Giant Snake Killed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Miranda, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    Well...unless you're seeking a long, dry, scaly passenger with jaws they can dislocate. And you don't like your pet rat...
  2. xenubarb Member

    Well...unless you're seeking a long, dry, scaly passenger with jaws they can dislocate. And you don't like your pet rat...
    It's Shnisshugah!!!
  3. Miranda Member

    Food for giant snakes/men who like rats

    scary-giant-rat-picture.jpg [IMG]


  4. slobeck Member

    I was going to comment on this thread but now I'm left just shaking my head thinking "mmm mmmm mm. wow"
  5. Miranda Member

  6. slobeck Member

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  7. the anti Member

    reticulated is the longest known today
  8. Anonymous Member

    It was a joke, umm cause the snake was in Burma...
  9. the anti Member

    well, you're in Burma!!!
  10. Diablo Member

    maybe the venom made you join cult and go gay?
  11. Diablo Member

    btw, what does this post have to do with cult fucking people over??

    better post:

  12. Miranda Member

    Burmese pythons

    Pythons%20with%20cop.jpg python.jpg

    article-0-05CEDC69000005DC-473_468x488.jpg _42046152_irwinsnake_ap_picgall.jpg
  13. Miranda Member

    Nothing, it's in Off Topic.
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  14. Symbolism, Diablo.
  15. Smurf Member

    I think it was the Mormon missionary companion that tossed my salad.
  16. Diablo Member

    cult to the left of me, cult to the right, here I am....
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Diablo Member

    ^^ a little?

    I am still barfing my brains out!
  19. tippytoe Member

  20. AnonLover Member

    really. big. snake. mmmm....


    so hawt.
  21. the anti Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Lrn2spell, you hairy beast.
  23. veravendetter Member

  24. Demented LRH Member

    A giant white snake is a symbol of Satan. I just realized that the number of my posts at this website has reached 666. The Satanic snake is after me. I am adding this post to change the number.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Snakes and rats.

    Sounds like this isn't off topic at all.
  26. RavenEyes Member

    fify - vid related

  27. subgenius Member

    I got bit by a cottonmouth in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Linville Gorge if I recall correctly.
    Got to the local "hospital", the "doctors" didn't know what to do so they consulted with a hill woman who was there giving birth.
    Next day I felt like I had been beaten with a hammer all over my body.
    I'm still here.
  28. subgenius Member

    And vice versa.
  29. the anti Member

    up yours
  30. xenubarb Member

    I caught one of those crossing the road in Florida. The snake, not me. Never seen a cottonmouth before. All we have out here is rattlesnakes.
  31. Anonymous Member

    You probably got bit by one o' them thar hammerhead serpents.
  32. Smurf Member

    Cottonmouth bites are very painful, but rarely fatal.
  33. Anonymous Member

    tastes like chicken

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