Glenn Greenwald is a target

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Glenn Greenwald: That if we continue to report on what the NSA and [the UK surveillance agency] GCHQ are doing, they will continue to target us for all sorts of retribution.
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  3. Glenn's "partner" is quite a bit younger than him.
    I am not impressed by his politics and lack of objectivity.
    Just call it an "Op Ed" as opposed to some neutral coverage of the significant story.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    ^oh lookie, shitposter posting black PR. pathetic.
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    GTFO shill.
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  6. thwing
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  7. thwing
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    Oh dear.
    "Op Ed" is journalism.
    Does neutral coverage mean you sit there and nod your head when people lie?
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  9. I've read some of Glenn's writings in the Guardian prior to this most recent expose', and it panders to a specific sort of crowd of true believers. His ideology is getting in the way of his "journalism".
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    ?? He is reporting facts.
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  11. Asheera Member

    Total number of factual mistakes highlighted in Greenwald's NSA reporting to date: 0
    It is a strange day when a guest poster seems to imply that stating the obvious and logical conclusion that follows from the facts currently reported is, by their implication, a bad thing.
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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  13. They're clutching at straws now, the fear and desperation is all evident. Do they not see, that their own guilt, perpetrated by their own actions,is making it all look so very transparent. They must have something overwhelmingly big to hide, so big that they want to keep the citizens of the world perpetually in the dark. And will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

    Greenwald has proven to the world, again and again, that truth and honesty will never be defeated.
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    From the same article they give this as one of their complaints:
    "5. Greenwald “the patriot” praised Bradley Manning as a hero who deserves a medal:
    Bradley Manning was recently convicted of multiple counts of espionage for disseminating hundreds of thousands of classified diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks – information which was then available to the world, including terrorist enemies of the United States."

    This sums up the worth of the article for me (i.e. worthless).
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    This discussion of "advocacy journalism" as opposed to regular journalism is a laugh. Journalism is advocacy, just look at which stories the main stream news covers is USA. Compare to Al Jezera and RT.
    It's all advocacy, we are used to a certain bias that appears to be reported dispassionately. The March on Washington was a good example in the 70s, the size of the crowd woefully underestimated, the content of the speeches ignored, pictures of scary looking young black men, fringe protesters (Free PR, Free Tibet, Truth about UFOs). As the marches increased the reporting got better.
    Glenn Greenwald is fighting an uphill battle against media/powers that be that wanted to dismiss NSA spying stories. As the exposure of outrageous behavior continues, the stories went from 'hunting down the dangerous Edward Snowden' to the content of the leaks.
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    The Medium is the Message
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    Lets try that again.
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    Go you good man.
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    I like the response to the bedroom question-""I'm not going to talk about what's in my bedroom."
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    It was a trainwreck interview with Kirsty determined to be an attack dog. Glenn utterly destroyed her. The biggest punch he threw was when he brought up the security services affidavit which refuted their own talking point that Kirsty had mindlessly repeated.
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    She may have intended to be an attack dog, but she came across as a hysterical baying hyena.
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    a hyena can actually do some damage. She came across as pathetic.
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