Glasgow and Edinburgh

Discussion in 'Europe' started by yellowperil, May 10, 2009.

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    Glasgow and Edinburgh

    we had stuff planned for both cities this week but as everyone knows Shit happens.

    things did not go as planned yesterday first of all it was so wet the ducks had brolly's.
    The day in glasgow was miserabkle to say the least third day in a trot it was really pissing down, and no show by the scilons.
    Like to think this was because they were scared their wee ned lady friend, had found out the truth and would turn up with some of her friends, to kick over their tables.
    Alas I doubt this was the case I think it is far more likely that the police told them not today guys because of the old firm match, as they were seen emptying their van of the books and tables in edinburgh around 1.
    So off I go sorely dissapointed that there was no action to be had in Glasgow, round to queen street and get a train to the capital. On arrival at about 1.40 it was still raining there too, I take some pics of the bold Pheonix as he goes into the Hapi and leaves a pile of our fliers for the scilons to peruse at their leisure.

    also have pics of their pathetic advert for personality test and volunteer recruitment with a wee picture also of the janitor.

    pics here

    Picasa Web Albums - jay - Edinburgh 9th...
  2. Anon1260 Member

    Re: Glasgow and Edinburgh

    I do Scotland.


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