Getting government health agencies

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by A.Non Hubbard, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Getting government health agencies

    Isaac Hayes, Uwe Stuckenbrock and Jett Travolta. All victims of scientology's unlicenced medical practices, and they've all died in the past six months.

    Isaac Hayes and Uwe Stuckenbrock were victims, yes, but the more indifferent would say they brought it upon themselves by going along with it. Jett was 16 and obviously undergoing some sort of psychological trauma. He is a completely innocent a victim of L. Ron Hubbard's tech.

    How can we get the US Food and Drug Agency and like organizations in other countries to look into this? *Would* they be able to get involved? How about the various health ministries in countries that have communist healthcare?
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    SNIP. Posted in wrong thread. This is interesting however, and warrants a bit of research.
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    Re: Getting government health agencies

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    I believe this is a state by state issue (not counting the FDA requirements on practicing medicine without a license as the clams have been caught at).

    I was reading up on the deaths of children due to their parent's involvement in religious organizations, and it appears to differ by state. There is something called the "religious exemption clause" that allows parents to forgo proper medical care for their children due to religious beliefs. I believe that attacking each state's religious exemption clause would be effective, at least towards defining it more clearly so that it prevents parents of seriously ill children from denying their child proper medical care.

    Have a look at the cases outlined here: What's the harm in being a child?

    most of the deaths were due to religious beliefs, only a small percentage of the parents faced real judicial punishment.
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    This has potential. At any rate, no harm is done by making authorites aware of the pattern emerging
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    I considered media, but it seems most of the press already have noticed, just arent really bothered. The telegraph made the link in passing but didnt really explore it further

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