GF Valentine (for emailing)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by OpThetXVI, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. OpThetXVI Member

    GF Valentine (for emailing)

    Playing around with images. This is an initial draft for sending round by email. Not too happy with the mouth, doesn't look right. I really need to get a real rose to photo with a mask. Could also add a URL/more details to text.

    Thoughts, criticisms, insults, ideas?
  2. Nataku Member

    Re: GF Valentine (for emailing)

    Looks good. Could you post the image without the text?
  3. FUCK Member

    Re: GF Valentine (for emailing)

    wow, i really like that image.
  4. Namenlos Member

    Re: GF Valentine (for emailing)

    That's fantastic! I love it!

    However, get rid of the shadow on the upper lip. The rose should look like it's under the lips, so make the stem be cut into slightly by mouth and mustache :)
    Also, lighting on mask to match rose <3

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