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  1. AnonymousBee Member


    Anyone have any more information on this?
  2. Anonymous Member

    It took me years to figure out what a 'Glaswegian' was.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Scotland has a government???
  4. Anonymous Member

    The Buckie will be flowing that day.
  5. Asheera Member

    Flyer is so full of fucking fail it hurts. When you are calling for a protest for the sake of a protest then you are doin it wrong. It is such a waste of enthusiasm and energy that, with some planning and foresight and thinking, could have been directed into something coherent and productive.
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  6. EveStropping Member

    They're called "weegies" now....for economical reasons I suppose.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Revolt. And then?
  8. EveStropping Member

    Erm I'm not too sure I can comment on that, a big boy might hit me and run away.
    But yeh, the natives are revolting!
  9. citizenV Member

    And I suppose the haggises will be running amok, too?
  10. citizenV Member

    I agree that the poster is not very clear..
    Maybe it was an (unclear) reference to #Opsleepout?
    No idea. Would be interested to find out what and why, though.

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