GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

Discussion in 'Europe' started by yellowperil, May 2, 2009.

  1. yellowperil Member

    GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    a good day on buchanan street couple of thousand fliers handed out the scilons call the police and give us boundaries scilons dont want to respect the boundaries coming up to me and telling me im too close to them and they tring to call the police again who for some reason or other didnt come back plenty of fliering done and interaction with the public who as you will see in the pics when I post them later were just throwing away their fliers and giving work to the clenny I was also assaulted this time by a woman whom I had given a flier to earlier she was talking to the scientologists who told her that we were terrorists and headcases and that we kill babies I managed to calm the lady down and told her who we were and that scientologists try and get members of the public to act like this towards us and that they live on lies and deceipt she apologised for the assault pics will be up later tonite or early tomorrow

    had a guest appearance by the big yin thats billy connelly to you we steered him away from the tables

    eric the footbullet calder was there today as well
  2. Anon777707777 Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    I gave the Big Yin a stealth flyer.

    Oh! Im a big fan of your work *goes to shake hand*

    *Has folded flyer in hand*

    Epic >_>

    EDIT: Oh, and a freelance journalist took time to ask us questions and find out what we were all about, generally finding out about the cause and what the Co$ has done/continues to do. I was the interviewee whih gave the rest of the GlasgowAnons a chance to circle round behind and occupy themselves with the fact it was a really nice looking redhead...
  3. yellowperil Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    right guys here are some pictures with their fliers lying all over the place ( I was virilant with the cam today) the lady with the blacked out face is the one who attacked note the scilon laughing at her and her reward was a useless copy of dianetics

    pics here
    Picasa Web Albums - jay - 2nd may 2009
  4. Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    The Big Yin? For goodness sake, did you get his autograph or what?
  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    Sounds good.
  6. 14G0 Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    A couple THOUSAND Anon fliers handed out?

  7. NotSoAnon Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    Nice report although I must ask, "Where is your punctuation?" Just a bit of punctuation would make reading your post much more pleasurable than is a single paragraph with one sentence of some 200 words.

    Do you not have punctuation in Scotland? (I am sorry to ask as I understand that underwear is not a Scottish institution.) If not, you might try importing some basic punctuation from England. I think the Queen might be willing to export at least the period and comma to you. Just these two punctuation marks would advance your readability a great deal.

    Otherwise, have a pint or two, and an injection or two, and carry on.
  8. Anon-007 Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    Don't they drink Irn Bru up there?
  9. yellowperil Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    yes we do have punctuation up here but I find it a nuisance although to be fair I do give other people shit for not using it properly will do better next time.
    see full stop just for you.
    In reply to the other question, yes we do have Irn Bru here where do you think this delicious soft drink was born and being diabetic I so miss drinking it.
  10. LRonAnon Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    heavy in paper dropping!
  11. outoforder Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    Well done all

    I didn't realise Scientology operated in Glasgow. I was of the impression Scientology only operated in Edinburgh.

    Did any of you ask if they had a permit for Street Trading, or see their bade? "A street trader while street trading shall display the badge issued to him by the Licensing Authority conspicuously on his outer garment so that the writing and any other thing thereon shall be clearly visible and must, when required, permit any person to inspect same and to note the particulars contained therein" as required per condition 3 of the CONDITIONS CONTAINED IN A STREET TRADERS LICENCE

    Was all their garbage removed afterwards as per condition 7 of the CONDITIONS CONTAINED IN A STREET TRADERS LICENCE. "Every street trader shall collect and remove any paper, garbage or other refuse which may be produced, or may accumulate in the course of trading and shall not place or deposit same, allow same to be deposited or to fall on any street, food-pavement or footway or on adjoining property"
  12. Anon777707777 Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    According to the polis, street trading license not needed, didnt want to press the issue with them because I could tell they were nipping off for lunch and even I aint cruel enough to make a man miss his lunch. However, apparently as long as Anon doesnt block the street or sell anything (read, no money changes hands) then we could set up a stall right next to them.. or all around them...
  13. yellowperil Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    well in Glasgow the police have never said to Myself nor anyone was with that they did not need a street traders licence. they have said that this is not a police matter.
    If they are selling anything either a street traders licence or a pedlars licence is required though, the street traders licence is specific as to where you can operate but the pedlars licence is cheaper to buy and means you can operate anywhere in scotland. I think the rules are similar though.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    Another couple of post game descriptions of the same day, with additional pics

    assaulted again
  15. Sponge Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    The Big Yin?
    He's not a fan of religion.....

  16. yellowperil Member

    Re: GLASGOW saturday 2nd may

    there will be another raid this Saturday in Glasgow.
    Place Buchanan Street either up at the galleries just at sainsburys, or halfway up between urban outfitters and New Look.
    All welcome Just dont forget masks and Signs

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