Glasgow sat 18th april

Discussion in 'Europe' started by yellowperil, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. yellowperil Member

    Glasgow sat 18th april

    thought about this and I dont think the police will be doing anything so heres what happened on saturday scilon came over to me and bumped me so hard he knocked me to the ground as he said sorry I assumed it was an accident but dionut said that he made a beeline straight for me and that the bump was intentional at the time he done this I was talking to someone who had done the stress test about an hour later I thought I think I should get some pics so started taking some pictures and as you will see from the pic that I decided to post today this scilon decided that he was going to try and antagonise me if you look at the pic close up you will see how thuggish he looks as he is grabbing the camera this was not a reaction to getting his picture taken this was deliberate attack
    this same guy came over to donut a fortnight ago and was pushing himself right into donuts face and trying to provoke reaction from him too remember complaints to the police about thuggish behaviour from these people has to be taken seriously so any time they behave in this manner make a complaint

    see the thug grabbing the camera here

    Picasa Web Albums - jay - 18th april bu...
  2. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: Glasgow sat 18th april

    Get a camera guy!!! one of you needs to be able to film this so they can get their footbullet stats for the month.

    Those scilons in the pics are looking tired. they must be wore out from all the sec checking.
  3. yellowperil Member

    Re: Glasgow sat 18th april

    well we trying to get our camera guy back he not been around recently
    also any know the thuggish looking ones

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