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    I went for the library because it seemed a smaller more-focused collection, and because most of Dave’s links are to books he hosts on his site (the other links to many different places, so it becomes a click-through fest).

    But to be honest I’m not happy with either of them, in that they are both overkill. Maybe the best approach is collate a handful of carefully chosen PDF books that cover all the bases? Something like this?:

    For a topic summary it isn’t very good, but a large part of assembling such material in the first place is to make a compelling case to people who don’t study this shit inside out. From that perspective I’m convinced of its usefulness and have no issue with including it.

    One gap that your comment has highlighted is that there is no guidance on how to form a compelling argument for chanology. There are two ways to accomplish this. The first is to describe a course in logic, critical thinking, writing skills, etc, and this is completely beyond me. The second is write up good argumentation and material for others to use, but this just makes parrots out of people and I believe is counterproductive in the long run.

    To write or speak about Scientology activism the person has to know the topic. Different locations have different considerations to be aware of, and knowledge of local nuances has to be incorporated in order to construct an effective message for a given location. People who are doing the writing or the speaking have to make those kinds of judgement calls about what information to cover and how, bearing in mind the target audience and location – and ultimately it is about giving such people the grounding in the topic. I spent quite a bit of time mulling over which links to include:
    - Operation Clambake simply because it’s a fucking archive (Arnie has a bigger archive but there is too much batshit there)
    - The St. Petersburg Times Truth Rundown because it is a great example of well written media coverage on a huge array of Scientology topics.
    - The Secret Library of Scientology for the readers, with many good well-chosen books to have at.
    - Xenu TV because of its many many videos.
    - The Underground Bunker for being up-to-date.
    - Dublin Offlines Conference for covering almost all aspects of Scientology in a series of easy-to-watch videos.
    - Reaching For The Tipping Point as being the best narconon source.
    - Ex-Scientology Message Board for being a source of material directly from the mouths of ex-members.

    I’m overthinking this shit though.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I suggest it be divided into chapters, each chapter a post, for ease of access.

    Table of Contents
    1. Welcome
    2. History
    3. Culture
    4. Vocabulary
    5. Starting an Anonymous Group
    a. Choose your target
    b. What to do first
    c. Decentralizing- Why and How
    d. Stay strong and expand

    It seems simplistic but it works.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, like the link to A Piece of Blue Sky which has magically turned into a promo page for buying the new version...
    The other one links as directly to content as possible (the site is used for each that isn't free, hardly a click-through fest), and every link works.
    Here's the equivalent on the Archive matching titles. It shows a few more due to some common words in titles. Not as pretty as the anonireland site, though I like to see more than the 2 Government reports out of more than a dozen that exist
    Maybe this versatility is itself considered overkill? At least it's out there I guess.
  5. Incredulicide Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    That works for me. It would also allow each section to greatly expanded upon without space issues. Will still need a few threads though (for example, to separate chanology from the general), but it is a good idea as a format.

    Neither of those links are working for me. They display the full listing and then the listing disappears. The full listing link works though.

    Just prefer downloadable PDFs tbh, which can be kindled or whatnot and are easier to read than 1990’s webpages. At this stage I’m leaning towards including the library but, if possible, adding a collection of links to downloadable PDFs as recommended reading - steal the images and make a separate post out of it in line with dis’s idea. Think folks wanting to do some serious reading would appreciate it. Thoughts?
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    Okay, PDF links added to the live page:

    Instead of javascript I used CSS :target for that, so it'll still show the entire archive on that same page when you click the (Show All) link next to the Page's Title which just removes the anchor hash at the end.
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    Not much to add because you have been so thorough, just a few comments

    Third para under The Culture of WhyWeProtest:
    Many in the WhyWeProtest community prefer to post this way (which is why you will see a lot of 'Anonymous' postings), and it contributes to a forum dynamic than that new visitors....
    Termininology definitions:
    Necromancy needs to be underlined
    Guidelines for Maintaining Your Anonymity
    You may want to add for iOS the Onion Browswer app (in the App Store), and the Android version, Orbot. It is in the Android market, directions are here:
    Maybe advise them to get a separate email account for Anon web activity, and point to an easy anon email service.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I'm going to start a template thread incorporating dis's separate post ideas. Will continue to use this thread for planning the content.

    With separate posts there is much room for expansion, so when I get it up later today there should be more content I'll need with checking. No wine today ok?
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    What to Wear, face coverings
    --Double comma. "Before buying a mask to protest in,,". Suggest alternate wording: "Before buying a mask for protesting"

    Considerations on Decentralising
    "Including a domain like this can cost between...." add like to sentence

    Promoting and Growing Your New Anonymous Group
    First sentence "and the onus will be on you to reach out to your own local community." Change you to your

    Tested all links. Findings:

    --pamphlets (What to Bring) . Search on WWP only yielded broken links. Links in flier megathread are broken as well. Only pamphlets I could find on the net are old and scattered all over the place. Anyone have a good flier link?

    I found but it is from 1999 . offerings were slim.

    --To find a Guy Fawkes mask

    good Amazon link is : vendetta mask&sprefix=v vende,aps,309

    Party city link broken, good one is: ...s&size=all&from=Search&navSet=v vendetta mask

    Kimpix link broken. Good substitute:

    --More Information on Scientology Abuses
    suggest adding

    --Laying the Foundations for a New Anonymous Group
    Give guidance on how participants can retain their anonymity (read more here) NO LINKY HERE

    Other suggestions:
    Add under Guidelines for scientology protesters
    --Before your first time, go to youtube and search for "Scientology Protest" and see what others are doing. There may be a video specific for your city, as well so you can get an idea of what to expect.

    --Film the protest, preferably with at least two cameras, particularly interactions with Scientology handlers. (add the two cameras part)

    --Links to Further Information

    Suggest adding a couple of outside activist resources. These links are not specific to WWP style protesting, but for those who really want to go farther, there is some good info here.
    an entire ebook on activism
    campaign resources, links to videos on doing interviews, perfecting your message, using social media resources, etc.
    geared toward student leadership development, grassroots organizing and working with the media
    PDF booklet "Tools and tips for effective e-activism"

    I can haz wine nao?
    Actually, too early here yet. Have to wait until day is done!
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    Pamphlets probably shouldn’t be linked (since it is the general protest section).

    I added this link to the chanology section though:

    I’ve dropped the Partycity link as I have no confidence that it will continue working into the future. This is also the reason why I am hesitant to make Amazon into a clickable link.

    For a while I’ve been dropping from my linklists when I do them. Everything on there is already covered in the other links, and often done in a much better way. I probably wouldn’t take much persuasion to include it though.

    Just had a gander at and it seems like bollocks-speak to me. This section on procrastination just screams motivational bollocks-speak to me. You sure you want to include it?

    All other suggestions have been enacted.
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    Nah, I was on the fence about the lifelongactivist one, too. The only reason I like the exkids site is because of the personal stories; I would vote for inclusion, although you are right about there not being new info there. It's certainly not a must have and your call. As for party city and amazon, if they can't do a simple search and find the masks themselves, then, well, they are beyond our help. I was just trying to be complete.

    Good job. Will pour you a glass of wine, too.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    That link isn't the exact one presents, it's a special one that eliminates the Wayback machine's overlay that could at any stage in future break the js on the page at the whim of Wayback web developers.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Do you have an ETA on this? Just wondering if it would be worth my while to trawl the got questions thread and pull out all the interesting stuff.

    Spent a while thinking more about these guides and what is missing. The solicitation and cultivation of expertise seems to be important and might be worth drawing up a guide. Even how to do research, conduct/give an interview, gather dox, write up a press release, write up an argument, etc. are skills that are needed. I’m not sure how best to go about this or what the extent guiding materials may already exist (both on WWP and the wider internet), but I’ll throw some more ideas together later today.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Guide to Gathering and Using Information

    Getting accurate information, and disseminating it, is crucial to any initiative or cause. This guide, whose content is largely based on Project Chanology, will give you tips and guidance on how to source relevant information and how to process that information into a form conducive for public education.

    Conducting Basic Research

    Thanks to the advent of the internet, a whole new way of finding, accessing and spreading information has been opened to us. On almost any topic a simple Google search will return hundreds of pages of information. However, also thanks to the internet, a whole swath of garbage moonbat conspiracy nonsense has become widespread, so care is needed. Even for non-internet based research it is necessary to conduct extensive fact-checking of any material you source. Remember, the art of good research IS the art of fact-checking.

    Here are some tips to help with fact-checking claims:

    - Can you find the primary source of the claim? The internet is a rumour mill all of its own, complete with its own distribution network. It is not uncommon to find that a given claim has been widely repeated across hundreds of websites and blogs. Following claims back to their source is a great way to see if that claim is reliable. If you find that the source of a claim is series of peer-reviewed scientific papers from leading universities then the claim is almost certainly true. If the claim originated from a comment on a blog from someone claiming they heard it from their aunt’s hairdresser’s uncle’s mechanic then the claim is significantly more suspect. A good video discussing tracking sources is here.

    - Can you find dox to support the claim? Finding source documents, pictures, video and/or audio recordings, if they exist, is a great way to verify whether a given claim is true. For example, participants in Project Chanology make the claim that the Scientology enterprise uses deceptive recruiting techniques. They show this by presenting Scientology’s own internal documents detailing the recruiting process. No matter the initiative or cause, being able to present the dox and primary source materials needed to prove a claim is a must.

    - Are your witnesses reliable? If a person makes a given claim on their own, without any dox to support them, then it can be difficult to take the truth of their claims at face value. Cases where there are multiple witnesses, and supporting dox, are much more likely to be true. In the case of Project Chanology, ex-members of Scientology have described the same stories of abuse, disconnection and financial deception spanning decades and spanning locations. When you have thousands of ex-member accounts, which are consistent in the details of Scientology abuses, then the claims being made by those ex-members is almost certainly true (see the big list here for details). The ability to fact-check and verify witness testimony is a crucial aspect to ensuring accurate information is at the heart of your cause/initiative.

    For any claim, regardless of its nature, the mantras to keep in mind are ‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ and ‘Dox or GFTO’.

    Where to Source Information and Expertise

    This is a difficult question to answer for the generalised case, but there are some rules of thumb that are helpful in providing a starting point. It should be emphasised that any information you collect should be rigorously fact-checked, and care should be taken not to fall into ‘group-think’.

    - Ex-members/whistleblowers. If the target of your cause or initiative is an organisation, then it is a good idea to seek out ex-members of that organisation who will be able to supply expertise and possibly even internal documents. If you are fortunate enough to have contact with a whistleblower then take any and all steps to ensure their safety. Disinformation and credibility attacks against ex-members and whistleblowers are not uncommon tactics used by some organisations. The following paper, by Stephen A. Kent, gives a decent overview of some of the challenges involved: “The History of Credibility Attacks Against Former Cult Members

    - Academia & Industry. Some topics, such as freedom of information, have a degree of technical details at their core. Being able to understand and articulate those details is a must, and seeking out academic and industry experts for their input will dramatically improve the quality and understanding of your information.

    - Hobby & Critic Groups. The internet has helped groups with similar interests to flourish, and it is always a good idea to seek out and make contact with such groups where their interests overlap with your own. An example of this is when Project Chanology made contact with experts involved in cult-awareness groups. This is particularly important given that such groups may have amassed a wealth of historical information relevant to your cause/initiative.

    - Books, Newspapers & Research Papers. Often, for many causes/initiatives, there can be an archive of books and media reports covering the subject. Thanks to the internet many of these are accessible via a simple websearch.

    Conducting Interviews

    Sometimes, as in the case of ex-members of a group or for spokespeople of that group, it can be a good idea to conduct an interview. This will not only help in the gathering of information, but can also lead to a finished product suitable for public dissemination. Key tips to keep in mind:

    - Choose the Right Format. Email interviews are crap, and forum interviews only marginally less so. Both these methods are suitable for a survey but not for a proper interview. Face to face is preferable, since the rapport generated with such a meeting can help put the interviewee at ease while helping to grease the flow of information. Telephone or Skype are also good. In all cases it is strongly recommended to use a recording device – if you don’t you won’t remember all the content and, frankly, trying to take notes is a distraction that will lower the quality of the interview. If possible have two recorders in case one malfunctions.

    - Allow Enough Time. It is almost impossible to predict the length of time an interview will take. Always leave enough time and ensure you have secured such from your interviewee. Interviews that are for information-gathering often turn into ‘friendly chats’, and as the conversation continues more information comes out. It is hard to overstate the value of information that has come from extended chats down the pub.

    - Decide on the Purpose of the Interview. Some interviews are information-gathering exercises, while others are intended for providing content for public dissemination. Different purposes require slightly different approaches, and it is important that any interviewee is fully informed of the intent behind a given interview.

    - Prepare a List of Questions and Topics in Advance. It is absolutely invaluable to have ready-made notes when doing an interview. It means you can keep the discussion flowing while ensuring you cover all the topics of interest.

    - Make Sure the Interviewee is Fully Informed. Being able to conduct a good interview relies upon a bond of trust between the interviewer and the interviewee. Do not break that bond or any way compromise privacy. In some jurisdictions there are legal requirements regarding informed consent when recording an interview. Even in a jurisdiction without those requirements it is always a good idea to inform the interviewee of your intent to record the interview.

    - Do Not be an Asshole. Use common sense, be courteous and allow them to speak freely. The interviewee has taken the time to talk to you, and in return for that you owe them a duty of care and a duty not to be a prick.

    Using Information Effectively

    The art of using information effectively is in taking accurate verified information and putting it into a format conducive to public education. Different formats (eg: a video or a flyer) require very different approaches, but observing the following guidelines should help:

    - Get to the Point. Some formats require a long detailed explanation, while others require a succinct almost-bullet-pointed approach. In either case, do not waste time with superfluous information not pertinent to the point being made. Don’t use forty sentences when one will do.

    - Reference Your Claims to Sources. In any piece intended for public education, regardless of its format, the key content will be a series of claims. For formats where space is extremely limited (as in a flyer) it may not be possible to reference sources. In cases where the space is available it is a good idea to reference your sources. Being able to support and evidence your claims with reference to reliable sources will go a long way towards making your piece persuasive and credible. Citing your sources will also allow your readers/viewers to check out those sources for themselves. It is absolutely vital that you never EVER misrepresent or exaggerate any sources you use.

    - Using Spokespeople. ‘Spokespeople’ is the wrong word to use here, but within any anon group there will be some people who are naturally more articulate and verbose than others. These are the people you want talking to the press and to the public. Answering journalists’ or public’s questions is a great opportunity to share the information that has been gathered. In the case of journalists, informing them of (and putting them in touch with) source documents and primary witnesses has proven to be an effective strategy.

    - Writing Effectively. If you examine Wikipedia ‘Good Articles’ you will notice a certain style that has brevity, clarity and simplicity, and are a great resource for learning how to write in an effective manner (and how to properly cite your sources). It is also a good idea to try avoiding excessive ‘dryness’ and ‘dullness’ in your writing. Try not to use overly-long sentences or excessive technical jargon. Even in a serious piece there can a place for humour as a tool in public education. A good source of ideas and guidelines for writing can be found the free book ‘Elements of Composition and Rhetoric’.

    - Keep the Audience in Mind. It is worth keeping in mind that the information you know may not be common knowledge, and when producing material for the public you may have to spend quite a bit of time explaining foundational concepts and acronyms. The general public (generally) won’t be as well-versed in the topic as you are, and the onus is on you to put in the effort explaining it to them. It is a good idea, depending on your cause/initiative, to compile the basic information of the topic and work at being able to communicate it quickly and competently. As an example, in Project Chanology activists have explained what OSA, SPs, BTs, etc. are literally thousands and thousands of times to both members of the public and of the press. For activism that involves a public education element, this type of repetition of basic concepts is a necessary evil.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Tbh, most of the above was winging it. It feels like I have taken a ton of common sense and obvious observations from the past five years and wrote it up as if it was some sooper-seekrit methodology.

    I fucking feel like Hubbard nao.
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  22. anonsoldier Member

    I honestly do not. My free time just vanished courtesy of work having lots of stuff happening simultaneously. I'm going to have to back out of being able to assist with this effort.
  23. anonsoldier Member

    Hubbard didn't even bother with putting in common sense.
  24. Anonymous Member

    It happens. I’m only able to put in the current time due to fortuitous circumstance, so swings and roundabouts as they say.

    Can anyone advise on Facebook as it pertains to signing in to WWP? Should I add material to the guide recommending that people NOT use Facebook to sign in?
  25. Anonymous Member

    This is what I have culled from the still got questions thread so far (should get through it all sometime tomorrow):

    Q: I’m really young – can I still participate?

    Yes. Participating online with research in WhyWeProtest initiatives is always appreciated. We do recommend, however, that you get your partents’/guardian’s consent before you attend any protests or demonstrations though. Maintaining your anonymity is always a good idea – and that includes not divulging your age to other anons.

    Q: How do I find my local Anonymous Group?


    Q: I just signed up to WhyWeProtest and I am unable to change my profile details. It says I don’t have permission. Why?

    All newly registered user accounts are placed in a probationary group that restricts account permissions. This is a necessary precaution to protect WhyWeProtest against the many spam bots that sign up daily. Only after you have made a few posts will you be removed from the probationary group.

    Q: Why do you keep typing out ‘WhyWeProtest’ rather than using the shorter acronym ‘WWP’?

    This is a way of saying ‘fuck you’ to the Germanfags. In their stereotypical search for efficiency they noted that, when speaking, using ‘WWP’ involves using more syllables than saying ‘WhyWeProtest’. Darn those Germans with their efficiency.

    Q: I see a lot of posts referring to something called ‘OSA’. What is that?

    OSA is shorthand for ‘Office of Special Affairs’, and is the branch of the Cult of Scientology that tries to handle critics. It is, in essence, the ‘dirty tricks’ brigade of the organisation. WhyWeProtest, due to be a thorn in Scientology’s side, has attracted the attention of OSA who regularly try to derail/disrupt WhyWeProtest threads and spread disinformation.

    Q: Where can I learn to hack shit and DOS people?

    You don’t. WhyWeProtest is entirely committed to legal forms of activism. If you are seeking out the illegal kind then you have come to the wrong place and would be best served elsewhere.

    Q: People keeping posting for me to ‘lurk moar’. What does that mean?

    ‘Lurk moar’ is the communities way of telling you that you need to spend more time reading the relevant WhyWeProtest threads (a practice known as ‘lurking’). The best way to pick up how the WhyWeProtest community operates is to observe its threads, and is often a requirement in order to get fully up-to-speed for certain causes/initiatives.

    Q: What is ‘IRC’?
    ‘IRC’ stands for ‘Internet Relay Chat’, an internet protocol for accessing a chat room. WhyWeProtest hosts a channel on AnonNET which you can access through your IRC client by using the following details (instructions on using mIRC are here):
    Channel: #whyweprotest
    SSL port: 6697 Non-SSL port: 6667

    If you don’t have a client you can access the channel via webIRC here. Be sure to read the AnonNET FAQ for more information. Note: WhyWeProtest operates the #Wwhyweprotest channel only, and does not endorse any other channel on the AnonNET network.

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Made it through the whole still got questions thread and pulled out the questions that could be worked with. Add the resulting Faq to the thread, and also the information guide. Tweaked a few things, added failbook warning, etc. too.

    Have a look over the thread and if you find and typo’s, errors or things still needed please let me know:
  27. Anonymous Member

    So when are we due? Can I go on vacation till then?
    Try "due to being".
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. sue Administrator

  30. Anonymous Member

    A first proofread. I was looking for typos and misspellings and found a few:
    Little error here in the underlining - ('with' could be 'without').

    ('German' could be 'Germany').

    'AFK' could be added to the Glossary.

    (Lately, I've been giving some thought to the convention of using the word "Password." I think a change to "Passcode" is long overdue. The former implies that words are the form to use, when in fact, it is a carefully composed code that is most appropriate.)
    Typo - socialising - (try 'socializing').
    (... 'a protest' or 'protests' may be better).
    (Could be 'you can do to assist').
    I prefer 'members' over 'users' but it's not a very big deal.
    Perhaps 'and' can help nip..." here.
    (Perhaps "... to change or 'alter' your hair...)
    ('protesters' instead of 'protests')
    "manoeuvres' should be 'maneuvers' - 'cross roads' should be 'crossroads'
    Perhaps 'shortages' instead of 'shortage' here.
    ('group' instead of 'groups' here - 'These' skills instead of 'This skills' - 'utilize' instead of 'utilise' in this paragraph.
    ('localized' instead of 'localised')
    ('liaise' could be used instead of 'liason'
    ('capitalize' instead of 'capitalise' here)
    ('shortages' here instead of 'shortage' or, 'there is no shortage')
    Perhaps 'detail' instead of 'details' here.
    ('parents' instead of "partents' " here).
  31. Anonymous Member

    Cheers - will add in nao
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Done. I kept ‘users’ because the phrase ‘members’ makes some a little uncomfortable.

    I am also sorry to say that, due to my intense hatred of Americanised spelling, I have stayed with proper English when it comes to additional u’s and using ‘s’ rather than ‘z’.

    But seriously, thanks for the typos. Been too word blind properly proofread my own shit, and a second pair of eyes is always needed.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Can I try cashing in on this a little? Two things:

    1) Any chance of bumping the community section to the top of the list of forums and, within the community section, making the NMA the top spot…?

    2) Any chance of mod powers for that area to keep it up to date? I’m hoping to produce a PDF of the guide and I’ll need access to keep the material synched going forward.
  34. Anonymous Member

    And yes, this is totally about expanding my power.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Understood. In sum, very nice work!
  36. Anonymous Member

    "There %Bis%B no shortage" makes more sense then "There are no shortages"
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    It seems the WWP gods do listen, and I can’t wait to play around with my new Christmas presents.

    I have the content of the intro thread in a single word document, and will try out some designs & ideas for making it into a downloadable PDF for one-stop-shop newfaggotry goodness.

    There is a wealth of information in the How To section that would be a good addition to the introduction guide (for example, how to remove metadata should be added to the anonymity section). I’m going to comb the section for info that can be culled and added to the introduction.

    As always, suggestions and comments work and help people.
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  39. I'm new, obviously, and I suppose I have a lot of questions. I introduced myself and was welcomed :) thanks for that. But I had a few Q's. I would say I'm more passionate about the Occupy movement so would love to know about any raids coming up, or any info about it at all. Love uncovering the truth :) I'm my humble opinion, I think our gov. has gone to Federalist. (btw, I'm sorry in advance if I posted in wrong section, just trying to put myself out there after reading recent posts here. :) I'm hoping to start a group with my friends here in my lil town near san jose so if anyone has any personal tips that would be awesome! Well, I wont ramble too much, I just get so excited about discovering the truth :p I know im new but hope to very involved one day, and just maybe, juuusssttt maybe change the country for the better and give the power back to the 99%
  40. Anonymous Member

    I do realize this will be a tall order, and I am quite ill equipped to deal with it, but has any thought been given to translations of the main document into French, German, Spanish, etc?
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