GF masks in polish parliament

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    No. I'm telling him to leave, if he really think that WWP is runned by idiots. That's HIS, not my opinion. Cheers.
  2. Random guy Member

    Changing positions a bit, are we? In your initial post you called Palikot a "kook" for bringing a homosexual and a transsexual to his party (not clear if it was just a party or his political party). Then you wrote you think transsexuals are sick.

    I am sure you are extremely busy as a moderator for the Polish forums these days, they seem to brim with SOPA-related activity. When it's all done, perhaps you could think a bit about why people fight for on-line privacy, and why some people need it to have their voices heard independently of whom they are.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Like it? HELL ID VOTE FOR IT!
  4. Malory Member

    Delicious Trap to the courtesy phone please.
  5. Yanno I had a very interesting conversation at the bus stop yesterday. I'm standing there minding my own buisness when a young girl approaches me and announces, "I'm seeing my kid today for the first time in four years". I smile, "That's nice," but she continues (trufax), "I'm a juggalo, my baby was living in Florida with her dad but he was using drugs and beating her but I had a friend who was keeping an eye on him so I was able to get custody...I'm having twins now (she pulls up shirt to reveal huge bare belly, then tugs it back down, sort of). You know if you need to induce labor, you can just do meth? That's what I did on my first one, just a line or two and you're in labor...So, see this scar? My boyfriend stabbed me because I was leaving him for the father of my twins, I mean it didn't hurt, I stab myself all the time, but I can't do that now I'm pregnant, but I used to...I don't feel pain anymore, the doctors think I'm scary...The father of the twins is the twin brother of the father of my daughter, that's how I could keep an eye on him, hahhahhah...I heard my daughter has a pottymouth..." Then my bus came and I left.

    I'm sorry bigotfags, but I would rather have seen those babies go to a gay couple who loved them rather than be raised by retarded juggalos. But that is just me.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ what he said
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I attended a conference in In Vitro Fertilization a couple of years ago. Some statistics were presented. It showed that children adopted by lesbian or gay couples on average did better than the rest of the population. The reason of course being that gay couple that go through the hazzle of adopting a kid on average has better education, higher income and a social status a bit above the national average. Data mainly from US and UK.
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  8. Boris Korczak Member

    Palikot - pali kot - can mean cat burning or cat smoking. Palikot is an asshole. The members of his party are acting as we used to say in Agency "under foreign flag.
    Stay safe.

  9. Dragononymous Member

    ITT we talk about poles in the government.
    How much I like the other discussion and how interesting it is, stay on topic.
  10. According to this thread i wanted to say about one more thing. This guy Palikot and his party are now hanging GF masks on faces of statues. As much as the idea is pretty great,
    the guy seems to know nothing about Anonymous and the worst thing is that members of his party whenever they are asked in this case, they can't even say why they are doing this and the whole thing stopped on abusing some religion felings because of Świebodzin monument of Jesus Christ
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Furthermore, he came to people during the protest. And he was shoutin 'I am with you, let's go there, let other ppl hear us". It means no more, that he wanted to take over this protest and 'be a hero'. There were 2 guys with cameras behind him, just ready to record him becoming a leader of it. One guy took his mask off, and ppl started shoutin 'only idiot votin for Palikot' 'fuck u' etc. Then he started runnin away with all his uniformed guys around him.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    We will see how far will he go... eventually we would have to stop him, and I have this feeling that he won't be happy about it :p

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