging and encourage a distorted view of the shoah.

    I'm not sure what Tom Cruise has done to merit this honour but I hope the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Canada will make it clear that his association with the CCHR is entirely contrary to the principles of the organization.


    Toronto, Canada
  7. Anonymous Member

    Oops. Mods please disable link to CCHR. Meant to do it before posting.
    /hangs head in shame

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